haha ok, ive already talked about this a little bit but it’s worth bringing up again.

there is no “dippy fresh” equivalent in reunion falls, exactly. no overenthusiastic 90s kid version, anyway. the fake pacifica in mabel’s bubble is essentially a lovey-dovey hopeless romantic who’s obsessed with her girlfriend and is always sweet and doting, like a girl version of mabel’s “perfect boy” fantasies, but without any of the sass and personality that make pacifica who she is. also she’s equally as annoying as dippy fresh.

these drawings are from a few months ago but whatever. (there’s also a fake dipper in the bubble, of course. actually a series of fake dippers!)


My name is Whitney, and this is my very first post on my this fatshion blog. 

Here are things about me.

I’m fat. I’m black. Queer. 19. Poor. I love to read and write. I like netflix when I can pay for it  and junk food. I like to cook and watch movies. I like fatshion. I like to call myself a quiet extrovert. Body positive is my thing. I battle with depression. I’m inside my head a lot. I speak my mind and I am very honest. I lurk on people’s intsa’s and like all of their pictures from months ago. I wear whatever I like and what I feel I can afford at the  moment. I will post as often as I can. 

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pics are about a month old by tiffany