Check, Please! Lockscreens Part 2/?  - B. Shitty Knight (With A Little Help From His Friends)


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ask-the-diabolik-brothers  asked:

What are your guy's phone backgrounds~? Omg it would be so cute if they have like their backgrounds as each other xD

Mun: Tbh it is sort of like that~ xP I’m gonna do their lock screen and their phone wallpaper since Ayano owns an iPhone and I’m just gonna say that Subaru does too, at least in my AU. so yeah 2 different backgrounds xD Your asks are so creative!! :O I’ve never even thought of this before lmao xP Also I don’t really have pictures for their actual wallpapers yet since, I have to draw them so let me live xD 

Ayano: “Haaai~” *grabs a rose gold phone from on top of Subaru’s coffin and turns it on* “So, my lockscreen is a picture of my cat Momo! I took this when Subaru-kun and I went to France to visit her~ And thennnn…” *Unlocks her phone and shows the normal wallpaper* “My regular background is a picture of us together~! I actually got him to smile for this one, still blushing though~” *Smiles down lovingly at her screen before turning her phone back off* “Okay! Now it’s your turn Subaru-kun~”

Subaru: “What is it their business to see my phone? Tch, I’m not showing it.” 

Ayano: “Ah..! Of course you can’t show it! I forgot I had it! Oops~” c; *Dangles a black phone in front of his face* “I know your pass code too~ it’s the date of my birthday!” 

Subaru: “Ha?! O-Oi! How did you..!? Give it back to me! Oi! How the hell do you know that?! I’ve told you before not to touch my stuff! Damn it… I’ll have to change it later…”

Ayano: “It’s not hard to guess really~” *Ignores him and continues to turn his phone on* “His lockscreen is a picture of his beautiful roses~ so artsy and poetic!” xP “and his wallpaper is…? a picture of me holding a kitten..! Awww~ I didn’t even know you took this picture Subaru-kun!” ^///^

Subaru: “Tch shut up and give it!” *Grabs his phone back grumbling while looking away* “I took it last time we went to the pet shop…” >.>

Ayano: “So desu ka~? Did you take any more? Can I see them??” owo *Starts to reach for his phone again*

Subaru: “N-No! I didn’t! There’s nothing else to see!” *Stuffs his phone quickly back into his pocket* “It’s none of your damn business!” 

Ayano: “Hm? Mou… Why can’t I see them?” TnT “Heheheheh… That’s okay I’ll just take your phone while you’re asleep then” >:)

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Okay but your lockscreens lately have been BOSS AF??? Like I'm liking and downloading every single one??? Loving the work you guys! ❤️❤️

Awh, thank you so much honey! We’re all so glad you guys are enjoying our hard work xx. Personally, I’m gonna be changing my lockscreen every day at this rate lol :)

- Amanda


A very long time ago @oceanoflouis @larrypaynes and @hogwartzlou tagged me to post my lockscreen and background, thank you guys! ✨

Since I can’t take screenshots in my phone I’m just gonna post the original pics, I have an android so my lockscreen and background is the same (the rainbow flag) so I decided to post my whatsapp background instead (the bisexual flag)

I’m gay as fuck and sadly I can’t really shout it from the rooftops, so this is like my way to show that I’m very gay and very bisexual and proud of it 🌈🌈🌈

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