Another Psych rewatch! - Episode 1x01 (Pilot).
“I’m Shawn Spencer, the psychic.”.

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how do you use crystals? and what for? and also do you think different crystals are better for certain things? like honestly I'd love for you to just elaborate on crystals and stuff because I've always been so drawn to them and would collect them as a kid

I use my crystals to amplify my essence and strengthen relationships on an astral level. I bring my moonstone to social functions because it is the stone for female energy. I hold my rutillated quartz while doing math because in mine specifically there are straight golden lines within it (straight lines represent male energy) because they always say there are no straight lines in nature. Crystals are like the cosmos manifested into something tangible! on a science level the only thing that makes a crystal different from a regular rock is that its molecular structure can be repeated into infinity! I really just love to have them around as “good vibe generators” but they are SO MUCH MORE. they can help with astral projection, sicknesses, adolecent changes, midlife crisis’ ect… but these messengers of light only reveal their most powerful frequencies unless your OPEN to them. as a child you were probably attracted to them because, when you are born you are a blank slate. Hot off the presses of the universe. all you know is vibration. and crystals vibrate at such a high and divine frequency its only natural that you were intrigued by them ! 

oel ngati kameie, i hope i could help<3

Crossover Comics

The way I used to do them with friends in high school:

-You both have characters who inhabit separate worlds

-You introduce a cheap supernatural mechanism to get them from one world to another

-You transport the core main cast of one world onto the other (2-5 people usually)

-You trade off page by page regardless of whose characters are talking or whatever, though it’s sometimes necessary to consult the other person on how their characters would behave

-You do one turn with a story arc in World A, then another in World B

-Congratulations, the story is over and you learned a little more about your characters while hopefully also having fun!

(This is actually really fun to do when neither of you really have quite established the story, world, or characters ‘cause it lets you work things out in a really fun, hands-on way. ^u^)

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I was wondering, what's your opinion on tracing the art or drawing tutorials made by others? I want to start drawing but I really suck so I thought maybe just drawing over someone else's works may help me develop initial skills, what do you think?

Hm…To be honest, I’m pretty conflicted over tracing in general. On the one hand I do use it when I am lazy to prepare stuff for uni and when I need to get exactly the same proportions (once again, laziness is my doom), but having tracing as a tool of learning…I’m not sure how it would work out.

What tracing is? Mostly, obviously, just drawing over someone’s work. Most of the time it happens just for the sake of it, and pretty mindlessly. In the university we were taught that when drawing, you shouldn’t just blatanly try to copy the contour of something. As if if you draw a head, you shouldn’t try to just. Draw the line of the jaw, then the eyes or something like this, regardless of order. You should see shapes, see the simpler forms something is made of. Same head, you aren’t just trying to copy the lines, but you build those lines over your base.

In tracing it’s…not exactly possible? I’d say it happens the other way around, at first you learn the base, and then *if* tracing, you can see how and WHY the certain line goes the certain way. 

Especially when it’s tracing the art. Art usually isn’t perfect. It has little flaws, and mistakes, especially with artists who are still learning. And as you don’t see the flaws and trace over them, you copy them too. And if you happen to learn from them it’s kind of learning not exactly…the correct thing?

Damn to be honest I have no idea where I’m going with it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that drawing tutorials ARE GOOD. Even if (like in art) they aren’t always perfect, they help you learn. They give you the idea of how things go, even though not always a correct one, but still often lead you in the right way that later you’ll be able to improve on your own, adding more tricks and learning more on your own. Combining everything.

Mindless tracing…I think…isn’t exactly going to get you much? BUT, if for example you trace something (after you’ve gotten at least a little base from tutorials), and then add some guide lines and general shapes to UNDERSTAND why and what you traced, that’s a different story. If you trace something and then later try to repeat the similar thing from memory, that’s a different story, because this way you’re gonna either improve your memory and have tutorials memorized better too.

