This isn’t a very good photo but it is from the new trailer released and I really think this could be the scene where it changes from sex and a game to love! Alex posted on her Instagram about a month ago a photo of a restaurant overlooking London and she was filming there, it was during the day and this is at night but I think that she and Jasper could possibly go to dinner for whatever reason, maybe to talk everything out somewhere other than the palace, and end up spending a long time there and at some point it turns romantic! Any thought?

“I retired six months ago. I moved from five acres in Texas to a small apartment in Harlem, and I just love it. I can do whatever I want, all day long. This morning I explored the Garment District. Right now I’m going home to eat some chicken and waffles with my neighbor. Tonight I’ll probably smoke some pot.”


To Find A Family (DCBB 2015)

Author: linasane (leatherandfeathersandfluff) | Artist: feredir

When Dean’s little brother gets taken away, he’s expecting the fight that ensues.  He’s expecting the stress that comes from separation, expecting to do all he can to get Sammy back from whatever awful foster family he’s been placed with.  He’s not expecting Castiel Novak.

(Castiel, in turn, isn’t expecting his first foster child - five years old and angry - to be the one that leads him to the family he’s always wanted, but life has a funny way of working itself out).

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Oingo Boingo - Back To School

Craiglist (or whatever similar site) Masterpost

I finally found this really informative post, been searching this for weeks. This is from an awesome longtime SB with really great advice posts @itsnecolbitch, whom already deactivated her account few months ago. Enjoy!!

Are you ready to give craigslist a try? Here are some ads that I have used in the past that worked for me. Pick any of them to choose from.

1. Undeniable Moments- (Insert City Here)

Would you like for me to spice up your night? Lets go out to dinner and lets have a great time. I have went on a few dates but I felt not only something was missing but also my time being wasted. Have you ever felt that way before? Would you like to meet a woman who is exciting and that you hit it off with mutually?

I would like to be spoiled.

2. It’s Never Too Late For Happy Hour- (Insert City Here)

You’re in the middle of a hectic project and you would like to go out for an evening or two. You are in fear of going alone. You don’t have to be afraid anymore as this is when I come to the picture. Your personal social butterfly is here to rescue you. Do you accept this challenge?

3. 777, Jackpot- (Insert City Here)

I am an attractive young lady. My goal is to meet a gentleman and I just hope that chivalry still exists. He must be well traveled as i love to talk about different destinations. I am interested in art, golf, and trying the best restaurants that (insert city) has to offer.

What you’ll learn about me is that I am an elegant individual with a sense of style.

Please be at least 35-55, as I prefer my men older.

4. Lonely Lunches & Dull Dinners- (Insert City Here)

I enjoy to be your oasis, you can forget the issues of everyday life in. I will be happy to experience times of adventure with you, and discover new worlds with you. When we are together, I’ll make you the center of your universe. I will be devoted to satisfying your desires. Just let the rhythm flow through your mind, body and spirit.

I’m not opposed to refreshing yet exciting experiences that make me grow as a person and evolve my professional possibilities. My primary goal is to find a gentleman who is sincere, honest and charitable.

5. Fountain Of Youth- (Insert City Here)

My ideal gentleman is someone who is financially secure as well as intelligent, older and knows how to keep a woman happy. If you are interested in leading more about this exciting opportunity let’s go out for drinks.

6. Discrete Daddy Wanted- (Insert City Here)

A little bit about myself, I am nice, have a bubbly personality, not to mention, I am a spicy, sassy, sweet, sexy petite mixed creature. I would like to be taken care of. Does it sound like you? If so, please email me. Gracias!

7. Establish An Agreement- (Insert City Here)

I enjoy the company of ambitious, successful, gentlemen. I thrive when expectations are clear and well defined in the beginning letting the rest take care of itself as it all unfolds.

I am seeking a gentleman who desires the benefits of companionship, without the entanglements of a traditional relationship. I would like to be spoiled and pampered.

