About a week ago the blog’s two year anniversary passed and I completely forgot until now! I have no idea how I could forget that.

It has been a wonderful two years with you guys and you have all been very supportive in both my art and putting up with my stupid rants. I hope we can keep going for another two and all keep improving together!

Thankyou to all my followers, old and new. I appreciate all of you and I never imagined I’d have so many.

*nudges boyfriend at 3 AM* pretty fucked up that we assume that slenderman is a boy. it’s an entity. chad? wake up chad. listen. it’s sexless


okay, but. listen to this. thanks, buzzfeed.

There are a lot of ways the last upd8 before the Omegapause could have gone. It could not have gone better, I think. 

ALL of the dead trolls were brought back. Eridan, Nepeta, Equius, Aradia, Sollux. (I mean, they’re still dead, but probably active in the Ghost Army [see living Aradia/Sollux standing behind Eridan]. If not, then they’re at least happy now, it seems.) 

ALL of the Game Over kids have returned. (Same as above.)

(Vriska) has found a true ‘gal pal’ who won’t ditch her because she’s changed, and [Game Over] Terezi has a chance at feeling complete. 

This is the best way for the Omegapause to have begun.