Um guys, regarding the EXO Project...

I know about the plan for the views, but it just occurred to me that. Well. The Korean version of the MV always has more views. Even if there may or may not be exo-k and exo-m separately anymore the members that were previously divided into exo-m will still be singing more in the Mandarin version. Somehow it feels unfair to me that the first thing people look for is the Korean version WHEN WE ALL KNOW how much the Chinese version SLAYED this comeback. It irritates me when I see that, can we please work to get the Chinese version more love this time around? For our four boys who stuck out that terrible time and stayed with us. Can we maybe get the word around for EXO-M? (REBLOG?) PLEASE.

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hi, i know this may be to early, but can you tell me how zayn leaving the band will affect their voices? Like how will they go from a 5 harmony to a 4 harmony? Do they have to sing entirely different or is the change not that big or will they just carry on like before without a change at all? I´m very curious.

Actually, I haven’t heard a 5 part harmony from them (at least, none I can think of off the top of my head). They usually sing 4 part harmonies with 2 people singing the lead vocals so those won’t change, it will probably just be a bit thinner because Louis is almost always the one paired up with one of the others on the lead part. 

The biggest change will be, of course, the other boys covering Zayn’s parts. A lot of them will have to go to Louis because he’s the only one with a chest range that can come close to Zayn’s. The other 3 max out around an A4.

But it’s not the versus or lead chorus parts that will be a problem, it’s the ad libs and riffs that add color to the songs. I expect Liam to cover most of those in head voice/falsetto because he’s the most versatile and musical singer. Harry can do it too. And that video of Niall singing Zayn’s ready to run note (you know which one I’m talking about we’ve all seen it) tells me that he can too. All of the boys are going to have to step up, and they all have the voices to do it. They’re gonna be okay.

Thank you for messaging me! (:


lmfao ok even if you’re not british just watch this, it’s a pretty catchy tune [x

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Head! First off all, your blog it's awesome! Congrats. Second, can I have a EXO reaction when they come back home from work, is too late but you (their girlfriend) are awake, with the head fones (you don't see they're coming) and you're singing and dancing their songs. Thanks ♡♡

Thanks for the request sweetie!
I hope you like it! 

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Xiumin: *When the high note is coming* Oh no! Y/N please don’t-!

*Quickly grabs the camera* Can’t let another golden moment like this pass!

*When you try to sing two moons in chinese.* PAHAHAHAH! Sorry babe.. continue..

*After hearing your high note* I think my life just flashed before my eyes…

Your singing is great… But maybe we should stick to dancing from now on!

*When your dancing to growl* How does she even know all the moves?! *Impressed*

*Sits down comfortably and watches you dance* Maybe I should hide my headphones better next time…

*When you start to rap Chanyeols part and you make your voice really really deep.* HAHA YOU SOUND LIKE A DEMON! 

Is this an attempt to take my life? *Totally serious*

Does she have to do this every single time I come home late? *Tired of your ‘I-drank-500-cups-of-coffee-at-1-am’ shit.*

*When you start to do a sexy dance version of love, love, love* I take it you don’t wanna sleep at all tonight. 

Is there anything wrong with the original?
Y/N: No?
Sehun: Then why are you trying to kill it?


my name is niina and i’m 18 years old. i’m currently living in finland but hopefully i’ll move to the uk in 2016 to study in university :) i love crime shows, poetry, reading books, photography, writing and helping people. i also paint and sing, just for fun :’) i’m also trying to start vlogging but maybe it’s not my thing

i believe that everything happens for a reason. i believe that we meet people for a reason and i love it how every person teaches me something new. and i think that we fall in love when we least expect it. i love deep conversations more than anything and i really hope that you’re brave enough to send me a message off anon (specially if you’re from northern europe like uk, i’d really love to make some friends) :’D 

my blog is 
my instagram is @n.niina

please message me on tumblr!! i also have a kik :’)

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What I love about this particular musical number is that the vocal instructor - the fellow in the blue suit - evidently isn’t from the universe where people express themselves with random song and dance numbers. He clearly has no idea what’s going on. Can he even hear the music? How bizarre and threatening these strange, capering men must seem.

[FTInterview] FTISLAND “This Album Is About Looking Ahead To Our Future”

FTISLAND is back in 1 year and 4 months with a stronger hard rock music. 

