Title: Snow Laden Confessions 

Pairing: Sidlink

Rating: Explicit

Summary:  Sidon and Link confess their love for each other after being stranded during a bad snowstorm, then proceed to find a unique way to keep themselves warm -wink, wink, nudge, nudge-

A/N: i hate thinking up titles : D

This has also been posted on my AO3 so if you’d prefer to read it there! Comments, reblogs and kudos are very much appreciated! Thanks!


Don’t make this weird, he thought fervently. Whatever you do, do not make this weird.

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seareyes  asked:

So for the meetcute prompts could you do number 7 please? 💖

This was so much fun! Thanks for the prompt! And, as always, also on ao3!

Truth be told, Derek had never actually kissed anyone before. Not really.

Sure, he had kissed Paige on the cheek once or twice back in their sophomore year, kissing her farewell when he dropped her off back home after one of their handful of dates. And he might have kissed the back of her hand while asking if she wanted to dance at the winter formal, but that was all.

They had only gone out a few times, gone to a few dances together, but that was before she had officially come out. A few days before winter break, she had sat Derek down and explained that while she’d had a really nice time with him on their dates and at the dances, she was one hundred percent into girls not guys.

Derek had done everything he could to be supportive, hugging her and thanking her for feeling comfortable enough to share something so personal with him, even offering to throw her a coming out party. She had declined, but shortly afterwards she had started dating his younger sister, Cora.

So, he and Paige had never really kissed. And he had never gone out with anyone else after Paige, either, preferring to focus on his schoolwork. He put all of his effort into maintaining his spotless GPA and honing his skills for the basketball team, hoping to be team captain one day.

Besides, he constantly had to worry about keeping the fact that he was a werewolf hidden so as not to draw any unwanted attention from hunters or worse. And so as much as his friends teased him about being an asocial nerd, dating and kissing just weren’t that high on his list of priorities.

Which was why he was still upset with himself for letting Erica and Isaac drag him to some raucous party at Jackson Whittemore’s palatial house. On a school night, no less!

With Boyd out of town visiting family in New York, Erica was without a ride to the wild party, the same one she and Isaac had been talking about nonstop for weeks. Derek being the only other person in their little group of friends with a car, the sleek black Camaro that Laura had passed down to him when she had left for Princeton his freshman year, the scheming duo had turned to him for a ride.

He was helpless to deny them, especially when they both gave him their best puppy dog eyes. How Boyd managed to resist giving Erica whatever she wanted when she jut out her bottom lip and batted her eyelashes oh so innocently, Derek would never know. So, he agreed to drive them to the party, Erica’s promise that Stiles would be at the party perhaps influencing his decision a bit, too. Just maybe.

Because while dating wasn’t very high up on his lift of to-dos and kissing wasn’t something he dedicated himself to pursuing, it didn’t mean he never thought about them. He did. Quite often, as a matter of fact. And the person starring most prominently in his little daydreams and half-baked fantasies he usually reserved for late at night when he couldn’t sleep, was none other than Stiles Stilinski.

Stiles was infectious. Not in a bad way, it was just that everything about him was positively contagious. His enthusiasm, his laughter, his sometimes twisted sense of humor, even his unique way of looking at the world around himself. It was all just contagious.

Derek didn’t know a single person who didn’t laugh when Stiles made some kind of horrendous yet clever pun about whatever time period they were studying in history of whatever formula they were going over in calculus. Even people who, somehow, didn’t like Stiles always cracked a smile at his well placed one liners and sly innuendos.

Except Mr. Harris. But Derek was pretty sure he didn’t have a soul so he didn’t really count.

Stiles was like a ray of sunshine, ushering forth light and warmth to brighten up even the gloomiest day when he strolled into class fashionably late and took a seat in the front row. He never failed to make Derek’s day just a little bit better, whether it be with an offhand joke or a conspiratorial wink in his direction, or even just a smile or wave in greeting when they passed each other in the hallway.

And he was just so genuinely nice, it almost hurt.

He always asked people about how their day was going and actually listened when they answered, sometimes just sitting with someone he barely knew and letting them rant about school or their family or their favorite TV show. When someone was upset, he would just wrap them up in a tight hug or squeeze their shoulder, tell them that he was there if they ever needed someone to talk to.

He never let any bullying go unnoticed, sometimes charging right up to the perpetrator just to divert attention away from whoever was being bullied. He had ended up with his own fair share of black eyes and bloody noses for his troubles, serving weeks worth of time in detention, but it never stopped him.

A few years ago, he had actually smashed Matt Daehler’s phone when the little creep had recorded a video of Erica having an epileptic seizure. Stiles had wrenched the phone out of Matt’s hand and slammed it onto the ground before stomping on it a few times for good measure as he directed his friend Scott to call the nurse.

He was caring and considerate, alway carrying an extra inhaler in case Scott had an asthma attack, keeping an Epipen on hand should anyone have an allergic reaction, his backpack stocked with pads and tampons for people who unexpectedly had their period. He even carried different sized condoms around so no one had unprotected sex if they were too embarrassed to go out and buy their own, giving them away without charging anyone.

