i won’t mind is actually so beautiful like i always knew it was but i took a second to just listen to it and now i’m sitting here?????? speechless????? like…. it’s just a demo it’s not a finished zayn malik™ track and yet…. i am brought to tears?????? it feels so intimate like he’s not trying to prove anything vocally he’s just softly singing about how he’ll always be there for his person even if they’ll never be together for real i can’t believe i’m dying this fast

Signs as Melanie Martinez song quotes

Aries: ‘’Get your lady by her toes. If she screams, don’t let her go’’

Taurus: ‘’I wish I didn’t care all the time’’

Gemini: ‘’Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end’’

Cancer: ‘'’I love everything you do, when you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do’’

Leo: ‘’You smell just like vanilla’’

Virgo: ‘’God, I wish I never spoke, now I gotta wash my mouth out with soap’’

Libra: ‘’How did love become so violent?’’

Scorpio: ‘’No one will love you if you’re unattractive’’

Sagittarius: ‘’The normals make me afraid’’

Capricorn:  ‘’You don’t love her, stop lying with those words’’

Aquarius: ‘’You think you’re smarter than me, with all that bad poetry?’’

Pisces: ‘’You seem to replace your brain with your heart’’

tøp rants

do you people ever not have something to complain about ?! You go on and on about the shitty host and all the shitty things about the vmas then you turn around and hate on Tyler for looking like he was bored out of his mind?! I would be bored out of my mind too if I had Miley Cyrus up there all night making stupid ass jokes and singing songs about how she smokes pot? And the thing about Tyler being anti-black honestly doesn’t even deserve a response but I’m gonna give a small one anyways , I’m assuming this uproar is about the black paint . If anyone making this claim had done any research they’d know that the black paint is supposed to represent his insecurities such as the two big ones : 1. He often feels as if he is suffocating and 2. He is most insecure about things he creates. The black paint is intended to represent a darkness that is is insecurities not anything racial. And then on the issue of people taking his lyrics and taking a few words out of context to make him seem pretentious ? Wait so are we forgetting about songs like car radio that relate to depressed teens and more importantly GUNS FOR HANDS is literally a song from tøp telling their fans that they are worried about them and to not take their own life ?! Like wait so let’s forget about all the songs that these two loving people have made that have helped so many that felt like they were alone and just pick out a few misinterpreted words ? I swear half the people on this site are just assholes looking for something to start a movement about.

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I am currently considering the purchase of a Kia Sorento and I think a small part of me has died? Suggestions on how to proceed? Should I push that small part of me out to sea, shoot it with a flaming arrow, and sing Gaelic songs as it float-burns, or is there hope for resurrection? urs, Gabriel

Dear gabrielthibodeau,

I would have answered this ask sooner, but when I saw the phrase Kia Sorento I blacked out and woke to discover I had typed 3,700 “w”s into my manuscript and I’ve been backspacing them ever since. I’m afraid this always happens whenever I see the name of a midsize crossover; it’s why I have ‘nissan murano’ blacklisted. 

I understand that current automotive marketing would have me believe that these top-heavy gas-eating ogre-vans are family cars. Current automotive marketing doesn’t realize that I drive my children to the school bus in either this

or this

The Camaro’s exhaust leak keeps backseat passengers nicely subdued, and the Evo’s all-wheel drive means it’s an all-weather vehicle even in racing slicks, so long as you don’t mind driving sideways instead of forward. 

I know what you’re going to say. But what if I need room for things from IKEA or something? This, my friend, is like wearing galoshes every day in case of rain. Find a friend with an umbrella and love yourself, gabrielthibodeau, love yourself.



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Chelsea sang as the Daughter of Space in Soliton but how come she didn't sing Hold Me?

Hold Me is Peter and Holly’s song, but performed by Rabbit. Holly is the name of the girlfriend of Commander Peter Walter IV (Aka Commander Cosmo). Her name is just barely visible inside Walter’s locket in the lyric book.