Since releasing their 5th official album ‘I WILL’ on March 23rd, FTISLAND is currently promoting the album with its title song ‘PRAY.’ The song sings about a prayer to God for the truth from a world filled with lies. The heart-filling band sound and vocal Lee Hongki’s explosive high notes stand out. The song is filled with rock that FTISLAND always favored. It’s composed by Choi Jonghun and written by him, Lee Hongki, Lee Jaejin and Song Seunghyun. 

‘I Will’ the most like FTISLAND and includes the band’s everything. How do they feel about coming back to Korea with the album?

Q. How does it feel to come back after a long time?

Lee Hongki: It feels awkward. Ha ha. The entire atmosphere feels strange. We are out with the music that we’ve always done but with a brand new genre in Korea. My heart nearly burst. My throat opens up at night so I usually can’t sing during the day. My throat is finally cleared up.

Q. Lee Hongki’s unique hair color stands out. Was it your choice?

Lee Hongki : Yes. I first colored it green because I wanted to. But after bleaching and coating it, I picked this color between purple and navy. The color washes off easily.

Q. It’s the Korean album that FTISLAND members and fans wanted so much.

Lee Hongki : The pressure is crazy
Lee Jaejin: We have a busy schedule but it feels good. It’s our first promotional activities in a long time and it’s the music we released after fighting with the company. Ha ha

Q. What kind of a song is title song ‘PRAY?’

Lee Hongki: We wrote the lyrics based on our experience. About the sound, we made sure that it’ll impress other bands to think “can Korean albums make sounds like this?” We recorded this in Japan and invested everything from money, time, hard works and sweats.

Lee Jaejin: We went to a countryside in Japan to record this

Q. Rather than catering to the general public, this album includes songs taht the members want to do. Weren’t you worried about this?

Lee Hongki: We weren’t. To be honest, would it be a big deal if we sing a song for the general public? Ha Ha. Maybe if I was 18. But that’s not the case anymore.

(Members: Hey, we were handsome back then)

Lee Hongki: The Korean music charts currently have limits. It’s the same sound and the same system, but wouldn’t you like dynamic K-POP? That’s why we wanted to do this. 

Q. Are there any particulars when performing on stage?

Lee Hongki: We tried to make it as same as the music video. I tried to bring up the MV’s mood while singing LIVE. But like I said earlier, I thought my heart was going to burst. Ha ha.

Q. What do you feel confident about this album?

Lee Hongki: Personally, I made this album a long time ago. It was difficult to find a sound like ours on music programs. In a way, you might question it. But because the song has strength, it can sound different between mp3 and LIVE. I hope many people realize that there are people like us doing this kind of music in Korea. 

Lee Jaejin: We also worked hard on the tone since we can’t play our instruments on music programs. Each member practiced on the tone for more than a week.

Q. You worked in Japan for a long time. How does Japan feel about rock?

Lee Hongki: We tried many different genres in Japan. We changed them based on the season and we say by genre, but we tried different things with basic band sound as our foundation. In Korea, many people still ask if we are trying to be like X-Japan.

Q. Aren’t you a little disappointed with the response in Korea?

Song Senghyun : I think it’s time to bring change with our album since this isn’t something we’ve always done. I hope we can tell the general public that we are doing this kind of genre and that the Korean rock sounds cool as well.

Q. Do you plan to perform often?

Lee Hongki: We made that request to our company. Due to our schedule, it will be realistically difficult to perform in many different places. But when we do have time, we want to perform LIVE at a small theater or anywhere. The company said ok. I think it’ll be different this year. We already scheduled many concerts.

Q. Title song ‘Pray’ is written by four members. Does it have a special meaning?

Lee Hongki: It’s overflowing with it! It got rejected about four times. Ha ha.

Q. Were there any clashes while working together?

Everyone: We had so many of them

Song Seeunghyun: We edited title song ‘PRAY’ even towards the end of its production

Q. How do you reach a compromise when you face disagreements?

Everyone: We take a vote

Lee Jaejin: We follow the majority’s opinion and if one person had said, “do it again,” he quickly changes his words to “it’s ok.”

Q. Do you have a song you feel more special about?

Lee Hongki: We feel special about every song in the album because the members took part in everything from the concept. It’s disappointing that we can’t perform every song on air. It’s true that we have to promote via variety shows. That’s obvious but we thought about a plan that suits us. We can’t take care of ourselves like idols and we aren’t just that kind. So we signed up for Afreeca TV and we are also shooting a reality show. He He. The reality will include 19+ comments from episode one. It’s no joke. He he

Song Seunghyun: All you may hear is “beep.” Ha ha We try hard to make it fun

Q. If its 19+, what about FTISLAND’s teenage fans?

Lee Hongki: No way. Many of our fans are now in their 20s. (But there could be new teen fans?) Ha Ha. There are many teens who don’t know us.

