!! Christmas in Gotham !!

Hello! It’s me again! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
So I organized the Rogues promo a couple months ago and now it is time for me to post about the Christmas promo! I really want as many people to join on this so let’s just jump right in and explain what this is about!


Characters from the comics, movies, Gotham series or ANY other DC series…
If you and your muse(s) live in Gotham, YOU’RE IN !!!


- REBLOG THIS POST ! It will help spreading the word around !
- We don’t have to be mutuals !
- Canon Divergent muses welcome !
- MultiMuse and Sideblogs welcome !
- Gotham OCs welcome !
** for OCs I will simply ask for you to have an ‘about’ page on your blog ♥
**Likes won’t count this time, sorry!


You guessed it !!

The NICE list will have all the good characters, our dear pals that actually follow the law (most of the times…) on Gotham!

The NAUGHTY list will be formed by Rogues and us villains who like to have a little bit of fun ;D!

**NOTE! If your muse is different than canon please let me know!
   Example: Evil!Bruce Wayne / Reformed!Joker

Any questions feel free to contact me ♥ my IM is open to everyone !

I finally did it

So for the past couple months, I’ve been struggling tremendously, from: crazy ex-relationships, job loss, getting denied from grad school, and other shit.

I graduated college two years ago with a double bachelors degree in psychology and Africana studies and have been having the hardest time finding a job that will take me since I don’t have any experience in the mental health field.

Today I finally got hired as a therapeutic support staff, working with little kids who have autism and other behavioral and learning needs. And the owner who I met with said she’ll help me get into grad school. And the job pays twice as much as I was expecting.

Lesson learned: God has a reason for everything, so keep fighting even when it’s the hardest.
🙏🏾 #blessup

I’m seriously flabbergasted. Like if that had happened to me, my shit would have all been pawned in 2.4 seconds and I would be hitting up churches for assistance and doing everything BUT worrying about a convention and the internet. 

Fuck, I would offer traditional art commissions that I would ship from the room of a hotel. Like this person is getting $800 a month. I… I’m sorry but I’m not sorry, this person is an adult and the fact that they failed to see like 6 warning signs from moving in for a short 6 months to watch a stupid dog to the couple not actually leaving to the rude behaviour should have left this person looking for a way out ages ago.

An update

Hi everybody, sorry I’ve been so absent for the past few months. My Criminal Procedure exam is next week and I just haven’t been as motivated to post on this blog as before. I feel a bit disconnected from the studyblr community, I feel like everyone just posts photos of their Muji pens and pretty notebooks - I use scrap printer paper and crayons that have been laying around the house since when I went to nursery school, haha!

If you want to keep up with me I’m much more active on Twitter ( and Instagram ( I have also started another blog a couple of months ago where I’ve been posting somewhat more regularly ( Not saying I’ll stop posting here of course. If you know of any good inspiring studyblr I’d be happy to follow them! I hope you all are well. x


i don’t have any pics that i can definitely confirm were from 2006, but here’s me in summer 2007 being bemused by pumpkin somewhere in france, and me a couple of months ago meeting suda51

you’ve come a long way kid
Bands who bemoan their 'teenage girl' fans are missing the point of music
As a reviews editor, I’ve lost count of the times writers have referred derisively to female fans in the crowd. It’s high time we recognised that it’s not only men with extensive vinyl collections who are the bearers of good taste
By Alexandra Pollard

A few weeks ago, while preparing to speak to a band called Mothxr, I came across an interview they’d given a couple of months earlier. In it, they were asked their favourite thing to see in the audience from onstage – and their answer was all too familiar. “Guys!” they said. “I’m not kidding!” I wish they were.

“A balanced ratio of men to women,” they continued, “means we have music listeners in the audience. When it’s all girls of a certain age, it’s likely that our music might not be their primary interest.” It’s probably worth pointing out here that Mothxr’s lead singer is Penn Badgley – who rose to fame in the TV series Gossip Girl. His anxious desire to distance himself from a show he feels he’s outgrown is a common one. But so, too, are comments like that.

Speaking to Rolling Stone at the end of last year, 5 Seconds of Summer estimated that “75% of our lives is [spent] proving we’re a real band. We’re getting good at it now. We don’t want to just be, like, for girls.” In order to prove themselves as a “real band” (apparently for the time being, they’re merely a figment of teenage girls’ imagination) they must gain the approval of men. Already, they explained proudly, they’re “seeing a few male fans start to pop up”. What an incredible moment that must be for them – to glimpse a man among a sea of female frivolity, each Y chromosome taking them one step closer to credibility. Never mind that they wouldn’t have been doing this interview if it wasn’t, like, for the girls that bought their records.

