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Have any silly domestic prompts having to do with Spock, struggling to figure out how humans live?

i’m gonna spirk this up for the sake of simplicity for me, but it can go for any ship. how about…

  • Spock can’t understand why Jim sings in the shower
    • (he won’t admit it, but he loves to hear it)
  • Jim is SO WARM in bed. How could anyone be so warm?! He’s so easy to curl up to. Illogical. But it would be wasteful to not appreciate him…
  • When Jim is on an overnight trip and Spock is lying there alone, he stares at the ceiling and wonders why he’s so uncomfortable. He never needed another person near him to fall asleep when he was younger. Now, it seems the bed is too large and empty and cold. Jim’s only be gone a few hours, how could Spock possibly miss him?
  • Sometimes, Spock hears Jim talking to no one….and then finds out Jim is actually talking to himself. Fascinating.
    • Spock catches himself speaking aloud one time and promptly decides meditation is in order.
  • Why is Jim so good at chess? If Spock weren’t emotionally devoid *cough cough*, he would be infuriated that such ridiculous strategies actually best his perfectly planned out logical ones.
  • Why does Jim love spoiling him so much? Spock wonders why Jim goes out of his way to make his life easy. He’ll bring him hot tea and hold his coat out for him and tie his scarf.
  • When they go on a camping trip, they bring a space heater but it’s still cold. Even so, Jim is content to walk around the tent barefoot and in a short sleeved shirt.
    • Singing and toasting marshmelons. Why?
  • Jim buys actual paper, even though no one uses actual paper anymore. Jim also acquired an antique apparatus called a pen. He writes notes to Spock on said paper with said pen. Sometimes, the notes contain only words. Sometimes, there are stick figures holding hands (scandalous!) that look alarmingly like themselves.
  • Jim buys Spock things, even when he doesn’t need them. …Like knitted ear warmers and imported spiced tea.
  • Reading is a personal activity…so why does Jim insist on sitting right next to Spock when he does? Sometimes he even uses his lap as a pillow. Not that Spock minds but…
  • Why do humans like to have dinner parties?
  • Why must Jim shows pictures of Spock to others??? It’s like Jim’s showing off at times, but surely Spock must be reading too much into that situation…
  • Sometimes, Jim looks in the mirror and feels he’s no longer attractive. Spock can’t understand how this is possible.
  • Why do humans cry when they’re happy???
  • Why do Jim and Amanda enjoy trading mildly embarrassing stories about Spock and Sarek, as they sit there totally not blushing green?

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does it make me a bad person if i cant bring myself to listen to anything about seb's anxiety/depression because it makes me feel worthless? like, heres seb, and he's achieved so much even with mental illnesses and i'm over here saying i can't act or sing or draw or do anything because of my depression and anxiety. im guessing i'm just scared to think of how i'm the one stopping myself from doing stuff, and how it'll always be my fault. idk sorry you can delete this cos im bringing the mood down

No bby, it doesn’t make you a bad person, everyone deals with mental illness in different ways and everyone is impacted by it in different ways and to varying degrees. It’s an entirely subjective thing and you can’t compare one persons experience to another so please don’t feel bad for where you are compared to where he is.

How do I memorize prayers?

Like, I have the prayers/songs we sing at Hillel memorized, but like, I want to memorize the prayer for bread, and a couple others, because I feel fake, even though I’m not, because I don’t remember them, but like…IDK how to.

Any thoughts? Cuz otherwise I end up feeling bad. 

