Matching Ink (Soulmate AU)

From the time he was old enough to spell the word ‘love,’ Jack had dreamed about someday finding a soulmate of his own. The way the system worked was pretty simple, everyone was born with a tattoo on their ankle that was completely unique to them. Anytime you fell in love with someone, that person’s tattoo would appear somewhere on your body. You knew you had found your soulmate when you had each other’s tattoos. Jack’s tattoo was, unironically, a clover, but it had five leaves instead of four. 

Jack could remember being in elementary school, having little crushes but never anything strong enough for him to acquire their mark. He remembered being in middle school, all of his friends getting into relationships and him wondering if he would ever find his soulmate. Then high school,when Jack had his first girlfriend. After a few months of dating he found his tattoo on the back of her arm. He searched his body for hours, but found no new tattoo. He told her that he did love her, but it was hard for him to truly fall in love with someone.

Fast forward to present day, and Jack had a successful youtube channel, and he was very happy. He had pushed the whole soulmate thing to the back of his mind, but every time he heard about someone who had found their destined partner, he felt empty. He had tried for years, but all he was left with was his own little clover. His sadness was soon the last thing on his mind, replaced with excitement at the upcoming event. He was about to go to Indy PopCon and meet his good friend Mark, for the first time in person. 

Jack and Mark had been collaborating and talking over skype for a little while now, and Jack couldn’t contain himself at the thought of finally getting to meet him. Jack was packing his bags and talking to Mark over the phone about when his flight would land in L.A. It was getting late, so Jack said goodbye to Mark and collapsed onto his bed. Jack sighed and closed his eyes, falling asleep at the thought of Mark holding him close.

Jack woke up early the next morning to go to the airport. He hated getting up when the sun was still this low, but seeing Mark and his other friends would make it worthwhile. 

After the longest flight of his life, Jack finally touched down in L.A. He took in a deep breath as he stepped off the plane, making his way to the exit. It only took a second to spot the bright pink patch of floof in the crowded airport. Jack jogged over to Mark and was pulled into a crushing hug, he could barely breathe, but he didn’t want it to end.

“It’s so good to see you!” Mark said, separating them and looking at Jack with the eyes of an excited puppy. “This is gonna be a great weekend.”

“Well I’ve only got three days so we better get started now,” Jack laughed.

“Are you sure you don’t want to rest first?”

“And waste the little time I’ve got with yeh? I don’t think so.”

Mark laughed and tried to force the red out of his cheeks. He took Jack’s suitcase and practically dragged him by the arm out to Mark’s car. They got to his apartment and Jack felt almost overwhelmed. Not only was he meeting Mark for the first time, he was actually in the place where Mark lived.

“I know it’s not much but…”

“I love it.”

Mark smiled at Jack’s wonderment, and found himself getting lost in Jack’s gleaming eyes. 

“You probably want to shower after traveling for so long.”

“That would be great actually, yeh have no idea how much I hate airports.”

Mark carried Jack’s bags to the guest room and showed him where the bathroom was. Jack turned on the shower and stood in silence, letting the water run across his back. He looked down, and felt his heart stop. He saw a tattoo that definitely wasn’t his own on the side of his hip. “Holy shi… When did I?” Jack got out of the shower to examine his new ink. it was a simple tattoo, looking like a geometric cube. Jack stared at it as he seemed frozen in time, unable to make any noise that resembled talking. He had finally fallen for someone, and he knew exactly who it was.

Mark was sitting on the couch with his legs propped up when Jack came back downstairs. The very first thing Jack did was scan Mark’s ankle. Of course, the little cube decorated his friend’s foot, and Jack thought he would be sick. He had finally loved someone, and that someone just so happened to be his best friend. “You okay Jackaboy?” Mark had noticed Jack blankly staring.

“Uh yeah, I-I’m fine.” Jack moved over to the couch and sat down next to Mark.

“You’re not, I can tell. You know you can tell my anything right?”

Jack sighed, “Don’t worry yerself Mark, I’m jus tired.”

“Well then you go ahead and go to sleep, I need you awake for the event tomorrow.” Mark messed with Jack’s hair.

“Yer probably right, g’night Markimoo.” Jack said, earning a laugh from Mark, a sound that Jack could never get tired of.

The next morning, Mark was the first to wake up. He decided to let Jack sleep until he absolutely had to get up. Mark went downstairs and made breakfast and coffee, almost dropping his cup when he noticed the tiny ink clover on his forearm. Realization hit him like a bus, he knew where he’d seen that tattoo before. Mark was terrified of Jack finding out, so he changed into a long-sleeve shirt and went to wake Jack up, acting as calm as he could. He eased the door open, and found what could easily be mistaken for a sleeping angel. He walked over to the side of the bed, and saw that Jack was only half covered by the blankets, his shirt riding up on his torso. Then he saw it. The tiny cube on Jack’s side. He knew what he had to do.

