so this year was pretty amazing seeing how i got my dream url and i met so many wonderful, wonderful people. happy 2017! (favorites are in bold).

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here’s my advice how to get an url that’s been registered by someone else & isn’t being used:

message the account and ask them if they’d be willing to give it up.  this is how i got my url, and it’s also how i got involved with @startingxi (i registered the url a long time ago and last year got a message asking if i’d be willing to pass it on to be used.)  obviously this won’t always work, but it doesn’t hurt to ask because the worst thing that can happen is they ignore you or they say no, and in that case you’re no worse off than you are now.

AU where all the runaway angels get together and form their own little encampment on my earth. Being incredibly creative, they call it Angel’s Camp. They can be strange all together as they all slowly adjust to human life and they all like the company.

Michael (A surprise addition, but no one can really turn him away) acts as mayor, but on the side he’s got his own little shop to run.

His pizza is the best for miles around (He learned from the Italians way back when they first made it. Of course it’s the best.) and Gabe makes sure they have a great arcade stacked up. Local kids love coming in because of all the games and “Mike” always has the most interesting stories to tell. It’s hard to remember sometimes that he’s the unapproachable Mayor Michael half the time.

Cas and his Vampire friend Benny run a place together. It’s easy to tell that neither know about marketing really, but the ice cream is good and Cas always has a smile for the kids. And if he gives them a little extra, no one ever has to know.

Hannah and Balthazar run the local theater where most of the angels work. They’re pretty fair, even if they does insist on an overabundance of romcoms. But Hannah blames her vessel for that. There’s a standing rule that “Titanic” must never be showed. It only got broken once for a Valentine’s Day a couple years back and Balthazar ended up shutting the entire theater down for a week.

Gabe could never stop his duty as Messenger so he helps run the local church, keeping tabs open for God and an ear towards Heaven just to check what’s going on. 

Only a little bit of humility was used the day he built it.

All photos taken in Angel’s Camp, located in California, USA.


Someone on instagram who goes by the name pretentious_brit, is spreading lies about me about how I got my URL from them and how I used them for it, trying to make me look like a bad, rude person.

When in fact, this was the actual conversation we had. We had a normal, polite conversation in which neither of us were rude. 

I did not ‘’use’’ this person. I was not ‘’rude’’ to this person. She decided she was okay with giving me the URL, so she did. And I was very thankful for that. 

Also, after that, neither of us actually tried to start a conversation with the other. I only remember an ask of her telling me I made good use of the URL and that she was glad she’d given it to me, for which I was also very thankful. That was it.

I never got any messages from her about anything at all. There was no problem. Nothing. And even if there was, she never told me anything about there being a problem. She gave me the URL, I was thankful, she was okay with her decision. That was it. Nobody was rude and everything was fine.

Now suddenly. 1 year and 4 months later, she’s spreading hate about me on instagram about how I ‘’used’’ her and how I’m ‘’not a nice’’ person. Why? I have no idea. The only reason I can think of is the fact that there’s this ‘’Best England Cosplayer’’ competition on instagram I knew nothing about, and people are both voting for her and me. I couldn’t care less about who wins that competition. For all I care nobody would vote for me. But if this is the reason she’s spreading hate and lies about me, it’s incredibly narrow-minded, rude and childish. And even if there’s another reason for it, it’s narrow-minded, rude and childish, anyway. So yeah, here’s your truth.

Story Time w/ Mikayla: How I Got My URL

Okay so I saw a post saying “Reblog this with the story of how you got your URL” and I soon realized that the story of how I got my URL wouldn’t fit in the tags AT ALL, but I really wanted to tell you guys (whoever cares to know- it’s probably nothing too spectacular for everyone else, but it means the world to me).

Anyways, as most of you probably don’t know my original URL for this account was “matthew-espinosa-is-the-bae” and it was just supposed to be a blog I had to the side. I never had a fan account before and I had made it out of appreciation bc I had found this kid on Vine who made me laugh and smile which was a really good thing to have when I felt alone- especially with my depression, which had been getting a lot worse at the time.

About a month after I started the account things in my life got really bad. Really REALLY bad. I’m not gonna get into it now, but maybe I’ll post a story about that another day.

Anyways, I hate to say that I relapsed on self harming after over a year of being clean. I felt so ashamed. My mom still doesn’t know and I don’t intend on her ever finding out. (I told myself a long time ago I will NEVER be sent to a hospital for self harming again, and to this day I’m keeping that promise.)

Things were still horrible, but I knew I couldn’t keep self harming; my mom would start asking questions and telling me to stop wearing sweatshirts in the middle of Summer.

I remember one day when I was laying in bed I felt the urge to cut again and I looked at my nightstand. I was going to open the drawer, but I saw my phone sitting on top of the dresser and picked that up instead, looking for a distraction. Something (or I suppose, someone) was there. Matthew and these other kids that used to be in this thing called Magcon. I remember my nose was still stuffy from crying, but now I was smiling; LAUGHING even.

And since that moment every time I wanted to self harm again, I forced myself to pick up my phone instead. It was hard to make myself do that on some days, but what can I say…I’m hard-headed.

That’s when I realized that I needed a better URL to reflect how much he–as well as the rest of this family I’ve joined–has helped me. Made me smile and laugh when I didn’t want to go on anymore. I didn’t have to think about it for very long; it was literally the first thing to come to my mind.

Fortunately, it was completely original and no one had it on any social media site I made a fan account for. I was happy about this bc this URL has a meaning behind it that means the world to me…

And that is how I got my URL;

Matt. Is. My. Smile.