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I dated my best friend for just under a year, she was my everything and I truly think she is my soulmate. To cut a long story short, I moved away and it became a LDR, she wasn't so thrilled. We broke up about 6 months ago now and I can't manage to get her out of my head (or heart)... She haunts my dreams and our memories are always playing on a loop in my head. I don't know what to do... We went from talking everyday, to silence. I miss her.

Message her. Tell her you miss her. Tell her you don’t have to be together but you want her in your life in whatever capacity she will allow.

Life is far too short to let good people that make you happy slip out of your fingers.

The worst that can happen is she doesn’t want to be friends and you stop talking. Which is where you are at the moment.

It can only get better from here anon 💞

Craiglist (or whatever similar site) Masterpost

I finally found this really informative post, been searching this for weeks. This is from an awesome longtime SB with really great advice posts @itsnecolbitch, whom already deactivated her account few months ago. Enjoy!!

Are you ready to give craigslist a try? Here are some ads that I have used in the past that worked for me. Pick any of them to choose from.

1. Undeniable Moments- (Insert City Here)

Would you like for me to spice up your night? Lets go out to dinner and lets have a great time. I have went on a few dates but I felt not only something was missing but also my time being wasted. Have you ever felt that way before? Would you like to meet a woman who is exciting and that you hit it off with mutually?

I would like to be spoiled.

2. It’s Never Too Late For Happy Hour- (Insert City Here)

You’re in the middle of a hectic project and you would like to go out for an evening or two. You are in fear of going alone. You don’t have to be afraid anymore as this is when I come to the picture. Your personal social butterfly is here to rescue you. Do you accept this challenge?

3. 777, Jackpot- (Insert City Here)

I am an attractive young lady. My goal is to meet a gentleman and I just hope that chivalry still exists. He must be well traveled as i love to talk about different destinations. I am interested in art, golf, and trying the best restaurants that (insert city) has to offer.

What you’ll learn about me is that I am an elegant individual with a sense of style.

Please be at least 35-55, as I prefer my men older.

4. Lonely Lunches & Dull Dinners- (Insert City Here)

I enjoy to be your oasis, you can forget the issues of everyday life in. I will be happy to experience times of adventure with you, and discover new worlds with you. When we are together, I’ll make you the center of your universe. I will be devoted to satisfying your desires. Just let the rhythm flow through your mind, body and spirit.

I’m not opposed to refreshing yet exciting experiences that make me grow as a person and evolve my professional possibilities. My primary goal is to find a gentleman who is sincere, honest and charitable.

5. Fountain Of Youth- (Insert City Here)

My ideal gentleman is someone who is financially secure as well as intelligent, older and knows how to keep a woman happy. If you are interested in leading more about this exciting opportunity let’s go out for drinks.

6. Discrete Daddy Wanted- (Insert City Here)

A little bit about myself, I am nice, have a bubbly personality, not to mention, I am a spicy, sassy, sweet, sexy petite mixed creature. I would like to be taken care of. Does it sound like you? If so, please email me. Gracias!

7. Establish An Agreement- (Insert City Here)

I enjoy the company of ambitious, successful, gentlemen. I thrive when expectations are clear and well defined in the beginning letting the rest take care of itself as it all unfolds.

I am seeking a gentleman who desires the benefits of companionship, without the entanglements of a traditional relationship. I would like to be spoiled and pampered.

8. The Ambiance- (Insert City Here)

People tell me I have an exotic look. Natural beauty by day, and dressed to the nines at night. I love the finest things life has to offer and will not settle for less. I am ready for fun and ultimately looking for one person to share my life with. I am attracted to powerful men. Honesty and loyalty are very important to me. I love black tie events, the opera, movies, both domestic and international travel, exotic/luxury cars, golfing, skiing and shopping. I believe in chivalry, romance, and sensuality.

I know what I want and when I find it, I will be off the market.

I spend my free time searching for the man of my dreams. He is worldly, educated, classy, fun, and sexy. A man that enjoys taking care of himself and the woman he is crazy about. A man that loves to travel, both planned and spontaneous.

9. Intelligence Is The Ultimate Aphrodisiac- (Insert City Here)

Don’t open the bottle of wine just yet. Just wait. Aren’t you missing something? No, I’m not talking about the appetizers or the main dish. You are missing, me.

My world is rich and diverse. My standards are high. I reserve the right to say no to invitations when appropriate.

I am most definitely not opposed to seeking an arrangement with a gentleman who is diplomatic, refined, exceptional and a philanthropic. You be will be impressed with my confidence along with my presence. I can’t wait to meet you.

