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Don’t worry, I won’t run away with your money.

pjo characters + their favorite britney song probably
  • percy:probably like. if u seek amy. this boy is a FREAK.
  • annabeth:baby one more time. stickin 2 the classics.
  • jason:LUCKY he listens to it every morning fight me
  • piper:till the world ends!! it was her pump up song for defeating gaea
  • leo:oops i did it again. he has a running tally of how many people have punched him in the face when he's tried to serenade them with it.
  • hazel:hold it against me but she would never EVER admit that to anyone
  • frank:3. he thinks it's about 3 best buds. he tells hazel and percy that it should be their song and they're like UHHH
  • nico:everytime when he's feeling sad about percy, i wanna go when he's feeling angry-horny about percy
  • reyna:circus for sure
  • thalia:if you ask her she'll tell you that she's never listened to britney but it absolutely is womanizer
  • grover:grover can play toxic on reed pipes

KND Top 10 Favorite Episodes

#4) Operation: G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S.

This episode still gets to me every time I watched it. Operation: G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S was the episode that made Tommy Gilligan one of my favorite characters and it was the first time we seen the entire KND organization at its fullest at war. Father created a device that can exclusively turn KND operatives into animals and it looked like he won but it was Tommy that defeated him and saved the KND at the cost of being barred from reentering the kids next door permanently. I made a criticism post about how the creator should have put Tommy, Sonia, and Lee together in the same sector because Tommy’s character wasn’t put to good use that much after G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S but this user made a a great point that Tommy gained great character growth because of this episode in which I agree. Tommy being the whiny kid prior to this episode and T.R.A.I.N.I.N.G, learned sacrifice. He willingly gave up being a KND operative in order to save his older brother (Numbuh 2) and everyone else. This episode had excellent character growth, great plot (even preludes to the later episode Operation: I.T), and showed more of how organize and cool the KND really is. 

How to not play as Little Mac like a scrub: A Guide.

Little Mac is actually my favorite new character entry on Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U, and he is the one I was hoping for an inclusion the most! His personality is all about an overcoming underdog, and the poor recovery and constant pitiful-pitiful defeats make him an easy target to mock around. That is unless you actually know how to use him correctly.

Here are a few tips on how to not be an embarrassment to the ring and pack quite a punch.

  1. Punch-Out those buttons, Mac-baby!!:

    Every character in Super Smash Bros. actually resembles some of the gameplay style of the games they represent. Fox has a lot of rapid shooting like in Star Fox, Mega Man got plenty of long range shooting, even Duck Hunt is about zoning the field with your shots. Little Mac is no exception, and in fact may be the best translation yet. Punch-Out!! is a game series about correct timing, concentration, and reflexes. You got to have quick fingers and read the enemy’s attacks. There is a lot of pattern reading involved as well as control over the field. Steady! Steady!!

  2. “Dodge his punch, then counterpunch.” — Doc Louis:

    A fundamental technique in Punch-Out!! is punching and dodging. If Mega Man is JUMP’NSHOOTMAN, Little Mac should be DODGE’NPUNCHMAN. Be sure to practice L-dodging so you can escape from your enemy’s attacks. I suggest you to play defensive so you can also counter plenty of times with Down-B along. It will make you a very slippery opponent.

  3. Left, right!! LEFT!!:

    One of Mac’s biggest advantages are his amazing Smash attacks and jabs. It is all about landing those punches like good ol’ boxing. Time your Smash attacks correctly and make sure you hit jabs accordingly as well. There is a lot of power to be used here and make it your primary offensive. The continuous jab barrage may not do much damage, but it can trap your foe on a good combo and it is all about the bruising anyway.

  4. Patience, dangit, PATIENCE!!: Okay here’s the deal about the B button: try to use it the least amount of times as possible.

    Especially Side-B.

    Side-B is a REALLY dangerous move for Little Mac, if you REALLY REALLY wanna use it, be sure you are very distant from the edge you are facing. I usually use it as a move to earn closure to the enemy while possibly giving the enemy a good smack. Remember to not go flailing your punches like a maniac.

    Up-B is ok to use, just do it sparingly.

    Standard-B is an extremely predictable move I tend to avoid using as well, but there could be cases you can actually give your foe a surprise.

    If the KO meter is full, feel free to give that a swing if you have the opportunity. Try to stay as close to your enemy as possible. Remember that it can be reset if you get hit pretty hard.

  5. Never give up!!:

    The key to Little Mac’s strength is to be literally as earthbound as possible, but you will inevitably find moments you will require to struggle to get back up like in any boxing match. Little Mac’s best chance for recovery is Side-B. Up-B can do the job as well, but remember that this attack is perfectly vertical and has a lot of inertia making it difficult to touch the edge; after all, the biggest challenge is to actually not receive many punches. And most important, if your moment of falling is in, be sporting and take the defeat like a true champ.

Little Mac can be a character that is very difficult to master especially when you consider the top tiers with easier recovery moves, but I can guarantee you that if you overcome the common mistakes, it will be very satisfactory to play with.

Good luck and good fun!!

Тнє  нıgнєя   yσυ   gσ .  .  .

                Тнε    н    α   я  ∂εя     үσυ    ғαℓℓ

   C ค u т I σ n,


                               ĐOŇ'Ŧ   Р Ř O V O Ҝ €   ŦH€   Βeaşŧ

: |\ ✙/| : It had been another humiliation. The glorious President, defeated in battle once more by an exiled Duke that had even lost part of his power. How could he keep losing to him? Wounded, the noble demon tortuously made his way back to the device he had used to travel to the human world once more. But he was losing blood, way too much, and his vision was beginning to blur. It was only when he fell to the floor that he noticed the piercing wounds on his chest and legs were leaving a scarlet trail behind him. He didn’t want to die there. It wasn’t a worthy end.

He thought he had seen someone near to him. Maybe a friend. It was time moment to cast pride aside, at least temporally. “Help…” he only muttered.

How are you a stinky little demon.


Ohhhhhh dear

It’s time to play


Only one sim will be clean! WHO WILL EMERGE A NON-STINKY VICTOR?!

… it appears Bryce leaves in defeat.

… only to come back and ruin the hell outta shit

Timur had to shoo him out again THROUGH THE WALL.

Timur lovingly boos the hell out of Andrei once again THROUGH THE WALL

Bryce takes the time to complain about being hungry.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand both of them leave, inadequately bathed and reeking of their own pee.

jaxon sighed in defeat once the transformation was over. this was possibly the worst time for his power to misbehave… his roommate could be back at any moment. he didn’t understand it either. it wasn’t like he wanted to look like the girl on the video, he just wanted to know how that eye color would look on him. i guess the bad luck charm must remain unlucky, he thought to himself. some faint sounds at the door made him straighten his posture, if he gets out of this one without eternal embarrasment he’s going to be so grateful to the stars. it couldn’t be that hard to pretend you’re anyone else but yourself, right? i just have to act a bit more feminine that usual and then get out of here at my first chance. all without seeming suspicious. i can do this… hopefully. eh… hello. the fact that he didn’t even need to do a fake voice gave him some sort of encouragement. he could totally do this… right? +@tricksnriddles