If anything, I need to remember this

No boy is going to buy you flowers, at least not right now. Go be yourself, go laugh, go snort, go tuck your hairs behind your ears and have a nice cup of coffee. Treat yourself to brunch and tip the waitress a little extra. Sometimes it’s okay to break down and cry until your eyes are puffy, but afterwards you just gotta pick yourself up and deal with it. Go read for a whole afternoon and forget about your homework. Turn your phone off for the whole day and not think about who is or isn’t texting you. Tell the people that you love that you love them, call them, don’t text. Tell the boy or girl that you like that you like them. What is the worst thing that could happen? You’re almost grown but sometimes it’s fun to be goofy. Go outside and pick flowers, make a crown, put them in a vase or take pictures of them. Never be shy to take a photo, never be afraid to ask strangers to take your photo, even if you’re alone. Please please please travel. Travel when you can and travel by yourself or with people you love. Meet strangers and make them friends, lovers, companions. Do not let anyone tell you how you should live your sexual life. It’s your business, not your parents, not your pastors, not your friends, nobody’s but yours. Never apologize for something you’re not sorry for, and if you do don’t be sorry that you did. Fall in love, fall out of love, if it takes you years to get over it be proud of that, if it takes you weeks be proud of that. Be proud of who you are and what you’ve accomplished, be excited for the great things that are to come. Be happy, please be happy.

words of advice from someone who needs to remember all of these.

I just want to remind everyone that they’re still using the unflattering clubbing pictures of Louis and Briana in all of the articles about this… because in 9+ months there hasn’t been a single other photo of them together.

starwer asked:

Ok imagine everyone thinking that Finn is some scary quarterback and Poe gets partnered with him for a chemistry project and he's like "oh no" but then he sees Finn pull out a bunch of pastel highlighters

t his is so good I always imagined Finn being a linebacker ?? because that stuff gets you wrecked and he has really nice shoulders that have taken a lot of people out and Poe is kind of this bad boy type…….. like he “plays hard to get” with the ladies (except it’s just cause he’s gay) but he’s actually a puddle of mush who loves his dog and his car more than life itself and he gets paired with this big popular kid!! who is intimidating!! and kinda scary and Poe is both a little worried but also intrigued cause this kid is CUTE and he’s like inching away from Finn but Finn sits down and dumps this pile of pastel highlighters on the desk and whispers “the brighter colors hurt my eyes” and Poe knows he’s in trouble for a totally other reason

anonymous asked:

Nico and Will trying to keep their relationship hidden because Nico's still not totally comfortable with the idea of telling everyone that he's gay. Sneaking into the woods after campfire to have some alone time. Late-night make out sessions in the infirmary. Will catching Nico up on all recent movies because /wtf you haven't seen Spider Man/ and having Back to the Future marathons because Will likes to think he's funny. And a few solid months of just them, no one else. (The entire camp knows.)

I love the secret relationship trope because the possibilities like

  • Chancing glances at each other a lot from across the campfire, firelight flickering over both of their faces. And their eyes meet, and there is this jolt of warmth inside their chests, completely unrelated to the fire.
  • Walking close to each other on instinct, their hands brushing between them, and everyone around them watching like “are they gonna do it are they gonna hold hands” until finally one day their pinkies link.
  • Yanking each other into the forest or behind a cabin or into an empty room in the Big House, Will pushing Nico against the wall, Nico pushing his hands into Will’s hair, both trying desperately to quiet their breathing.
  • Lingering kisses, careless and clinging and desperate, because they don’t know when they’ll be able to steal the next one.
  • Nico watching Will when he thinks nobody’s looking at him, memorizing the way Will looks when he’s distracted or puzzled or angry.
  • Will watching Nico in the same way, hiding blushes behind his hands when Nico laughs, because gods, that boy’s smile is like sunshine.

Basically yeah sign me tf up for secret relationships.

show you - body worship calum smut

pairing: calum + y/n

rated: R

word count: 5,496

request: can you do a Calum body worship one (where he’s into worshiping you and maybe helps you discover just how much you like it) maybe some face sitting included? a little rough but also sweet and fluffy if possible but not necessary! you write the most incredible stuff!

a/n: i’m not going to lie when i got this request i was super excited to write it…like this is so calum tbh. hope you like it :-) (also i didn’t proof read because i’m tired it’s so long and i’m lazy ok bye)

- - -

It was the night of an award show, and quite honestly, you had never felt more beautiful. Since you were dating the bassist of one of the most popular bands in the world, you weren’t entirely surprised when a flock of hair and makeup stylists showed up at your apartment and told you that you needed to look the part.

The dress they helped you to pick out clung to your body rather perfectly. It was fitting in all of the right places, shimmering and sparkling against your skin, hitting the floor with a length that made your legs look longer than they really were. Your skin was flawlessly smoothed over with makeup, eyes wide and bold, framed by long lashes. Your heels clicked against the wooden floors quietly after you were finished getting primped and prepared, and when you peeked into Calum’s bedroom, the look on his face made your entire body heat up.

His eyes traced down every inch of your figure, drinking in your appearance for a few sparing moments before he gazed back up, stare locking on yours. He had been sitting at the edge of the bed pulling on some shoes when you walked in, and you couldn’t help but smile when he stilled completely after seeing you.

“Holy shit,” Calum breathed out, lips parting. “Maybe we should just stay in tonight.”

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Undertale’s “Dogsong” as an acoustic guitar duet. :)

hOly fuck