10. Dinner With A Beautiful Woman- (Insert City Here)

I am a woman who enjoys having a man truly be a man and a provider. I like spending my time with a mature individual who knows how to treat a woman, and he knows how to make the most of each moment we spend together.

I am seeking a successful man who is interested in exploring a relationship that is mutually beneficial. I want to meet an individual who is open to new things and enjoying quality time.

After you have posted your ad, it’s time to play the waiting game.

You’ve got a response! What’s next? If it sounds intriguing, you can either do two things:

1. Send a personalized email about yourself and what you are looking for OR you can use my example spam message but of course you would have to reword it and it goes like this:

“Thank you so much for responding to my ad. I would love to get to know you better and hopefully you’ll give me the opportunity to do so. I hope you don’t mind my age as I am _____ years old, however I do consider myself as a young face with an old soul, therefore, I am comfortable in any setting. If you don’t mind me asking what exactly is your occupation because I do consider myself as an entrepreneur. I can’t wait to hear back from you.”

After you send that and he replies again, that means you are in there for scheduling a date. Remember to agree to meet at a public place.

Bonus tips: You are allowed to post at least 5 ads a day, so please post, never feel discouraged when they flag it.

1. Be very firm when they ask you what exactly you are looking for. When they ask, do not be shy. Tell him exactly this: At this time, I am looking for a gentleman who isn’t opposed to exploring a relationship that is rather mutually beneficial to as I have done something like this before and the experience was great to where I would like to try again. If he doesn’t know what that means, do not delete his email. Explain to him that in other words you are seeking a sugar daddy/sugar baby arrangement.

Good luck ladies!

Emergency Commissions

I never knew that this month will be hard for me

exams, viziting my parents and THIS

Yes, my PC is broken. A couple days ago I returned from mother’s home and found out that my pc was fired.

So um, I don’t know what to say. It’s really hard for me and I cried two days. Now I use father’s computer but i lost all of my stuff.

So… I need money to buy a new PC or notebook or whatever

My commissions are open

If you wanna help me and commission me -

You can donate

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I’ll be grateful for your help

Kids Say Some Scary Things

by M00SEishere

Being a single father can take away quite a lot out of you. The single mothers get all the publicity but I’ll be the first to tell you that its not a joke. My daughter and I have struggled, time and time again, since my wife passed, but now that she’s learning to talk things have gotten progressively more strange. Lexi sleeps in her own room, down the hall from the master where I stay and I still use a monitor even though, for the most part she sleeps through the night. Call me paranoid, but I want to be sure she has whatever she needs, when she needs it. Now though, I’m starting to wish I had thrown the thing out months ago.

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Project: Arenanet cookies

Okay so I’ve got my green commander tag, and I promised cookies for arenanet because of it in my reddit post from months ago, so i thought I would share my “cookie project” here too, so maybe I’m able to get some help, I’ll also later post a reddit thread when I get time for it today.

So yeah I can’t decide if I should try some donation thingy for it like gofund me or whatever to manage enough money for it. I kinda really wanna do it, cuz it’s nice and honestly I always wanted to do something similar in my life, but never could afford it (well in some sense neither can I afford it now >.>), even tho it makes me quite nervous and anxious, because I never did such before ; - ;

I’ve got half an hour before my first class of the new semester starts!! I went to a nearby tea shop and the girl behind the counter is soooo beautiful. Every time I see her I always want to compliment her hair or her outfits or tattoos or whatever. But I was like “chill Estefania she probably doesn’t even remember you from last semester and you’re always complimenting her and it must be weird” and then she complimented me!! She was like “you look so cute today- you’re always wearing these soft colors and these beautiful florals and they look so good on you” and I was like !!! So bamboozled. I’m so flattered. She told me she remembers my florals from a few months ago- she described some of them in detail! And she was like “I guess I’ll be seeing you around again, right?” And I was like yeah!! We told each other our names and it was all very nice and my tea is great.

Anyways, tea, florals, and being hella gay and flustered about beautiful girls? That’s like….me in a box. The definition of me. The chemical concoction to make one small Estefania is exactly as mentioned above.

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Hi! For the Eight x Rose AU week, can I prompt you with “I drive to school and you walk and I drive past you everyday and it’s below freezing and you’re still walking please just get in the damn car I’ll drive you”? Thank you!

oh, the weather outside is frightful

eight/rose high school AU

John was extremely grateful that the heater in his beat-up blue car was working this week. It was the first really cold week of winter. The clouds hung low and heavy in the sky, whispering of the possibility of snow.

