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Hey everyone! I’m back from vacation and finally putting in that awesome review I promised you all! (I just needed time to settle back home before I could start).

OMG! I can’t tell you guys how overwhelmed I was for Blood Moon Ball! Seriously, I was going nuts over it, you wouldn’t believe it! Wow! Major starco ep. that everyone was talking about and I had to see what the big deal was because of it. I’m telling ya, this was the most anticipated episode yet! We freakin’ saw the storyboard for crying out loud! So here’s my thoughts on it.

*Blood Moon Ball-Formally known as “the demon prom episode” and the major character reveal of Stars demon ex-boyfriend,Tom (voiced by Ryder Strong a.k.a. Shawn Hunter of my childhood show, Boy Meets World) the linked storyboard obviously had some changes since we last saw it and here was how it originally went (Note: for those who don’t know). It first started off with Marco and Star walking on the sidewalk and talking about Marcos Jackie problems when suddenly Tom shows up from the lightening skies in his chariot and tries to force Star to go with him to demon prom with her saying no (even after he threatens to destroy Earth) until he mentions shes nominated for demon prom queen. I could see how this was changed cuz Star isn’t the greedy type to want a title like that and care too much for the Earth to have it destroyed. So instead, here’s how it newly started off, Tom walks into Stars class looking all smooth and handsome in his black tuxedo saying he’s taking her to the Blood Moon Ball. Star of course doesn’t give two sh@ts about Tom anymore and wants him to get lost until she hears he’s been taking anger management classes and doing well. Marco steps in to save Star and Tom tries to keep his cool. He tells Star she can decide for herself if she wants to go and gives her his bell. Star does decide to go and Marco tries to convince her to stay, but Star believes Tom is a better person now and wants to give him another chance and to trust her. She leaves and meets up with Tom now in a white tuxedo (white? really, what happened to that cool black tux there Tom? Huh? What up with the white tux? You’re not pure!? WTF!? And it’s not even purple too, or Stars) The Blood Moon Ball turns out to be pretty normal despite the other demons interests as it’s not evil or chaotic enough and it was all to impress Star. Back at home, Marco was dressed up in a traditional Spanish tuxedo along with a sombrero and worried for Star, so he decides to go using Toms bell. At the ball, there was a special event where when the light of the blood moon shines on two people dancing, their souls will be bonded for all eternity. Tom steps away for a moment and Marco arrives wearing a sugar skull mask to save Star again and grabs her hand. Just then, the blood moon shines on them! THE BLOOD MOON SHINES ON THEM! THE BLOOD MOON BALL SHINES ON THEM! DO YOU HEAR ME PEOPLE!? THE. BLOOD. MOON. SHINES. ON. THEM! OMG! THIS THE MAJOR STARCO MOMENT! THIS IS IT PEOPLE, THIS. IS. IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*breathes in/out*) okay, so not knowing what to do other than dance, they dance! It was adorable, Star was really liking the moment until Marco revealed himself to her and Star was shocked! Her soul is now bonded to her best friend! Tom pushes Marco out of the way, but it was too late, the blood moon disappears and Tom gets super pissed off that his big moment with Star was ruined and appears to attack him. Here’s another note from the original storyboard (Note: for those who don’t know) at the demon prom, Tom was supposed to transform into a huge Hulk-like demon monster and Star was supposed to fight him with her wand. That would have been cool to be, but in this case, Star freezes him and leaves with Marco. Back home, she was upset with Marco for not trusting her on dealing with Tom and Marco said he just wanted to protect her. Star is already badass and doesn’t need a hero, but a friend. So let me get this straight, they talked about trust issues, but not about the fact that their souls are bonded FOR ALL ETERNITY!? WTF!? HELLO KIDS, THIS IS A MAJOR THING! AND YOU TWO AREN’T GONNA TALK ABOUT IT!? WTF!? (*breathes in/out*) anyways, I’m guessing it was too awkward for them to talk about, but they’re still goin’ strong. We learned another cool thing about Marco: he’s cute, smart, loyal, does karate, makes nachos and he can dance! Jackie honey, you’re missing out. BEST EPISODE EVER!