But I don’t think just simple, once again, mindless tracing will get you the initial base.


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Part two of x

You and Pietro just got back from your first date. Your first idea had been to go to a movie, but you figured Pietro wouldn’t have been able to sit still through one. So you decided to show him around New York.

“So, lovebirds, how did it go?” Tony asked as soon as he saw the two of you walk into the room hand-in-hand.

You glared at Tony for the “lovebirds” comment before replying, “It was fun.”

“I thought Sokovia was big. New York is huge!” Pietro commented.

“It was nice doing all the touristy stuff for once,” you said, looking to Pietro. Pietro winked, which made you blush.

“If the two of you are quite finished staring into each other’s eyes,” Natasha commented, pulling yours and Pietro’s attention. “Tell me about the kiss.”

You and Pietro glanced at each other awkwardly. “We didn’t kiss,” Pietro stated.

“We didn’t even think of doing that,” you added.

“Alright, this day is not about to end without you kissing,” Natasha stated.

“Natasha, in my day it was perfectly normal to not kiss on the first date,” Steve said. You couldn’t tell if he was just stating fact or poking fun at you and Pietro for being innocent, like how people saw him. Steve’s smirk in your direction pointed to the later.

“Oh please, with how much those two flirted, this is practically the third date,” Clint stated.

You blushed a deep red when you noticed the implication.

“Did I miss something?” Pietro asked, noticing the blush. “Does third date mean something?”

“It means sex,” Tony said with a sing-song voice.

“Let’s go,” you said quickly, pulling Pietro out of the room. You heard the Avengers laughing as you left.

Once you were out of earshot of the Avengers, Pietro chuckled. “Looks like going out didn’t stop the teasing after all,” he commented. “It was worth the try.” He leaned in, giving you a kiss.

Jesus take the wheel. Planning out story endings is the actual hardest thing.

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hey um do you mind doing a luke/4 imagine about how he sees your self harm cuts/scars on your wrists while you're asleep cuddled next to him?? im having a really rough time because im not clean anymore and it's just really upsetting me and I was hoping it'd cheer me up a lil :-( it's totally fine if you don't wanna write about it, I know some people believe its romanticising and stuff!! thank you if you do, i'd really like that x

I haven’t done any writing in a while but I wasn’t sure how else to do this so it might not be great! I also don’t like to do this kind of thing often but I felt like I should and I don’t think it glamorised it? sorry it took so long to get round to doing it but I hope you’re alright? and sorry it’s so short!


Luke: You rubbed your bleary eyes when you felt someone gently shaking you awake. You turned over to see Luke smiling guiltily at you. “Did I fall asleep?” You asked as you turned properly to be facing towards him on the couch. 

“Yeah, but uh, that’s not why I woke you up.” 

“Okay…” You watched Luke carefully as his eyes darted around, not quite making eye contact with you. “Luke?”

“I saw… your sleeve was rolled up so I went to pull it back down for you, because I know you like your sleeves over your hands, and I-I noticed…”

You looked towards where Luke was looking and your eyes widened, your hand automatically going down to pull your sleeve over your knuckles. “Oh.” You kept your gaze down as you bit the inside of your cheek, wishing you could get up from the couch and hide but Luke’s legs were in the way and he had an arm over your side, keeping you there. 

“Did you?”

“I haven’t for a while, but it was getting bad again and I…”

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me, Y/N. I just wish you wouldn’t… you know you can talk to me? Or the other boys, or my mum-”

“I know, Luke.” You interrupted before he rambled. “I know I can talk to you. But talking isn’t always the easiest thing to do.”

“Are you embarrassed by it?”

“Well yeah.” You replied as if it were obvious, which you thought it would be.

“You shouldn’t be. One slip up isn’t the end of the world. 

“It feels like it.” You mumbled as you buried your face in his chest, to save having to look him in the eye.

You felt his hands start to play with the hair on the back of your head, twisting it in between his fingers. “You’ll be okay.” He mumbled back into your hair, kissing your head. “But try. Keep trying, okay?”