“Hey, hey Jack, time to get up.” Mark gently shook his sleeping friend. Jack only groaned back, slowly opening his eyes. “Good morning sleepy head.” Jack only stretched and smiled in response, before remembering his new ink and quickly pulling his shirt back down. Mark stopped his hand before he could cover the tattoo, evading Jack’s eyes. Jack sat up in bed. ‘Uh Mark?”

Mark’s words were stuck in his throat. He couldn’t think of anything to say. All he could do, was push his sleeve back and hold his forearm out in front of Jack.  Jack instantly recognized the five leaves, and felt relief wash over him. He looked back up at Mark, who was staring holes into the floor. He turned Mark’s face to look at him, and the next thing Mark felt was soft lips against his. Mark wrapped his arms around Jack and closed as much space as possible between them. After what seemed like years and seconds at the same time, the kiss ended, and they stared into each other’s eyes. Mark rubbed his thumb across the cube on Jack’s hip and sighed. “You probably already know this but… I love you, and god it feels good to say that.”

“I love yeh too ya doof. But we should probably get going.”

Mark took Jack’s hand and they went downstairs to eat breakfast. This was gonna be a great weekend.

Here’s the Nickelodeon schedule from Monday, June 26 to Sunday, July 2.

Since it’s 4th of July weekend, Nick is going all out on Spongebob. Friday at 8 has the premiere of Sponge Out of Water, while Saturday and Sunday consist of Loud House in the early morning and the rest of the day dedicated to both Spongebob movies as well as Spongebob specials and some of the more recent episodes. So if you really like Spongebob, you’re gonna have a great 4th of July weekend.

Outside of that, Monday to Wednesday has one-hour specials at 7:30 PM and Friday has Loud House and Spongebob filling up Henry Danger’s usual timeslot.

Game Shakers, Regal Academy and School of Rock are still MIA, but TMNT and Bunsen is a Beast have also joined the unscheduled party. However, Shakers, Rock, and TMNT are expected to come back next week.

Also of note, Nick USA has just uploaded the pilot for their next Nicktoon, Welcome to the Wayne. I strongly recommend all of my followers, if you are legally able to watch it, to check it out. It’s funny, smart, and has a really cool mystery. I’d hate for the show to end on a cliffhanger or without all of the answers revealed, so I implore you all to watch it online and when the show actually airs.


The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water: Fri. 8 PM


1. Spongebob: 108 - 56%

2. The Loud House: 51 - 26%

3. Alvinnn!!!: 10 - 5%

Tonight I’m performing with a group of all-lgbt improvisers including bob… tomorrow I’m working the box office for the Pride hootenanny and a drag show…. Sunday Im marching with em all… gonna be a great weekend 🌈


Let’s say you’re at the airport, and you’re waiting for your bags. And you’re at baggage claim, and you’re waiting and waiting and your bag is not coming…

Optimism is, ‘My bag is gonna come no matter what!’

Reckless optimism is, ‘Well, if my bag doesn’t come, I’m gonna have a great weekend anyway.’

It’s accepting the reality of your circumstance and still choosing to have a positive outlook.

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Birds-eye view, Awake the stars ‘cuz they're all around you!

I’ve noticed over the last few months I’ve been so unhappy/unsatisfied with my life. I was just so unhappy with what I was seeing when I looked at what was in front of and around me. No matter what happened or what I did, everything was just wrong. I felt like as a person I was just wrong.
But I finally stopped wishing for seasons when I live in LA, a launch without a trigger or success without a story and I found that I actually love my life again. If it’s hot out, I swim at the beach or go for a walk. Even if it’s November haha. If someone else gets an opportunity I wanted really bad, I try to wish them well and realize I would get it if I were meant to get it. I started writing again and it felt sooooooo GOOD.
Idk I just realized I was slipping into my old, juvenile mindset that your life is supposed to be something other than what it is. Like I’m obviously where I’m supposed to be in this moment and if I want to be somewhere else, I can work toward that and get there tomorrow. But I don’t have to change everything RIGHT NOW and get to the top in a heart beat!!! Haha and the few people who actually pull that off fall off in the same small amount of time it took them to get there. So I’m gonna take my time and enjoy the ride and do it on my own terms in my own way. Going slow and making mistakes along the way is how you learn to get it right next time around, which is usually when it actually matters. I don’t want to take the bullet train to success with some stuffy old people telling me what to sing and what to wear and what I must and must not do. Some of my favorite artists made it to the moon and stars without any of that and I’m so proud of them and I wanna do the same thing they did. I can’t live my life any other way, I simply cannot do that to myself. I know who I am and who I want to be. Sometimes I fall into this dark pit and I get trapped inside my head and things seem really hopeless but I make it out every time and I know things are never even half as bad as they seem. So if you’re in that place right now, TALK TO SOMEONE. Get OUT of your head and let your thoughts be known so people can tell you how crazy you’re being!! Haha things are gonna be better than okay, they’re gonna be great. Enjoy your weekend and take the wheel. This is YOUR life. YOU are in the drivers seat! Decide what you want and go get it! :)