I love you because I know you’re always there, there to catch me when I fall, there to listen when I need you, there when I feel alone. I love you because you understand me, you know how I feel even when I can’t say it. You know I’m not as strong as I say and still you never let me know that I’m not fooling you. I love you because you make me believe, believe that I am not worthless. Believe that I can be loved, am loved, and can love others. I love you because you know, you know I feel this way but can’t say it and still you wait, letting me take my time to come to terms with the fact that I love you. I would give my life up to be with you, and above all never hurt you, lie to you, or leave you.

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How do pick yourself up when you feel so hopeless and worthless in the world? I'm not sure I have any impact on the world and it makes me very sad to be alone. I really like your smile, and I'm sure you get down too sometimes, how do you get back to your smile?

Yeah i have a case of depression and social anxiety, I know all too well what you are talking about. I can’t say that I have the best advice on these things but lately I’ve been spending a lot of time by myself, therefore I try to keep myself occupied. I know it’s difficult and all you want to do is lay in bed under the covers and sleep, but try to try new things and do things you enjoy! That’s why I bought that book! I’m not really a writer, but I enjoy being creative! And I’m having fun with it! :) otherwise try and chat up a good friend, that’s bound to cheer you up! :)

Submitted to me - UAN Larry.

hello! I’ve never really done this, but I was looking at (the really bad) pictures I took at a One Direction concert I attended in summer 2012 today, and my friend kept pointing out how much Harry/Louis look at eachother/make eye contact throughout the concert. Anyways, my friend is a major Larry, and I haven’t really been keeping up with the band, and I’ve never have publicized these pictures, but with all the crazy baby stuff happening now, she wanted me to share them because they might make you feel happy. Anyways, I’d rather my name wasn’t attached to these or anything (and I’ve never done a submit, so this formatting is probably awful), but please enjoy some old One Direction pictures!! :-)

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some fucko: but…… how can you be ARO??/?? you hav e to feel romantic attraction,,,. you’re cold and emotionless if you DON;T… romance is what.. makes humans whole uwu it’s necessary … hOW CAN YOU not FEEL IT YOU MONSTER……
me, an aro: 

Okay so somebody requested a reaction of the boys when you’re on your period and how they’d comfort you, so here it is :-)

Jin- He would wish he was the one feeling the pain instead of you. He’d be keeping an eye on you and he’d always be making sure if you needed anything. If you did, he’d quickly make sure you get it. And to lighten up your mood, he’d lay down in bed with you while watching movies and holding you closely to him.

“Do you need anything, Jagiya? Just tell me if you do. I really wish it was me going through all of this.”

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Suga- I feel like he’s the type to just kind of act as if everything’s fine, when in reality he’s hoping the pain isn’t too much for you. He would lay with you in bed and just run his hands through your hair, whispering cute things in your ear.

“I can’t wait until your off your period, you’re too cute to be suffering.”

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Hoseok- He’s going to be awkward about the whole situation. When you ask him to buy you more pads/tampons, he’s going to freak out and he wouldn’t want to go to the store to buy them, although he’d end up going anyways. and Hoseok would most definitely buy you a whole bunch of sweets.

“But aren’t there like 10 types of pads? How am i supposed to know which ones you use?”

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Taehyung- He’s going to hate the fact that you’re on your period. You can’t do many of the fun things you guys usually do ;) But he is willing to make you feel better by telling you jokes and making you laugh throughout the days you’re on it.

“Just wait until you’re off of it, you’ll enjoy it soo much, Jagi.”

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Jimin- Oh my goodness, he’d be the cutest thing ever while you’re on your period. He’d always be cuddling with you and he’d be kissing you nonstop. He wants you to feel better as soon as possible, so he does anything to make that happen.

“Are you feeling better, babe? I hope you are.”

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Namjoon- He HATES the fact that you’re on it. He’d much rather be eating you out. He’s going to be complaining every single minute. But he buys you many chocolates and buys you anything that you need to make the pain be less hurting.

“This chocolate is good, but you taste much better.”

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Jungkook- He loves the idea of taking care of you, more than what he already does. He’ll plant light kisses on your head, cheeks, lips, and shoulders. Jungkook will cuddle with you, rub your tummy, and just lay in bed with you. He’s going to do everything he can to make you feel good. 

“Does it hurt a lot? Do you want me to rub your stomach again?”

