Kim Yongsun. You have no idea how much you comfort us. I’d be having a bad day but watching you cheered me up. I’d be on the verge of killing myself but those thoughts go away after watching you. You help me fight through this, when no one else does. I’m sure a lot of other fans are comforted by you too in whichever way. So don’t be sorry, because you cheer us up as well. We’re helping each other. You yeba.


Today I was feeling especially shitty about gender binary, and how it’s acceptable to be androgynous only if you’re young, thin and pretty. I hear people talking shit about old “men” who wear makeup and “look ridiculous”, and I feel like they’re talking about me because one day I’ll be old and wrinkly and maybe finally brave enough to wear whatever the fuck I want. So I doodled these to cheer myself up, as a kind of a “fuck you” to assholes and a “love you” to fellow genderqueer people. Let’s grow old together and be awesome. <3

Edit: Ace bandages apparently aren’t safe for chest binding! Thanks for people letting me know and adding informative tags, and sorry for perpetuating the harmful meme. Here’s an informative page about binding:


River, no one can help me. 

Some AUs to consider

- my brother/sister/cousin/niece/nephew/neighbor’s kid is obsessed with this child program and i always watch it with them b/c damn that one person who does story time is really hot and… they… look… familiar… IS THAT THE PERSON WHO JOGS IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE AT 6 EVERY MORNING???? AU

- okay, i know i keep coming into this apple store, but you keep insisting there is nothing wrong with my macbook but it craps out on me all the time and i think my iphone hates me but you’re the only one here who actually has the patience to show me how to find my deleted files AU

- you always stop by the ice cream shop where i work and order the same thing and sometimes we have sassy conversations and will you have my babies, please OH GOD DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD? AU

- you need this taxi. i need this taxi. i understand that we can share BUT IF YOU GET IN THAT TAXI I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL BITE OFF YOUR NOSE i’m so sorry i’m just having the worst day ever. (but you’re not getting this taxi) AU

- i’m a truck driver and i just drove for 36 hours without sleep so i’d appreciate it if you stopped murdering your cat. oh you were singing! ahahahaha well stop please or i will be forced to kill you and your cat. well maybe not your cat. AU

- i only come to this hair salon/barber shop/hair cut place because the hair stylist that works in the station right across from my barber is super cute and maybe i need a trim? oh what do you mean sally isn’t in today? I HAVE TO GET MY HAIR CUT BY YOU! AU

- sometimes i sneak into your backyard to pet your dog and leave him treats i’m not a burglar, i swear AU

- wow this is a super shitty wedding. wait, i thought jim was the best man? holy shit, i’m at the wrong wedding. oh crap how do i leave without seeming rude??? oh no the best man/maid of honor noticed me, i can’t leave now!! AU

- look you’re clearly new here but that’s my seat. i sit here every sunday at 9 and i order the french toast special and they make my bacon and sausages and eggs into smiley faces. and you cannot just sit in my spot. i don’t think you realize how serious this is AU

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How to NOT Get Bored While Studying

“School has started for me, and after only a few days, I’m already feeling pretty bored with the homework. Throughout this weekend’s fine Sunday I was very hard at work to find some ways to cheer myself up! Although it involved some relocating and redecorating (I know, it was supposed to be homework time), I was able to successfully finish everything I had planned to do.” Read more>> | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr


“I get the homeless thing a lot. There was one time I was sitting outside a bank, waiting for a mate. I’m just sitting there in flip flops and shorts and… a little old lady walks out, she seems a bit down, so I’m like, ‘G’day hun, how are you?’, trying to cheer her up. I get a little smile out of her so I’m feeling good about myself… She walks about 20 yards past me and she comes back and she is like: ‘Here you go, son’, gives me a dollar. I kept it..”

How I Imagine Levi Cheering Up Eren
  • Eren: *looking distressed*
  • Levi: *runs down hall*
  • Levi: *throws toilet paper at Eren's face*
  • Eren: H-Heichou, what was that for??!
  • Levi: You looked liked you were having a shitty day

Luke and I have had our ups and downs over the years, but through it all, his relationship with my daughter, Rory, has never changed. He’s always been there for her no matter what. He was there to celebrate her birthdays. He was there cheering her on at her high school graduation. Luke has been a sort of father figure in my daughter’s life.


Dear Taylor,

I’m Catherine, I live in Hong Kong:) I started to be a swiftie since 2009, you’re my inspiration and my lifesaver. The first song I have heard from you was Jump Than Fall, then it’s Love Story. I’ll never forget how I figured out your songs and became a swiftie. That was a story that I always feel proud to tell others, especially you<3 Whenever I feel sad, I’ll listen to your albums and cheer myself up. I think your songs are always relatable and beautifully written💞 My favorite song of you (there are so many I can’t choose) but ya my fav song of yours are Our Song, Sparks Fly and All Too Well! 1989 is truly amazing, it is different from other mainstream pop music. The lyrics and the poppy sound is really special and outstanding. Jamming to it everyday Haha<3 I’m so happy that my best friend, Isabel is also a big swiftie and we always fangirl together!! She’s the girl infront of me in my icon. She has two turtles called Wurtely and Harold (so cute!!!! And theyre swifties too cause Isabel always play music to them) I love you so much Taylor! When will you visit Hong Kong again?? We miss you a lot! Do you remember the scream of the crowds in Speak Now Tour Hong Kong? I bet you love Hong Kong right haha☺️ you’re being so cute and amazing😭 I love you forever and always🌈 I think you won’t have a chance to read this but if you do please tell me that you love me too😘💘 Love,
Catherine/Ham(my nickname)🌈 ily

Dear taylor, she is the bestest a friend could have!! She is just like a four leaf clover,hard to find,lucky to have. WE WILL ALWAYS BE FRIENDS FOREVER🍀
(Isabel’s part)