Still, it’s not exactly 5 Seconds of Summer’s fault that they’ve got such a distorted view of things. After all, they’re operating in a culture in which teenage girls are seen as the lowest common denominator of music fan. A culture in which older men are the bastions of good taste, the brave protectors of real music – while young women’s enthusiasm is dismissed as a sort of mass hysteria, blocking their ability to discern good from bad.

As a reviews editor, I’ve lost count of the number of times writers have – while bemoaning a gig’s drawbacks – referred derisively to the amount of “teenage girls” in the crowd. It’s as if that phrase itself is a code that needs no further explanation, no elaboration as to why a young woman’s fully paid-up presence at the gig is, unquestionably, a bad thing. It isn’t. Their judgments are just as legitimate, their enthusiasm just as credible, even if their screams are a little louder. And if you think their taste is indiscriminate, you’d be wise to remember that for every One Direction, there’s a thousand other bands who tried and failed to gain even a fraction of their success.

This is the case now, as it was 40 years ago. After David Bowie died, my mum dug out a £1 ticket from a Bournemouth gig she’d been to as a 15-year-old, alongsidesome old BBC footage of the very same show. Bowie, says the segment’s narrator, is “an object that is worshipped by millions of girls”. Later he decries, his voice plummy and faintly horrified: “It is a sign of our times that a man with a painted face and carefully adjusted lipstick should inspire adoration from an audience of girls aged between 14 and 20. Everywhere.” At this point, the level of panic bubbling up in his voice suggests he’s worried they might be infectious – “there are the girls”. Cut to 43 years later, and it seems those girls were pretty spot on as far as that “bizarre, self-constructed freak” Bowie was concerned. Just as they were with the Beatles.

I’m not suggesting, of course, that every band adored by teenage girls in 2016 will go on to be universally revered. (For one thing, the taste of teenage girls is far from a monolithic entity.) I certainly don’t think, even if they keep up the impressive feat of gaining male fans, that 5 Seconds of Summer are likely to be remembered in the same way as Bowie. But they’re no less likely to do so than a band enjoyed solely by older men with furrowed brows and an extensive vinyl collection. To look out into a crowd, or into your Twitter mentions, and immediately discount the approval of young women, is a foolish thing to do. Don’t bite the hand that feeds.

After interviewing Mothxr, and tweeting my dislike for their sentiments on gender, I got an email from Penn Badgley. He wanted to explain that he was pushed into answering that question, and that his quote had been taken somewhat out of context, but more so, he wanted to apologise. And to let me know that he’d changed his mind. “Every great band ever,” he conceded, “has played for a predominantly young female audience, and that audience is appreciative and invested and willing to scream and dance with abandon. Which is the point of music.” It sure is.

Morning Yasssssssss, Hunty:  Danusia Francis Beam Routine
(Facebook: UCLA Gymnastics)

UCLA’s Danusia Francis scored a perfect ten on her beam routine earlier this week and I need y’all to catch this dismount.  Apparently it’s one of her signatures, but I’ve never seen it before and I bout stood straight up off my couch when she stuck that.  And her spirit fingers are just the cutest!  We might see her in the Olympics this year.  In 2012 she almost made the British team, but she served as an alternate instead.  This year she’s competing for Jamaica so she might actually make it to the big show.

I love how the colored girls are truly giving it to the gymnastics world these days.  I mean, aside from Simone and Gabby at the very top of the sport, clips from college meets keep going viral and I have yet to see the next Shannon Miller or Svetlana Khorkina or Shawn Johnson going viral.  It’s always a brown girl. Danusia’s teammate Sophina DeJesus went viral a couple of months ago, but it was Lloimincia Hall’s floor routine from awhile back that really set the tone.  Go ‘head, y’all.  Shake the sport up some more.  Let me see a nae nae at the Olympics.

Racist woman on bus gets more than she bargains for.

A couple months ago, I was on a 7 hour bus ride when I was seated by a woman from hell. When I boarded the bus, I was told that it wasn’t fully booked so I assumed it would be alright if I left my backpack and personal items on the seat beside me so no one would sit with me. I normally wouldn’t do this, but I am someone who gets extremely motion sick (no amount of meds or other remedies seems to help) and since this bus ride was going through the mountains I thought I’d save someone the trouble of sitting next to a puking, feverish girl.