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Aqua Sun, Libra moon and rising, pisces Venus
How do I know when an Aquarius likes me?
From my point of view, It’ll be like obviously. We are often around you, we keep eye contact (even if sometimes we don’t do it on purpose) and we try to talk to you with any excuse. It doesn’t take much time for us to make the first move because we’re impatient and need to know everything right now but we’re not explicit about our intentions and feelings, just because if you don’t feel the same we can hide our emotions and fake that we don’t like you too. Oh, and when I like someone I stalk them a lot in every social or ask about them at people who know them but not too much (because I don’t wanna risk they tell my crush about it ).
How do I flirt with and Aquarius?
Aquas literally love and hate people. We love to meet new people but we hate when people aren’t like we thought so be true, be you! We like talkative and chill people, we don’t judge you if you are sometimes awkward (because we are awkward all the time)! Text us, but don’t be too much close, we need to understand if you are good for us. Ask for hang out, and make a few compliments so we know you’re interested but not too much, basically like us lol
How do I know when and Aquarius isn’t interested?
Maybe we’ll confuse you about it because at the beginning we try to be gentle anyway. Usually I stop to reply and pretends we never met but if you ask explicity what is going on between us I’ll tell you the truth.

by  ennieislost


Happy Sunday again, people! This time I’m gonna share a college fic with you guys. If I have to choose I’m more into college AUs than HS AUs. In those the boys aren’t that young and these aren’t making me feel like a pedo… Well, of course I’m not one. Anyway, the fic. The point of this post. In this fic there’s crossdressing Cas and A+ student Dean which is pretty weird (both of those), but it’s a fic from garrisonbabe, so it’s good one, of course. It’s pure smut, but at least I am imagining how they end up together for the rest of their lives, haha! – Admin J

P.S.: I just can’t get THIS image I made for Admin A out of my head. It ruins every crossdressing fic for me for the rest of my life. I’ve created a monster.

Title: By The Horns

Author: garrisonbabe

Rating: Explicit

Words: 4,113 – Finished

Summary: After an extended period of being a serious student Dean’s pent up and needs to let loose with another body under his for a while. At first he isn’t sure he’ll find someone at the party, then he sees the sweet thing over in the kitchen fixing a drink.

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Congratulations to Denver! (so happy because I won a bet for this SB fufufu)

Celebrating the superbowl 50 with this work that I made for you guys, as a thank you, for the 209 followers, you don’t know how much this means to me, how you make my days brighter, each reblog, each like, makes me feel, like I’m doing the right thing with my life. That im not pushing myself for nothing. Thank you, so much. Thank you for not letting me surrender, with you little actions, you make me stronger and full of hope to not give up. Thank You.

I Hope you got an excelent week, and if you are blue, try to see the Little things on your life, they might help you more than you think. 

And returning to the pic! (yeah stop crying) DJD’s vs Lost Light! I had so much fun making this pic because MY GOD, the DJD has this two super big babies (tesaurus and helex) and I was like “mierda..” SO! I just got the amazing idea to put Whril! and Cyclonus, just to stop this big boy heehee. Also! i wanted to thank:

@general-grey, @lickoutyourbrains and @breadlockedup !

for helping me with my silly size questions qwq. Well that’s all from me folks! Thank you so so so much!

Oh,  and Commissions are still on 10 Bucks!!

Erika, Out!


A little gift for @cocoa-bun bc she seems very sad and i really want to cheer her up with a drawing of her lovely robot husband comforting her! ♡♡♡

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I know today is trans-feminine but I feel this is kinda urgent. I've identified as male (AFAB) for around 10 months now, but occasionally have doubts as I also have Borderline personality disorder. I can't tell if I'm really trans, or if it's 'unstable self image' which is a symptom of bpd. It's really making me question everything I ever think about myself and who I am. Anyone know anything about transgender individuals with BPD?

Ren says:

That we exist! I know tons of BPD trans folks and trans folks with BPD traits (including myself!). :)

BPD folks tend to be constantly questioning who we “really” are - do we count as X? are we Y enough? are we making Z up? …you probably know the drill. But having an unstable self-image doesn’t change who we are, it just changes how and what we feel about who we are. And that matters, of course! But I think it also means that we’re more capable of stability than we think when we’re in that anxious, unstable headspace that tends to go along with this kind of uncertainty.

