I was gonna do a whole rewatch of the premiere and give my thoughts but several hours of OT, my yard and neighborhood beat up by a thunderstorm, and just generally not feeling it have me rethinking that decision but basically:

I really, really enjoyed it, good premiere, excited about everything in it even the Regina and Zelena’s storylines.

Wish Snow had talked to her daughter. I will keep wishing this.

Killian breaks my heart. I can’t handle his face. He was looking fine AF but also quietly sad and it was hurtful. I’m tearing up so I’m moving on.

I still want to punch Oracle girl.

Oded Fehr is a fox. I like ‘em.

Hyde is amazing. Sam Witwer is kicking ass and I want him to stay forever. I like 'em.

Rumbelle Sprout/Morpheus/Baby Luke Perry was adorbs. I’m sad he probably won’t be back.

That was a super clever way of breaking Belle’s curse, two thumbs up. Adam and Eddy’s apparent daddy issues are slightly alarming to me though if even fetuses have them on this show.

Hope Emma and Hook can fuck soon.

Gonna be a tough TV season this year. SIGH.

All my ships have been massacred!

Olicity- aargh! what a mess…. I don’t think I even have the heart to watch this season of Arrow.

Coliver- Connor and Oliver’s break-up made zero sense! And frankly that scares me. It better not be one of them that’s under the sheet.

Rumbelle- I don’t watch OUAT anymore but I do keep in touch with what’s going on with them. They just keep getting worse and worse there’s like no hope that the writing will ever get better.

Outlaw Queen- He’s obliterated so nothing left to say.

Jim and Leslie- Who knows if Morena will be back to filming any time soon. Plus, Gotham doesn’t focus much on romance so….

Jeller- Weller is having a kid with another woman, Kurt and Jane don’t trust one another and Jane may betray them again soon.

WestAllen- He changed everything and even if Barry manages to fix FP soon I don’t trust the writers to do right by them. Something else will come between Barry and Iris. And frankly, Barry doesn’t deserve Iris till he grows up.

Captain Canary- He’s dead. If Wentworth Miller shows up again it will only be temporary.

Oy vey. Why me?????? Last year I had such a good year for my ships and now? Hopefully the season ends with my ships being at a better place.

The only one of my ships that looks like is gonna be happy is Steroline. And even that I don’t completely trust.

Maybe I should just stick to books haha.

anonymous asked:

Absolutely agree with you posture on every single thing re: Coliver's break up!!! I am glad there's people that saw in that scene and in those action all that I perceived! Would it be too much if I ask for a little post- break up scene fic? Just something that reflect were you think (or want) both characters are going to be mentally and how they are gonna deal with each other's presence for now! Thank you! I love you ( "I love you so much" :( ) Sorry, can't get that scene out of my head ;)

Hope this is okay!! Idk if this is what you wanted and I’m not too pleased with it but what can ya do right?

In which Connor is in denial and Oliver is conflicted…

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But can we please just talk about this fetus video of 5sos (pre-ashton) playing Everything I Want and Luke crying throughout the video and michael trying to cheer him up and calum playing lead guitar and I’M JUST AN EMOTIONAL MESS NO ONE TOUCH ME

bad idea starters.
  • ❛on a scale of one to ten… how illegal do you think doing this is?❜
  • ❛okay, but, consider this: i don’t care. i’m gonna do it.❜
  • ❛there are certain moments where i consider you someone with brilliant ideas and a good future. this is not one of those moments.❜
  • ❛how hard is it to do a wheelie on a motorcycle? how many feet can you go, doing a wheelie, without crashing?❜
  • ❛it’s three in the morning and i’m bored and you’re the only one awake. let’s break into a gas station store.❜
  • ❛is it a bad idea to use mountain dew instead of milk in your cereal?❜
  • ❛i heard if you suck up enough helium, your voice starts to sound really squeaky… wanna go buy some balloons?❜
  • ❛can you cook bacon with a hair straightener? asking for a friend.❜
  • ❛yes, i did beat him up and i will not apologize.❜
  • ❛complaining helps the situation, like, not at all.❜
  • ❛sooooo, i kind of adopted a puppy.❜
Shiro headcanons with Josh Keaton
  • Shiro headcanons with Josh Keaton

In which the spectacular Josh Keaton (Shiro’s va) talks Shiro’s time in captivity; breaks my heart a little bit  

(Taken from the Let’s Voltron podcast. Listen to the full interview, which I highly recommend doing, over here)


“Batman knew going into it that I wasn’t a puppet—that I’d cut any strings I felt were pulling at me too hard.” —Arkham Knight: Genesis #2


Cesare x Lucrezia Meme - {1/5} bittersweet moments

I would ask you something. Then ask, and it is yours.

It breaks my heart to know how many suicidal babes are walking around hurting without anyone aware. I know life is shit rn, so I’m not gonna be a broken record telling you it’ll get better.
What I will tell you is that how you feel is okay. Being not okay is okay. Feeling sad is okay. Being down is okay. Go through whatever pain you gotta go through, take however long you need to to heal, and then beat the shit out of those inner demons so you can blossom and grow