8. The Ambiance- (Insert City Here)

People tell me I have an exotic look. Natural beauty by day, and dressed to the nines at night. I love the finest things life has to offer and will not settle for less. I am ready for fun and ultimately looking for one person to share my life with. I am attracted to powerful men. Honesty and loyalty are very important to me. I love black tie events, the opera, movies, both domestic and international travel, exotic/luxury cars, golfing, skiing and shopping. I believe in chivalry, romance, and sensuality.

I know what I want and when I find it, I will be off the market.

I spend my free time searching for the man of my dreams. He is worldly, educated, classy, fun, and sexy. A man that enjoys taking care of himself and the woman he is crazy about. A man that loves to travel, both planned and spontaneous.

9. Intelligence Is The Ultimate Aphrodisiac- (Insert City Here)

Don’t open the bottle of wine just yet. Just wait. Aren’t you missing something? No, I’m not talking about the appetizers or the main dish. You are missing, me.

My world is rich and diverse. My standards are high. I reserve the right to say no to invitations when appropriate.

I am most definitely not opposed to seeking an arrangement with a gentleman who is diplomatic, refined, exceptional and a philanthropic. You be will be impressed with my confidence along with my presence. I can’t wait to meet you.

10. Dinner With A Beautiful Woman- (Insert City Here)

I am a woman who enjoys having a man truly be a man and a provider. I like spending my time with a mature individual who knows how to treat a woman, and he knows how to make the most of each moment we spend together.

I am seeking a successful man who is interested in exploring a relationship that is mutually beneficial. I want to meet an individual who is open to new things and enjoying quality time.

After you have posted your ad, it’s time to play the waiting game.

You’ve got a response! What’s next? If it sounds intriguing, you can either do two things:

1. Send a personalized email about yourself and what you are looking for OR you can use my example spam message but of course you would have to reword it and it goes like this:

“Thank you so much for responding to my ad. I would love to get to know you better and hopefully you’ll give me the opportunity to do so. I hope you don’t mind my age as I am _____ years old, however I do consider myself as a young face with an old soul, therefore, I am comfortable in any setting. If you don’t mind me asking what exactly is your occupation because I do consider myself as an entrepreneur. I can’t wait to hear back from you.”

After you send that and he replies again, that means you are in there for scheduling a date. Remember to agree to meet at a public place.

Bonus tips: You are allowed to post at least 5 ads a day, so please post, never feel discouraged when they flag it.

1. Be very firm when they ask you what exactly you are looking for. When they ask, do not be shy. Tell him exactly this: At this time, I am looking for a gentleman who isn’t opposed to exploring a relationship that is rather mutually beneficial to as I have done something like this before and the experience was great to where I would like to try again. If he doesn’t know what that means, do not delete his email. Explain to him that in other words you are seeking a sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangement.

Good luck ladies!

13 Nuggets of Advice Before 2013 Ends

I’m not an expert on life. I’m not a Buddha statue. I’m just a girl who has gone through some life experiences in 2013 that is going to pass on these wisdom nuggets to you like it’s that videotape from The Ring. Take it or leave it, but this is what 2013 taught me, and I think I’ll have a better 2014 for it:

1. The next thing will be better. It always is. Jobs, relationships, apartments, whatever. Your next chapter is going to be better than this one. Don’t worry that it’s ending.

2. People show you who they really are. If someone left a bad impression 6 months ago, and they are crawling back into your life now, guess what? You already know what’s going to happen, because they showed you their true colors. People change a bit, sure, but typically not overnight, and typically not without going through some THANGS. Don’t settle for the familiar because you’re hoping it changed for the better.

3. The moment you give up is the moment it all was going to go your way. I swear it, I SWEAR IT. Make goals and do not give up. The last big push you give is going to change your life.