Anyways, I rode like this for about an hour and half the bus was empty so I thought it didn’t matter. Then, out of nowhere, a woman across from me starts looking back and me, sending me death glares over and over. At this point, we are slowly moving into the foothills of the mountains so I ignore her, trying to focus on relaxing and not letting the nausea overwhelm me.

After about 20 minutes she comes over and says “Excuse me I’m going to sit here”, pointing at the seat next to me. I give her a look of frustration but being the non-confrontational person I am, I moved my stuff off the seat and allowed her to sit there despite 30 empty seats around us. Intentionally, I scatter my stuff on the floor just enough so her feet don’t have quite as much room as they should, hoping this would persuade her to leave.

Nope. She begins kicking my things, hard. I ask her, very politely, not to kick my things. She looks at me with moral outrage. “Little girl, you don’t own this fucking bus. Give me my fucking space, I am 60 years old. You little Indian bitches seem to think you own this fucking country.” So, the realization sets in that this woman is a racist bitch who intentionally sat with me to bitch me out.

I am really a Canadian citizen, born and raised here, however I am brown because my mother is a Filipina. Anyways, I tell her there is no need to be so hostile and as she begins to snort rude remarks back to me, I put on my headphones and blast the loudest Radiohead songs I can find, just to bug her. At this point, the anger boiling up inside of me and the nausea are beginning to get to me so I decide it is best to ignore her.

But she won’t let that happen. She begins elbowing me, hard. Then, kicking my leg. I finally give in and take of my headphones. She demands that I turn down my music. I demand that she leaves me alone. Suddenly, from the corner of my eye I see her opening her water bottle and pouring it all over my backpack and personal belongings. I push it out of her hands at which point she begins SCREAMING obscenities at me, telling me I am abusing a poor elderly woman with back problems, that I’m taking up too much space, that I am part of the “Indian problem” that is destroying our respectable nation.

At this point, the anxiety and the mountainous bus ride is just too much to bear. As she screams at me, I realize I need to throw up and although I could interrupt her to quickly run to the bathroom, I instead decide it was okay if I just let it go in her lap. I am terribly sick so I end up vomiting almost an entire sandwich onto her. She stops for a moment out of shock, and then begins to hit me as hard as she fucking can. I am a tiny little half Asian girl who weighs less than 95 lbs, and she’s huge. People around who have been hearing her bullshit finally, at this point, call for the bus driver who pulls the bus over in the town we are passing through.

The woman demands I be removed from the bus for elderly abuse. The other passengers back me up and defend me after witnessing the insanity. The police are called and the woman is escorted off the bus, literally kicking and screaming about how Indians should be banned from public transit. Last I see of her, she is being held by police on the side of the road, covered in vomit.. As much as I believe you shouldn’t vomit on people on purpose, I must admit that my motion sickness has never felt so good before.. Also, I ended up getting a coupon for a free ticket with the bus company as an apology for what happened, which was only an added bonus.

TL;DR: Racist woman sits beside me in almost empty bus. Terrorizes me for so long that I vomit in her lap. Forcibly removed from the bus by police for being a racist b*tch. HA.

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | credit

hiii !!! :^) omg so here it is !!! my (first ever) giveaway in celebration of hitting 10k a few months ago !!! <3 i decided to make it a little more personal so i’ll be giving a care package inside a litol, cute envelope (no idea how i can fit all of these) to one lucky winner which includes:

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im excited and pumped !!!!! good luck my sunshines, keep rebloggin !! 🌻


Followers Gift - Part 3

Hello! Here is the third part of my Followers Gift! This actually wasn’t something I had planned from the start, but several people asked about converting some of my hairs for children within the last couple of days and @tranquilitysims asked about the Zoe hair specifically. I didn’t want to just give you all just one hair, so I converted the Esmeralda Hair as well, since someone had voiced wanting that one when asked a month ago :)

They come in EA’s 9 colors
They are for females, children
They are both BGC and the Zoe Hair is hat compatible! I did not make the Esmeralda hair hat compatible because wearing a hat on top of a headband would make my head hurt :)

Zoe Hair: Download [Dropbox] [Mediafire]
Esmeralda Hair: Download [Dropbox] [Mediafire]

Credit to EA for the meshes and textures.
Made with Sims4 Studio.

TOU: Please do not reupload my mesh and claim it as your own. Please feel free to recolor, just don’t include the mesh. And if you want to tag me if you use it I would love to see your beautiful sims!

And if you have any issues please let me know!

See Part 1 and Part 2 of my Followers Gifts here and here!

