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do you think shy sid worries about being too boring? or too quiet?

it’s constantly on his mind, and he’s not even worried about being too boring or quiet anymore. he’s absolutely convinced that it’s the facts, so he’s more worried about holding himself back so as to not bore the people around him. when he and geno started dating, sidney would say yes to going to a bunch of different pens events/mixers because he thought that if he didn’t he’d lose geno as a boyfriend. but all the events ended up tiring him out and made him feel so out of place that he ends up completely exhausted and dreading the next event.

(it’s only until geno overhears sidney admitting very quietly to Flower that “I feel like if I don’t go with him to these parties then he’ll finally figure out how boring I am and leave me” and Geno’s heart breaks a little. then they finally sit down and talk everything out.)

A handy guide to British slang xxx

uno: you know

clapped (adj): physically unattractive OR just generally a negative descriptor for anything

peng/buff (adj): physically attractive OR just generally a positive descriptor for anything

chirpse (v): flirting, chatting someone up

bare: ‘a lot of’

acc: actually

pree (v): checking someone or something out

rah: an exclamation

peak (adj): when something, usually a situation, is bad or unfortunate

aired (v): getting ignored deliberately

bait (adj): obvious, well known

baited (v): exposed

moist (adj): soft, overly emotional

par (v): insult

mandem/gyaldem (n): general term used to refer to guys/girls

calm/safe (adj): cool, fine, okay

wasteman (n): someone who’s trash

allow it: a phrase meaning leave it/forget it

ends (n): the area you’re from

long (adj): something annoying or a nuisance

banter (n): humorous, witty, funny conversation, general jokes

gassed (adj): having a high opinion of yourself, being proud of something

init: short for ‘isn’t it’, used as an affirmation

tho: though

ting: thing

diff: different

link (v): meet up with someone

on my ones: phrase meaning ‘by myself/on my own’

move (v): trying it on with someone, in a flirtatious context

chayze/jheez (pronounced the same but diff spellings): exclamation, like ‘wow!’

deep (adj): meaningful, serious


I felt like this should happen. Can you tell how bored I am? Might make a part 2. Enjoy~!

Rebellious Starters

Mostly for young characters and verses, but some may apply in other cases.

  • “What if we get caught?”
  • “Relax, we won’t get caught.”
  • “Isn’t that illegal?”
  • “What if your parents find out?”
  • “What if my parents find out?”
  • “I know where my parents hide whiskey.”
  • “It’s rated R, but I’ll help you sneak in, I’ve done this before.”
  • “Tell them you’re sleeping over at a friend’s house.”
  • “Aren’t you too young to have a tattoo?”
  • “It’s just a mailbox, they won’t miss it. Who sends mail anymore?”
  • “Fireworks aren’t illegal in [state]. Just go get some and bring them back here.”
  • “Graffiti is art!”
  • “You’re a good artist, but why can’t you just draw on paper like a normal person?”
  • “Hey, you hold the ladder, I’ll draw the butt. No one will be able to reach it to remove it!”
  • “Let’s run away and get married.”
  • “Let’s just not go to school. We have the car, we could go anywhere else.”
  • “What do you want to do now that your parents aren’t home?”
  • “You know that’s not illegal in this state, right?”
  • “[Teacher] writes the test answers down and leaves it in the top desk drawer.”

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Sometimes, I really wish that their 2017-2018 program was Prince & Moulin Rouge. Prince is seriously an incredible routine.

I totally feel you anon! (unfortunately the ISU was not on the same page as us and decided that 2017-2018 should be Rhumba instead, smh)

Prince was incredible and, in my very humble opinion, should hold the world record for SD. I don’t think any other (ice dance ;) ) team could pull off Prince with the same amount of class as Tessa and Scott. Honestly, sometimes I feel like TS choose music because they’re sick of seeing people skate to it, and they know that no one will be able to after they do (hahaha)! I also think that Prince was great because just the nature of the music and the hip hop / blues theme allowed them to incorporate choreographic movements (from people like Sam) and have them not look bizarre given the music. (Like, I loved Moulin Rouge, but there’s some weird arm waving in there that doesn’t look quite right to me, but to each their own I guess).

I think part of the problem with latin dances is that it’s very hard to have creative programs without them being incredibly cheesy or tacky (*side eyes PC*), and thus we get a crap ton of Despacitos. With Midnight Blues though, there was a lot more room for choreographers to take artistic liberty and take the program in a more classy, or a more fresh and modern direction (or both in the case of Prince!)

I love the Tango Romantica, and I think it’s fantastic that they’re including so much of it in the SD (well, I guess it’s called the rhythm dance now…yikes) because we’ll really get to see what teams have the solid ice dance technique and skating skills down, and what teams, um… don’t. However, I also sort of wish that they’d choose another dance, because there’s only so much you can do with a tango, and I feel like we’re going to end up with a lot of very similar SDs once again (and maybe SDs that look very similar to many of last years??? idk, I’m not a music person).

In all though I’m super pumped to see what everyone comes up with for the next season. 

Sorry for that weird tangent that wasn’t at all in response to anything that you said. Thanks for momentarily curing my boredom, anon! <3

Choose your team:

a) Black paladin & leader of Voltron!Shiro + leader of the Blade of Marmora!Keith

b) Shiro and Keith both black paladins and co-leaders of Voltron

c) Black paladin & leader of Voltron!Shiro + red paladin & second in command!Keith

d) Black paladin & leader of Voltron!Shiro + BOM member!Keith

e) Black paladin & leader of Voltron!Keith + Shiro doing who the fuck knows what something important

Nick’s Judy!

Nick: Carrots! You’re back from work! My Judy, how I’ve missed you…*hugs her tightly*

Judy: I missed you too. But really…Nick, do we have to do this everyday? I mean you already know where I’m going and my work hours.

Nick: Don’t you know how lonely and bored I am when you’re gone all day? Of course I do!

Judy: Okay, I guess that’s understandable. Since I know how clingy you can be now.