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People literally are saying they would rather have John back than Mary yikes but sure there is nothing sexist going on lmfaoo

Me: explain how this situation isn’t sexist
Everyone: John is better than Mary
Me: I don’t know what I expected

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I never knew how badly I wanted a Bellarke Anastasia AU until now

omg i would actually be shocked if there wasn’t one out there

Lance needs love

I don’t know if I’d say I really ship Lance x Lotor (Lancelot?) but I do know that I want someone to pay attention to lance. He’s so insecure and feels left out so I just want someone to care for him and make him feel better.

Ideally he’d have some sorta mental breakdown that would be depicted in great detail in the show (lol I’m cruel I know) which would lead to him working on his issues and everyone supporting him. Klance is basically my otp so I’d love for Lance and Keith to end up together.

However I’ll take what I can get so I’d be pretty happy with a handsome prince (namely Lotor) taking interest in Lance. I can see that working out in a number of ways. Overall I just want someone to love lance and for him to get more screentime because honestly he deserves it.

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@ the elevator anon: I'm mostly always my therapist's last appointment on wednesdays and when I don't see anyone on the waiting room after my session I RUSH to the elevator because it takes a while to arrive and I'm afraid my therapist will be fast enough to lock everything, pick her stuff and find me in the hall, hahahahahha



Last time I recall even drawing Bruce, was when HoT came out, and he crashed in the jungle, so I apologize because what is this thing you call ‘consistency’ lol 

Anyways, he’s 26, jack of all trades, but more of a pharmacist, usually spending most of his time developing potions and/or gadgets/turrets that would help people in battles. Currently lives alone in a studio apartment, either in DR or LA, I haven’t decided yet. He also has heterochromia (eyes are different colors), which is a feature he loathes about himself a lot. When incredibly bored, enjoys solving incredibly hard mathematical equations. ALSO something I haven’t yet mentioned, but Cedrick is now a dad, and his son is named Aidan after my pre-searing mesmer, from GW1 (who is also Cedrick’s great-great-idk-how-many-more-great grandfather lol), which makes Bruce his uncle, since him and Cedrick are cousins (how the heck do you draw small children like ???)

Doodles from livestream, thanks for anyone who stopped by and kept me company <3

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You're a bunch of skeleton tumblrinas. You SJWs are so triggered, you try to be offended over nothing. Alex is a great developer and a great man, and it's clear he works on the game every day for hours. Give the man a break. Don't follow the lies that you're spreading.

so like,, what is he doing that shows you hes such a great guy lol because im honestly very intrigued 


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Sticky gosh, he looks so soft and healthy! I love his hair too! His dad's there too omg! I'm dying rn I love him (and his family) so much. This was a great Friday surprise, lol.

It’s so freaking wonderful! I’m over the moon!