lie [jimin - angst]

Hey guys! It’s been eons since I’ve posted but I’ve finally been able to finish something I started writing a long time ago. The inspiration originally came from Jimin’s Wings teaser, so enjoy! :D
- Devi 

[Warning: the following scenario explores topics of mental health, self-harm and suicide] 

Word Count: 1818

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD): “A mental disorder characterized by unstable moods, behavior, and relationships.”

Symptoms: fear of abandonment, depression, substance abuse, distorted self-image, impulsivity, uncontrollable emotions, self-damaging behavior, dissociation

Will you be here when I wake up?

Of course, I will.

What if I don’t believe you?

Then close your eyes. When you open them again, you’ll see.

Jimin had faith in those words, those steady words hanging loosely from her lips. But little did he see the lie in them. How could he? She, herself, didn’t know they were so.


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Ok. Not a request but imagine poly ships like roadrat, mchanzo and others abducteding a person to be their son/daughter instead of another love intrest. Like "you're our kid now"

I’d like to imagine that Junkrat is just chillin at a carnival or some place fun and meant for children and is abt to loose yet again to one of the rigged games and a kid so easily wins and hes like “wot m8″ and the kid shows him how to do and they bond - wait no junkrat stop put that child down he’s not urs god damn it

As for Mchanzo it would be way more precise as Jesse is like “that one?” “no” “how about her?” “no jesse” “but-”

McCree is more “they look like a good kid lets take em” but Hanzo wants to stalk them to make sure they would be happy with them and stuff. Tbh I can see McCree just wanting to kidnap a baby from the hospital or an orphanage while Hanzo would prob want a child from the lesser branches of the Shimada clans that are still around so they actually carry his blood

Imagine Jax having a serious talk with Opie after the two of you have a huge fight and are on the verge of breaking up making Jax realize just how much he can’t stand loosing you and the two of you making up.

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(So this imagine is a combination of two song inspirations. The one with Opie talking to Jax then this one for the making up talk. I’m really proud of this one.)

I have been thinking a lot about the nature of homes. What makes a place ours. The last step you skip, the crack in the wall. The shadows you all ignore. The place you knocked with your elbow and almost broke your bone. Where he first got stitches. Small items that have no owner but instead appear out of the ether and remain for years. The knife that cuts better than the rest. Is home the house or the one place you can read without anyone bothering you. When we make people our homes do we just move in our memories. Learn to skip over talking about her, he doesn’t like it. The place you knocked heads. Words you should have left unsaid. Words that you repeated just for the delight of saying them. Maybe there’s a reason it’s hard to move out from people. Maybe once you get used to how the ceiling groans when it settles or how one of the door hinges is loose it just … gets harder to picture anywhere else. Even if the windows leak you know what you’re dealing with. Everyone else is new and scary. At least there’s a roof. Even if it’s sometimes awful. You see the good stuff when you close your eyes. And hindsight always lies.

Adrinette Month Day 5: Coffee Shop Au 

Back to working loosely haha I enjoy it far too much 8]

He didn’t know when she started sitting there, every morning at eight, with a cup of coffee in her hands. He only knew when he started remembering her. 

Sometimes she was with someone–a friend, he hoped–but most times, she was alone, sitting contentedly with her beverage, enjoying her own company. 

He never could quite muster up the courage to go up to her–what was he going to say? “Hey, I’ve been watching you drink coffee every morning as I walk to work, how’s it going?” Yeah, that’s not a bit creepy.

So one day, when it was down-pouring, and he went his way to work, believing fully that perhaps today, he might not get to see her, he was surprised to find he was wrong. There she was, wearing a bright red raincoat–but no umbrella.

And he finally found his chance.


Tom is your Tom problem.

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Heey I love your art! What are your top favorite 5 Nalu momentas?

thats really hard to choose oh my god! i love even when they are looking to each other but for you ill choose so

Originally posted by segimaru

Number 5: Unlike the other scenes when Natsu threatens his enemies who are trying to hurt Lucy with his already well known quote “ Ill burn you to ash” This one is different. Natsu has already experienced how it is to loose Lucy so this time, he is angrier than other times, He points there “ It is still Lucy” No matter what happens to her, Lucy will always be Lucy for him. Even so, look at her face. After staying near his bed, worried about him dying, look how happy she is.. her smile here is precious

Number 4: Lucy sleeping near Natsu, She has been worried about his life and she didn’t move away from him one single second, no matter that Freed told her he will be okay and anyone else. Natsu had a lot of friends, each one doing his fights but it was Lucy staying near him all this time, like in the earlier chapters when she got naked to save his life. 