4. Don’t lower your standards. Don’t settle. If you want to be treated a certain way, if you have a perfected image in your mind, don’t lower your standards because it’s easier. Wait for the right thing, you’ll know it when you see it. 

5. Good credit is better than cash on hand. If you come into money, pay off your credit cards/student loans. When you need the good credit for a new laptop, trust me, it’ll be better than having half the money in cash to have a decent credit score.

6. While we’re talking finances, save your receipts. Taxes are a real whopper once you hit mid-twenties.

7. You’ll survive. I had some of the best and worst days of my life in 2013. Truly. And guess what? The world didn’t stop for either. Take a deep breath. Drink a hot beverage. You’ll make it. 

8. Sleep is of the utmost importance. I’m realizing now that nothing exceptional ever happened at 3 a.m. on a Wednesday. Sleep can ease depression, reduce inflammation, and generally make you happier. Don’t waste it because you think you’re missing out. You’re not.

9. Be with someone who loves you–not the way being with you makes them look. This was a BIG LESSON this year. If you’re a talking point, an entry point, or any other point besides just being a delightful human being to your significant other, then you should move on. 

10. Failing makes you a better person. People who haven’t worked hard for anything in life never appreciate anything and ultimately will never be happy. It’s true; there are people who have had it too good, and will never see what they truly have because of it. Those setbacks will make your little victories so much sweeter.

11. Only compete with yourself. When I stopped caring about other peoples’ benchmarks, I saw what I had to offer the world and figured out how to share it. Be the very best version of yourself, and work to be better every day.

12. Take your time. I’m still so impatient. I don’t drag things out–it’s just not my style. However, a lot can be saved or improved simply by slowing down and giving yourself an extra hour or day. 

13. Let people help you. I don’t care if it’s not a friend, if it is your best friend’s enemy, if it’s someone you’re not sure you want to be around–if they offer to help, they are doing you a favor. Don’t say no unless their help will stop you from reaching your goals. Anybody willing to give you their time is a blessing. Treat it as such and accept it.

Happy New Year. Prepare to have an incredible 2014.


May has always been a month of surrender.

These words from God to me a year ago today still ring true: 

“You can run into My arms. Here will be rest. It’s just you and Me now. This was just a shadow that will give way to the ultimate Reality of Me and My love for you. I know this hurts, and I know the ripping seams unbearable. But remember what this was pointing to. Whatever the end could have been, it would have been momentary, and swallowed up by Life. I am all in all. Come to Me. I know you’re the most heavy laden you’ve ever been. Come to Me. I will give you rest for your heart and soul.” 

Thankful to be living with @jaymccaffrey and sharing this beautiful morning with her on a day drenched by surrender. Thank you for being creative with me. Check out her tumblr here

Shot on the FujixT1 23mm


haha ok, ive already talked about this a little bit but it’s worth bringing up again.

there is no “dippy fresh” equivalent in reunion falls, exactly. no overenthusiastic 90s kid version, anyway. the fake pacifica in mabel’s bubble is essentially a lovey-dovey hopeless romantic who’s obsessed with her girlfriend and is always sweet and doting, like a girl version of mabel’s “perfect boy” fantasies, but without any of the sass and personality that make pacifica who she is. also she’s equally as annoying as dippy fresh.

these drawings are from a few months ago but whatever. (there’s also a fake dipper in the bubble, of course. actually a series of fake dippers!)
BuzzFeed writer’s harassment just the latest example of why Twitter is broken for women
Editor and writer shut down her account after receiving abusive tweets over her call for story pitches from non-white, non-male contributors

A social media firestorm has erupted after Scaachi Koul, an editor and writer for BuzzFeed Canada, shut down her Twitter account after several days of being slammed with abusive tweets.

The circumstances of her departure from the service – being harassed by a group of people who mostly identify as men or with so-called men’s rights issues and use the network’s features to shout whatever they want at whomever they want – were utterly typical in some ways. And yet what happened to Ms. Koul was not the product of one bad weekend. It was the almost inevitable climax to a crescendo of negativity that began months ago for her and that happens to thousands of women every day on all sorts of platforms, but particularly on Twitter.

