i was going to make a tutorial of how i draw asriel but i’m not good at words lmao
so have a process sorta thing instead
plus the way i draw him kind of varies? sometimes i’ll sketch out a body, other times i’ll just draw the clothes 
i usually add more detail (fur, folds, lines under the eyes etc) when i’m doing the lineart


Today is Valentine’s Day and everyone post Valentine’s arts, but I want to be original and I post Christmas comic, despite the fact Christmas was almost two months ago xDD I’m werid. It’d be better to change christmas cards, to Valentines cards, but the story wouldn’t have any sense :’)
I know I’ve posted this comic earlier, but I do it agian, because I don’t understand how work tumblr still xDD


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I think i'm an ftm trans guy, but my mom keeps telling me that i cant be a boy on the inside because im too caring and because i’m good at explaining how i feel. And because i talk a lot about how i want to look (clothes and stuff too wear mostly) and because i want to be a psychologist when i grow up (rather as a man than a woman actually) and psychologist is what woman usually are because they are softer than men.. i really dont know what to do with this and it makes me doubt myself often...?

well honestly your mom is telling you a fat load of trash. ive met lots of psychologists who were very good at their jobs and surprise surprise, they were men. emotions aren’t a feminine thing, they are a human thing and if you as a male were not meant to feel them, you wouldn’t have them in the first place. everyone has them no matter what. you should tell your mom that men are caring and emotional people too and that these feelings are not limited to just women. also be the best psychologist you can be and prove to her that gender does not play a role in how well you can provide mental health care.           ~bee (also i want to be a pediatric psychiatrist so it’s super cool to see other people are interested in this stuff. high five psych buddy!!)

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I WANT to believe there's a GOOD answer for Olicity in 423 as there was in 223 & 323. But with MG's "reboot or starting a whole new chapter in the Story" thng for S4, I'm worried the writers have changed how they do things. OR maybe they're doing things the way they did in S1, because I cant remember the good ending in S1. I'm having a very hard time trusting them I think. I might not be cut out for shipping.

You’re not the only person to send me an ask about this. Here’s where I sorta fail you all because I’m not very good at making people feel better about this stuff. I can make myself feel better. I can tell you guys what thoughts made me feel better (as I did in the asks I answered yesterday). But once I’ve said my piece, I fail at offering reassurance beyond that. 

This concern that the show has changed how they do things feels a lot like, to me, looking for something to worry about. 

I hate worrying, especially if it’s about something I can’t change or something that is devised simply for the purpose of having something worry about. I’m a terrible shipper, in that regard, because the very nature of shipping means worrying about your couple getting together a lot of the time. 

I can’t live like that. By nature, I deal in practicalities. Worrying, 9 times out of 10, feels like a waste of time, energy and angst. 

They are doing things differently this season. This is why I rewatch ALL seasons (and all eps of all seasons) regularly, so I can see these changes and not say “oh this is season ½/3 all over again!” It’s not. There’s differences. Oliver is fundamentally different now than he was in s1. One lie does not equate him to who he was back then and anyone who says so gets a sideeye from me. 

The question in the premiere, as shown to us in the episode itself and as told to us by the EPs, is “Can Oliver and Felicity have a relationship while working as vigilantes?”.  Since this is a hero’s journey and not some other sort of tale, we need to keep moving in a positive direction, towards Oliver achieving growth towards becoming a fully realized vigilante. So that means the answer to that question needs to be an affirmative. Which means the season ending with seeing that, yes, Oliver and Felicity can be together while working as vigilantes. 

But, as I’ve said over and over… this requires faith on my part to believe. I have no assurances. I don’t need those assurances. I have confidence in this ship and their status as an endgame love story. Whatever happens along the way, be it together or broken up, is just steps along that path. I’m not worried and I don’t believe in wasting time worrying anyhow. Plainly put, if I was worried, I probably wouldn’t ship them as hard as I do. That’s just my nature. 