Number 3: Lucy hugging Natsu from behind

She now does this quite often, but this one was a relief for her. She needed it, she wanted to thank him for everything he has done. I dont think i Can explain this that much, but i just love this moment

Number 2: Lucy jumping from the tower She chooses to jump, to have faith in Natsu. She knows that wherever she is, whatever she does, he will always be there protecting her, catching her from falling. I dont think she really heard his voice, but she says “ I am sure” she knows he will hear her, he will save her once more time. I loved how this scene was animated, because I love hearing Lucy screaming “ Natsuu” Aya really did put passion voicing that scene lol

And there he is, catching her right on time before she hits the  ground. 

Number 1: the last and my favorite: LUCY!

How I said before, he experienced already how it is to loose her, he doesn’t want to loose the most important person in his life, after loosing Igneel.He climbs onto her, protecting her with all of his body. He was faster than he was with Future Lucy, he was with all of his on her, taking the impact to protect her. You can see into his eyes all of his feelings: Agony, desperation. He would do everything for her, even sacrifice his own life

Mashima shows us how Nalu grew into a strong friendship-relationship. More than friends but less than lovers. Their time will come. Natsu cares the most about Lucy and Lucy cares the most about Natsu. Being put in face of one another`s death, it shows not once, but every time that each one of them would do absolutely everything for one another, giving their own lives for the other one.

The Day After The Election I Did Not Go Outside by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib

BUT for a moment, to drive to the soul
food spot on Congress ave. where utensils,
large & made for the hands of no one living among
us, hang on the walls & where the woman behind

the counter yells out my order before my second
foot makes it in the door & where her laugh is like
my sister’s or where her laugh is like my mother’s or
where her laugh is like my grandmother’s or where her laugh

is like the laugh of a black woman who knows where the devil
is hiding & knows how to shake him loose & in the soul food
spot there are no devils but there is plenty sin & where you look
at the sweet tea & your dentist gets a chill from miles away &

where, if the gossip is good enough, the smoke from the kitchen
puffs into black halos & someone ain’t getting the catfish they
ordered & where all is forgiven & where forgiveness is always
dressed in something fried or sweet & where, around a circle

of spent plates, men with their full bellies & thin gold chains slap
cards on a wooden table & where those men ignore the yelling
& the marching on the television & where I imagine those men
have seen this movie before & know its ending & yet are still

here to watch it again & where the plates rattle when one of the men shows
his hand & says his partner ain’t shit & where I laugh because these men
could be my father & around the right table, I am everyone’s child &
where the stereo is from the 90s & so is everything that crawls out of it

& where Lauryn sings how you gon’ win if you ain’t right within & I am
oh, I am right within for this small and shrinking moment. I am right
within for this newborn praise, because the rain stopped & the clouds
gave way earlier & yes, the darkness arrives sooner now & yes,

the streets were still slick, but on this day, the children were in
them, dodging the streetlights on their small bikes & the girls
leapt & whipped their long ponytails through the open mouths
of two jump ropes & this is the only country they know & it is nothing

to get free when your only country is freedom & so I say, then:
make a border around any place you are loved & call it yours.
make a border around those who hold you up & build what
you must to keep the devils out. I say, then: I know, I know

the burning cannot be unseen & on this night I claimed a new
& fleeting empire, governed by soul food & loud black children &
no one telling them to be quiet. governed by men who lose
card games. governed by men who know they ain’t shit & the women

who know it better but have loved them for too long to stop
now. oh country, my new and brief country. how I walk from you
full & into the wreckage. how I wish you everywhere now.
how I try to taste you in the air instead of blood.

what if in Trials of Apollo (since we’ve already seen Percy is pretty tired of stuff) Percy turns bitter and becomes an antagonist

just like Luke


Requests: “Hello love! Could you write a smut with kol andd the reader where the reader is shy and kol finds out she has a crush and teases her like he s running around with no shirt and makes comments”

How could you have been so stupid enough to open the bathroom door when you knew Kol was in the shower. Sure maybe in the back of your mind you knew you had a crush on him. It was quite obvious and everybody saw that. But you knew Kol didn’t know it, so all is well.

“Oh god sorry!” You covered your eyes when you walked in on Kol, a towel hanging loosely around his waist and he was using another towel to dry his damp hair atop his head. “Um, b-bye.” You shook your head and slammed the door shut. Never had you seen him shirtless before, and you didn’t get to see details because of how quickly you left.  