BPD or not, if you feel trans, you’re trans. It doesn’t matter why. What matters is that it is.

It sounds like you’ve been identifying as a guy for a while - long enough that it’s likely not just impulsive. I totally understand your concern, because (for me, anyway) it feels like we can never really know what we are, and if that’s the case, how can we claim to be anything? But hey: you don’t have to Know. You can just Feel. That’s okay. You’re allowed to be uncertain.

Addressing more practical concerns: I would say take any transition steps slowly and carefully, and I would recommend talking about anything permanent - medical transition in particular, but legal transition as well - with outside parties (like a therapist) in depth. Talking about it and working out your feelings will really help you to understand what you really want and feel, and that’s what matters here.

TL;DR: BPD trans folks exist, and we are valid. It’s okay to be uncertain, and it’s okay to need time, and it’s even okay to have phases. What matters is what you feel, and what you feel deserves to be respected, no matter how tentative or fleeting it may (or may not!) be. <3

I’ve been trying to not fall inlove with you,
believe me coz I really do.
I’ve been convincing myself
that I’m strong enought
to fight the urge of falling deeper
in your trap.
I’ve been trying to forget
how you made laugh in the days
I don’t even want my teeth
to be shown up.
I’ve been telling myself
that you’re just good
in making people feel
better but failed on
catching them with all you might.
I keep on telling myself
that you’re just good in pretending
that your gaze at me
means nothing.
I’ve been trying to
forget how you once told me
all the words I wanted to hear.
I’ve been trying to deny that you
really don’t affect me
but everytime I look in your eyes
I knew, i died.
I’ve been trying to look away
everytime you’re not around
because I don’t want
to fall for
nothing again.
But the more I try,
the more I convince myself,
just ‘trying’ is all I could ever do.
I can’t even manage to succeed.
Not a Love Poem

This isn’t a love poem.

I’m not sure what this is, 

I just wanted to write about you… 

to let it all out … to allow myself to think about you.

Even if only for a moment.

You …

Just you … 

But I promise, this isn’t a love poem.

If it were, I’d be writing about your endearing smile, 

or your heart-stopping laugh.

I’d be writing about how good you make me feel,

or about how my life wouldn’t be the same without you.

If this were a love poem,

I’d tell you exactly how much you mean to me, then,

I’d tell you exactly how I feel about you.

But this isn’t a love poem … 

this is just a you poem, 

so I can’t say any of those things, 

but I can still think them.

(This is super late oops)
It’s Day 7 of the #FebSelfLoveChallenge: “share a selfie featuring a part of your body you’re trying to embrace.”

There’s a lot of stuff I struggle to love about my face- my busy eyebrows, my acne, my nose. But recently my forehead wrinkles have become an insecurity of mine. It’s wild how soon you can start to feel ageism as a woman. I’m only 23 and I’m frequently mistaken for a high schooler, but getting wrinkles makes me feel anxious and old. Which is so silly because a) I look like a child and have a very long time before age really affects my appearance and b) older women who do have wrinkles are gorgeous and I know that.

So today I’m trying to embrace my wrinkles for what they are: signs of all the live I’ve lived. And every line on my forehead is a sign of a brow furrowed and a busy mind at work. So I’m choosing to see them as signs of wisdom & experience and I’m gonna love on them 🙂

I learned a lot over the past few days, about myself and what makes me happy and also about people in general and how fun it can be to offer strangers opportunities to break out of their shells and push boundaries, even if only temporarily. I was also reminded once again about the joy that can come from gathering folks you love in one place and celebrating the simple fact that we are alive together. That’s one of my all time top favorite feelings. A feelings MVP. In an effort to help create more environments where people can celebrate these MVP feelings, my magical friend The Encourager and I are going to spend the next month painting murals in people’s homes around california (and maybe beyond). So far we’ve received a ton of emails but The Encourager has just eaten my computer (she thought it was and sandwich). In order to make it up to me she promised to handwrite all our email replies. She says she will be tying the handwritten emails to the backs of butterflies and sending them off to the people whose houses we want to paint. If for some reason that plan fails I’ll be sending off traditional email replies to the lucky winners this week. As for the rest of you, if you’d like a rainbow in your home , email with the subject : murals! Hope to see you soon! This is going to be great fun!

