Velka’s pretty cool, but we never actually get to see her so I thought I’d try making a design for her. I tried to keep it sorta in the style of something you’d see in a Souls game, but those games don’t exactly have a glut of fancy dress wearing ladies. Nashandra’s the only one that wades into battle (I think) and her dress is made of skulls, so.

I imagine she could be another way to join the Blades of the Darkmoon (as I believe was intended at one point), and you could fight her, like Gwyndolin, if you wanted. She’d have a cool sword and probably use a lot of karmic justice.

Dark souls theories

The Chosen Undead is Velka

Oscar is Velka

The Asylum Demon is Velka

The Crow that takes you to Firelink Shrine is Velka

The Crestfallen Warrior is Velka

The Merchant in the Undead Burg is Velka

Solaire Is Velka

The Hellkite Dragon is Velka

That goddamn iron boar that I had so much trouble getting into that fire. Yep he’s velka too.

Andre the Blacksmith is Velka

Siegmeier of Catarina is Velka

The Bell Gargoyles are both Velka

The Creepy moss lady is Velka

The Capra Demon is Velka

Every one of those fucking creatures in Blighttown is Velka including those goddamn mosquitos.

Maneater Mildred is Velka

Quelana is Velka

Quelagg is Velka

The Fair Lady is Velka

The Witch of Izalith is Velka

The Crystal Golems are Velka

Dusk of Oolacile is Velka

Elizabeth the Mushroom is Velka

Sieglinde is Velka

The Hydra is Velka

Those living trees in darkroot garden that you kill to reveal a secret path????


Gwyn is Velka

Gwyndolin is Velka

Gwynovere is Velka

The unnamed kid that Gwyn had stricken from the annals of history?



Big Hat Logan is Velka

Sif the wolf is Velka

Artorias the Abysswalker is Velka

Marvelous Chester is NOT Velka, that one’s just a red herring

Gravelord Nito is Velka

Pinwheel is Velka

Those Skeletons in wheels are Velka

Mario is Velka

Luigi is Velka

Princess Peach is Velka

Bowser is Velka

Link is Velka

Zelda is Velka

Ganondorf is Velka

Audrey Hepburn is Velka

Gregory Peck is Velka

Everyone cast in the 1953 film Roman Holiday is Velka

Margaret Thatcher is Velka

Joseph Stalin is Velka

Napoleon is Velka

Karl Marx is NOT Velka, that one’s just a red herring.

The Lunch you had yesterday was Velka

Donald Trump is Velka

Hillary Clinton is Velka

Coca-Cola is Velka

Pepsi is Velka

Dr. Pepper is Velka

Hidetaki Miyazaki is Velka

I’m Velka

You’re Velka

Your mom is Velka

Your dad is Velka

Your whole family is Velka

Dark Souls is Velka

and finally the most plausible theory…..


anonymous asked:

Is it true that Velka is actually Giant Dad?

This is ridiculous, anon. I’m a serious roleplayer and this is too much goddamn comedy for this blog. I’m BETTER than this. EVERYONE knows Velka is not Giant Dad. JESUS CHRIST do you know ANYTHING ABOUT THE DARK SOULS LORE. Holy FUCK. 

velka is CLEARLY a dex building chinese fastrolling ringflipping hacker in the child mask

ikittydarky  asked:

I love the way you draw Maxie and Archie and simply your art style owo

Aaaa! Thank you so very much <3!!

When I draw Maxie and Archie I try to make Maxie’s face slimier and Archie’s head a bit square. But I am still trying to learn how to make different face features and not to get stuck with the same face syndrome.

But thank you so very much. It does a lot to hear that you like it!! : D <3