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Old Habits Die Hard

Bucky x Reader

REQUEST: Bucky with number’s 85. What’s wrong with me missing you?, 95. Tell me you need me., and 110. I’m sorry if I don’t want you to die!

Summary: In her eyes Bucky’s moved on, and she slowly is too, but when a mission goes haywire, he realizes just how much he misses her.

Warnings: pure angst, swearing, brief violence. (you’re going to hate me, yikes) I strongly suggest that you listen to Another Sad Love Song by Khalid, it’s loosely based on the song as well. Also, please read the comment and you’ll understand why I ended it the way I did. Hope y’all understand xx

Word Count: 2.8k+

Originally posted by buckybass

It wasn’t suppose to go down this way. The breakup was amicable. It wasn’t worth the angry tears and screaming matches in the middle of the night whenever Bucky came home late. She missed the old Bucky. The Bucky that would come home every day and shower her with love and affection, but then he disappeared. The good morning kisses halted and tight goodbye hugs became loose. She tried talking to him about it, but he just brushed it off and went to bed.

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home is where the pizza is

AU: “i made my special request for my pizza for them to send their cutest delivery person & here you are and wow did they get that right.”
Nico is fairly certain that Piper is trying to ruin his life. Or his pizza. Same thing.

“You’re pretty.”

Nico blinked back in surprise, the loose bills in his hand crackling under his tightening hand. “I, uh…what?”

The pizza guy only grinned wider. “You’re pretty.” He repeated.

“Um. I, uh…thanks?” Nico could vaguely hear Piper’s high laugh from the living room and he didn’t know how, and he didn’t know why, but Nico could only swear on one thing at that moment, and that was that this was all her fault.

And, he could also swear that this was probably the reddest he’s ever been. Counting the beach incident last summer.

Nico had to resist from the shiver that came from the memory. That hurt.

The pizza guy grinned, bringing back Nico’s attention, and held out the pizza box. “And you’ve got nice eyes.” He added on, somehow looking earnest and cocky at the same time. Nico didn’t know that was possible, but Pizza boy seemed to be making it work.

“Thanks.” Nico repeated, his neck still burning bright, and he hoped his voice wasn’t as weak as it sounded to his ears.

This whole situation wasn’t helped by the fact their usual pimply high schooler was replaced by a tall, blond, and handsome.

Nico wanted to retreat back into his warm fort in the living room, knowing at least his blanket burrito would never betray him. He could almost see Piper peeking around the corner, Jason probably at her feet, Reyna towering over them all. They were watching him, he was sure of it, and he was even more sure of the fact they were laughing at him.

The guy seemed to finally take pity on Nico as he passed the pizza over. “Special instructions.” He grinned, tapping the receipt taped to the top of the box. Nico turned the box, along with his head to the side, to better read the paper.

Send your cutest delivery boy & tell me I’m pretty. Also, a compliment would be nice.

Nico stared at the words for a long moment, glancing back up the boy. “I didn’t write that.” He felt the need to clarify, “It was uh, -” He pointed over his shoulder, where laughter was now helpfully erupting behind him. “One of them. Piper, probably, because I refused to let her get pineapple on the pizza.”

“That’s just a travesty, pineapple on pizza.” The pizza man agreed, leaning against the wall, seeming satisfied with the whole situation.  

“Extra pepperoni and banana peppers are the only way to go.” Nico answered without thinking. It was true. He and Jason had done a very thorough investigation senior year of high school, and that was the very godly combination they finally settled on after several trial runs.

He and Jason were serious about their pizza, okay? And they weren’t going to let Piper run their months of science for the disgraced topping of pineapple.  

Pizza boy clenched at his chest at that, “A man after my own heart.” He grinned.

“Here’s, um, here.” Nico held out the bills, “Keep the change.”

The pizza boy took the money, still grinning that stupid smile. He adjusted the company hat on his head, his blond curls crazy and frizzy under the cap, and let his hand fall to the back of his neck. “Thanks…” He glanced at the receipt. “Jason?”

Nico sighed at the laughter behind him. They were probably at the window, listening to the entire interaction with glee. “It’s Nico.” He corrected him, “Jason’s the idiot who let us use his account rewards.”

Pizza boy nodded, “Cool. I’m Will.” He gave Nico a small salute, “Pizza boy extraordinaire. Also, the cutest delivery boy on site at the Main Street location, apparently.”

“Really? The cutest?” Nico grinned at that, always one for teasing.