He made a turn and was puttering down the street when he caught sight of a now-familiar purple coat. He’d seen it every day since he’d transferred to this school a few months ago and knew that the person it was wrapped around was one Rose Tyler of the distracting tongue-touched smile.

(It was amazing really, the way a single expression could pull his mind away from whatever they were supposed to be reading in lit class. Nothing else had ever truly managed to distract him from reading when he chose to have his nose in a book.)

(Then again, it was more than a single expression. It was all of her expressions – the smiles, the little crinkle that formed between her brows when she was puzzling something out, the way she chewed on the side of her thumb sometimes, the sound of her laugh, and the way her hair fell into her face.)

(So he might be a tiny bit smitten with Rose Tyler despite the fact that they had never really spoken about much more than the reading assignments.)

John frowned as he drew closer to Rose and saw the way her arms were wrapped around her middle as she walked. It was much too cold to be walking over a kilometer more to school in a coat that was better suited to early fall than the dead of winter.

He didn’t even think twice as he slowed to a stop next to her and leaned over the console to crank the passenger window down.

“Can I give you a ride?” John called, shivering slightly as the frigid air seeped into his car.

Rose squinted at him before shaking her head, mouth set in a mulish line. “No, ta, it’s not much further.”

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So I initially found you through the Jackass tags when I was reobsessing over that series a couple months ago and I figured I would ask: who is your favorite Jackass crew member(s) and which are your favorites of the films/related series and spinoffs? :D

                                         LOOK AT ME!!! // accepting

PROBLEMATIC FAVE RIGHT HERE. Ugh I could throw up over how important this man is to me. I am so protective of Bam and it’s ridiculous but honestly I see so much of myself in him it’s alarming. And I mean that from a psychological perspective, not just  “LOL I DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT!” *PAINTS FATHER BLUE*  “PUNK ROCK!!1

I know it’s crappy to sidewalk psych someone, but he exhibits so many symptoms of bipolar II (and/or possibly borderline) and I recognize symptoms from long before Ryan Dunn died and Bam flung himself into alcoholism. I also see ADHD and that he toes the line of actual genius intelligence, despite being an under-educated derelict. Or at least not formally educated. Of the nine types of intelligence, he taps into at least four of them on the regular: kinesthetic, musical, logical, and existential. I’m also tempted to say spatial as well. Watch him interact with people (when sober lol.)  He looks others in the eye when they’re talking to him, leans in to pay attention and his body language is engaged in what they’re saying. In a group setting, you can see him keenly observe his surroundings. He never graduated high school (got his GED tho) or went to college, yet is still a talented video editor, producer, and director, is a quick study (Learn Finnish on the fly? OKAY.) and super quick witted. You can’t fake that kind of intelligence, but people just see him ass a Jackass en route to Cirrhosis City without looking at the bigger picture. 

You mix creative genius, untreated mental illness, grief, and toxic environments together, what the hell do you think is gonna happen? Escapism and substance abuse!  This will turn into an actual novel if I keep going about all the ways he resonates with me but yeah I’m hella protective of Bam because of this.

After Bam, I’d say Steve-O is my fave. I can’t babble on as long about him, but I can say that when I met Steve-O after a bout we played up in NorHo, he was an absolute delight. Such a warm spirit he has and he’s so easy going and when I said “Oh no, I’m all sweaty, I don’t wanna hug you!” he squeezed me and said “It’s sweat, not shit, Lepra C!” (Lepra C is my derby name.)

As far as my fave Jackass project, I’d have to stick with the OG TV series. People didn’t recognize them back then, so their impish pranks on society were more authentic. I’m just nostalgic for its very grassroots beginnings.

Bless you for these questions, my friend! Thanks for letting me word vomit!

ryulongd replied to your post:deleted all that whiny crap off of my blog because…

and you wonder why you had like half of the k8 fandom blocking you smh

lol I can’t help it if people get sensitive over silly comments or bad jokes. It’s not that serious. Taking fandom seriously kills the fun and just makes everything else too troublesome to even bother with. If people get triggered over a snarky remark about a band disbanding ten years later then that’s their problem. 

Anyway, I support SMAP’s disbandment considering the business behind the decision. It’s unfortunate they can’t simply buy the IP away from Johnnys because I’m sure they’d probably continue just under their own umbrella or whatever.