Update (10/9/2016): Hi everyone! @glammoose brought to my attention something weird going on with the Zoe Child Hair where the hair seemed to be going into the side of the head on one side. I have fixed it, so please redownload! Thanks! <3

So a couple of weeks ago I was going through microfilm of the Charleston Courier from 1804 trying to find news of Hamilton’s death and I ended up going through about 2 months worth of papers. The highlights include:

  • Distressing! Hamilton was murdered in a duel by the Worst Man In The World™
  • There is land for sale on this island plz buy it 
  • G. Wash was the best and we miss him very much. 
  • Ok, we weren’t gonna talk about A. Ham cause we don’t like his political opinions, but he was so beautiful and we r v sad he is dead. 
  • Notice: Someone invented a cotton processor. Buy it. Now.  
  • We know you all want updates on Human Trash Aaron Burr but no one knows where he is. 
  • A. Ham was presh but don’t duel, people. 
  • Jacob literally put a poem on the front page of a newspaper to try to get Coy Nancy to go out with him. Get on Jacob’s level.
  • George Washington wouldn’t have let this happen. 
  • Here is an essay that breaks down a passage of Shakespeare, you plebs.
  • Aaron Burr Update: He was seen in Philadelphia and he has the flu. More at 11. 
  • George Washington was wonderful.
  • Its not our position to say, but Aaron Burr is the literal Worst™
  • Here’s a list of everyone who subscribed to our newspaper. Don’t forget to click subscribe and follow and we’ll mention you in our next video paper.
  • Bob went to AHam’s funeral an tried to remember the speech from it and his friends think this version is p close, so here. Cry with us. 
  • Hypothetically, if President Jefferson (bless his heart) were to die, the VP would become president. It’s a good thing our VP isn’t someone so morally depraved that they would murder a literal cinnamon roll. Oh wait.
It wasn't the revenge I wanted... It was so much better.

My wife and I are living with her parents + one of her sisters right now while she finishes college. My SIL is twelve and kind of a brat (which I mostly blame on her parents because they don’t do anything to correct her actions). One of the most annoying things she does is that she never cleans up after herself. She’ll make herself food and leave the dishes for someone else to clean up. She’ll get home from school and dump her backpack, shoes, and clarinet right in the middle of the floor in the hallway leading to the front door for everyone to trip on. She has Guinea pigs and leaves the soiled, poop covered lining she uses in their cages in the laundry room sink. There’s so much more, but the point is that it really frustrates me.

One evening, a couple months ago, I was picking up the house and putting things away when I asked my SIL if she could please put her shoes away in her room. Her response? “Why don’t you do it?”

Normally when if she copes an attitude with me, I take absolutely none of it and call her out on it, but I decided to let it go and instead followed her suggestion. I took her stuff to her room… and hide her shoes about half way under her bed so it didn’t LOOK like I was trying to hide them but you still didn’t see them right away. I figured she’d end up having to look around a bit for them and wasting her time was my revenge since it would have taken her less time to take her shoes into her room in the first place.

The revenge I actually got was so much better.

Cue the next morning at around 7:30, my wife and I are awakened by my SIL have the most epic meltdown I’ve ever heard. She’s screaming at the top of her lungs, “I CAN’T FIND MY SHOES!!!!!!! I CAN’T GO TO SCHOOL WITHOUT MY SHOES!!!!!”

In the background I hear my MIL getting mad at her because this kind of behavior is extreme even for her. Plus my SIL won’t get out the door and they have to leave RIGHT NOW if my SIL wants to make it on school on time. She asks my SIL if she checked her room, the living room, etc. and my SIL is whining that yes, but she just absolutely can’t find them.

My MIL tells her to just wear different shoes and my SIL starts screaming again: “I WANT MY TENNIS SHOES!!!!! SHUT UP MOM!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!! YOU’RE SO STUPID!!!!!” (No joke, she said all of this.) And then she proceeded to just scream at the top of her lungs.

My SIL rarely gets into trouble because my MIL sees her as a special snewflaque and even prevents my FIL from disciplining her, but h o l y sh*t, she got PISSED. She grounds my SIL on the spot (a rare punishment) and tells her to sit down until she can calm down.

THEN… oh… then…

I hear my MIL go into my SIL’s room and within a ten seconds, she yells to my SIL that she found them. She starts getting even more pissed because she thinks my SIL lied to her about looking for her shoes and is trying to get out of going to school. She was so mad and still chewing her by the time they make it out the front door.

It was glorious and my SIL ended up being late for school anyway.

Petty Revenge: Your daily dose of the best petty revenge stories. | source