“There was a vote.” He informed Nico like it was a secret, “Cecil took the loss pretty hard.”

“I would imagine. The cutest delivery boy, that’s a hard title to carry.”

“It has its setbacks.” Will nodded in agreement, “Fighting off the proposals, for one.”

“Really?” Nico raised his eyebrows at that, an amused expression taking place. “You’re just fighting off suitors, is that it?”

“Exactly.” He nodded, looking dramatically relieved. “I’m so glad you understand.”

Nico scoffed out a laugh, turning his face to hide his widening grin. He could still hear the others gathered behind him, he noticed, their low laughter and whispers not nearly as quiet as they probably thought.

“Well.” Nico turned his head back to the other boy, his grin now under control, although his face was still flushed a pleasant pink. “Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to deliver this and…for following your instructions.” Nico wanted to pound his head on the side of the doorway by the time he was finished, his awkward voice trailing off. Will didn’t seem to notice, only pocketing Nico’s payment and biting his lip. Usually, Nico would classify lip-biting as an unsure movement, one that he employed on himself often, but with Will it looked completely different on his smirking face. It was his confidence, Nico thought, and his over-cocky manner.

“Anytime.” Will told him easily, probably having no idea how much he was affecting Nico. He turned, one hand tucked away into his pocket, and with the movement Nico could guarantee that he was Absolutely Not instantly drawn to the hand’s destination, the back pocket where it was nicely tucked so it pulled at the already tight fabric –

And Nico’s gaze instantly snapped back up as Will paused, only a few feet from the doorway, and turned back to Nico. He eyed Nico standing there, still holding the warm pizza box with his equally as warm cheeks, and gave Nico just a bright smile, Nico had to blink back in surprise.

“Just cause they were instructions doesn’t mean they weren’t true.” He winked, “Check the back of your receipt if you’re interested.” With that, Will was bouncing down the steps, heading back to the street.

Surprised, Nico flipped over the paper and was even more surprised to see a number scrawled there in thick black marker. Nico vaguely wondered when Will would have even written his number there, but settled for numbly waving back as Will got back into his car, appropriately advertising the pizza company, and drove off. He waved at Nico as he left, and Nico was left holding a quickly cooling pizza and a small slip of paper.

Nico stood in the doorway for another moment, blinking back surprise. He turned, his annoying friend’s laughter still echoing through the hallway, and already began plotting on how to get Piper back.

Right after he pocketed the receipt, of course.

Nesta’s Not-So-Secret Weakness

Here is a short fluff fic in which Cassian discovers a weakness that Nesta has tried to keep hidden. Of course the Commander of Illyrian armies is putting plans into action to reveal the secret in their bedroom. But Nesta isn’t to thrilled by the idea. And she won’t be making it easy for Cassian.

“Don’t. You. Dare.” Nesta raised the pillow over her head. Fully intending to use it if needed. Cassian almost chuckled at how she wielded the soft object like a sword. Brandishing it as if it was the most dangerous weapon in all of Velaris.

 “Oh come on sweetheart,” Cassian stalked across the room in only a loose pair of pants. “I promise it will be fun.”

 “Maybe for you, but not for me,” Nesta stood up on their shared bed. Her bare feet sunk into the comforter making her balance uneasy, but she was determined not to let Cassian catch her. If she had to launch herself out the window in her nightgown then so be it.

 “Nesta,” Cassian purred. His eyes trained on her and the silk gown she wore that ended just above her knees. Cassian immediately flicked his sights back up to her face. He couldn’t let himself get distracted. Right now he was a Commander on a mission of utmost importance.

 “I mean it Cassian,” Nesta braced herself. Her eyes darted to the window that would be her escape.

 That brief moment she turned away gave Cassian the opportunity he needed. He leapt forward in a powerful jump that propelled him directly toward his mate. 

 Nesta jerked around as she saw Cassian out of the corner of her eye. She swung the pillow down as she would a sword. Her Illyrian training kicked in as her aim was precise. The pillow hit knocked Cassian down just short of tackling her, but before Nesta could hop off the bed a large calloused hand wrapped around her ankle.

 Cassian pulled her down onto the bed with him in one swift tug. Nesta fumbled to right herself, but Cassian was there to make sure her back landed on the bed.

 He hovered over her body and trapped her legs down by using his own. His fingers gently skimmed her ribs through the flimsy material of her nightgown. Nesta stiffened underneath him as his fingers brushed against one of her weak points that only her sisters had knowledge of. And Feyre had told Cassian about it last night when they shared dinner at the House of Wind.