What exactly happened here? On Feb. 18, Ms. Koul, an editor and writer at BuzzFeed Canada, asked her social media followers to submit pitches for freelance writing opportunities: “Would you like to write longform for @BuzzFeedCanada? WELL YOU CAN. We want pitches for your Canada-centric essays & reporting,” she wrote, followed by a second Tweet: “@BuzzFeedCanada would particularly like to hear from you if you are not white and not male.”

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Lemme tell you a lil somethin’ bout Infinitelooper

I only just found out about this site like a month ago, but I can’t even remember how I functioned without it before I knew about it

Got a song you wanna listen to over and over, but ya don’t got it on iTunes or whatever you use to listen to stuff? Tired of having to stop what you’re doing to replay a song on youtube? Wanna listen a song so far into the ground that within a week you’ll get physically sick from hearing it?

This nifty site not only will seamlessly loop almost ANY youtube video, but you can use the sliders to actually CHOOSE how much of said video you want to hear.

Don’t wanna have to keep finding the video url to input it into the looper? This site remembers the last TWENTY FIVE videos you played, and all are automatically accessible. It even remembers when you watched them and how long ago they were last listened to.

Listen to ANYTHING. Music, speeches, ambient noise, ANYTHING. There’s even a Most Looped of the Day section that shows what’s trending, and a Most Looped of All Time section that includes Yakety Sax for some reason?

This shit’s a godsend, people. 


Prompt: Telling Carl he looks kind of hot with his eyepatch and one thing leads to another.

Pairing: Carl x Reader

Warning: Fingering, both are 15, read if you please!

Word count: 697 words

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The Joker x Reader *Your day*

The Joker came up with the idea a while ago: from time to time you will have ”your day”, which means that for 12 hours you can do whatever you want. Sometimes it happens twice a month, sometimes weeks and weeks go by and…nothing. He secretly likes to make you happy but he wouldn’t admit it even if his life depends on it. A real sweetheart.   T__T

(warning: a bit of smut)

“Princess, today’s your day.” His raspy voice comes from behind you, his breath on your shoulder, waiting for your reaction.

You’re sitting on the couch, reading a magazine, bored to death. You quickly lift your head up, turning to see him, full of hope.

“Oh my God, J, like…for reals?”

“For reals,” he confirms, grinning his silver teeth at you.

You scream, tossing the magazine to the side, pulling him for a fast kiss, then you push him back and you get off the couch.

“That’s all I get?” he complains with a puzzled look on his face. Oh, he’s such a little jerk, he knows what follows.

“Hold on, let me get dressed, I’ll be back in a sec, Puddin. “

You are soooooo excited; you didn’t have your day in almost three months. You run to your closet and get your skimpy favorite outfit out that you like to wear for such…occasions: a tight red and green t-shirt (your and his favorite colors) barely going down halfway your abs , short enough to reveal your “Property of Joker” huge tattoo spread across your pelvis, plus the matching really short shorts with your name printed in the front and his printed on the back. Add the high hills and…you’re done.

You go back in the living room, and he sits on his chair, waiting, playing with his gold chains.

“Under 5 minutes, Princess, I’m impressed. I should let you have your day more often, this way you get ready in time,” he mocks you.

“Whatever Mister J,” you roll your eyes while sprinting towards him and landing on his lap. “First thing on my list, always,” you whisper, pulling down on his bottom lip with your finger, teasing him a bit before you start kissing him passionately.

-  First thing on your list is always making out with J for about half an hour. The reason why? He usually would do it for about 10, 15 minutes and then… well, you can imagine with him being such an impatient man. When it’s your day he can’t stop until you stop. Ha! Sucker! For sure taking advantage of this. You know it’s about time to put an end to it when your lips go numb. His hands are all over you and you know what he wants but it’s not going to happen right now. You have more stuff to do and can’t waste time, otherwise you’ll be trapped in the bedroom all day.