You may do things differently. A lot of people do things differently. In the end, I can only answr for me. If you want to worry, then that’s fine. That’s not doing anything wrong, it’s just your way. Trust is hard for some people and that’s fine. I made a personal choice to trust because I preferred it to the alternative.  That’s all. I’m sorry if nothing I say here (or have said) comforts you, like I said, I’m not very good at this. I only know my own truth, not anyone else’s. 

It was at this time, doing these sketches, I’ve started using the Pentel RSVP orange pen. Everytime I went out to sketch I was carrying a lot of tools and wanted to optimize that, but without losing the previously look of my stuff- black with a touch of orange/red. Finding that pen was heaven, coz I could go out with only two pens in my pocket, and also, as a bonus, I’ve started to learn how to commit myself more with my lines (because I had no eraser to save me). I think this was the best thing and I feel a lot more confident with my base sketches now 😊 

Here, the first ideas for the Sheriff of Nottingham. Still like the original idea of making him as a mercenary hunter, but it quite didn’t work out together with the other characters. 🗡💰

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So, I got a bit of a story about that starts with your monochromatic child. I saw a post a while back, about what would cause you to get on C!Frisk’s bad side.
I saw it, didn’t think much of it, but then, a month later, when I was doing some testing with kill-heavy Neutral runs in Undertale…I stopped. I thought about that single comment, about how things just like this would piss off that kid, a pretty benevolent being, and I suddenly felt my sins crawl across me. despite having done multiple full Genocide runs, and started to mess with the saves/files, and feeling nothing to that level. All of a sudden, I couldn’t bring myself to continue with the last run I was doing, or doing anything more just for morbid curiosity. So…I let that timeline go.
For what it’s worth, you, and that kid, got me to stop committing “science”, as I’d dubbed it. (I still go back to fight Sans or Undyne on occasion, but that’s more just an itch for the fight. >.> <.<) But, in a way, I kinda thank you for helping me think more about all that, and what actions I was taking without considering what they fully meant.

Wow, CORE!Frisk is confirmed to indirectly influence the Alpha Timeline.

MMFD Anon Valentine Fic

So this little fic is especially for @lizzylizard84 I’m your anon valentine! Hope you all like this fic. It’s the first one I’ve ever written, so I hope it’s not that bad! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Prompt: Finn and Rae are strangers on a train coming back from Paris going back home to London where they both live! They’re in their mid-20s and they end up sitting next to each other and it’s Valentine’s Day! Rae had a bad time on her girls’ trip and Finn had a business trip! They chat and stuff happens!


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Hi! Can you please do how Zico and Simon D would react after they figured out that they might've been a little too rough with you in bed the night before (you were limping and stuff like that)? Thank you in advance~

Zico: Would have worry written all over his face. He would be thinking he over did it the night before and ask if you’re okay and apologize if he hurt you in anyway. He would mentally take note to not be as rough next time.

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Simon D: Would be like “fuck yeah, that was all me.” Then the thought would dawn on him that you might be in some sort of pain. He’d swoop you off your feet and promise to be gentler. But for the moment he would be all over you trying to make it up with gentle/playful kisses.

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How are you guys doing? You both seem genuinely happier these days! I know the meds helped but what other things ( books n stuff) helped you? Where are you on the loving yourself scale? You should make an update blog someday when you have some time.

What a great idea! I’ll do a video on this!

I dreamt that the new Sleepy Hollow episode came out and it started with Crane helping Abbie go down a ladder. She was trying to go down but she had somehow forgotten how to do it after 10 months in purgatory, so Crane was behind her and they were ridiculously close. They were talking about purgatory and stuff, she was really sad. Then, Abbie sat in an armchair and Crane kneeled in front of her. Just as he was leaning to kiss her, the scene suddenly cuts to a video of one of the writers talking about how he’s had to make decisions throughout the show.

It felt so real, I woke up so angry…

Even my dreams troll me when it comes to Ichabbie, I can’t escape.

Star learns how to shape shift with magic and turns into a little yellowish cat a lot and rubs against everyone in the house and purrs.. Basically just cute cat stuff

Marco finally goes “Star, I know it’s you. You’re just doing this for more attention and free food, aren’t you?” 

“Awww, how’d you know it was me?”

“We don’t even have a cat!”