Cassian leaned his head down. His lips grazed her ear as he whispered. “Who knew Nesta Archeron was ticklish?”

And then his fingers ran up and down her sides in soft touches that made Nesta fleetingly lose control over her body. She wriggled underneath Cassian while her voice broke out in uncontrollable laughter.

“Cas-Cassian!” Nesta gasped between bouts of laughter “Stop!”

“But you’re so cute when you laugh like this,” Cassian teased. “I want to see you laugh like this all day.” Cassian resumed tickling her sides with vigor. Nesta didn’t doubt that Cassian would keep this up. And now she was at the mercy of those nimble fingers that found all her ticklish spots.

Cassian was relentless in his attack. He enjoyed seeing Nesta like this. Laughing loudly and trying to contain her smiles, yet failing to do so. By this point Nesta’s face was beat red from laughing so hard.

“Ple-please-! Cas-!” Nesta tried to talk between breaths, but found it was nearly impossible as Cassian continued tracing her ticklish spots in patterns again and again.

“Are you actually begging for me to stop?” Cassian gave his signature smirk. The one that boasted triumph. “Is that what I hear sweetheart?”

Nesta bit her bottom lip, but laughter bubbled between her teeth much to her frustration.

Cassian paused in his movements to raise a brow before his fingers twitched threateningly against her skin again. Another onslaught of tickles was on the way.

“Yes! Yes!” Nesta burst out in gasps before Cassian decided to go for a second round.

He held himself above her a few seconds longer before moving onto his side with a victorious smile. A sigh of relief escaped Nesta’s throat. Her breaths slowly began returning to normal. 

Cassian watched her with rapt attention before inching closer to press a gentle kiss to the side of her throat. Nesta’s pulse pounded beneath his lips.

“I didn’t know you were so ticklish,” Cassian murmured against her skin. Nesta could feel him smiling against her throat.

“It’s one of my few weaknesses,” Nesta said in a controlled tone. Though her voice was a bit breathless much to Cassian’s enjoyment.

“Oh? You have more?” Cassian questioned. Curiosity piqued in interest.

Nesta rolled over onto her side so she could look at Cassian. Their faces were inches apart as her eyes gazed up into his. The hazel color of his irises had provided her much comfort over the years. She reached a hand up to stroke his cheek.

 Cassian was her weakness and strength. He was her confidante and lover. A fire that burned bright enough to chase off the darkness of her nightmares.

 He was her mate.

 Cassian kept his eyes on Nesta. He could read her thoughts as if she had spoken them aloud. His fingers threaded through Nesta’s soft golden brown hair. Her blue grey eyes steadied him in ways he could never imagine.

 Nesta too was his weakness and strength. A friend and partner he trusted more than anyone else. She was the steel blade that cut his doubts and fears into nothing.

 She was his mate.

 “I love you Nesta,” Cassian kissed her brow with tenderness and pulled her closer to his chest.

 “I love you too Cassian,” Nesta ran her hands up and down his back. Almost caressing his scarred wings. She placed a kiss at the base of his throat before resting her head beside his beating heart.

 And together they slept in each other’s arms.

This fic is for @easkyrah​ and her anon that wanted Nessian fluff. Hope you enjoyed it~!

The Art of Falling in Love

Originally posted by minhyunq

Pairing: Mark x reader
Genre: fluff, highschool!au, badgirl!au 
Warnings: some language, underage drinking
Word count:  6,786

“I can’t believe you skipped school! Again!” your mother yelled furiously as she paced back and forth in the living room; she was fuming. Your eyes were focused on a loose thread on your carpet, hands behind your back. After promising not to skip school, here you stood, getting your ass scolded. 

You didn’t know how your mother put up with your antics, and truth be told you commended her patience and the fact that she still loved you after all that. It’s not that you were a bad person. It was just that, you could say you didn’t like living by the norms. Thus, that made you a very rebellious teen. Despite the young of your age you’ve lost count of the many rebellious things you’ve done; you still vividly remembered that one time you took a train to Busan all by yourself without any notice. 

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Too Late - Simon Minter Imagine

hey boo boos, a new imagine coming your way! i got slight inspiration from a song called u just cant be replaced by gnash and imagination by shawn mendes. i also happened to think of this in the shower so i dunno. by the way, this is in simon’s perspective, so i hope you guys enjoy it, lemme know what you guys think. 

bel x

word count; 501

pairing; simon x (y/n) x jj

Why did I let her go?

I left her over six years ago, and I still feel so strongly towards her. It was so dumb of me to let my jealousy take over.