He growls, unhappy, trying to pull you back when you part from his mouth and you know better than to let him snitch you. You dodge his hand and walk backwards, licking on your lips so you can get some feeling back into them; they feel so red and swollen, just like his. You let out a devilish snicker (and you know you’ll pay for all of it later), encouraging him to get up so you can finally leave the penthouse.

“Come on, babeee, I wanna have fun out there, come on, pleasseeeee?”

“Damn it, it’s your day, I guess,” he gives up, frustrated, because he has to. He came up with the stupid thing anyway and now he can’t take it back. You smile to yourself watching him walk a bit funny towards the elevator. You almost feel sorry for him. Almost…

To compensate, you let him give you a few hickeys on the way down, this way he feels like he’s getting some revenge on you.

-   Next thing on your list is shopping and actually paying for the stuff you like. The Joker pouts and has a tantrum because his Pumpkin shouldn’t do such a common, boring thing as paying for stuff. But what are you supposed to do with all the money you have anyway?!

-  Since you are out during the day, you are using a black, unmarked car and you ask him to take you in Gotham woods at your favorite spot so he can speed and race. OMG, you love speed. He drives like a demon through the paved road, mostly deserted since Mister J bought the property last year and closed it down to the public. He does cookies and spins too and you love it until it starts to make you nauseated.

“OK, Puddin, I think I’m good now!” you let him know with a grimace. “I’m starting to get sick.”

“Lightweight!” J snickers, still doing a few more doughnuts while you dig your nails in his arm, yelling at him to stop. He can be such a stubborn ass sometimes. Thank God his rampage doesn’t last for longer.

-  You go to the movies and he rents a whole screening room just for the two of you. You wanted to watch a scary movie and he wanted to watch you get naked but you win because it’s your day and you have plans. He frowns for the length of the whole movie, arms crossed on his chest, not even looking your way until the end. Jeez, sometimes you feel you live with a 5 year old. You sigh and you have to be the bigger person (again) and give him your neck for more hickeys. That seems to please him, but you’re sure you will regret it in a little bit. In fact, you already are, your skin looks like a bruised up minefield.

-  Late lunch with Frost and his new girlfriend. You really like her since she’s your sister. They both seem to stare at your love bites that you don’t even try to hide. You like to wear them with pride, like battle wounds. People need to know how you suffer. Small talk going on, she lifts her eyebrows, pointing her lips towards your hickeys and you sigh, rolling your eyes and soundlessly mutter “temper.” She understood what you said and she giggles, quickly coughing when Mister J looks your way. You play with your food, trying to look as innocent as possible. The boys don’t talk too much; they are kind of socially awkward anyway. You don’t think they know what to say to each other except work stuff.

- Back to the penthouse, day almost over with.

“Come on, Princess, hurry up!” the Joker rushes you, coming out of the bedroom with only his gym shorts on, your name printed all over. You guys really like personalized clothing.

“I’m ready, almost done!  I swear!” you grab the popcorn from the microwave, plus your Pepsi and you follow him to the gym area. This is one on the best things to ask for when it’s your day: the Joker working out and you watching, eating popcorn and sipping on your drink. It’s better than any movie, ever. You whistle and roar every couple of minutes, visibly pleased with the view.

“Yeah, Puddin, work it! Oh, look at those muscles,” your eyes widen, totally getting excited. He’s starting to sweat a bit and that makes him look even more delicious to you and he knows it. He gets off the weight bench and with just two fingers he slowly and seductively pulls down on his shorts, watching your mouth open in anticipation. You choke on the popcorn but quickly recover because the show is getting better and better. Right before he uncovers what you’re dying to see, he pulls up his shorts, full of himself.

“That’s for doing the same thing to me all day, baby doll.”

