how to be in introvert club

- be an introvert
- always be nice to your fellow introverts
- actually just be nice to everyone
- ship wolfstar
- wear your imaginary introvert club badge
- send me your marauders headcanons to enhance your wolfstar introvert club experience and also to make my day

that’s all

So… I was just totally tripping out… 

In my activity feed…  I was seeing notifications from MONTHS ago… (I thought all these replies were from today)  

rp replies ect…. and I was like. “HUH, coulda swore I saw and replied to this…. isn’t this person inactive now?… are they back???”  i was SAVING them to my drafts ect…

but yeeeh it took me a full three minutes to realize….  they olddddd…..  I thought this was some deja vu  shizz

get to know me!!

i was tagged by  @oreoasharry thanks for the tag 💕, love you!!

just answer the 20 questions + tag 20 followers/mutuals

Name: queen

Nicknames: queeneh, mom

Zodiac: taurus

Height: 5′5 and ¾ i’m not very tall *sighs*. i blame global warming

Orientation: i’m straight

Nationality: k mainly black af bc this melanin be poppin’ ™ but i’m also white, native american, mexican & a slight asian descent somewhere :-)

Favorite Fruit: peaches, mandarin oranges & apples

Favorite season: fall, it’s never too cold or too wamr it’s like 💯

Favorite book: skinny by donna cooner, it’s really good tbh

Favorite flower: daisies, they’re so adorable

Favorite scent: peppermint & the smell outside after it rains (it has a name that i can’t remember rn)

Favorite color: black, light blue & maroon

Favorite animal: pandas, they’ve been my fav forever 😍

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: damn, that’s like asking me how tf i wanna die!! i can’t choose

Average hours of sleep: lmao what is sleep????

Cat or dog person: DOGS DOGS DOGS DOGS

Favorite fictional character: in a book, tv show or movie? bc books, it’d be emme (take a bow). tv penelope garcia (criminal minds) and movie it’d be trinni (power rangers)

Dream Trip: italy, i’ve always been enchanted by that place and idk why

Blog created: lol i have no clue

Number of followers: somewhere in the 600-700 that’s all i know lol

the mutuals & followers i’m tagging are:

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God, I have a childish sense of humor. It’s cringe and is funny (for me atleast).

Credit: made by the YouTube channel monkeycheese