Q. You said you fought a lot with the company preparing this album.

Lee Jaejin: The company has its own situations and the members have their own opinions. In a way, we are the company’s first son. Since there are other artists and from rearranging things, there were many things we couldn’t do. We released this album because we wanted it. Rather than wishing for its success, this album is for us to look to our future. The CEO said “yes, it’s time for you to do what you want.”

Q. Do you have expectations through this album?

Lee Hongki: Many good things happened lately. Yoon Dohyun fans and rock mania websites have been complimenting our album. On SNS, someone told us that he is watching us. That made me happy. We got to get rid of some of our traumas. 

Q. FTISLAND has an image of an idol band. How did you try to get rid of the image with this album?

Lee Hongki: We don’t have the personalities to be an idol. We weren’t called to become idols but to play instruments and sing. We practiced hard in the basement. Because we debuted young and didn’t know the system, we just did as we were told. But the more we did it, we realized we shouldn’t. 

Q. Fans waited for FTISLAND album for a really long time.

Lee Hongki: We did too. Ha Ha. I’m thankful each time. So on SNS, I tell them that “we’ll become an artist that you won’t feel ashamed of to cheer on.” I wanted to thank them for waiting for us while there are many idols lately. 

Q. If you have a strategy to win #1?

Lee Hongki: No way… (But!) Erm…Because we think of this album as our first child, each member tried to buy 50 CDs and give them out to friends. If we win #1, we’ll give them to the audience.

Song Sunghyun: What? Wait a minute.

Everyone: Wait a minute? Ha Ha. If we win #1 on a music program…

Credit: 10Asia + DJ. Pri ;; Twitter @ChocopieK

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we're part of techblr. let's speculate. do you think the whole dating thing is a joke or real?

I don’t think it’s a joke at all to be honest. Of course since this is an anonymous question and it’ll be answered publicly I can’t say anything like “lolz no R u kidding me?” For all I know Steve or Liz could’ve asked me this in the first place!

Anyway I have a lot of confidence in Liz and I definitely remember when she was in the whole online dating search phase(and how much it sucked for the most part, or at least from what she said), so if she finally found someone then FUCK YEAH! Same with Steve, though I don’t know him quite as well (Hi Q2Q, how are ya?). I by no means doubt the formings of a relationship in what seems to us a really short time (*sings “It only takes a moment” in head*, sorry I just finished strike of Hello Dolly!).

That said I saw like one post on the matter, how the hell should I know? I used to tease my friend about being in a relationship with a guy we knew for a long time until BOOM they were in a relationship, and an awesome one at that.

If it is a joke however the whole situation suddenly becomes reminiscent of Medblr’s shipping of Cranquis and WayfaringMD aka Crayfaring.

If it’s not, yay for you guys!

Everyone has sentimental value with their first car. I’ve had mine for a few years now. It’s been through accidents and maintenance more than expected. I laughed uncontrollably in this vehicle. I’ve screamed at the top of my lungs when my life was spiraling out of control in this vehicle. I’ve cried endlessly in this vehicle. I’ve had sex with people I wish I hadn’t had sex with in this vehicle. I used to think about everything I’ve gone through with this car. But now, now I think of different things. I think of our first date at 11 o’clock at night, eating dominos. I think of our second date and how painful it was dragging you out the bar to the car listening to you cry my name in the front seat. I think of holding your hand on the way home while you’re drunk singing Ed Sheeran and Niykee Heaton to me half asleep. I think of walking around the the passenger side to help you out of the truck with you’re too drunk to do it yourself. I think of the night I scratched my leg on the door when I bent over to kiss you when I helped you out of the truck. I think of the long drives I used to make to see you at 4am. I think of you now every fucking time I get in my car. Every time I start the engine. Every time I get gas. Every time I go for the door handle. And I tell you what, then memories are nice and all but I don’t want them anymore. It’s time for a new car.
—  Time heals all wounds

Back from Jesus Christ Superstar!

I was pleasantly surprised by the 1973 film - I liked how they used the location shooting to create a sense of scale, and also how the garden of Gethsemane was such a marked contrast from everything else. Carl Anderson was great as Judas, of course. The ‘putting on a play’ thing worked just fine, even though I preferred the more ‘staged’ look of 2000, which is still my favorite version overall, as much as I love the Judas/Jesus/Mary interaction of the 2012 revival.