“You’re not angry at me?”

“I have no reason to be angry, so no. I will have to ask you how you are more often, though. I don’t want this happening again, because you’re so much more than that.”

You looked up and kissed his jawline, giggling as the scruff tickled your face, “Thank you.” 

How to tell if an INTJ likes you (as a person, or otherwise)
  1. They’re still talking to you (and are not thoroughly bored or annoyed by you)
  2. They link you to stuff… mostly YouTube videos. (What is with INTJs and YouTube, seriously?!)
  3. If you have a problem, they a) listen to you talk/complain about it, and b) find a workable solution.
  4. They may also tell you what to do.
  5. They get randomly playful and affectionate.
  6. They tease you about silly things you did/said, making them into horrible inside jokes which you will never, ever live down. Ever. (Don’t worry, INTJ, I also remember very embarrassing things about you. It’s on.)

I have said before that it was the hate and vitriol that certain shipper fandoms tolerated that ended up killing those ships. The tags for the non-canon ships are filled more with hate on the ending and canon than actual content, and even then its slow as hell. The fandom died because of the hate, and they drove away folks who didn’t want that leaving only hateful and spiteful folks left in.

That’s how fandoms die.

You are doing this to your own fandom now. I’ve talked to several people, artists, writers, etc, who have been fed up with the way the fandom is handling things. Hinata vs Sakura stuff, bashing on characters in general, though the most recent bout has been a surge in this Hinata bashing based on Gaiden events or the like, or any number of stupid arguments and debates. I don’t give a damn if you don’t like both characters, nor am I saying you should have to, but be aware when you get into these things, you are driving away the creative people who make the stuff you like. 

I am more fed up with some of the canon shippers at this point than I am with anti’s. I expect this shit from anti’s, but I don’t want to see folks literally killing their own fandom over petty bullshit and alpha pairing nonsense. Loosen the hell up, for one. For two, stop trying to pretend belonging to a fandom is some great achievement of endurance, and this goes for ANY fandom really. For three, stop pitting characters, particularly the females, against each other in some weird contest. 

Hell, it doesn’t even make sense. Nine times out of ten, we’re not even being fair to BOTH characters, let alone one of them, often entirely misrepresenting actions or choices.

I literally saw posts about how Hinata would ‘break’ under the stress Sakura has, but I also she stuff about how Sakura is inept or the like for her choices. This shit is driving folks away, and one day you’ll wonder where all the creative people went, and why your fandom is dead and boring, because your stupid and asinine arguments drove everyone away.

I do not want to watch NaruHina and SasuSaku fandoms take the same path of the non-canon ships.

Dad and I were listening to the OGS Returns DVD member final talk(through Youtube) and....
  • Dad:So...Infinite didn't have any big fights or anything yet or had any problems did they?
  • Me:No, they said they fight about who does dishes but I mean you and I do that and we still good. Why?
  • Dad:That's good that they don't fight. How long have they been out?
  • Me:About 6 now (counting 2010).
  • Dad:Well I hope they continue this good relationship as a team until the very last minute, you know when they're old and stuff. They should go into the army together too.
  • Me:DAD. That sounds like you care about my favorite group!!!!!!!!
  • Dad:Maybe, my point is, it's good to see a group as nice like this, with no one leaving or whatever you know.
  • Me:*cries forever* I'm proud of you dad.
  • Dad:Thanks.

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Can I just say that I think that if you made an Ask Goku Blog, Like not drawing but just responding as Goku. It would be just so ridiculously on point haha, since you even reblog food and martial arts. And the way you reply makes me think of Goku instantly haha

Really? HaHaHaHaHa you know you’re probably right I could reply how Goku would reply with Fitness advice and it actually be plausible, I could say my favorite foods, I could do a bunch of stuff hahahahhaha

I might actually make one now xD

Exo’s reaction to you kissing them on the doorstep after your first date.