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I've been following your sim adventures for years, and I love how much love and passion you still have for JRO. As someone who is polyamorous, it feels so good to see characters that are like me, and to see representation (JRO family, especially) where you talk about how there has to be communication and respect to make it work. It's realistic and always beautifully written, and TBH, seeing this kind of positive representation helped me realize part of my own identity. Thank you for everything.

That’s so nice to hear, anon. One of the things I enjoy about the JRO Family is that they’re settled into their relationship and I get a chance to show that side of things. It’s more of a domestic snapshot. It’s something that’s not always as easy to portray while characters are still fumbling through life and working things out in a more dramatic setting. Communication, honesty, and respect are so important in all relationships, and in a relationship of three people there are essentially three different relationships within it. It’s a very interesting dynamic to write about.

Thank you for your kind message. :) Best of luck to you in your relationships.

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thanks for that response!!! the bare insight into the writing and the attention to my opinion makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and makes me want to play the game again to make the choices I didn't the first time. as a note how as a game lady do you think about the concept of multiple playthroughs of games u make? is the experience of playing multiple times more or less valuabvle or 'correct'? i liked BelHex but it felt less interesting to me once i played it a 2nd time and it was mostly the same

Aw no problem, I like talking about this stuff! There isn’t really much of a media apparatus for deep analysis of games like these, lol.

Multiple playthroughs is cool, the use you get out of them depends on the game, obv. I think Vesp has some of the best branching of any story I’ve made because when it branches the text is usually really different and interesting. Like I think some of my favorite writing is in the fumi-monolith interrogation scene, in the empathy fantasy.

But there are also linear stretches in Vesp that might make it punishing to read again (although fast clicking can get through those stretches pretty rapidly). Some of my work benefits from being read as a short story with extra bits in it rather than as a rigorous simulation.

You can see the linear wastelands and the branching forests on the node map: 

If I’d had more time I might have distributed branching through the story more evenly, added some aesthetic variation to the linear wastelands. Aesthetic variation is really easy to insert (like the vending machine cycling link, or most of WTWLA’s choices) and most crucially it allows choice without interfering with the plot - those linear parts are where I had a clear, singular crystallization of how a scene should be.

And yeah Bellular was more limited - we wanted to move on to something else and didn’t have the energy for making it so different each time, so we were like fuck it.

Pink Zone and Beautiful Frog are probably the most replayable games I’ve made, because they have a low energy cost for jumping in, you can flail around and get a quick return for it.

Of course there are other reasons to play again, like because something is comforting or cozy, personally resonating, etc, and I appreciate those too!

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Hi there!! I have a question if you dont mind: where did you learn how to download photoshop and how to make edits and everything? your edits are so amazing and i really want to learn how to make gifs and stuff too much im really technology impaired. Im sorry for being a bother have a wonderful day!!! :)

Hello!!! I taught myself how to make edits and stuff actually. I’m going to direct you to my resource blog for this because (at least in my opinion) it’s pretty organized so you’ll find whatever you’re looking for there! Check the “programs” link on the left for photoshop! Make sure you download one specific to either mac or pc depending on what you have because they’re different. 

In terms of learning, the best thing for you to do is practice and play around with the program because that’s how I learned. You can also check out these: one, two, three, four, and five for more resources and tutorials! Best of luck!! 

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Hey! I like norse paganism for a very long time, but I never knew how to practice it. I would like to know how to make at least a simple ritual for beginners, for me to feel more conected with the beliefs and even to discover more of myself.

The most important step in learning the ways of a particular practice, in my opinion, is to look at the lore. When trying to jump into a new path, it helps to dive straight into the myths and the history surrounding the path rather than trying to create rituals right off the bat. This is especially true for Norse paganism, as you can learn quite a lot about the gods and even historical ritual practices by reading the myths. Here are links to free versions of the Poetic and Prose Eddas, which together make up the largest body of translated Norse mythology available in the modern age. Once you are familiar with the lore surrounding the practice, it may be easier to understand how to worship the deities themselves.

- Dragon

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I just want to share with you how amazing my fiancé is and i can't handle my excitement. I literally can't wait to spend forever with him and I have no chill and I just got my wedding dress today and I am skipping around the house with my sisters. I feel like we are the Bennet sisters when Jane got engaged.

This makes me so happy I’m so happy for you