i have no inspiration, school is out and i need practice so im going to do another one of those reblog for art things. the doodles will look like this vvv

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Don’t call me beautiful. Beautiful is what a stranger calls me, beautiful is what you can see. You don’t need to know me to think I am beautiful. Tell me my dreams are inspiring, tell me my stories are exciting. I was given my appearance, it doesn’t matter. I made my mind, so compliment that. Beautiful is a compliment from a stranger, brilliant is a compliment from a friend.
—  I got into an argument with my friend that resulted in me saying this. I’ve never been able to put my thoughts on this into words quite so well before.

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While I understand that the Blurryface stuff can be triggering, people shouldn't be trying to make Tyler and Josh feel bad about it. I've seen people on twitter saying "they shouldn't be doing this, they should know how it can affect their fans" (1)

(2)Tyler and Josh don’t intend to scare or hurt anybody, everybody please remember that

this is very important tbh

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How do you feel about how some people took blurryface too far and caused people to have panic attacks an anxiety over it?

i think its horrible but ive seen a lot of people say stuff like “im going to stop liking twenty one pilots because of this”

when from what i gathered its not actually the blurryface twitter that’s causing all this chaos but a lot of fake blurryface accounts

reminder that the only known blurryface account is @blurryface on twitter anything else isn’t real(ie tumblr, vine, omegle, ect)

also i think people need to understand that as soon as this album drops every lyric in it will be about defeating blurryface and taking him down so it helps for the band to build up a hatred for this character

Hey guys.

So I have decided to no longer write smut. I will always be a fan of the music and I will be staying on this blog, but M and our writers will be the only ones writing smut from now on. I will reblog pictures of the band and stuff like normal, because I love their music. But I have absolutely no respect for the girl Ashton is with. Nor do I have respect for him ignoring the issue. Do not stick up for her. This is HOW I FEEL. And you will not tell me how I feel. I dislike her. I dislike what she stands for. And I feel that Ashton will be hurt. She has been rude as fuck to some of us. And she fat shamed random innocent fucking people on a beach. Along with using racial slurs. And continues to like racist and fat shaming photos on instagram.

To put it lightly, she is a piece of fucking shit. I don’t give a fuck how “hot” she is. Or how good her body looks. She is a piece of shit. And I will bet you money that Ashton has seen the video. So I have no desire to write about him or any of the other band members at this time. As I am disgusted with what is going on AND YOU GUYS ARE DEFENDING HER.

And they probably couldn’t meet fans at the airport because Bryana is with them. In London. Just a heads up.

Anyway, that is all.

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there are times when kookie will feel guilty about his age and apologize for it (as if he can help it) and i just how love how they all reassure him

like when he said he needs to hurry up and become an adult bc the members avoided parties and drinking bc of his age

and then yoongi was like “we don’t wanna do that stuff anyway so chill and stay in school”

I kind of want to start a rescue mission for Sad Fictional Queers Doomed to Pine After Oblivious Heteros with No Hope of Receiving Emotional Closure.

i don’t know why “reblog for the morning/afternoon/night crowd” is a thing, exactly, because it’s hard for me to envision just… leaving a bunch of posts on my dash unread, because gee they just went up too long ago??? i don’t know what the heck kind of interaction style is going on with people who don’t see everything from everyone they follow. what if you MISSED something???


I have a valid concern that i think some people may agree with for AKA Jessica Jones.

This will possibly spoil the show and definitely spoil the Alias comics

I dont know how trigger warning stuff works but be warned

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you know how when youre excited and you want to bounce around in circles, off the wall, knock stuff over cuz you just dont care, jump as high as you can?  Not literally, really, just. Its what I would do if i were to embody the emotion im feeling.

Or when im bored or hungry and i just kind of want to flop over and make noise.

Or when im angry and no sound my body could produce would justify the anger i want to come out.

Or when i miss someone, or when im worried about them, and i just want to curl up beside them in a ball and just lay there silently.

Thats Jack.  Thats the Vulture.

On seeing the ex-love-of-your-life a year later

It will be fine. It will be nice. He will bump into things out of nerves and you will giggle a giggle that lasts a little too long because you had forgotten what it feels like to laugh around him.
He will talk of his new love and it won’t hurt in the ways you thought it would. It will take you half an hour to say anything about the past, but when you do, there will be apologies that neither of you really needed to hear anymore – but which are still nice. It will feel like it was a long time ago, but still, the ghosts will hang between you, echoes of the life you almost lived. You will think of how easy it would be to reach out and brush away whatever that stuff on his eyebrow is, you almost do, but then you remember what his lips felt like on your and you know that would bring you too close.
Walking beside him, you will want to hold his hand – you will want to feel the familiar lacing of his fingers with yours. When saying goodbye, you will hang onto him, because letting go of him has always been hard and it’s been easy to pretend you have not missed him. His chest will still feel like home – you must remember there is a reason you left home and you cannot go back again.
You will say “I love you” in your own secret code, separated by pavement, with one foot in the car.

We really liked the idea that Sherlock immediately takes to Mary and she takes to him. There was lots of stuff we never used, like she would go around for violin lessons and John would not know. They’re just great friends.
—  Steven Moffat at Sherlocked ‘How do you describe the relationship between Sherlock and Mary?‘ - (x)