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OMGGG APRIL IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER TOO !!! in my opinion she really embraces the introvert to an extreme and i just love her so much, she represents the voice inside my head honestly, and i have no idea why anyone would hate on her. She is probably my favorite character bc she is the most like me. But i'm with you, i will defend that character to my grave

That’s exactly my thoughts on her! As someone deeply introverted, it’s so refreshing to see a character like her who struggles with the same things I struggle with: being awkward around other people, having social anxiety, struggling with telling people how you feel about them, not quite knowing what you want to do in life, etc. She is a beautifully constructed characters with all her flaws and qualities and I will never stop loving her.


An h2ovanoss slight angst mostly fluff for everyone

Ummm enjoy the 785 words of trash


Jonathon’s entire life, people were always holding him to their own expectations. Whether it was ‘I expected you to be taller’ or ‘I expected you to be more mature/intelligent/skinner/’ a million other things that others expected of him.

Which was part of the reason he didn’t show his face because there would always be people holding him to their expectations. Yet, there were still people who would tell him in his comments that they expected him to be funnier or to have shown his face off by now.

Maybe the reason he hated these expectations so much was because they affected him, no matter how much he wanted them not to. Every Time someone would tell him that they ‘expected his video to be funnier’ he made sure to be extra obnoxious the next time; he strives to make the video live up to their standards. Stupid, he knew but he couldn’t help it.

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While I hate to use definitions in my arguments, I would like to tell you all the definition of sexual orientation:

“A person’s sexual identity in relation to the gender to which they are attracted”

Sexual orientation is about who you are attracted to, not how you are attracted to them.

Demisexuality is not a sexual orientation. Everyone can find someone, even a random stranger, attractive without feeling sexually attracted to them. A strong sexual attraction or an attraction so strong that one calls it “love” is developed, like I’ve said time and time again, through time and interaction. Everyone is demisexual and it’s just another unnecessary label.

Even hookers and porn stars are demisexual. Having sex with someone does not mean that you have a sexual or physical attraction to them.

People telling you what you can and can’t do annoys me so much…it’s so insulting and irritating…how would they like it if someone told them that they shouldn’t do something because it’s “not right” for them…urgh I hate things like that…people should be free to do whatever they want in life without being judged for it.

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Please help me How do you tell someone you love you cant be with them anymore? I dont want to hurt him, But I guess it would be easier for him if he hates me. I dont know what to do. I've lost myself being with him I dont remember who I was before

You just have to be straight up with that person. It sucks, it really does. But the only way to be fair for yourself and for him is to be straight forward. Give him closure and tell him why you have to break up with him. But do NOT beat yourself up for having to do so. If it is for the betterment of yourself, then that is what matters most. Your happiness is what matters most. If this person has taken away a part of you in a negative way, then you have to do what you feel is best for you. Hang in there! What you are doing is the right choice. 

( no readmore on this because I don’t care, you all need to read it anyway.

This anon hate thing is getting out of hand. And by out of hand I mean I am a raging inferno of righteous anger. it’s been said several times already on my dash, ship and let ship and i agree. there are always going to be people that disagree, have a preference, etc and that is fine.


The minute you start talking shit about someone, smearing their name, spreading hate, telling them to kill themselves??? You cross the line. You cross the line big time.

Let me put this into perspective. We’re not a big fandom. Here on tumblr, the rp community for mortal kombat is actually pretty small. So I’m honestly surprised the finger-pointing hasn’t started yet. I don’t want it to because that would be counter productive, but let me be very, very clear.

Whoever is sending these anons, this hate? You’re not welcome on my blog. If I ever find out who you are, you’re blacklisted. Ignored. You’ll never rolepaly with me, nor any blog I create in the future. Now I know I’m not exactly ‘the shit’ in this fandom and not everyone likes me, but maybe I’ll set a god damn example. I AM HEATED. I have seen too god damn many fandoms devolve into pissing-matches and dick measuring contests over stuff like this. I’ve lost friends over stuff like this, and I’ve lost muse/deleted blogs under similar circumstances. i REFUSE to allow that to happen to this fandom.

So anon? Fuck you. The rest of you, followers or no, I hope you don’t take this shit lying down. )

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Co-pilot is not a "made up" position! There is ALWAYS two pilots in an air ambulance so technically one is a co-pilot! Clearly you don't like William but don't make his job look less important to make him look bad.

Anon before you attack someone and tell them they are making things up may I suggest you know the subject to which you are discussing and also read their blog. 

As you have been too lazy to read my blog - instead thought, actually read the blog, nah, lets just post hate instead that is much more productive and makes me look better - let me tell you how the EAAA works because it is obvious you don’t. 