Hm. I wonder why Daughter of Space kind of looks like her though. HM

happy birthday jeon jungkook
first thing’s first, pls stop growing at such a scary rate im genuinely shocked at how fast u grow u are a baby for gods sake
thank u for being able to persevere through a harsh idol’s life despite being so young u have definitely inspired many of us here to start dreaming at a young age and i hope u know how proud we are of u
also, thank u for being so talented in so many ways well i guess u r named goldenmaknae for a reason ur talent for singing and dancing and even rapping blown all of us off and we can never be more proud of our maknae
pls show ur hyungs more respect nah im just kidding i love how u maintain such a close relationship with them despite the age gap and ill forever be thankful for the other members for taking care of u
last but definitely not the least, thank u for caring and showing so much love for us!! back during the 100th day celebration u cried about not knowing how to express ur love for fans im so happy that u r able to overcome that problem and love us more everyday we love u too and we really appreciate all the sleepless nights u spent practicing and effort u put into making us happy.
have a gr88 18th birthday jeon
armys will love u forever
p.s stop ruining us even more what have we ever done towards u i need an answer

I’m afraid when i’m complete to be called adult, finally i know how to use your language, finally i have time and chance to go to your concert and i realize that you are not singing anymore. Now i’m sixteen and you guys are looking forward to 8th anniversary. Nothing is last forever, i know that but pls stay together AT LEAST 10 years, SHINee. And especially you, Jinki, you said that you would sing until u cant do that, i trust u.

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How can you be so beautiful, model, be amazing at art, sing, play guitar and piano, have clear skin, keep up with your perfect blog, have a perfect room, perfect life, perfect everything!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am crying rn at how my life sucks and then theres you.

OH MY GOSH I AM NOT PERFECT !!! you have such a sweet heart from what I can tell and that is what makes YOU the perfect one !!!! ily 💖💖

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WOY is going to be the death of you. Isn't it?

It is very possible. Hopefully only metaphorically. I mean LOOK AT HIS LIL FACE.

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LOOK AT THE ANGRY EYEBALL (and that FUCKING AWESOME Thief and the Cobbler chase scene homage while you’re at it)

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You know what I’m excited about? Listening to 1989 after I go to the concert. You know how after you hear it live that’s the way you remember it? And you sing it that way from then on? I’m excited about that.

So I watched some clips of the VMAs and Nicki’s performance was PHENOMENAL…but what was the point of Taylor being there? She didn’t even sing, she just mouthed along to lyrics. She didn’t even sing her actual song either, she just mouthed to the lyrics.

Everyone was praising it and I was really excited to see it and then Taylor came and ruined it. She tried really, really hard to dance and just mouthed the lyrics. I fail to see how she added to the performance?


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How would Sid react to Mathew? (Y'know, Male Melody?)

Sid: M-Melody for the last time, I re-really think you should ask someone else to hear you… [Turns head] …sing.

Matthew: …Melody? Who’s that? I just wanted someone to critic my handsome voice~!

Sid: …


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I have a fantasy about going down on you while you shitpost. On a scale from 1 to being caught singing into a flashlight, how ashamed should I be?

please connect with our lord and savior jesus christ
『AniSUBS』【Hand-drawn】Karasuno First Years sing "Hello, How are You?"【Haikyuu!!】【English Subs】
Original Title : 【手描き】烏野一年でハ.ロ./.ハ.ワ.ユ【ハイキュー!!】 Original Source : =================== - A U T H O R ' S C O M M E N ...



Creator-san, thank you

i remember when the whole dining hall at camp started singing Let It Go when it started playing, and it was also absolutely amazing.

all the hate i see for Frozen, especially on tumblr makes me forget how beautiful this movie is, and how influencial it has become.

everyone in that dining hall was singing, whether the knew the words, saw the movie, liked the movie, or not.

because matter how overhyped Frozen is, it will always have kids singing at the top of their lungs to its songs.

and that’s beautiful.

I need more snark in Tell Him. It reminded me too much of Fixer Upper, and I would have enjoyed seeing Marianne and Bog push back against the tide of peer pressure.

For example:

Dawn: I know something about love-

Marianne: No, you don’t, you were just under the love potion-

Dawn: Hush, Marianne, I’m singing.

Followed by:

Everyone: we know something about love-

Bog: I don’t trust any of your opinions-

As everyone keeps singing: in fact, some of you are elves, you are not even my subjects, I really don’t trust your opinions-

Dawn: And make him see the moon up above-

Marianne: The sun is up! (”We covered this!” she tries to be heard. “He wanted the potion by moon down!!!”)

And the two dorks are just like trying to logically tell everyone that now is not the right time or moment for Lofe declarations, how dare you force them to.

But if everyone didn’t, they probably never would.

I just wanna be the black female Mel Brooks

I wanna work with the funniest ppl on earth, I wanna make cult films, I want my directorial debut to be an amazing hot mess, I want to win an Oscar for making fun of my race’s biggest oppressor, I wanna convert my shit into Broadway musicals, I wanna have a hilarious marriage, I wanna be still doing standup at 89.

I want to have it all