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Hey guys! Thought i would make a new follow forever considering i literally gained hundreds of followers within 2 months, and i thought it’d be nice to make a new one since i’ve joined a new fandom and all. I feel like my blog has completely changed since i got this new url and i’ve met so many amazing people! Thank you guys so much for the immense support, it blew me away by how much love i received in such a short amount of time and it means the world to me. Every one of you are very important to me ♡

IRL Friends: even though literally most of my irl friends aren’t in any of the same fandoms as i, they still follow me and i find that very endearing.

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Okay Trekkies

Bill Shatner won’t be able to attend Leonard’s funeral. I saw his tweets about it and this one gave me an idea:

How about we make this a thing: tomorrow, march 1st, everyone who’s on twitter, post nice things about our Leonard. Art, drawings, poems, texts, pictures… whatever you have, whatever you feel is appropriate. And tag your tweets #leonardnimoy. Even if you don’t have twitter, you can ask a friend to post your stuff for you. Let’s do exactly what Bill said: celebrate Leonard’s life and remember him. 

anonymous asked:

Hey Im the acenon with the bf who got upset for me not wanting sex. Like I agree with you, but every time I try to talk to him about how I feel like he objectifies me, he says "Is it wrong to want to have sex with my gf?" "I feel close to you when we have sex. Do you not wanna be close?" "I'm attracted to you, why is that a crime?" Idk how to combat that kind of stuff. Any suggestions?

That’s really terrifying, acenon. That’s starting into emotional manipulation, and that’s really dangerous. Here’s what I’d say in response:

"It’s not wrong, but it is wrong for you to try to pressure me into it. You can want sex with me all you want, but that’s not going to make me change my mind. I don’t want sex."

"I want to be close with you, but having sex doesn’t make me feel close to you. It’s not something I want. I’d rather do [x] to feel close." 

"It’s not a crime, but now you’re guilt tripping me about your feelings and trying to invalidate mine, which is abusive and not okay. It’s great that you’re attracted to me, thanks, but it doesn’t change my answer."

Dig your heels in, get as nasty as you have to to keep him off - and acenon, consider if this relationship is really what’s right for you. It doesn’t sound like a good situation. 


it makes me really happy when im watching a show or reading a book and one of the characters goes to see a psychologist for help and its portrayed as a situation that’s good and positive for the character instead of just “well, how does that make you feel?” asked over and over….like it feels good to see that

people’s comments about Jonnor’s potential kiss is really getting on my nerves. Like, ‘It’s going to be weird and gross if they kiss like Brandon and Callie’. You’re right, that would be weird but not because ..

  • They’re too young.
  • They’re both boys.
  • Gavin is one year older than Hayden
  • Hayden looks like a baby

They’re not going to kiss like Brandon and Callie because that would be out of character. Why would two confused teenagers make out the way Brandon and Callie did? Connor has a girlfriend and is obviously exhibiting feelings for Jude. Despite how sure everyone (and me!) is that Jude is gay, the show hasn’t definitely said whether he’s gay/bi/straight, we just know he’s jealous as hell. 

The kiss is going to be appropriate for the scene and the characters in it. Whether that’s an innocent peck or full on, we’ll see but it’s not for your ‘comfort level’.

anonymous asked:

Honestly I'm not worried about the hook/Ursula stuff but what Iam a bit skeptical about is how this ends. I'm sorry but 4.11 is still fresh in my mind and im still upset how that ended. If the resolution to this obstacle is just 40 seconds long, in going to be pretty pissed.

First of all, okay, that’s your prerogative. And please don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you how to feel. If you feel pissed or disappointed, then that’s your right.

But I don’t and won’t share the sentiment. It’s Once Upon A Time, not the Killian & Emma show. I’m under no illusion that with a big cast of characters and 40 minutes per episode, they can fully explore everything and make every fan and every shipper happy. Can’t happen, won’t happen. In addition: this is Adam and Eddy’s story. They will tell it the way they want to tell it, and if we want to watch it we can, but that doesn’t entitle us to any particular version of it.