But here I am, standing in some dumb diagonal line, looking at how beautiful she looked in her creamy white lace gown walking down the aisle. Her thin veil was tucked nicely into her loosely tied-up curls, a few strands falling infront of her face. A beautiful bouquet of her favourite flowers, which included orangey-pink coloured carnations, baby’s-breath, and white roses, was held with a tight grip as she walked slowly.

She looked so beautiful.

Except she wasn’t walking down the aisle coming towards me. 

She was walking towards one of my best mates.

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Molly Hooper was so precious to Sherlock Holmes, he kept her safe from the world. Safe from Moriarty. Safe from Magnussen. Safe out of harm’s way. No one really knew. Just how much she meant to him. He kept it hidden from everyone. Even from himself. Until that one fateful day at Sherringford. As much as he tried, he couldn’t keep her from being targeted by the people who wanted to hurt him. He lost. He failed. (Look what you did to her). And Molly wasn’t safe anymore. She is always going to be in danger now. Because of him. Because of what he feels for her. Because of how much she matters to him. So, he takes the coffin lid, gently places it back on top of the coffin, slightly strokes it, and lets out a little sob. The thought of Molly in the coffin, the thought of loosing her. No. No! He can’t loose her. He will protect her. He wouldn’t let any harm come to her. He would smash her coffin to pieces with his bare hands. He will always save her. Always. Always… Just like she saved him.

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The Culprit : The reader has been stealing some things recently, and after a playful investigation, she’s convicted of her crime. (Fluff)

May I have this drink? : A post-win party is the perfect opportunity to let loose, however Archie is unable to do so as you go a little overboard and he spends the night taking care of you.  (Fluff)

Muse : You have a big art assignment to work on, but your assistant wants to take you away from your work for a little while.

To know you : You have to make a delivery for your father, running into someone who had been wanting to see you anyway.

Lost and found : A late night run-in with a dog leaves you in a frightening car accident.  You’re not hurt, but that could never stop Archie from worrying.  

Game day : Who ever said you needed to be a River Vixen to be a quarterback’s biggest supporter?

Terrors : The fear of your small town being entirely changed eats you alive, but having Archie makes the weight easier to bear.

Take care of you : While you may be insecure in needing his help for even the most mundane tasks, Archie insists he’ll always be there for you.

Always : He’d always do what’s best for you, even if you were sure you could do it yourself.


Surprise : The reader is on edge after the murder of Jason Blossom, but so is Jughead, both of you afraid of one thing: losing you. (Fluff)

The weight of it all : You start finally realizing how quickly you sweet hometown was falling to shambles, losing control in the process.  Jughead has always been there to help you keep it together, and today is no different.

Because he loves me : You were raised on the idea that they yelled because they loved you, and he was determined to change that.

Family drama : Family drama makes your transition into your place at Riverdale High especially difficult, but someone is determined to make it a little easier.  

Riverdale dream : You’d wanted things to be discreet, but nobody could stop you from sticking up for your boy.

Unlikely duo : Seeing Jughead at a pep rally was a rarity.  And willingly?  Only for you.

Late nights : After a few weeks of seeing Jughead working from a far, he seeks you out himself.


Winding down : After a long game, there’s nothing you want more than to spend the night with your girlfriend winding down.


dating veronica lodge would include

dating jughead jones would include

Night out with the Crows

“Inej, you are not wearing that!” Nina barged into Inej’s hotel room closet, where Inej held a knee length, loose, puffy black dress.

 "Yeah, I know, it’s horrible. But I don’t have anything else. I’m not really dressing up much on my ship,“ Inej said mournfully. “Life is easier when you live with a bunch of pirates and the only thing that matters is how well you can punch somebody.”

 "Ok, well, you’re lucky to have a friend like me then. I got this for you when you were gone. Hopefully it fits.“ Nina revealed a box that she had been hiding behind her back.

 Inej took the box from Nina and gave her a smile. “Thank you. I’ve really missed you, you know.”

“I’ve missed you too, Wraith,” Nina said fondly. “Now open it.”

Inej carefully pulled the lid off the box. She had been worried about what she was going to wear tonight. The Dregs were holding a party at some hotel, and the whole Ice Court team was going. Inej had only seen Nina since she docked in the harbor that morning, so it was the first time she was going to see Wylan and Jesper in six months. Also Kaz. She was oddly nervous to see Kaz, even though they had been writing letters to each other throughout her voyage. She wondered what he’d think of her, of how much she’d changed. Hopefully, she thought, he would still like what he saw. 

