I know that I’m not talking enough to you guys, but that’s just because I’m a quiet person, I rarely talk to my friends either. I’m not good at chatting and I’m always scared that my English sucks. So, if our chats are short, it’s not because I don’t care about you or your thoughts. I’m working on my communication skills.
I want you to know that I appreciate all of your messages and asks!

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Anyway, I’m going to sleep now!

Just wanna say; thank you FE fans that either I follow, follow me, or both, for making today a really nice day for me? The last while has been so full of pessimism and hate over the new game… But thanks to you guys, my dash has been pretty much nothing but optimism and excitement for it instead! It’s been a really, really great day after dealing with the rest of the FE fandom lately! So yeah, thanks you guys so much. YOU GUYS ARE WHAT MAKES BEING IN THIS FANDOM WORTH IT TBH <3

Wow, you’re amazing, I didn’t expect that much attention on this project!
Because we got a little over 15 people (and I didn’t have a heart to refuse anyone), I decided to split the participants into two groups. I will take part in both games, of course, since I started the whole thing. I split them based on a feeling, but if anyone doesn’t feel good in their group I can move them of course.

Group A:

1. redthemarten
2. princecanary
3. hannytime
4. wesolutko
5. lemoinade
6. tinnpinart
7. mayoart
8. trzmiel
9. ever-distant-utopia
10. merionminor
11. blue-oranges
12. i-eat-sparkles

Group B:

1. redthemarten
2. i-eat-sparkles
2. vil-grim
3. iriascend
4. centipeetles
5. iamnyanpi
6. beezle
7. rabiddog008
8. hexephra

(As you can see, group B is smaller, so if any lost traveler would like to be added, I can accept 3 more participants. Just note me in the nearest future. Though it’s also the group containing people who warned me that they might take a longer while to finish their piece, so maybe it’s best if there’s less of them so they can catch up with group A. This isn’t necessary, because they are two seperate games, but it would be nice)

The order here is not final. I’m taking part in two games, therefore I don’t want to be the one who starts both, I want to try being in the middle too. :’D So if there is anyone who’d like to be the one to start and come up with the first picture, please please send me a message! If noone signs up for this, I will just assign it at random.


  • I will assign each person in the group their number in line at random.
  • You will be messaged your number in line and the nicknames of people who go before and after you, so you can communicate.
  • The deadline for finishing your picture is maximum 2 weeks! Starting with the moment when the person before you sent you their part.
  • The first person in line draws whatever they please, though I think it would be the most reasonable to draw a single character without or with just a partial background (we don’t want anyone to wait for their turn forever, let’s keep it as quick as possible!).
  • Person #1 sends their picture to person #2. Person #2 should redraw the given picture in their own style. Don’t hesistate to go wild with your interpretation! The more variety we get, the more fun the outcome will be!
  • Person #2 sends their version of the picture to person #3 and so on. You can only see the picture of the person who is right before you in line! Don’t post any pictures from the game before we reach the end of the line.
  • After the last person is finished, they should inform me through a message. Then I will make an official post about it and ask everyone to send me their pictures into my submit box, so I can make a compilation! After that post you can also post your pictures on your own blogs if you like!

It would be best if you kept your submit boxes open, so the person who’s before you in line can easily send you their picture. Although if someone feels uncomfortable about that and would like to get the picture in some other way (let’s say uploaded somewhere and given the link), then please try to sort it out between yourselves. Although, I’m kind of a moderator of the whole thing, so in case you can’t by any means come to an agreement with the person you’re supposed to cooperate with, you can also note me and I will try to find a way out of the situation! (As you can see my English is far from perfect, but I’m always willing to help)

I am not sure if I have it all covered, so in case there are any further questions, send asks or whatever :3 I will post the replies under my telephone art game tag, so you can look it up anytime.

I will assign the order and send you messages about it tomorrow in the evening (GMT+2 time)!

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Name: Samantha
Nickname: Sam, Sammy, Rae
Birthday: December 10th.
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5′4
Fave colour: any shade of purple, but periwinkle’s my fave at the moment.
Time rn: 1:47PM.
Average hours I sleep: 8-10 hours.
Lucky number: 3
Last thing I googled: directions to king’s island
Word that comes to mind: napping
Happy place: napping
Number of blankets I sleep under: 2-3.
Fave fictional character: Donald Ressler.
Fave famous person: Chris Pratt, Hayley Atwell, Sara Bareilles, Megan Boone.
Celebrity crush: Chris Pratt atm. LOOK AT HIM, HOW CAN I NOT
Fave book: Breath of Angel by Karyn Henley.
Fave bands: Massive Attack
Last movie I saw: Quantum of Solace.
Dream trip: I’d love to go visit my chicas’ current cities/towns and explore it with them, get to know more of their life and their favorite shops/restaurants. I’d also love to visit Scotland, Greece, France because my MeMaw went on a trip to those places and loved it so much.
Dream job: I really don’t know because I don’t have an ounce of self-confidence. Anything that will get me more hours than what I have got, will enable me to work solo once in a while, and involves hands-on work.
What I’m wearing now: Tye-dye shirt, green shorts and slippers.

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tagging all of you because i consider you my rp frands!!!

wastedxwinter; winnersbymistxke; faxtal; hearteyesrp; wcldestdreams; bxsos; vegasdoe; mvmories (i know you’re on vaca but in case you want to join when you get back)

i’m proposing we do a high school reunion group plot, somewhat based off the movie “10 years” (i’m thinking of changing it to five years though). maybe they all decide to meet up in vegas or california before the reunion to catch up and see how everyone’s lives have turned out, whether it’s for better or for worse, and things just get really crazy and there’s all these unresolved feelings after people decided to go their separate ways after high school. whether you’re someone’s ex or former bff or one-night-stand, everyone has beef with someone. i think it could be a lot of fun and there’d definitely be a lot of angst and drama!! here’s how it would work:


- everyone would create their own character, or use a muse they already have, and give them a specific label (like the jock, or the musician, ect.) just so we have no repeats and everyone’s different.

- send me the label (also the gender because i want it to be kinda even) and i’ll add it to this post so everyone knows which labels have been taken.

- add the muse to your blog or create a separate side blog (it doesn’t really matter) for your character.

- it would be just like normal 1x1 convos, except your muse is interacting with more than one person, and there’s a set place and time that this is taking place.

- be sure to tag everything #hsr5 (this can be changed) so everyone can follow your conversations with the other characters in the plot.

hopefully this makes sense, but if you have any questions feel free to message me! also, i’m not sure if any of you even want to do this, but in case you do, just like this post and i’ll come to you! if you read all this THANK YOU and i love you all. bye!! :)


Happy birthday to one of the most amazing guys I know! You’re absolutely amazing and I know this is just a stupid photoset but honestly, you’ve gotten me through so much and are truly one of the most awesome people I’ve ever had the fortune to meet. Being able to call you you my good friend is one of the things in my life that makes me most proud, because you are just so wonderful. You’re kind, caring, creative, talented, and stronger than anything in your way. You never fail to be there with a kind word and a smile, with advice and understanding, or just with conversation. I honestly would never have realized who I truly was without you in my life; you helped me realize who I was and for that, I can never thank you enough. I look up to you so much and I can’t wait till we’re on the Tony red carpet together. Happy birthday to the Batman to my Robin, the KB for all time, co-namer of Reginald Montgomery III, Turkey with a Purpose, Sam! May this be the best one yet and make 2015 your year!