I'M BTS FANS they said
  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Taehyung:</b> /never get a chance to show his true vocal ability/<p/><b>Me:</b> :(<p/><b>Some people:</b> that's sad, even tho he's not my bias I hope he'll get to sing something more 'him' next time :(<p/><b>Me:</b> :)<p/><b></b> [after STIGMA out]<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> /get chance to show his true vocal ability with wide vocal ranges and head voice/<p/><b>Me:</b> :D<p/><b>Some people:</b> that's not Taehyung lmao, it's either jimin or jung--<p/><b>Me:</b> Shut up you motherfuckindickhead, I came here to enjoy my life and have no time to deal with your stupidness. Bye.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Ok so within a day I have literally witnessed the Green Day fandom completely come alive with everyone sharing how much the band and the new song means to them. The fact that so many people have opened/shared their hearts because of Still Breathing - and the fact I feel we’ve all become somewhat closer as a result of this song - proves both Green Day’s apparently immortal power, and the incredible love of us all. I mean, it’s obvious that Billie has written of his own personal triumph, but the way we can all take his words into our own hearts and sing them for ourselves as well… that’s the kind of humanity they don’t teach at school. That is why he’s gonna live forever.


wasn’t sure when or how to really post what I’ve been sort of obsessed drawing lately. Was sucked into the idea of a Western Star Wars AU. I’m certain it’s been done a million times already and FAR BETTER than I could imagine it! I just… couldn’t stop thinking about cowboy hats, gunslingers, outlaws.

So I’ve been doodling it at work mostly, bouncing ideas off @nmallenart because I think I sucked her in too. I guess.. basically, Jango and Bane are a duo, partners in crime, old west married or so. They wear each others rings on a necklace that I manage to draw in consistently. xD Hondo is a somewhat outlaw, but not so great at it. He gets caught off and on.
Ahsoka is the deputy in training, well, Jr. Deputy (Anakin is the Deputy, and Obi Wan is the reluctant Sheriff of the misfit town.
Rex I think is stationed in the town, ready for deployment. In the military clearly. Aurra… she’s more or less the worst outlaw. Selfish. Hondo and her are a couple, though mostly one sided until there’s something Aurra wants.

I’ve got a lot more drawings but I don’t think they make much sense if you don’t know what’s going on so I didn’t know if anyone would care to see them. I don’t even know exactly what’s going on but I do enjoy drawing it. Just feel anxious posting stuff that’s not canon and so incredibly self indulgent crap UGH. I’ve seen so many amazing AU arts and I wish this could be one of them but it’s not xD but I hope you guys are maybe curious or like the art or something… would be nice to get a reblog

I may as well ask.

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Sorry if I tag this wrong, I’ve got no clue what it even is.

I’ve had this weird, unexplainable thing since I was a kid. Maybe thirteen? It… It doesn’t make sense.

Some blades, and only some, have voices. Clubs don’t, staves don’t, sticks don’t. Daggers, knives, axes, swords. They sing to me. They tell me what they want, and how to treat them, and how they want to be used.

It seems like they’re sentient to me, and feel more alive than some people I’ve met. They feel pain, they have emotions, they form bonds. But it seems like I’m the only one to pick up on it.

It seems like only I can tell from across a room that some dude is displaying his sword upside down, and in an uncomfortable mount.

It seems like only I can hear the song and let the blade tell me how to swing, instead of following formalized training.

It seems like I’m… Really… Really weird. How? Why? Does anyone have an idea what this is?

It’s not intrusive thoughts, I have those, and they’re way different. It’s not auditory hallucination either. It doesn’t feel like that.


Okada Nana interview with Asahi Shinbun pt.1

I’m not alone in this world, I will keep walking forward

in april, I cut her hair that’s gotten long really short. The hairdresser who cut my hair asked “Are you sure you want to cut it?”, I answered “It’s alright”. I always keep my hair long ever since when I still a child. When I look at how much the hair has fallen to the floor, I realized “ah, I really cut my hair”

The reason I cut it because I want to “reborn”

That time, I worried about my activities in AKB48. It’s already been 5 years since my debut. I stand as a senior in this group, but do I appropriate to be in this place? I have nothing to brag about like other member dancing or singing skill, talk skill, ot acrobat.

I have chosen to be Team 4 vice captain, But I keep thinking negatively that everyone can do it, it hasn’t to be me. I ask myself, I face myself, I become more and more troubled over it. Is it because that I set my Ideal too high that I can’t acknowledge myself.