In the box, Inej revealed a  shimmering, gold dress. She gasped at the breathtaking ripples and patterns of the gold silk. Tiny rhinestones fell like a waterfall down its front. 

“Nina, it’s perfect!” Inej jumped up and hugged her best friend.

“I’m glad you like it, sweetie. I’m gonna go get dressed myself, but head over to my room when you’re done so I can do your hair. I’ve missed your hair.” Nina sauntered out of the room but paused at the door. “So has Kaz.” She winked and twirled out.


 Inej descended down the stairs of the hotel and waited in the lobby as Nina left to quickly snag a cookie from the kitchen. Nina was wearing a tight, short, ruby dress, and she knew that it would get her what she wanted from the dishwasher. Inej caught sight of her reflection in one of the lobby’s mirror. She almost didn’t recognize herself. She hadn’t gotten dressed up this nice in a long time, and it was kind of weird. Honestly, she preferred leggings and a tunic.

 "Let’s go,” Nina mumbled with an entire cookie stuffed in her mouth. They walked out into the warm summer night of Ketterdam and started making their way to the party, giggling and smiling with their arms around each other the entire way.


 Kaz stood away from the crowd with Jesper and Wylan, observing the rest of the Dregs as they shouted and laughed, wild and loud as always. He would have preferred to see Inej for the first time somewhere more quiet, where they could properly catch up. He was anxious- no Dirtyhands didn’t get anxious- interested in seeing her. Kaz turned to listen to Wylan and Jesper’s sickeningly sweet and charming conversation to distract himself from unwanted thoughts of Inej.


As soon as Inej walked in the door to the ballroom she was bombarded by Dregs. All of them hugging her and patting her on the back and telling her her ship and crew were legends around Ketterdam. She felt quite overwhelmed but also happy and a little nostalgic. She realized how much she had missed her makeshift family here in this dysfunctional city. 

But then she spotted Jesper and Wylan, and joy washed through her. She ran to the couple and threw her arms around Jesper.

“Inej! How are you? Life has been dull without the Wraith around!” Jesper pulled away to grin at her and looked her up and down. “You look good. I bet you looked even better with your knives killing slavers on that ship of yours. You have to tell me stories!”

“Of course, of course. I’m planning on staying here for a while, so we have plenty of time.” Inej smiled at Jesper and turned to Wylan.

“Hey, Inej,” Wylan’s blue eyes twinkled at her.

“Hey, Wylan,” Inej hugged and looked up at him. “How’s your mother?”

“She’s doing really great. She’s living with me and Jesper right now and its been really nice.”

“That’s amazing. You keeping Jesper busy?” Inej smiled slyly. 

“Yeah, he’s turning into a blooming pianist.” Wylan laughed and met eyes with Jesper.

“Oh you flatter me, love,” Jesper said smoothly, causing Wylan to blush. 

Nina soon joined them and the group’s old chatter began, Jesper and Nina flirting, Wylan with a few sassy comments. Inej took a moment to look around. All she saw was a blur of suits and sparkling dresses, but suddenly her eyes fell on him, leaning against his cane, looking straight at her.


When Kaz saw her, he swore his heart stopped in his chest. 

There she was, his Wraith, suddenly the only thing in this room, the only thing that mattered in the whole world. She seemed to be glowing, dimming everything around her. She was beautiful and strong and confident. She was Inej, and he had missed her desperately. 

He met her eyes, and he saw…something…in them. His chest pounded, and adrenaline raced through him. He fought to get himself under control. The Dregs are watching you, he reminded himself, and took a deep breath. She was drawing nearer now, and he wanted to run. He wanted to stay. He wanted to hug her. He wanted to call out her name. Everything was jumbled, everything was mixed up. But then she was suddenly right in front of him, and there was instant clarity. 

“Hey,” she said softly, looking up at him. He could tell she was different than before she left. Not in a bad way, just different. She radiated confidence…and maybe pride? 

“Inej.” Kaz smiled, a thing he saved for special occasions. “It’s nice to see you.” 


An hour later, Inej found herself sitting across from Kaz in an armchair, retelling her stories from the past year. They had only briefly been able to say hi when they first saw each other, as the rest of the Dregs had soon mobbed them. They brought her some champagne and made her explain what she had been doing for the past six months, and she hadn’t been able to get away. She briefly saw Nina and Kaz talking behind the crowd, but people shifted and they were soon out of sight. Eventually, the Dregs had started some drinking game, so she was free for a moment. She had found Kaz leaning against a wall in the back and they had gone into an adjacent room to the ballroom.