*Fortune Cookies-This episode starts off with Star and Marco perfectly kicking Ludos henchmens butts and betting each other on their magic and might. After a successful defeat, they go out and celebrate with Chinese food. At Ludos kingdom, he is upset with his henchmen being incompetent and stupid (which they are) and decides to hire someone to shape them up. He goes through these interviews on selecting the perfect mentor and all of which were no good (here’s a little something, back in the Blood Moon Ball, there was a demon with a Southern accent and during the interviews, another monster had a Southern accent……..what’s up with these Southern accented evil beings? I mean, I know they’re down south (like Hell wise), but not so much that they have Southern accents! C’mon) Suddenly, a lizard like being wearing a business suit sits in and convinces Ludo to hire him. Everyone, this is Toffee. From the moment I saw the poster for Fortune Cookies with a smooth looking black V-necked shirt wearing lizard carrying a martini glass at the bottom, I knew this had to be Toffee and that he would be this classy, sophisticated and brilliant villain (now that’s my type of villain!). At the Chinese restaurant, Marco tricks Star into making her think fortune cookies are real prophecies and she believes him. When he tries to convince her it was a joke, she doesn’t think so and starts relaying on the cookies for everything in her life. Lol! Ludo’s head henchman, Buff Frog, hears about this and informs Ludo about it to which Toffee uses to get Stars wand (okay, what up with this. Toffee you’re the most competent and smooth ass villain in this show and using something stupid like fortune cookies to get to Star? Don’t you have anything better up your expensive suit sleeve to stop Star instead of using her fortune cookie weakness? But, whatever man, you’re the mastermind, so whatever). So as Ludo’s henchmen attack Star and Marco, Star reads her (fake) fortune and it reads, “love is the answer to everything”, so instead of kicking their asses like Marco was doing, she decides to give each and every one of them a hug. Awwwwwwwww. It was cute, but NOT helping! The henchmen don’t try to steal the wand and just enjoy the hugs Star gives them. Oh come on! Who doesn’t want to hug Star? She’s adorable! As she’s hugging the two-headed monster, Ludo tries to run in for Stars wand only to be stopped by the two-headed monster and reveal to Star that this is all a set up to get her wand (apparently, they had a secret liking to Star and wanted to be honest with her. Lol!) After seeing this is all fake, she finally kicks all their butts and tells Marco she’s over her fortune cookie phase. She continues to eat them though and reads a fortune that says, “A great evil has been unleashed”, of course she doesn’t believe it anymore, but unfortunately, this one was actually telling the truth. So now Ludo keeps Toffee with him and we see that he had a certain connection to Stars family. Well, this is gonna be good!

Overall, Blood Moon Ball is my favorite episode so far and I love the starco moment they had (I knew it wouldn’t long before they a hint at a Kim Possible moment on us, but the relationship is still platonic……..for now at least) and I love that they’re adding in more villains on the show like Toffee, he’s so cool! I love it when shows have a variety of villains like Batman or The Powerpuff Girls. Hope you all liked the review.


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Ciao! Just wanted to tell you that I think your shippings are amazing, you make all of us feel good about ourselves and your writing is awesome, you should consider becoming a writer :D

Ciao!! I want you to know this is seriously one of my favorite messages I have ever gotten. thank you so much. It may have started out as me wanting to write more because I was bored, but honestly, you guys are why I do this. I love writing for you guys. I love that you guys feel good about yourselves after reading them. that’s my goal honestly. I want you guys to all see how amazing and beautiful you are. sorry for being super emotional and weird but seeing you guys happy and excited just brings me joy and I will definitely think about becoming a writer!

I don’t go on here very often anymore specifically because I need to unfollow some people but i haven’t gotten around to it yet. ;; Even so you guys still like/reblog my posts!! I still get followers too…. Man I love you guys. :’(

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Hey, I think the photos of you and Leon are FUCKING AMAZING. you guys are such great cosplayers and you def don't have anything to worry about cuz you both are so on point. I don't even ship it, but woAh that's so awesome. I especially like the ones by the windows because that is just so cool. Y'all are like cosplay gods or something.

dkgkdllg;!! oh my gosh!! thank you so much ;w; we had a lot of fun, and i’m so glad to hear people genuinely enjoy how they came out! he’s such a good leon, so he set the bar really high in the cosplay department, ahaha! did you see the gallery or just the few things i put up here? i never know when the best time for people to see things is, whoops! ahhh, a lot of people like the window ones! that’s such a wonderful thing to say! the lighting ended up being really cool, i think. it turned out pretty well for having absolutely no plan for what we were going to do.

oh gosh oh gosh, i don’t know if i’d say cosplay gods!! i mean, maybe he is - his props are FANTASTIC, too, oh man, his daft punk cosplay (okay, well, thomas bangalter specifically, i don’t think he’s made the other helmet but i could be wrong so don’t quote me on it) is SO GOOD, IT IS SO GOOD WOAH. Ahaha, I just do my best, I’m so, so glad you enjoy it!! It seems to be a pretty small ship, sadly, but I absolutely love it. I’m glad people can appreciate the work we put into it all even if they’re not keen on the pairing!

I really don’t care that much about behaviors that my guy friends do around me. Oh, you’re putting your arm around me? Sounds good, fam. Oh, you’re not wearing a shirt when I’m calling you on skype? Eh, I’ve seen worse. I came over at a time that you weren’t wearing pants? Awesome, I guess I’ll take my pants off too if it makes you feel better. You haven’t asked me to move? Cool, I’m going to use you as a pillow for now because I didn’t get a lot of sleep. You feel weird about hugging me? Don’t, bro, bring it in, nothing but love for my dudes. I really could not care less.