Personally, I prefer to enjoy the things I like. I take things as they come and if I don’t like some part of it, I don’t dwell on it, because I don’t see the point. I’m not here for the drama, I’m not here for the hate, I’m not here for entitled kids screaming and whining about how the show or episode or scene wasn’t written exactly the way they wanted it to be written. Or better still, about how the show might possibly maybe perhaps not be written exactly the way they want it to be written. Sorry. But I want my blog and my experience in the fandom to be a positive thing that brings me joy, and I want to share the things that bring me joy, and I will ignore, block, or dismiss everything else.

It’s a TV SHOW. If it makes you angry or unhappy, stop watching it. Or remind yourself that it’s a TV show, make up your own headcanons, read or write missing-scene fanfic, and maybe don’t take it quite so seriously.

Hello everyone!
I thought it was about time to post this because it has been in my draft for ages. But I’m not entirely sure how to express my feelings and gratitude towards all of you. The last four years have not been really easy for me. And I feel that, in a way, everyone of you have been helping me get better. (does that make sense?) So, I want to thank all of you;
Thank you for making me smile,
Thank you for being here,
Honestly, thank YOU!

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And last but not least, I would like to thank all of my followers; thank you so much for coping with me! <3

It seems like every day when I check the ‘tickling’ tag, there’s a new post from someone who’s pissed off about fanfictions in the tag and is trying to tell people to stop posting them

Well, maybe I get really sad pissed when people dirty up the tag with attempts to insult, discourage, and even bully away one of my favorite tickle-themed media, that’s being created by such talented, lovable writers just wanting to make their favorite characters laugh, who don’t need general negativity being directed at all of them as a whole just because you’re too lazy to scroll past fics or blacklist tags like tickle fic/fic/fanfiction/fanfic/etc. that I KNOW we all use.

notesformytiger asked:

You said you are heterosexual... How should your perfect man be?

Oh man, this is a toughie. Someone who share my sense of humour and that can make me laugh. I think this is the most important. 

Things I would also very much like in a man:

  • Kindness
  • Attractive face
  • Nice eyes
  • Hair that feels nice to run my fingers through
  • Feminist
  • Smart
  • Will pet my hair
  • Will call me beautiful
  • Will kiss my neck
  • Will make an effort to tickle me and joke around with me, basically do anything to make me laugh

But making me laugh and being kind is definitely top of the list, because that’s hella important.

I’m doing honesty hour, ask me anything! (If you don’t want to see my honesty hour posts, blacklist hh)

saintroye asked:

so yeah troye made my life much more happier. I learned to live life because of him. He makes me feel like i belong in this world. He makes me feel loved tbh. And i'm hoping to meet him one day.

i totally understand what you mean. it’s crazy how loved he can make us feel even if we’ve never met him. i want to thank him so much for that. xxx

spread some love for troye boy

anonymous asked:

why would you ever wish being genderfluid/trans on someone, even if they;re fictional? seeing shit like that makes me sick, it's so glorified and romanticized recently it it literally makes me nauseous because everyone is losing sight of how awful and painful and mentally disabling it can be to TRULY have those feelings. it isn't something to be taken so likely as you and many others do.

I’m sorry you feel that way :( 

I 100% acknowledge what you’re saying, and I know that being genderqueer/trans can be a truly awful experience. I myself was troubled when I began to question the validness of my own gender (i was genderfluid for a while before settling on demigirl). 

But I also think that, for a lot of people, it’s incredibly rewarding and totally awesome to see their favourite characters identifying similarly to how they do! I try to always have some textual basis for headcanoning certain characters as genderqueer/trans, and I never just come up with a gender identity out of the blue for the fun of it. If I misrepresent any gender identity I strongly encourage my followers to correct my mistakes.

And although it can be ridiculously troubling to be genderqueer/trans, I believe that shouldn’t be all that’s focused on. Of course I could talk about the troubles that these fictional characters would go through, but I don’t always want to focus on the shitty stuff (and haven’t these poor babies been through enough?)