Stiles was amazing. And Derek really, really wanted to kiss him.

So, when he saw Stiles sitting down in the circle of people gathering in the living room to play spin the bottle, he threw caution to the wind and took a seat directly across from him. He could feel his ears burn at the curious looks he received from the rest of the people in the makeshift circle, Stiles cocking his head to the side as he scanned his eyes over Derek in blatant curiosity.

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could you write some more solangelo sometime? or anything with solangelo + jasper bonding maybe (since you like the pairs)? no pressure to though, hope you have a good night!

‘Interesting place, this,’ Will said, eyeing the soft decor, his face doused in a gold glow from the candle in the middle of the table. ‘I’ve never been in a restaurant that mounts battle axes and swords on the walls.’
‘They’re there in case your steak knife doesn’t cut it,’ Piper shrugged, casting a sly glance at Jason. ‘You know how the Romans like their meat. Very thick. And tough.’

Will bit his lip, Nico coughed into his drink, and Jason turned a shade redder. Meat. Of course. 

Jason wonders if he should have warned Will and Nico about Piper’s ridiculous sense of humour. She had an unfortunate knack for picking at wording to get a pun sitting just right within a conversation, a knack for getting a resounding chorus of frustrated groans and loud I-can’t-believe-this kind of laughter. If it were just the puns, he’d leave it at that–but she was good at setting verbal traps, baiting people into setting up the perfect space to slide a punchline in, too. But maybe a joke or two would make a double date just that bit more comfortable. Even if at his expense.

‘Speaking of which, are we ready to order–?’ Jason asked brightly, once the blush had died down and Nico and Will had coughed their badly hidden laughter away.
‘For a place built to imitate Rome, there’s not a lot of Italian options,’ Nico stared down the menu, Will peering over his shoulder right alongside him. ‘Your hair is tickling me.’ Will didn’t budge.
‘There’s ravioli,’ He offered, ‘That’s what you usually order when we eat out. Um. And there’s also… stuff in Latin I don’t understand…’

‘Need help?’ Piper asked, her hand out for their menu. Nico obliged, and Piper nosed through it with an air of expertise. Jason raised his brows, knowing full well that her Latin was, sadly, constrained to swear words she’d picked up from him. He didn’t see what was coming until she had to lift her menu to hide the smirk. ‘I know! Why don’t you try the matter baby.’

…Oh, no.

Will caught on fast, and even took a sip of his drink to keep from laughing. Jason knew there and then that Piper had an ally in Solace, and that whatever horrendous joke she was about to make, he would support it. Why didn’t Nico warn me his boyfriend was as bad as Piper? Jason groaned inwardly, grasping for ways to keep Nico from saying–

‘What’s the matter baby?’ Nico asked, brows pinched up in a look of utter confusion. 
‘Nothing. What’s the matter with you?’

Will promptly choked on his drink, and Piper’s smirk widened into a full-blown grin, unabashed and cheeky. Nico, more confused now, gave them both an irritated look, then looked to Jason for help.

Jason shrugged, finally giving in and laughing at the baffled look on Nico’s face. 

By the time the waitress had wandered to their table, the laughter had subsided. She’d gotten through Jason and Piper’s orders, and had just asked Nico what he wanted, when Nico’s eyes widened in sudden realization, and he smacked the table with the flat of his hand. The waitress jumped.

‘Ohh! The matter baby!’ he whispered, loudly. Loudly enough for other tables to turn to stare.
‘…What’s the matter baby?’ repeated the frightened waitress, skimming through the menu as if she’d missed something. 

Piper keeled sideways into Jason’s shoulder, hand over her mouth in a bid to cover the noise of her snorting.
‘Anyone ever tell you that you’re a complete menace?’ Jason whispered to her, not sure if he should be amused or mortified. He settled for amused; Will laughed himself into a hiccough, and Nico’s expression sat right between pleased with himself and horrified.

‘I–I don’t think we serve that here, sir–’


Very much inspired by this.

In which Akiteru manages to grab Tsukki’s Hufflepuff friend and drag him to the Slytherin stands to cheer him on.

The other Hogwarts houses would absolutely hate coming up against the Slytherin Quidditch team with these two together as chasers, no?

And you are going have to put in a lot of effort in convincing me that Hinata belongs to any house other than Slytherin. A hugeass part of his character in the series is his ambition, how intense it is  and how it sends chills down people’s spines okay.

Also why are Japanese people in a school in the UK, you ask. IDK either. Just. AU logic, yanno? -shot-

Fistbump - Peter Parker x Reader (Dad!Tony)

Originally posted by marveldcuniv3rse

A/N: im tired. i wanted to watch aou today but that has not happened.