Wow, what a jerk! He’ll pay; your day is not over yet.

“Wanna come help me?” he winks and you agree, still upset though.

He starts doing pushups with you sitting on his back and you count.

“50,51,52  …Wow, J, how many can you do?! Last time you did 50.”

“A hundred,” he grunts from under your weight, pushing himself to the limit.

“I’m impressed, you know,” you reply, spanking him and continuing to count, back to slurping on your Pepsi.


-   And for your grand finale, you lured The Joker in the bedroom,( which was effortless after you took your top off) and tight him to the bed with handcuffs. You still have 20 minutes from your day left so you decided he’s going to pay for the hickeys, for the gym scene and for other things he always does to you.

You tease him to the max, kissing him all over, brushing your skin on his but not letting him touch you himself. You bite his flesh softly and he just goes crazy.

“Untie me, doll, I can’t take it anymore, I want you right now. “

“I still have three minutes,” you give him an evil smile, licking his neck.

“Fuck, stop it or I swear I’m gonna punish you the worst way possible.”

“Hehehe, do it…Daddy!” you smirk.

That’s it, he’s done. When you call him Daddy he’s a goner and you soooo know it.

“I’m going to be nice, Puddin and untie you a minute earlier”, you smile, feeling sorry for him and to be honest at this point for you too. “But you owe me since you’re cutting into my time.”

He just purrs, biting his lips, his eyes devouring you.

“Ummm, Puddin, I can’t find the keys,” you say, looking around the bed, trying to hold your laugh.


“I can’t find the keys” you repeat, amused.

“Well, where did you put them?”

“I don’t know,” you chuckle, “I don’t actually remember seeing them.”

“You’re fucking with me, right?”

“Ehehehe, not yet,” you giggle, still looking around.

Mister J lets his head fall down on the pillow, annoyed.

“I’ll find them, I swear I will, but now…”

You crawl on top of him, forcing him to look at you again.

“You know what… Daddy? We can have fun anyway, it’s not like we didn’t do this before. Since you find yourself in this…position, I will just have to take advantage of you.” You kiss him roughly and he lets out a deep moan.

“I don’t deserve you, doll.”

“Tell me something I don’t know,” you bite his lip and pull yourself up, starting to take your bra off.

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The Best Books of 2014 — Customer Edition

We’ve polled our customers and we’re proud to present their favorite books from 2014.

10. It’s Definitely by a Guy. Like a Guy Guy

9. That One with the Blue Cover

8. I Think It was in the New York Times and the Book Was About … a Relationship? If You Type that in Does Anything Come Up?

7. Colorless Suburu and the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Tazaki

6. It Was in the Window 8.43 Months Ago

5. My Struggle 3: With a Vengeance

4. That One with the Yellow Cover: A Memoir

3. I am a Bunny

2. Whatever Taylor Swift Bought

1. I Guess I Should’ve Written the Title Down

Heartiest of congratulations to Oh Gosh, I Forget the Author’s Name!

  • Timber (Ke$ha Solo Version)
  • Ke$ha

Timber - Ke$ha Solo Version

I don’t know who made this; I found it months ago and can’t locate the origin, but god bless whoever created it. Please tell me who you are so we can get married. Constructed from the incredible hook Kesha sang on Pitbull’s otherwise-completely-lackluster single, combined with verses from an unreleased track called “Shots On The Hood Of My Car, which, true to form, is about how if the world were ending Kesha would drive with her best girls to the top of something and do shots and watch as everything ended in like, a fiery blaze or whatevs, this is the only version of “Timber” the world will ever need.

I can’t believe I somehow managed to make everyone’s face in three-quarters view to the right

The canvas is huge so it’s probably going to end up looking really gross; I recommend fullview.

This is a response to a request from an anon from like 6 months ago. I hope you see this and I’m sorry it took so long to get to. (The request was EriSolAraFef kismedance to go along with this and this.)