They have ONE pilot, ONE Dr and ONE paramedic. - you would know that if you had read the first page of my blog when you sent this. 

As William wanted to be a co pilot - which the EAAA has NEVER had before they had to remove the paramedic and instead they have ONE pilot, ONE co pilot and ONE Dr and NO paramedic. Did you know there was no paramedic on William’s flights unlike every single other one? Do you know why? as instead they have William do a job no other EAAA person does because they don’t have co pilots. 

Instead they had to train his bodyguard in first aid because they have ONE less medic on board because William is using the seat the Paramedic sits in. 

Would you like me to continue or do you get it now? or will you actually read my blog before messaging me to tell me I am making something up I have proven on this blog numerous times but you did not read so you are clueless. 

Oh shoot lets just prove it even more and show you what you have ignored.

and here is the post that was on the first page before you messaged me

Oh look at that no co pilots and instead a paramedic and a Dr, funny that huh? 

Yes this answer was given to you will full sass, snark and sarcasm. 

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Hello, i just wantwd to ask how do u deal with haters? Like people hate on me a lot amd i dont know how to deal with it. I ask you this because i look up to and respect you. Please i would really like your advice. :-/

Awh man. Haters suck, don’t they? I’m really sorry you have to deal with them.

Honestly? When I receive messages telling me to kill myself or how awful I am, I just think about how those people don’t KNOW me. And those people really must have too much time on their hands to do something like that. People have preferences, there’s always going to be someone who hates you and when you participate in such a public hobby like cosplay, more people see you which increases the chance of someone seeing and disliking you. It’s definitely rough.

I just ignore it and laugh it off. Can it be hard? Absolutely. But I’m not going to change myself to make one angry person happy. I’m going to make myself happy first, and go from there.

I’m not sure if that helps, but I wish you the best of luck <3

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I'm from New Mexico :3 (NOT MEXICO. NEW MEXICO. New) Everyone gets it wrong. I'm from Taos, NM to be detailed. If you have no heard about it, it is dry. There is lots of sagebrush, and mountains. And it's absolutely beautiful. Also, it smells amazing after it rains. (I bet you have thoughts on the dryness. Since we're both desert-people I guess.) Personally,I enjoy the lack of humidity. Tell me your thoughts :)

I’ve never been to New Mexico! But for my trip to D.C I met someone from NM and got a pin from them ^_^

Where you live sounds very beautiful and I would love to see it one day c:

I mean no humidity is great but at the same time I hate how dry it is like oh my goooooooosh

Where are you cuties from?

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You hate Larry, yet you made a whole account dedicated to them ???? are you 10 ???? Have you ever accomplished anything worth something in your life ??? Are you okay ??? Wtf is wrong with you ??? Grow up dude making a hate account for anythings disgusting and annoying chill tf and delete

I’m literally on the floor. Why the fuck do I always get the most ignorant and stupid anons? I wonder how you feel when I tell you I in fact love Larry and I’ve shipped them pretty much since 2010. By the way if I were you, I would consider twice before telling someone to ‘chill tf’. I mean with that amount of question marks… 

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Dear ex girlfriend

Dear ex girlfriend,

I find it really funny how you claimed to “be in love” with me, but yet you’re with someone new claiming you love them, telling them all the things you told me or that I told you and what not.

Rant over.

Now reality,

We were never going to work out. I’m too independent and you’re too dependent. You’re too affectionate and I hate pda. You’re too jealous and I have a lot of friends that I’ve slept with. We were two very different people not meant to date. I honesty think we would have been amazing friends, you’re a cool person and a chill friend, but just not the girlfriend for me. I’m sorry I hurt you.

Lately I been seeing this statement going around on the Internet “why don’t you go kill yourself?” I don’t understand; why would a person want this to happen to another person or say something so cruel to someone?

What happens IF THEY DID do what you told them to? How would you feel? Sure you disagree with them on something. Sure you were “just trolling”…

THIS IS NOT A JOKE! This is never a joke (it’s the same reason why the so called plane crash joke with Paris Hilton wasn’t a joke either). All I ask, please don’t say this to anyone even when you are angry. Or when you see someone else do this; DO NOT tell the troll to kill themselves either. It only shows that is “okay to tell someone to kill themselves”. Love always wins, hate doesn’t. And just like one of the golden rules in life “treat others the same way you want to be treated.” Along with “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Stay safe everyone.

So Bubba and I were talking about how he hates buying me presents because I am so picky.  I admit to being picky, but I am also very open, so if someone would say, “what do you think of these things?”  I would tell them, and I am so random I wouldn’t think anything of it.  

But the thing that really annoyed me is that Bubba has complained about this before, so I made different wishlists… one I emailed to him, one is on my etsy, etc.  And when I pointed that out he had forgotten about them.  So then I said, but you know you could always bring me to a bookstore and tell me to pick out a book!  