Warnings: A heavy make out session *no smut, this is only somewhat sin*

Request: “a steamy (not smut) Peter Parker x Reader imagine.“ (by @prancing-through-the-rain (ps. sorry this took almost a month)) (pssst…my prompt lists are 1 , 2 please specify which list you are requesting from)

Words: 1190

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Will you post the errorink sin then? ;P If you get 300 likes on your last post, will you do it? ;P

Of course I will! If that certain post gets the 300 likes until May 8th I’ll do it. It’s not a hoax or anything and I am always eager to keep my promises. It’s like a bet to me. :3

It just may take a while until I post anything because, you probably caught onto that already, I’m not the fastest artist out there xD

Also for those concerned about this whole thing: Don’t worry. I won’t simply create a photo post and put nsfw out there but instead I’ll either provide links or simply post them under a cut. That way you have to click on something before you can see whatever horrendous doodles I drew. 

But don’t expect outstanding stuff please. I was serious when I said I’ve never drawn nsfw art. It’ll probably suck a lot, so… don’t be disappointed. It’s a first, and firsts usually end up looking pretty bad. :’D

I bought a brush pack and damn is it nice.

BBTBC is going to slay me on Monday I can already tell Daron why you do this to me. 

Pros of being my friend:

  • I will write you fanfiction
  • I will probably message you to make sure you’re ok
  • You’ll get to be victim to whatever horrendous pun I have decided on using that day
  • We can talk about stuff we like and even if I don’t like that thing I will always listen to you talk about it
  • I can get stuff off of high shelves for you
  • I’ll fite anyone who makes u sad
  • I will love you utterly unconditionally and give you 110% of everything I can

Cons of being my friend:

  • Sometimes i can get really sad
  • but its okay bc it wont last for too long
  • and then we can talk about happy things again <3

I miss THIS Snow so much. Snow White, the strong, compassionate-but-still-kick-ass bandit princess, who gave Regina more chances than she had any right to hope for, but who still wasn’t a complete pushover. Who didn’t bend over backwards to blame herself and make her abuser feel better about her horrendous actions. 

Whatever current version of Snow we’ve seen since 3B just isn’t the same at all. She seems to have forgotten the entire village Regina massacred. She seems to have forgotten the incredible pain of missing all of her daughter’s first 28 years while said daughter grew up alone, miserable, and unloved. She seems to have forgotten that Regina has never apologized or shown even a shred of remorse. She seems to have forgotten that as a leader, she has an obligation to keep her people safe from unrepentant murderers like this.

I want the Snow who put her family–her real family, who has never tried to kill her–first. I want the Snow who was a responsible ruler. I want the Snow who stood up for herself and her loved ones. I don’t want this victim-blaming, murderer-coddling, amnesiac version.

Whenever I take school pictures I always imagine how it’ll look in the news paper next to the headline about whatever horrendous crime I committed

I have this ridiculous headcanon that carlos has absolutely zero fashion sense

like he dresses very simply and has absolutely no idea what’s considered “fashionable” or not because all he ever buys are t-shirts and jeans and of course every kind of lab coat he can get his hands on

so when he first sees cecil’s (frankly disastrous) sense of fashion he just assumes that that’s what people find fashionable these days (and of course cecil absolutely flaunts whatever he wears because HE thinks it’s the height of fashion)

and now that he’s dating cecil he finally gets to tell him how lovely he looks every day in whatever (horrendous) clothes he’s wearing

they’ll be leaving for work in the morning and carlos will give cecil a kiss goodbye and say something like “by the way, you look so nice today cecil, that tie-dye vest looks great on you”

and he walks around town with cecil on his arm like “heck yes look at my super fashionable boyfriend isn’t he gr9” and cecil is just utterly touched because no one has ever appreciated his fashion sense more than carlos does

meanwhile the entire town is just like “jfc cecil are those camo furry pants

Copying and/or stealing is wrong.

I don’t really understand as to why anyone would result to doing such horrendous things but whatever it is, please don’t ever steal someone’s hard work. Don’t claim something as yours when in reality, it isn’t. That’s wrong and downright horrible.

In all honesty(though, my problem may seem irrelevant when compared to bigger issues), I’ve had my writing style, the way I write/do things online and a few other things stolen/copied by someone(and I do have evidence.) in the community. I won’t say their name nor would I ever since I don’t think that’s a nice thing to do and it’s an issue I should resolve in private with them if need to but please please please don’t copy someone. Be it how small or big. Don’t plagiarize their work, don’t copy the things they do and just.. Just stop. Don’t do it.

I have no idea how many times I nearly gave up and even broke down because of it; that someone is happily claiming something as their own when in actuality, those were MY ideas and whatnot. (And if it wasn’t for some of my friends in here like museandsong, spyoflove, otomeaddict89,  therandomgoddess , rueamasawa plus a few others) I would have probably gone on some sort of hiatus.)

It DOES affect people and it is NOT a small issue to brush off. Do not think you’re not doing anything wrong because trust me, you’re doing EVERYTHING wrong.

Be original and do your own thing. Don’t plagiarize someone or copy them. It’s (excuse my language) fucked up.

With that said, chiapeto you’re amazing for taking the time to translate and do what you do for the fandom. I hope you know how much I(and I am sure, others) appreciate you so much and I’m so sorry you had your hardwork stolen. I’m glad they took it down and I seriously hope it doesn’t happen to you again. Or anyone else in this matter.