Xiumin: “You didn’t need to do that, I would have done it for you.” *kisses you again*

Luhan: “I should’ve kissed you first you know, cause I’m manly and stuff. That was cute though.“

Lay: *can’t stop smiling* “Ehh, that was cute, I definitely wanna see you again now.”

Tao: *Afterwards brags to all his hyungs how he kissed you even though it was the other way around, taking all the credit*

Chen: “Oh no my lips are so lonely, wanna do that again to cheer them up?”

Kris: *After you leave he tastes your lipgloss on his lips and thinks about the kiss* “Yep, it’s strawberry.”

Baekhyun: *After the kiss he’s somewhere else in his own universe blown away by the kiss* “lalalaa congrats Baek you got yourself a ladyyy” *sings on his own*

Chanyeol: *You’re on your tiptoes trying to reach for him, he picks you up so you’re on his level* “That’s better.”

Sehun: *When you get embarrassed after the kiss* “Don’t be embarrassed, I would have kissed me too.“

Suho: “And I definitely wanna see you again!”

Kai: *Liked it so much he doesn’t want the night to end there, you two end up sitting on the porch and talking for another hour*

D.O: *doesn’t know what to do so he just smiles and says you goodbyes, he blows you a kiss from the car before he drives off*

*gifs are not mine, credit to owners*

How do you feel about the fact that Guy is so evil, yet so beloved at the same time?

I think it could be the thing of loving to hate the bad guys. I suppose the difficulty with a character like this is that I feel sometimes that I’ve failed to alienate people enough and maybe I’ve let them into his psyche too much. But I had to try and find a way to forgive him for what he does. I think it stems from the fact that I made him have some kind of faith. It’s a private faith. I liked the idea that there was somebody who could go out and slaughter people and then go home and say his prayers. Which perhaps gives him a glimmer of humanity or compassion. It’s his failing in the show, but maybe that’s what people feel gives him the potential to be redeemed.

– Richard Armitage (2008)


Meeting Svabbi [2/5]

I don’t know how I finally convinced myself to do it, but after Svabbi settled in at the bar post sound check, I approached him.

I talked to him for a little while and after I felt it was appropriate I told him I had some things for him I wanted to give him before the show so they didn’t get damaged. And I really have no words to describe how amazing Svabbi actually is in person. He seemed so surprised and happy and appreciative of that before he even knew what they were. I took out the necklace first and he immediately lit up and started inspecting it.

He started asking me so many questions and when he learned what it actually symbolized and that I made it, he just seemed so happy and impressed by it. And then he hugged me really tightly and thanked me several times. It was really hard not to cry to be honest.

And somewhere in the middle, when he actually pulled his sunglasses down, he leaned in really close and I saw his eyes for the first time. I really don’t know how I managed to keep it together, I honestly don’t. And then…

Let me start off by saying that I love Tangled and I push this ship sooooo much but I recently rewatched it and realized something that made me push their ship even more.

Remember how Flynn revealed his actual name to actually be Eugene to Rapunzel and Rapunzel revealed how her golden hair can heal?

First off, they begin being honest with each other about themselves. But the point I wanna get across is what they do after. Notice how after Flynn tells her that he is actually Eugene, Rapunzel begins calling him that from then on. She calls him that because she loves the man behind the guise. She loves Eugene, not Flynn. She loves the real him.  As for Eugene, he never saw her as a prize at all even after revealing what her hair can do but actually sympathized with Rapunzel because of the heavy responsibility it entails and from there began to value her more and more as a person.

Their romance may have developed in only a matter of days but it was these lil’ tweaks that made it seem like a very believable and beautiful romance.

It’s coming up on a year now that I posted a selfie in this dress and I said about how cute I felt in it. A fuckboy I used to associate myself with said something along the lines of “why do you say stuff like that? do you think anyone really cares if you think you look good?” So here’s to getting that shit out of my life - I look great today 💕