guys can we talk about how fucking great this Padme costume is

like first is says KIDS, not GIRLS, if your son wants to be Padme for Halloween he can and honestly who wouldn’t she’s great

and second the kid’s not like

just standing there looking pretty she’s being extra af holding a blaster bout to pop a cap in Anakin’s ass like yes this is Padme this is what kids should like about Star Wars

Why doesn’t capitalist domination create a society only made up of bourgeois and proletarians? Why doesn’t it eliminate every non-merchant tie and ideal? Not because that system has not (yet) conquered the whole planet. Exact opposite. It’s for two reasons that result from a conquest which started in the 16th century and was completed in the 20th. First, capital never arrives on tatabula rasa. It does not produce itself: it uses human resources laden with history. Even in North America where it made a clean sweep through genocide, it imported complex and strife-ridden European realities.
Secondly, even the country that goes the furthest in turning everything into commodity and wage labour, in reducing family, school, feeling, sex, ideas, art and politics to money relations, and which likes to think of itself as liberated from archaic constraints and tensions, periodically goes back to supposedly outmoded practices: it restricts free competition, infringes on parliamentary and civil rights, puts a clampdown on strikes and collective bargaining, and reinvents protectionism. These backlashes are a modern effect of the reality that’s come to be central to our societies: the labour-capital connection, and the necessity for capital to master labour, in forms that are never definitive.
—  Troploin, In for a Storm