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What do you mean by "Richard III aplogists"? I still haven't read the play and my knowledge of English history isn't that vast.

so in the play, richard iii is a super evil awesome guy. and for a long time, that’s the way everyone saw him because sir thomas more and the tudor propaganda machine wrote the history book (who lives, who dies, who tells your story you feel me?) and shakespeare based his character on that book and more people know the play than the history.

however, josephine tey wrote a book called ‘daughter of time’ which my mother read as a young girl and procured a copy of so that her children would also read it and be correctly instructed that between historical documents and that one portrait where he looks kind of nice, richard iii probably wasn’t that bad, actually kind of a decent king who shouldn’t have been buried under a carpark. (i got mum sir thomas more’s account for christmas one time and she screwed up her nose and shook her fists at me, it was fun)

anyway, there’s a whole lot of people and societies devoted to making sure people know richard iii was Actually An Okay Guy and can get obnoxious about it particularly if you say you like the play richard iii and they’re all ‘did you know it’s just tudor propoganda’ and you’re like ‘wait, wut, shakespeare didn’t write 100% legit, accurate histories while exploring themes of kingship? my entire world view has crumbled, the end is nigh, please go away now’. the remains of richard iii are also buried in a badass pretty-looking tomb now that mum sent me a postcard of when they were in england last year.

this is a ramble that had a reading of ‘the alchemist’ happen halfway through it, so the tl;dr: richard iii was an okay guy despite what histories (and plays) written say and most people know that now so apologetics are not really necessary but they’re a part of my family fabric, so.

I just want you to know

“When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change
Because you’re amazing… just the way you are,
And when you smile… the whole world stops and stares for awhile
Because you’re amazing, just the way you are.”

A quick message of positivity from me to you, a la Bruno Mars. And, fyi? I mean it. :)

older star wars fans: ugh the prequel trilogy trying to give a pointless backstory to boba fett just made him look stupid you took an awesome character and made him look stupid i hate the prequels

me watching clone wars: look at this kid he’s small and angry and confused and he’ll grow up to be some annoying bounty hunter guy some day but for now he’s still small and i love him

OK so like I am 100% sure all the time that I drive people crazy, so I just REALLY WANTED TO THANK YOU GUYS
I passed 100 followers and I don’t know how?! THANK YOU for sticking around for my idiot Romulan child, and please come talk to me. (I’m thinking of doing a doodle giveaway to celebrate? Haven’t decided.)

OCs, I love playing with you. You guys are amazing and the whole culture of OCs and transformative works adds so much to the depth of this amazing fandom.

Canons, you guys fucking rock. It’s so tough to pick up somebody else’s character and explore and play them within the established bounds of canon, and you guys are amazing. Thank you for playing with me!!

I have gained several new followers and I have not sent you anything because I AM FUCKING CHICKEN. So—consider this an open invite. PM me, ask me things, submit things, hell just poke me and tell me you want to play!! 

Love from my cold little grey Romulan heart <3

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I just wanted to say YAY KEITH!!!!! Also, your voice meme was a lot of fun to listen to. :D

I’m glad there are more people who don’t think Keith is the “bad” guy or a bad character. I instantly liked him when we first saw him as this hilarious drill instructor. Everything we got to know since then, just made me like him more because he has his flaws and it’s awesome to see a character like him in a series where everyone needs to get their shit together in order to survive; but he still screwed up a lot. (I need to stop rambling about Keith, gosh xD)

Thank you so much! I was nervous for no reason, stumbled over my words and had to cut out the 505220 swear words I used during recording. :’D

So I forgot to tell you guys about this, but I got this notification last week [It was because my N scenario got 50+ notes], and I just wanted to extend my gratitude! Thank you so much for this, and I hope you can forgive me for my lack of scenarios this past week ;-;

(psst read the tags!)

I'm glad others are happy about mother 3
  • Honestly I have mixed feelings about it cause I hated the story, absolutely hated it. So that left a terrible taste in my mouth. I'll probably play it again, but I don't know how long I'll go before ranting to myself about how duster has no personality, and that Hinawa is a horrible person. But I'm happy that it's coming over, the people who love it deserve their treat even if I don't personally like it. So go on and enjoy. I'll be here hoping that more people start shipping Luctora instead of kumadust.

If you’re feeling bad, understand some people do love you FOR YOU!

and I’ll love you what ever and who ever you are, because you guys (male, female or other!) amazing, awesome, beautiful, handsome and MUCH MORE!

people are worth it~!