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The Zen of Jett, Week 12

Life is hard. We all know this. Even puppies know this, and their main jobs are to eat and poop. It’s a dark lonely road we walk, with only our wits to guide us. Jett understands, and she’s here to help. Every Friday, Jett will share with you her wisdom in your neverending lifequest for inner peace and fulfillment. This is The Zen of Jett.

warning: do not stare at handsome dragon princes or u will start to become overwhelmed by how handsome and dragony and princely they are. fact. also, surprise, Yinxing’s given name is Fen! 

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anonymous asked:

big bang

-imo big bang are the messiest group in the kpop industry
-vips are annoying
-gdragon loves cultural appropriation
-gdragon nd taeyang have done blackface
-didn’t seungri sexually assault someone??
-daesung killed someone
-taeyangs only good song is eyes, nose, lips
-nd his voice sounds a bit whiny when he sings
-what the fuck even is fantastic baby like honestly
-I just rlly hate gdragon he’s honestly disgusting
-gdragon is not talented in the slightest, he can’t rap or sing
-why do people always be like “go awf!!” nd stuff when he does what ppl think is rapping like no??? he sounds terrible
-his voice honestly sounds like someone dragging their nails along a chalkboard
-they have some good songs but there recent comeback was so I hated how the released songs 2 at a time cause it just dragged it out
-don’t know why they have so many fans
-gdragon needs to stop screaming on stage
-I don’t like them at music shows bc even if the perform bad they still get votes cause the have so many fans
-honestly they aren’t even that talented idk why yg puts so much effort into them when the akmu and lee hi are right there??
-I’m so bitter about that
-bang bang bang was shit nd the mv made me kinda uncomfortable
-baby don’t cry by daesung is a rlly good song though -also they can’t dance nd they look messy on stage -the been round for years it’s time for them to retire one of them is going to pop their hip out soon


Hey I’m open for commissions right now!!! It’s all in USD and I can only accept money through Paypal :V

Ok now I can do:

  • gore/blood/abuse
  • homestuck
  • oc’s
  • my fnaf oc’s
  • lingerie/suggestive themes/kinks that aren’t too nsfw unless you’re paying for porn
  • hopefully a couple other fandoms that arent fnaf

Can’t do:

  • actual animals or furries (sorry)
  • realistic art
  • anything to do with cars or machinery
  • idk if you dont see it in my art tag, I probably don’t do it

If you’re interested, email me at ! And if I want to do your commission, we can talk about all the details and such of what you would like, and when you can pay me, and when I’ll have your piece ready. I also might change the prices a little bit as I see fit (concerning the time i spent on it, or difficulty of it), but overall, they’re set as listed. Here’s a link to my art tag if you want more examples !

Idk why but people put themselves down alot when
it comes to making their blogs and icons looking the
part, graphics and all that shit. And personally it’s really
disheartening to see people put themselves down.

‘I can’t do graphics’
‘I can’t make icons’
‘I can’t make themes backgrounds’
‘I can’t code’



The more you practice the better you get. The more dedication
to improvement the better you get. Put in TIME? The better you get.

‘I don’t have the programs’
‘I don’t have photoshop’
’I don’t have the textures’
‘I don’t know how to’


Make your own trend, do some trial and error to see what works and what doesn’t for you and your blog. But just DON’T GIVE UP. There is NO such thing as can’t. If you keep going you’ll find your own style or maybe you might just find it straight off the bat first time you try. Just don’t give up! We all started from somewhere.

I have standards but I have to be with a man that has stands too. He has to know what he wants so he can determine if this is something worth investing in, or if we both just need to be on our way. I don’t do well with the whole “let’s see how things go” playing house stuff. Of course things should be organic and don’t require a deadline. But I desire to be in relationships where we both know our intentions


stuff i wonder a lot #1: does my cartoon version of myself even look like me

thought #2: how the fuck do i draw my glasses

anonymous asked:

I'm a novice writer hoping to write my first short novel (around 25k words or so is the stretch goal) but I've only ever written one shot stories (longest is 8k). I have trouble doing multi-chapter stuff. How would you suggest I get over the hurdle? I don't know how to write notes at all and anything I do seems like crap. Even if I were to finish, I intend to self-publish. How do you suggest I edit the work? I need motivation and tips. Anything is appreciated!