Shits complicated it still doesn’t mean I can’t make a joke or snark about it. It wasn’t a blindside event. News broke six fucking months ago for Christ’s sake. It was just a matter of time before the lawyers worked out the drama and gave them a nice separation package.

Fandom is a selfish thing. People need to remind themselves they’re still human and have rights to their own liberties and happiness.

Spoilers.... Here we go. And goodbye.

Looks like the spoilers are starting to show up for EoS. People, whether they’re in publishing or media or whatever, get new quotes or plot info and just post them without spoiler warnings. These folks aren’t fans, they’re just jerks.

So it’s time to go black. No Tumblr. Blocking all but official sources from Bloomsbury on Twitter. No f'ing spoilers!!! I’ve waited this long for Empire of Storms, I can wait 20-odd more days.

At least it’s not like Harry Potter 10 years ago when we had to crawl under a rock and yell “I can’t hear you!” For a month. But still.

Thanks for all the great blogging, people. See you again on the other side, when we’re dealing with the aftermath.

And to the jerks, just…. Don’t.

fandom tag!

i was tagged by @smolminyoongi, thank you! :))


- Go to this website:
- Pick 15 characters from any fandom or whatever you’re into
- Tag five or more people
- Have fun!

1. mum/dad - yixing (exo) i… don’t know how to feel about that one lmao

2. sibling - taehyung (bts) yes yes yes! my life would be 10938383 times happier

3. grandma/granddad - hakyeon (vixx) is it bad that i’m laughing really hard

4. haunts you - jinki (shinee) HE ALREADY DOES i mean i think about his voice all the time does that count

5. boyfriend/girlfriend - jun (seventeen) i find that one kinda ironic because i found out about a month ago that he existed and that i’m probably gonna stan him hard

6. your ex - yoongi (bts) noooo why did we break up, how could you do that to me min yoongi!!! it was probably because we’re too much like each other. we love sleeping too much, we never did anything productive together. we’re still friends though

7. your best friend - park kyung (block b) that would actually be very fun!! we’d do all the dumb things you can think about. i approve of that one

8. proposed to you - hojoon (toppdogg) i am perfectly fine with that one as well!!

9. your boss - seulgi (red velvet) mmmmh, i bet working would be cool? maybe? we’d eat a lot and she’d teach me how to dance on slow days

10. random person you meet at a bar - jiwon (spica) that’d be after yoongi and i broke up. she’d comfort me because she’s sweet like that (even if it was a mutual breakup it still hurt okay)

11. your rival - tzuyu (twice) ohhh no i wouldn’t want her as my rival she’s the sweetest thing ever plus she’d be 1000 times better than me at basically everything. i’d stand no chance

12. gave you your first kiss - minho (shinee) fuck yes

13. drunk and singing karaoke with - jongdae (exo) uhhh. no way. he’d wipe the floor with my ass lmao but like if he’s very drunk and for some reason can’t sing to save his life (who am i kidding) that would be lots of fun

14. played 7 minutes in heaven with - hyoyeon (snsd) i probably wouldn’t mind that i mean this is hyoyeon we’re talking about

15. gave you your favourite dessert (wtf??) - joy (red velvet) thank you joy… i guess??

i’m tagging: @luhoe, @eggbaek, @peachyoyeon, @cherryblossomjjong, @namtavhyun, @softjins, @moonbyuls-abs, @buffetsoo

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started following you bout a month or so ago and im so glad i did,,,,thank you for always blogging about whatever going on, i come home from a long day, sit down on tumblr like "what's yenna up to now? what's the newest scandal regarding yenna? oh what's that url i've never seen its probably yenna, again with the url changes" anyway its a good blog and gives me light even tho i know nothing about dc, thank you, 10/10

AaAaahhh thank you so much!! this is such a nice message

your local shitposting url changer yenna , always here to brighten (debatable) ur dash :D <3

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Hi there! I really love your blog! I started my own studyblr a few months ago, it is called need-for-calm and i really love the community but as you can see, it is ma sideblog. So whenever i ask something, or want to chat or whatever, it comes out as my main blog, which is quite the opposite of a studyblr. Do you think it would be wise to create a new studyblr with another account that would be my main blog? Thank you for your advice!

hey there! ugh, i totally understand - this is a sideblog, too. when i send asks to people, i always start my messages with “from studypetals:”. if you feel like your main url will be too much of a problem/people won’t answer you, then yeah i would make a studyblr main. the only problem with making another blog is switching from blog to blog! i’ve tried that before and that is so inconvenient. 