I want every person who has suffered with their gender to be able to recognize how unbelievably beautiful they are, and I want them to feel like they have other people who feel similarly, and that they have fictional characters who they can see themselves in. Of course, ideally that would mean actual canonical trans/genderqueer fictional characters, but… unfortunately society has not gotten there yet :/ 

So that’s my train of thought, and once again I’m sorry if you feel like I’m romanticizing the struggles that genderqueer/trans people go through. But my headcanons make me happy, and I know they make a lot of other genderqueer/trans people happy, and I’m going to keep doing them. 

anonymous asked:

I think you really do a fair portray of Tseng and I love how you make him come alive when you are RP'ing with him. You make him human, with thoughts, feelings- and you stick to your version of him and don't let the fandom carry you away. He really feels like TSENG. It makes me happy to see your rp-threads on my dash~

//Thank you ^-^ I know my portrayal is not everyone’s favourite because I make him very human. People see him as the infallible Turk leader but I’m here to make him real. He is not perfect, he will make mistakes, he has opinions that not everyone agrees with. All in all he is a bit of a dick but that’s just Tseng. I’m glad you are reading my threads and that they make you happy.

anonymous asked:

my abusive boyfriend who i'm struggling to pull away from, is now telling me that i will "never understand how hard it is trying to unlearn all the problematic behavior" as i try to break up with him. can men be any more of a joke or

He’s trying to make himself the victim of the story, trying to make you feel bad for him.

If you didn’t read it yet, there’s this great book on the psychology of the abuser called “Why does he do that?”, by Lundy Bandcroft. I do recommend it, it will help you a lot.


Welcome my new TV and film studio: Studio Imbue

"This page will soon be updated with a ton of information on my upcoming and in progress movies and series, including new info on Pineapple Soda’s upcoming television series and on our 2016 movie; my directorial debut. This studio is one you’ll be hearing a lot about since it officially produces Pineapple Soda now and you can expect a lot more updates regarding it. With this video, I feel like reinstating how I feel about this all. It’s often that I feel lost working this new job and trying to make sense of where I am and what I’m doing, but videos like this remind me of why I got into television and film. So while I posted this to remind you of the new studio, my intention is really for you to appreciate this video, film itself and the musician Pogo. Let’s all celebrate and have a lovely weekend. Peace!" ~Zach Doug | Head of Studio Imbue

Ball Jointed Doll Meme

  • 1. From all the dolls you own,who is your favorite and why.

- Fuyuki but I love Felan too but Fuyuki is my big love. We just went though a lot adventures since I created him in Sims 3 and I was a bit afraid he would look a bit too young as his BJD Version but with each little thing I make more and more complete and closer to his Sims 3 Version and also create his Story. My love for him grow more and more. :3 I just love him. ♥ Don’t ask me why because I can’t answer this questions. XD

  • 2. Explain how you managed to get into BJD collecting.

- I actually never thought about to get even one BJD because of the high prize. Their are really expensive and I always feel how expensive this Hobby is just by looking at some new Dolls, mainly the big ones.
but I love to watch the Pictures of BJDs a lot and one Day I just found a Doll I would really have myself. It was Iplehouse EID Bichun. I really loved to watch his picture I saved on my PC. I was joking with my Husband before my Birthday, he didn’t know what to buy for me and I was like, I want this Doll. He called me crazy because of the prize. XD I didn’t got the Doll. After a Year the same Situation came up. It was close to my Birthday and my Husband didn’t know what to buy me again. I said again, I want this Doll but this Time I was serious but knowing I never would get the Doll anyway. I didn’t know that my husband really was thinking to allowed me to get the Doll until he said, he remember the same Situation last Year and he feels how much I really wish to get a BJD. I needed to ask him, whether he is serious about this or not because I knew the Dolls are expensive. He said, he was serious thinking about to buy the Doll. We talked a few Days about the Hobby and he said, I really should think about the Doll and search for Information. I did as he told me and I felt EIDs are too large for me, so I found SID Barahan. My husband always want me to think a few days before I buy a Doll. He also agreed to a second Doll because he don’t wanted that the Doll lives alone. Barahan was my first Doll and so he turned out to be a “late” Birthday present. :3    

  • 3. Name the very first doll you ever bought.