That time I had musical performance, By focusing over it I can keep my agony hidden. But, after the musical finished, it feels like there’s a huge hole in my chest because of my sentiments

Again, I fell into the sorrowness, Suddenly I came up the thought to cut my hair. Maybe I can be the other person not myself that I hate.

After cut my hair I feel like I get a fresh start. I feel very refreshed. Even during photoshoot it feels like that it’s the new me that being taken

But, that time it seems that I both mentaly and physicaly tired.

I just ignoring it and keep continuing my activities, and my mother noticed the change in myself. She always been watching the Theater’s video, it seems that She noticed the difference. When I’m home, My mother who usually very cheerful cried to me while saying “It’s fine to rely on me more” I rarely consult about anything to my family.I feel really sorry when seeing my mother like that. I will treasure my mother, and I will tell y honest feeling to her. I have decide it from now on. 

Following what my mother say, I consult to th Doctor. I was diagnosed with Functional Hypoglocemia (The glucose level on the blood is very low, the symptoms are usually causing people to be more tired easily). It’s caused by the stress and the disturbance in my lifestyle. The doctor who examined me said “You can also treated while doing your work and your daily life” but, after consulting with my mother I decide to take a rest from my work. And that’s why I announced to take a break so suddenly

During my break I can’t update any of my SNS, but I can take a look at the message from the fans. “Get some rest, You don’t have to worry about anything.” I received lot of heart-warming message from everyone. Everyone is so kind, I can’t do nothing but to thank them.

On my break, One week without doing any AKB48 works is hard. It’s getting more closer to the Senbatsu Sousenkyo. On the prelim I ranked 7th. It feels like a dream to me. I always been worried, I’m pretty normal so people would not see me, But, My fans keep rooting for me. When my Gravure is out “You look very cute”. Even though I’m bad with my performance and singing everyone keep praising me “it’s not true” “You’re very good

I returned right before the Senbatsu Sousenkyo in June 18th, In the sousenkyo my name was called at rank 14th, made me to be in Senbatsu. In my speech, I told that "The disease I’m fighting is Reactive hypoglocemia”. I can go on without saying what disease it is with just “poor physical condition” but, It will leave the question among my fans and I thought that it’s same as betraying my fans. There, I told the truth, So we can share each other feelings.

Cut my hair, Get a break, and returned tight before the Senbatsu Sousenkyo. There, I realized something, that I’m not alone. I can feel my bond with my mother and the fans.

I’m not saying that I like what I’m now, I still can’t acknowledge myself, But with everyone’s support, I want to keep walking forward

We’re Warpaint: ask us anything (part 1)
  • There is seemingly no ‘lead’ vocalist or 'lead’ guitarist, so how do you guys decide who sings which part of which song, or who is going to play the guitar parts for a particular track? 

We flip a coin!  EK, SM

  • Question for T and Emily, what is your guitar setup like these days? Any new pedals or controllers? T you still using that 66 Fender? 

hey it’s T yes i still use the 66 fender mustang and i love it. just discovered this pedal company called jhs and they make incredible stuff. got a double drive/distortion pedal called sweet T ( i think it was made for me) hehe… helps to widen the mustang sound that can be kind of thin sometimes.

  • I remember you saying in an old interview that Beetles was the song that best represented Warpaint. What song from Heads Up would you say best represents Warpaint today? 


  • Hi, first of all I want to say your new album blew me away. My question is: What are your favorite synthesizer/drummachine models? I was also wondering, what are some of your favorite Kendrick Lamar songs? 

Great question, sir/madam. We like the Roland tr-606, juno 106, prophet 12, korg ms-10, roland cr-78 and the Roland Sh-101. Fave Kendrick songs are; “Bid Dun Ki My Bi”, Alright, King Kunta, Money Trees, Untitled #2, #3. BASICALLY ALL OF THEM! s, e, t

  • Jenny: could you tell us what is your favorite bass guitar  I want to begin to play bass. According to you, what is the best for a beginner? Keep doing good music as you do ! Love your music. Tchuss! 