tag 20 followers you want to get to know better

i was tagged by @dechuu (*finger guns*)

name/nicknames: sarah, gail

gender: genderfluid! they/them please

height: 5′3, i think

favorite color: pink

time: 10:42 pm

last things i googled: real vs synthetic hair extensions, xl clothing, wombats(the animal not the band), baby sand cats, bacon with nipple still on it

fictional character you’d like as a sibling: hunk from voltron

number of blankets i sleep with: 1

favorite band/artists: the ready set, børns, halsey, the 1975, p!atd, the wombats, 5sos(just their music but like. not as people i disike them as people), melanie martinez

dream vacation: a visit to my dad’s hometown in minnesota, bc i love staying there n its only like an hour or two or whatever drive to the mall of america

when did i make this blog: this year, just a couple months ago i think

how many blogs do i follow: 454

what do i post about: voltron, miraculous ladybug, lots of shitposts, some personal things i relate to, some aesthetic stuff, lgbt+ things, occasional posts about the philippines/culture, memes™

do you get asks on a regular basis: haha i wish

aesthetics: vintage/pastels, flowers, goth/darkish, girls bein wonderful™, some fashion

i tag: @captainholt @memetxt @its-blofis-not-blowfish @resistanceangel @theofficialpresidentoftheusa @nikthan @grime-time-tv @onyx-wings @incompetentradish @arlene-chan @foreverstuckinpanem @silverblooddemon @outtamysystems @februarywhite @lackadaisical-phoenix @hoesidon @thalia-freaking-grace @lawevadingrock @untruthfuls @horizon-renegade

PS: you aren’t obligated at all to do this if you don’t want to! and if you DO want to but haven’t been tagged just do it anyway, fuck the system, u rebellious lil dragonfly

also sorry if you don’t like being tagged in things, i tried my best to see if anyone said not to, but i may have missed something idk

tagged by @chidorinnnnn

List your five favorite fics that you’ve written, then pass on to five other writers. 

all right, so i have this thing where exhibiting any amount of pride in something i created is a Mortal Sin and how dare i assume anyone cares about my arrogant opinions blah blah blah. i’d say i’m trying to work on it, but i’m not. anyway, i’ll give this a go, but i can’t stop myself from thinking “actually these are all terrible and saying i like them just shows how terrible i am too”.

1. Still Waters (Persona 4)

yeah i guess this one has to be here. i can at least be proud that i managed to finish a 54k story, right? i think i even did it in like two months, i managed to write almost every day, and that’s pretty good. insert paranoia about how this only happened because the plot wasn’t mine blah blah blah whatever people like it a few days ago someone left a bookmark saying “I think about this fic a lot” so that’s something.

2. Estimated Recovery Time (Persona 4)

apparently i wrote this in eleven days. it’s 15k. that’s, uh, that’s something. at the time it was uploaded, it was the second-longest thing after still waters that i’d finished and put on the AO3. nothing else is over 9k, and most of the others are 1-3k. it probably has more going for it than the wordcount. fun fact: the title is reused from a tiger & bunny kink meme fill about a character trying to recover from gang rape. i never put that one on the AO3. that’s for the best.

3. Two-Card Spread (Persona 4)

16 days, 16k. that’s good i guess? i like outside POV. i also like writing souji, but this is really the only time i’ve done so besides the sex pollen fic (where he wasn’t himself) and the WIP mayumi AU (which only has him for a few scenes). he’s fun. i realize that my characterization of souji is 70% mom friend 30% cat lady, but we all have our quirks.

4. Three Ways to Talk to a Dying Girl (Persona 3)

fun fact: the title was originally the summary, but i couldn’t think of anything else so i rearranged it. there are some lines i like in it. apparently it made people cry. it made me cry too, but that’s not difficult.

5. Fall Down Six Times, Get Up Seven (Samurai Flamenco)

i had to get something non-persona in here and this is pretty popular so. have you ever tried to write sex comedy when you can barely write sex at all? it’s not a good decision. but people seem to like this anyway. i guess i kinda like it too.

I bought a sewing machine and I’m going to get a TV stand for my TV, to free up my table so it can become a Craft Table™.

I converted my bedroom into my studio months ago, so there’s nothing else but to keep chugging along to my dream. It’s a nice feeling. I’ve been reading a lot as well (lots of dubious books, whatever it takes), and I’ve even gotten back to a little sketching and some godawful freeverse poetry.

One year and 6 months after mom died and I feel like I’m seeing the other side. I owe a lot of it to this job and this town. It’s been good to me.