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If the snk characters were to go to the beach for the first time and hang out what would happen. Who would get buried and who would bury them, who would fall in the sand, who would love seashells, what would happen if they made sand castles, i feel like Levi would freak out about the sand, how would armin feel, who would get hit by a wave or go in the water first, who would end up with wind swept hair, who would be scared of the water, lastly what if Eren shifted in the water what would happen?

If Eren shifted underwater the water around him would start to boil. 
Jean would bury Marco in the sand (lol)
Mikasa would love seashells, she wouldn’t really appreciate the ocean though. 
Levi would actually fall into the sand, he wouldn’t care if he got dirty that one time. 
Eren would immediately run into the water and freak out at the salty taste
Armin would follow him and they’d both get thrown over by a wave
Sasha and Connie would make sand angles and sand castles
Erwin’s hair would look like a mess

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I am actually going to cry from that. Like the whole thing that you have so far is so good and angsty I love it. I can't wait to see if ya wrote more of it. I'm prepared to see what kind of path you take with how it ends, whether they resolve things or not. Either way I'm sure it'll be great because it is so good right now

Junkrat wasn’t fond of hypertrains, the prissy crowd, the uppity stares, the long hours in a cramped space. It was only five hours this time, but he’d prefer to feel the wind whipping at his face, the smell of fresh air, the scenery passing by in blurs of mixed colors and shapes.

The only thing he saw was luggage, a flashlight and an assortment of wires and screws.

Junkrat shifted, metal fingers pulling at wires and stretching them out, checking the length. His teeth were clamped down on the back of the flashlight, angling it so he could get a good look at his work. Just as he was about to cut the wire, the train shifted from side to side, making him miss the mark.

Too short. He’d have to start over.

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Massachusetts (Acoustic)
  • Massachusetts (Acoustic)
  • Silverstein
  • This Is How the Wind Shifts Addendum

Silverstein - Massachusetts (Acoustic)

Album: This is How The Wind Shifts

Track: 17 on the Addendum

Shane Told: on his very own album

“The idea of this album is how a person’s life can change forever with just one event. It is the “what if” that everyone thinks about from time to time. This album is different from a typical start tofinish story concept album, or an album where all the songs have a common theme. Each track has a parallel track that tells the story in a different light, what would have happened if things were different due to a single event. The song titles of each parallel track go together, forming a sentence or in some cases two words that relate to each other and to the story. Overall, the point of this album is not to prove the existence of fate, or to disprove it. It’s a discussion of life, of loss, of and , of success within failure, of failure within success, of the struggle between your actions and your feelings, and how those don’t always go together. This Is How The Wind Shifts is a journey that jumps around but stays cohesive, with underlying meaning and stories that have a real human meaning and cater to the soul.[11]