1. An outline will help, though it doesn’t necessarily have to be extensive. Try figuring out exactly what you want to happen, subplots you want in the story, etc., and then figure out how you want to pace that throughout the story. For a 25K story, you may try breaking it all down into 5 parts of about 5,000 words each - (5K for an intro, 5K for the climax and conclusion, and the rest making up the middle).

2. Set goals for editing, and make a list of things you want to look out for prior to beginning editing. That way you’re not going in blind, and you can dedicate yourself to completing certain tasks in each editing session. It’ll also keep you from overediting! 

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Hi can you do "The kids at school always make fun of me" with Dean, reader and a son? There's been a LOT of daughter stuff so if you wouldn't mind. Also, congrats on 6K!

Thank you :)

You frown and brush Johnny’s hair out of his eyes, “What do you mean, sweetie?”

“They say I’m short and weird” he mumbles, big green eyes welling up with tears.

Dean purses his lips and crouches down next to your son, “Hey, buddy, you know how Uncle Sammy is really tall?” Johnny nods and Dean tilts his chin up, “I’m going to tell you a secret…He used to be really short, even shorter than you”

“What?” Johnny gaped, “No he wasn’t”

You smile and watch your boys as Dean nods, “Sure was, but now he’s a giant, so you are going to grow up to be just as tall, maybe taller!”

“Really, Dad?” 


Johnny thinks about it for a moment before frowning, “But what if I don’t want to be as tall as Uncle Sammy, what if I want to be as tall as you?”

Dean chuckles and peeks over at you, “Now why would you want that, buddy?”

“Because I want to be just like you, Dad” Johnny says with a bight smile, “Mrs. Johnson said that we should want to be like our heroes, and since you’re mine, I want to be just as tall as you”

Your heart swells and Dean’s smile softens, “I love you, buddy” Dean says and ruffles his sons hair. 

“I love you too Dad”

Just finishing up!


So yeah! A lot of people kind of wonder about my gender and stuff and I’m pretty neutral on my pronouns. I do like be called he/him sometimes i dunno it makes me happy I guess haha. But I’m also cool with she/her pronouns. 

But yeah this is what I look like! I’m 4′ 8″ tall! |D;;; I’m pretty short… i’m a little embarrassed haha.. OTL Sorry if I ruin anyone image.

This is how I see myself mostly:

Sometimes, people that may seem the most joyful and careful towards the others, acting like they have no problems whatsoever, may instead hide awful and horrible things behind their backs.
Backstabbing, hypocrisy, hurtful feelings, anxiety and other bad stuff.
But no matter what, they keep acting like nothing is bothering them, trying not to be a dead weight for the others.
They care much more for their surrounding friends instead of caring about themselves, ignoring their conditions.
But everyone has a breaking point.
You can’t store your bad feelings inside of you forever.
Sometimes is good to rant a bit.
To let you go and tell the world how do you feel. To think a bit more about yourself and to take care of your own person.
Your friends care about you like you care about them all the time. They will help you.
And if someone thinks you’re just a crybaby, ignore them.
Let them pass right through you and keep living your life at your best.
You are the best.
And you shan’t never feel the worst.
Take care.

anonymous asked:

Hi :) Love your answers and videos!!! You're the best :) so, in the last workout video that Stephen posted there are some people who say that he is giving a heated look in his wife direction while he's slapping the ball. I think they are examining every detail of his video to show how happy his marriage is (or not :p) what do you think? Xoxo

Hi! Thank you so much! Well, I’m not gonna be a hypocrite, because I’m imagining lots of stuff myself, you know. So if somebody considers this as a heated look then it’s your opinion. This one? I thought it was “my grandpa can do better than this” look:

But somebody can also say that he’s longing for the guy on an exercise bike:

Everybody sees what they want to see lol. I personally think, the trainer gave her more attention, than Stephen. Different people, different opinions. 

His face when he’s making a video and Emily is in front of him:

Decide for yourself. XO