Interactivity was fun! It was a full house! Sung along at the appropriate crowd parts, made appropriate animal noises when livestock was on the screen (I introduced cawing when there were birds), waved palm fronds during Hosanna, and sang and waved glowsticks during all of Mary’s songs. Tapping my hands on the seat in front of me during the appropriate parts of This Jesus Must Die was also fun. People also booed the, uh, Pharasees and Pilate (I was like ‘Pilate was just doing his job, y’all)

Mostly quietly sung, as others were doing (except where appropriate), but I had fun going all out rocking Judas’s part during Superstar (though holy shit depriving that song of a proper big finale really was a shame).

Also my friend who had never seen any iteration of Jesus Christ Superstar started shipping Jesus/Judas just at the face touching scene and then got emotional about the I Don’t Know How To Love Him reprise and I’m over here like YES GOOD JOIN ME IN THE BLASPHEMY SHIP 

So we had fun and then we ate dinner-ish at a cafe where I had my first ridiculously-titled alcoholic beverage - an alcoholic milkshake called ‘Multiple Orgasms’. (I didn’t get out much in college, okay)

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Rakuzan guys catching their s/o singing "Wannabe" by Spice Girls, alone and with matching silly dance moves

Akashi: stares at you with a serious expression, actually paying attention at the weird movements you are using to dance to the music. When you caught sight of him you trip over and stop the music with shaking hands and the heat covering your cheeks. This was so embarrassing "No, keep going. I want to see how it ends"

Hayama: he laughs so hard you don’t even turn around. You stay there, hearing a thud, imagining Hayama in the floor, clutching his belly and with tears in his eyes. You stop the music and get under the covers of the bed without a word. Hayama then finishes laughing at you and shakes you a little "Teach me ___-chan, I want to do it too"

Reo: when he sees you he feels embarrassed. Of course it’s better if you don’t know that he’s there, but also it’s better for him to pretend that he hasn’t seen anything. Reo closes the door and waits some seconds before knocking. ”____-chan, are you there?”

Nebuya: he lets out a brief and affable laugh when he sees you, and before you can even feel embarrassed he joins you "let’s exercise!" He doesn’t want you to feel ashamed of your weird dance.

Mayuzumi"Don’t they use this song in psychological warfare?"

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How would BTS react to their gf (you) being better at rapping and singing than them.

Thanks for the request!
I hope you like it sweetie! <3

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Rapmon: *Dancing past him*
Y/N: I could totally take your place in BTS babe!
Rapmon: You? Seriously?

Of course you’d be good.. I was the one who taught you.. *Praising himself*

*When you’re singing and dancing.* Now to send this to the company so I can see Y/N all the time! 

Jhope: *When you fail to do the fast rapping and start to have a coughing fit.* Aw look at you babe. Trying so hard to be like oppa. 

Y/N: I could totally become an idol and meet all my biases.
Jimin: Well you could…But with me there… who’d have any other bias?

Suga: Hey Y/N, maybe you should do the next live instead of V?
V: Why would you- *Butthurt*

*Listening to your cover of their songs… all the time* We are bulletproooooofffffffffffffff!


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I honestly think the happiest I've seen the boys since the early days was when they were in Singapore.

yup. They were even more loose on day 2 in Joburg, because I’m sure it’s not easy to learn who signs which line, and I see they’re kinda experimenting with it, I heard the RTR (I think it was the RTR) high note from Niall and Harreh both.. and I am so so so amazed and proud how all of them can belt it out without any issues.

So on day 2 it was already no surprise to the audience that it’s OT4 now and they’ve probably rehearsed a lot with formations and who sings what. Their stage routine helps them to adapt easily.



Cannot wait until 1989 tour. To sing my heart out over all the feelings and lessons I am learning right now. That’s why I love Taylor. Her songs reflect everything I go through in my own life. And that moment when she’s on stage and I’m singing along to the songs that got me through the heart ache, that helped me escape through the darkness. The songs that I’ve danced to everyday since the album came out. I’ll be standing there above B Stage on August 1st, holding my best friends hand and staring at the girl who taught me that it’s okay to mess up. It’s okay to not be okay. And most of all, she taught me how to love myself again.

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Idina Menzel is ruining her voice by overusing it with bad technique


I’ll be honest I never cared for her voice but you can tell that she has completely ruined her voice.

Like, you cannot market yourself as a belter if you’re not willing to learn how to properly belt

And it sad, because she was a good singer and now she’s not and she’s making it worse because she’s trying to push herself to sing as well as she used to but she can’t

Learn proper technique everybody