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I love the idea of Mogar being so bear-like. He gorges food because he can't understand the concept of accessible resources but his body is super accustomed to the fasting/wolfing cycle he lives through. He is also in love with water. Have you SEEN bears in water? Fucking adorable! Pools become Mogar's favorite places to visit and he will take all chances to flop and splash in pools.

omgomg they’re all on a mission together, sprinting through people’s backyards chasing someone and X-Ray and Vav suddenly realize Mogar’s not with them anymore so they turn around and this fucker is just splashin around in a stranger’s pool while this tiny old woman shrieks at him to get off her property

Was out working with the @outlivecreative crew in the gorge the other day helping with a new short for @lauralawsonvisconti.

Nothing like getting all coffee’d up and hitting the trailhead before sunrise. Expect more awesomeness from these folks in the near future as I team up with them to create more gold.

A couple of these shots involved a drone so you know theres gonna be some super radical behind-the-scenes stuff on the way over on the blog at

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Me again. What's your favourite moment/scene from both Pitch Perfects? You get one from each movie.

pp1: titanium in the shower / in the bellas finals, when they sing “PARTY IN THE USA-A-A” - there’s a beautiful harmony that’s more prevalent in the movie and it’s GORG and the choreo is ON POINT 

pp2: kennedy center performance. specifically,

alright so no watermark because i trust you guys, alright? but i almost put one on there so yeah

she’s my newest OC and belongs to the King’s Quest fandom <33 old and new uvu though im thinking of fitting her in to the new games most O: and honestly i have a lot of ideas for her purpose and backstory but?? i won’t go in to it since like mooossttt of my friends wouldnt get half of what im saying

she doesn’t have a name yet? and i was gonna wait until she had a name to post her bUT I CANT FIGURE A NAME OUT SO. fuck it here she is. nameless mcgee.

i’m thinking things like dionysia/dye? dani? thomasine/tomi? matty? alinaore? guinevere? reeve?idk man KQ is a hard verse to name people in

but here she is <3 my gorg babe <3