A couple of years ago, we hiked 8 miles into this scenic canyon, crossing three streams of ice with our packs; the only two souls in the entire gorge. That day we barely missed a storm that loomed ahead of us, perilous bodies of cloud and dark. Revisiting this place, I realized this gorge has a unique silence and a calmness that I’ve not been able to find anywhere else. 

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Imagine it's Barba's birthday and he gorges on cake (cause it's his birthday and he'll do as he pleases) His tum becomes so soft and round eating so much and he has the most satisfied look on his face. (bonus story: imagine it was a cake Carisi made and he's dying because he wants to rub that very full tummy that is straining against his shirt )

Oh yes!
Just very happy and full Barba is all I need.
Also Pre-Barisi Sonny dying when Barba sheepishly admits he might have had a bit too much cake.
Sonny can’t help but glance at Barba’s tum all the time, because it really is fighting against its confines, and poor Sonny feels his pants feel tight for an all together different reason ;)

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Re: the Hux praise prompt: we readers do not mind At All if there is more than one fill for a single prompt. I will read 100x fills for days. I will gorge myself on the metaphorical cakes. God bless prompt-fillers 💖

Thank you anon! 

And WOW you folks are just so encouraging and kind. I didn’t expect anyone to even pay attention to that post, but I woke up this morning with so many messages saying to go for it! 

So I’m just going to get in the kitchen and bake this cake. And maybe a pie too, heck.

Thanks guys, gosh. <3


Went on a 5-day, 1400-mile road trip all over parts of Oregon and Northern California for the first time with my buddy Shaun. We slept in the car, woke up at sunrise to photograph, and stayed up until 3 in the morning to see the Milky Way. In the end, were exhausted and badly in need of a shower, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Various state/national parks in Oregon and California. July 2016. (Instagram)


Multnomah Falls Overlook


Iceland Sunset