I’m not even kidding bayarealibertarian got #blocked cos he had the term libertarian in his url like idgaf how petty it is I don’t want libertarians liking my shit

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1, 5, 7, 8 hello~ c:

woooo!!! thank you for sending some in!!<3 i feel loved

1. My BTS bias

hAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA what bias?????? ahahahahha *hides my taehyung url, all the taehyung things i’ve reblogged, all the taehyung pics i’ve saved on my phone, all my feels* hah ahha ha ya it’s this guy

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5. How I got into BTS

GOOD QUESTION cause I don’t really remember tbh I was like just going through the recommended videos on the side of youtube videos and then I came across War of Hormone and I was like w h o a what

they just seemed really different to me and I fell in love instantly and then I spent the next few days after that just watching bangtan bombs and falling even more in love with them and the rest is history tbh

7. The last BTS photo in my phone

like the one i last saved?? honestly it was this pic of Taehyung lmao



8. The last BTS song I listened to



If Jace was gold, catching the light and the attention, Alec was silver: so used to everyone else looking at Jace that that was where he looked too, so used to living in Jace’s shadow that he didn’t expect to be seen. Maybe it was enough to be the first person to tell Alec that he was worth being seen ahead of anyone in a room, and of being looked at the longest.

And silver, though few people knew it, was a rarer metal than gold.

—  Magnus Bane, The Course of True Love (And First Dates) by Cassandra Clare

honestly my biggest pet peeve on this goddamn site is feminists who direct message you pleasantly neutral statements like ‘hey! i dont want to be rude or imposing here but why are you against feminism? to me it just means equal rights! thank you :)’

and then when you reply your reasons why they go fucking RABID and start pulling out repetitions of the classic 'not all feminists are like that’ and 'being anti feminist LITERALLY means being anti equality and thats pretty messed up :/’

do these people not realise how little time and patience i have for them??? yes i can immediately see straight through your sweet introduction that you are actually a psycho bitch, trust me, i can tell, please dont bother me because no amount of passive aggressive insults is going to make me want to join your psycho vagina club -_-

Blogrates + Compliments

Yoooo so I hit a little follower milestone recently which is rad so I figured I’d celebrate with my first blogrates with a side of compliments! Also I just finished high school and have got some free time on my hands so I desperately need some book/film/tv recs ♥♥


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  • send me a book, film, TV, or food recipe rec (seriously I’ll take anything) or tell me about your day, how fucked up you are over the 100, etc.
  •  blacklist “winter rates” if you don’t wanna see this happenin

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I have an idea

So, I’m close to halfway to my next follower goal, and since everyone around me has been hitting milestones and having celebrations, it got me thinking about what I want to do for my next one. I’m considering, if ya’ll are interested, in giving honest and critical opinions on whatever you send to me. Want to know how I feel about a fic? Send it to me and I’ll tell you! Want to know how I feel about someone’s theme? Send me their url and I’ll check it out! Want to know my feelings on fruit in entrees? Send me an ask and I’ll give you a rant about sweet entrees. I won’t just give a one-line answer to your questions, either. I’m thinking real talk, here. I won’t be cruel or bully anyone, just constructive criticism, if it’s warranted.

So, let me know if this idea interests you guys. If it does, then I’ll do it. If I do it, I’ll give you guys a few days to send me asks with your requests. If ya’ll aren’t interested, then I’ll think of something else! Let me know!

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when did u know u wanted to get better? were there times you felt like a fraud who was only going to therapy to do it, and not wanting to actually make changes? also, if u take meds, how did u accept it and not feel like "im stupid, i havent put good effort into my other options, im taking the easy out and hoping something magical will fix me" ???? (a confused borderline over here... pls answer privately or tag w/ my url!!!)

When did you know you wanted to get better: I always knew, on some level. And I tried in small ways the way you kind of try to quit smoking before you’re really committed to it. But then things got really bad a few years ago and I knew I was going to die if I didn’t get help, so I camped out at the psych ward ER and refused to leave until they set me up with some kind of treatment. They put me in intensive outpatient and that started me on the road to recovery.

Feeling like a fraud: I often got really exhausted with IOP and would refuse to participate in certain things, but I still kept going and I guess I thought well, I’m showing up and that’s something. And then when I could, I tried a little harder, and a little harder, and started to actually master some of the skills I was being taught.

Taking meds: I’ve always gone to therapy or been in outpatient or group while on my meds so I view it as just one thing I’m doing to get better. Kind of like when you’re sick – you might have to get surgery and take antibiotics. The antibiotics are just a part of it. They don’t mean you’re weak or lazy.

I hope that helps a bit. It’s pretty natural to have a LOT of feelings about this stuff. I have them too, but I just try to trudge through them and keep moving forward.

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daesungstrash bru

here comes my lovely trash

Do they follow me: YES

Do I follow them: 5EVER


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Send me a URL

I got my first thumbs down on a video! How exciting! Also, my channel is only 5 subscribers away from getting its own url. 

It’s a very slow morning here at the estate. We’re all freezing. This frigid air is doing us all no good.

Just got another one!

“Please talk to a doctor about your ultimate goal weight and how you’re achieving it, and see if they feel it’s healthy “

90-100lbs is perfectly acceptable for someone of my height -__- Obviously this person is fucking stupid and has not even read my bio. Just ignore this asshole, guys. They just want attention.

Which is why I am not posting their url or anything :D

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YO my gta blog is lossantos. don't ask who i killed for that url.

I have no words

Now… I have not seen the show Making A Murderer as of yet, but I have high reasons to believe it probably stars you and how you got that URL, anon.

Is there a limit to how many times you can change your url in one day? 😰I’ve been trying to find available ones I like, and I accidentally got stuck on this misspelled Pokemon berry url. It won’t let me change anymore, it redirects me to my settings when I try to change. ???

Hi, guys! I’m Lauren. 19 and from Alaska. My url is
And my kik is LaurPiy (let me know how you got my kik name if you message me there, please)

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hi i'm smol and new, would you be able to tall me how to get links in your description so that they can be seen on the mobile version?

i use this codey thing idk where i got it from but just fill in this link with the necessary things

<a href=end of the page link minus your url>name of link</a>

so for example if i were to make a fic link for my fic page which is, it’d look like this 

<a href=/phanfic>fic link for mobile</a>

does that make sense?? i hope so idk im bad at explaining things 

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Hey it's me Jess (sparkle-hunting) I changed my url. So how are you? We haven't talked in a little while. I also wanted to say that it's pretty cool that you got to use your psychic abilities recently :3

Hey Jess! I missed you! Thank you for letting me know you’ve changed your url, I would have been worried that you’d left tumblr or something if not.

I’m doing good thanks! I just read something that made me laugh a lot so I’m in a giggly mood! It’s one of the best moods to be in! I hope you’re doing good too!

Thanks Jess! Professor Honeycutt has helped me become so much better at controlling my psychic abilities. I never could have used them like this without him!

*-lays on the ground dramatically-

I be a MOMO that knows how to roleplay one of these days. HOW DOES ONE GET BACK IN THE SWING OF THINGS LIKE—

Do I change my blog/URL? Do I move to a new one? (I’ve had this blog for three years idk it’s messy i’m sure) Should I not complain and just write shizz? XD

I don’t know but I’ll try to figure it out, ha. Because I think about MOMO a lot and just wished I got on here more. We’ll see what happens. Might be best to start out small again until I feel like I have some mojo here. So if anyone ever wishes to start something, let me know. ♥*