“You’ve accomplished a lot, Inej.” Kaz looked at her and Inej was surprised to see that he was proud of her. That meant a lot coming from him. 

Inej smiled and opened her mouth to ask him how his latest business ventures were going when she heard the chatter from the ballroom lower and a slow song come on. She got up and peeked around the door. People had started to fill the dance floor with their partners.Her eyes followed the sound of some laughs and saw Jesper and Wylan in the middle of the floor. Wylan seemed to be trying to teach Jesper how to dance, although Jesper was much too gangly and tall for it. Both of them were looking lovingly at each other, unashamedly adorable. 

Inej searched the crowd more for Nina. She found her with her arms wrapped another girl. They swayed with the music, talking easily. Nina was smiling. Inej felt a rush of happiness for her. Inej had seen her only once after she had buried Matthias in Fjerda, and she wasn’t in a great place. But recently Nina’s letters had started to sound better, talking about the strides Nina was making with Fjerdan and Ravkan relationships, the prejudices she was slowly erasing. Inej was really proud of her and couldn’t wait to see what she would accomplish. 

Inej felt a touch on her shoulder. She turned around to see Kaz standing behind her, gloveless. His face was stony, determined. 

“Kaz, are you okay?” Inej said hesitantly, looking up at Kaz, who was clearly at war with himself. 

Kaz paused, taking a deep breath. What was going on?

“Would you…would you like to dance with me?”


Inej looked taken aback. 

Kaz felt adrenaline racing through him. Did I just ask her that? Do I seriously think someone like her would dance with someone like me? 

He braced himself for rejection as she just looked up at him, eyes wide. But slowly, so slowly, a smile began to creep along her face. He felt warmth spread through him as it always did when she smiled that smile. 

“I’d love to,” she said softly, and placed her hand on her shoulder. Kaz’s heart raced in his chest and he felt short of breath. He hesitated, but led her to the center of the room. They started to sway. Kaz knew the steps from years of observation, but he still felt awkward and uptight. After Inej locked her arms around his neck though, he sighed, releasing the tension. She met his eyes and he saw his happiness mirrored in them, causing him to brush his hand through her hair. It felt like silk running through his fingers and made him feel feather light. She gasped softly, laying her head on his shoulder. The familiar water started to rise inside him, but he fought for control, fought to stay in the moment with Inej. After a few deep breaths he calmed, and the water receded. 

By now the song was over, but they did not release each other. He put his arms around her and pulled her to him, taking in the sweet smell of her hair and the glow of her skin. 

“I missed you,” she whispered, pulling him out of his trance. 

Suddenly, a new, loud song came on in the other room. Cheers erupted from the Dregs. Inej giggled and pulled away from Kaz. They grinned at each other and entered the ballroom to have some fun with their friends. 


Later that night, when most of the Dregs had either passed out or gone home in preparation to pass out, Kaz, Inej, Nina, Wylan, and Jesper stood outside the hotel.

“Waffles tomorrow then?” Jesper asked, his arm around Wylan. 

“Absolutely,” Nina smiled. “Then we need to actually catch up. This party was fun, but it didn’t leave much room for talking.” 

“My house is open for that,” Wylan pitched in.

Everyone turned to Kaz, expecting his input. “Ok, but also I have something to ask you all.”

The group exchanged meaningful glances. “It’s not another job, it it?” Jesper asked warily.

Kaz shrugged his shoulders. “What can I say?” 

The group burst into laughter. Suprisingly, Kaz joined in with a smile.

“Saints, Kaz!” Nina and Wylan said at the same time. There was more laughter.

“All right, well I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow,” Jesper took Wylan’s hand and started to turn away. “By the way, Kaz, I haven’t agreed to whatever you’re thinking. Also, it’s great to see you Inej.” He waved, the couple turning away and walking towards the Van Eck mansion. 

Nina hugged Inej and nodded at Kaz. She departed with promises of future girl’s nights with Inej and a little tease at Inej and Kaz’s relationship. Inej smiled after her and turned to Kaz. 

“Do you want to stay in the Slat?” he asked roughly.

“I thought you sold my rooms?” Inej tilted her head. 

“Of course not,” he scoffed.

“If that’s the case, I’d love to,” she said, the second time that night.

Kaz smiled. Wow, this is a record for him, Inej thought with a smile of her own. They turned and started making their way to the Slat, sharing companionable silence the whole way.