Mustang with a double pick up for a beginner! My favorite bass is my 78 rickenbaker JL

  • Can you guys each recommend a book? I need more motivation to read, and if you guys recommended some books, I would definitely read them.  

kurt vonnegut, slaughterhouse 5 and cat’s cradle - t’s choice so you’ve been publicly shamed by jon ronson and Invention of Morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares - SM

  • Favorite Radiohead record of each one of you? 

JL: In Rainbows EK: Amnesiac SM: Kid A

  • Are Jenny and Stella going to publish any fancy Spotify playlists? I think you all should totally pressure them too… with love and positivity of course. 

They’re coming! We’re releasing a new one each week, Em and T’s are up already! SM

  • How can I keep my composure? 

dont!!!! ever….. let it go..

  • You guys are my favourites. I think “heads up” is your best work yet! One of the things I love about you is that you all seem like you’re having the most fun and always laughing. My ideal night would be pizza with friends, good beers, a smoke and some records. What do you guys like to do on your downtime? What are your favourite records to listen to when you’re all hanging out together?

you are so sweet!!!! yes, we do have an extremely great time w one another… laughing is a must! and having fun is so important.. when were on tour, we take turns djing for each other on the bus… it ranges from new order, to kate bush, to dj assault, santi gold, mike and rich, to shangaan electro, and the list goes on…..

  • I don’t really have any questions but just wanted to let you know you guys are one of my favourite bands. Your music is phenomenal and so inspiring for my own songwriting. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it weren’t for you! 


  • THE NEW ALBUM IS SO SO SO SO GOOD. I love Heads Up and The Stall especially. Do you guys have favourite songs on the album yet? Or songs you like playing live? Also do you guys remember fans or regulars in the crowd? I feel like this particular fanbase is really dedicated so there may be people you always see at your shows.

favorites change and fluctuate.. starting to rehearse them live really has made me fall more in love with the songs. hopefully we will get to play most of the record during this tour cycle because it’s so exciting for us to play new music, and figure out how to translate them live. and yeah we see you! its really nice to see your familiar faces in the crowd ~e

  • Specifically to Stella: remember that one show in San Francisco where I met you at a sushi restaurant across the street and we talked drums for a sec (I had a warpaint-colored themed drumstick tattoo) - specifically about the timing of “Keep it Healthy” because I was covering it with my band and asking you about the timing. You got all flustered and Said you don’t even know and I told you to try to figure it out onstage tonight - hahah you definitely declined but did you ever figure out what it was? 

Yes! Hi! It’s 5/8 with one bar of 6/8 in there for good measure! Ha! SM

  • would you or have you ever thought about having one of your albums or maybe a future album remixed and put out as a dub remix album kinda like how the old '70s Dub Reggae remix albums used to be, by the likes of King Tubby and Lee “Scratch” Perry etc, I just think your music would really suit it and it would be really rad too, I would love to hear a modern dub remix album of yours produced by somebody like Cameron Stallones (a.k.a Sun Araw), Mad Professor or Adrian Sherwood. 

Hell yeah! I’m a big Sun Araw fan personally. We’d be way into it. SM

  • Did you guys consciously change the sound of your music to be more pop oriented (regarding ‘Heads Up’) because of all the goth stigma shit or is it just the natural progression of being a band for over a decade. Not saying your new stuff is bad in anyway totally digging it. I just feel as if you as a band have been miss represented in media and overall most people who consume this media get the wrong idea of what your about artistically. IS there any truth to that? 

We never do anything that we don’t want to do! There’s absolutely no point functioning that way for us, what we make is exactly what we want people to hear. If you don’t like it, that’s fine by us. Thanks! SM

(Part 2)

I love how Summer will be Calvin’s first video to reach 1 billion views and is a song that he sings himself with no features