So a few days later we were talking about how I am nearly done with this paper and once I send it in and submit the papers for graduation which are mostly turned in at this point I will be all done with my MA program.  So he says, “I want to do 3 things for you graduating: take you to dinner, buy you any book you want, and what should the third be?”  It was very cute… poor Bubba, he is stumped when it comes to gift buying.  I am picky but he knows the chocolate I like, the flowers I like, etc.  But I love him and I thought this was sweet.

Hey guys,
I just want to take a minute to talk about something. I just want to say that people’s opinions are more than welcome within reason of course. I want you guys to be able to tell me how you feel, or what’s going on I really do. But I would ask that if there is hate… I would like it to be kept within a manner where either only I can see it or it is only against me. And I know that there Is hate and that people have strong opinions on subjects but I would like us all to also try and see someone else’s point of view before we go on judging them. That Is all I ask. I am more than willing to answer opinionated questions… but I ask please think before you say! Thanks guys. Love you all.

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1, 3, 11, 24, 25, 31, 37, 43, 56, 90

1)Would you have sex with the last person you texted?
Of course ☺️
3)Has someone taken your virginity?
Nope. Not yet
11)How many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust?
24)What do you want right this second?
To cuddle with my Baby 😁
25)What would you say if the person you love/like kissed another girl/boy?
I would be sad and tell them to get the fuck away from me
31)Honestly,do you hate the last boy you were talking to?
Yes 😒
37)Do you believe in love at first sight?
Not really… But you can really like someone when you see them
43)Ever embarrass yourself in front of a crush?
56)Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
A teacher
90)Opinions on sex before marriage?
You should have sex,responsibly, with whomever you want with their consent.

Isn't it amusing how people get so tough behind a keyboard? Every time I get hate messages on here all I can do is laugh because they always do it on anonymous. The best part is the fact that it's the same message every single time, that tells me right there that you have to follow me. No one is that pathetic that they would search someone's name every couple of days to write them hate. You do you, you're clearly too much of a loser and don't wanna be seen that's why you write it all on anon.

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How would you want someone (off anon of course) to approach you to build a relationship over text/snapchat/whatever? Like what would somebody have to do to maintain your interest

Well I would like to know their name and age first of all, then see a few pictures of them so I know who I’m talking to. If they seem nice I’d follow them on Twitter and/or Instagram to see if we have similar interests and if we do I would give them my phone number over snapchat. Basically just ask me questions and tell me about yourself. I hate boring, one word conversations. I want to know about your friends and family, your favorite memories, your biggest fears. I don’t do smalltalk. It’s a waste of time. Oh and no pervy questions. I’ll let you know if/when it’s okay to get on that level lol

I care a lot about people who I think deserve to be cared about

Which is mostly everyone who isn’t an ass to me.

But most people think I’m a creep.

Which hurts

But I don’t know what to do
So I try not to talk to people.
But then I want to talk to people
But I don’t know how to talk to people
So when someone shows even basic interest in talking to me, I tell them that I care about them or that they matter to me

Because that makes sense in my head

But then they think I’m creepy

And I fucking hate that

I’m tired of being seen as a creep

I don’t want anything from any of you

I just want someone who is there for me like I would be for you.

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The boy I'm in love with is my best friends older brother and I've known him since I was 3. The thing is he hates me, we've always acted this way towards each other and it was only a little while ago I realized how I felt. I just don't know why I feel this way; I mean we probably wouldn't even work as a couple! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Hate’ is a funny thing sometimes. It’s a really intense emotional dislike. Are you sure its not just a playful ‘uhh i hate you’. Similar to how you would tell a sibling/best friend you hate them. You usually have to do something pretty bad to deserve actual hatred from someone. What made you change your mind about him? What changed? & being in a relationship requires compromise if you’re both willing to put the work in then its doable.

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I am a still closeted asexual, today my sister said something like "at least I'm not asexual" looked at me, then looked at out parents. Idk how she found out because I haven't told anyone, I haven't posted it anywhere! Luckily my parents weren't paying attention because I'm not ready to be out yet. And I really don't want to be outted by the person I hate the most. But I am worried because my parents weren't too happy when my sister came out as bi. idk what to do?? What if she tells them?????

Okay,first of all you could give your sister a hint that outing someone isn’t really good idea.If she won’t  get it and will keep doing,tell her that it makes you feel uncomfortable and how would she feel if you outed her before anyone knew.

Second of all it doesn’t matter what sexuality you,your parents might be shocked for a while,but its totally normal because they would just learn a huge new thing about you which they didn’t know.Maybe before you come out you could tell your parents about different sexualities and explain that theres nothing bad about being a bit different.