- iplehouse SID Barahan

  • 4. Which doll do you plan to buy next?

- At the moment I wait for Dia to turn him into Kayne, so I actually have all Dolls I would like to have.

  • 5. Are you currently waiting on any dolls?

- Yes on my Dia Head :D

  • 6. How many dolls do you currently have?

- 1 SD and 1 YoSD.

  • 7. Name the very last doll you bought.

- Felan

  • 8. What is the worst thing about this hobby?

- The prize XD Sometimes I just could start to cry when I see a Doll I would like to have after calculate the prize even for clothes etc.

  • 9. What is the best thing about this hobby?

- The Dolls, to pose the Doll and share your pictures with people. You also can meet other people and talk about your Dolls. I’m beginner in this Hobby but I try to get more into it.

  • 10. Which is your best dolly photo (of yours) (copy the link and past using [ ] at either end.

- I like this picture of Fuyuki & I like this one of Felan

  • 11. Which is your favourite BJD company?

- Iplehouse, even I can’t deal with their Dolls I still love them. But also I love RaMcube, Switch and RSDoll. one day I want a Lati Doll and since I have Felan I just love Withdoll. I also like the Dolls of Angell-Studio and Ringdoll but there are a lot Companies outside I would like to have at least one Doll. XD I better try to stay at one Company or two.

  • 12. Who are on your wish list?

- Dreaming Doll Airi
- Dreaming Doll Bobo
- Lati Yellow Lumi

  • 13. Are there any dolls you wished you had never purchased?

- Yes. My very first Dolls. It was really a bit of a mistake and I reject it a bit I had to sell them but somehow I am happy I did and it was my first try being in this hobby. Maybe that wouldn’t have lead me to the Doll I have right now. The Companies I am looking for their Dolls. :)

  • 14. Who’s your favourite face up artists?

- Uhm..there are a few face up artists who really can make very beautiful face ups but I didn’t dare to send my Dolls to them and I think, as long as I only see the face ups on pictures their aren’t really my favorites.

  • 15. What is a must when considering a purchase/pose ability/faceup/age/etc?

- Think twice before you push the buy button better give yourself maybe a week or two to think about the Doll you want to purchase. It could be you will find another Doll do you like more and then you don’t have the money for it. I think the other things you need to do your own experience and before you buy your first Doll, read a lot of informations about the Doll you want, the Body and so on and about the Hobby and don’t be scared about touching or moving your Dolls, just because of their prize the Resin isn’t so sensitive like it maybe sounds. ;)

yeahsoeh asked:

I love this blogg so much. I often feel so lonely, like I don't exist, but the "little autism things" posts make me feel like I actually am someone who matters and that there are more people like me. This is som valuable for me. Like srsly. <3

[thank you gif]

*Happy bouncing* I actually write these because seeing how many people relate to them does the exact same thing for me. Like “Yes! They get it! I’m not alone!”

So high-five/fist-bump!

I’m in love with you, everything about you. How you laugh, your eyes, your cute little smile, your adorable accent, how you apologize for being too cheesy sometimes. When you compliment me, just because. When you wrap your arms around my waist and hug me from behind. When you kiss me, and have to pull away cause we’re smiling too much. You make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world. Like I’ve finally found that one person whom people search their whole life to find. And then one day, I’m no longer the only girl in the world, and I find out you’ve been doing everything you’ve been doing with me, with someone else. And you’ve been making her feel the same way. And in that moment, I feel my whole world crumble beneath me. The worst part?
I’m still in love with everything about you.
—  (via retro-glam-chicxx​)