To - in no particular order! - all of the 

Police Officers

Truck Drivers

Military Servicemen and women


Nurses and Doctors



Newscasters and DJs and their Crew

Hotel Employees

Foodservice Folk

Service/Gas Station/Convenience Shop Attendants

Everybody working at the Airport

(and everyone else, omg I am SO sorry if I left you out!!)

who are working today, keeping the world running while the rest of us celebrate with our families. It’s only because of you that we can. Thank you.


Special Thanks to all the poor souls in retail who have to leave in the middle of dinner to cater to the violent masses for “black friday” (on Thanksgiving) sales. I’m SO sorry. Thank you.

And to everyone who is On Call today - I hope you don’t get called out. Whether you do or not: Thank you.

No matter how damaged you are, there will still be love for you. No matter how unlovable you think you are, you will still be loved. You will always be loved.
—  Lukas W. // You are loved

Quiet declaration of support for every person who is facing this holiday season with an eating disorder/who is recovering from one. I just wanted to say I totally understand the panic around a season dedicated to eating.

You don’t have to look any certain way to have an ED. Having EDNOS is still having an eating disorder. Orthorexia and binge eating are both still eating disorders, even though they’re rarely mentioned. It doesn’t matter what your gender is. Any person from any background can have disordered eating.

If this time of food makes you uncomfortable, or causes you to work out obsessively, or gives you guilt, or effects you negatively at all: I’m here for you. Please stay safe. I hope the bad thoughts stop long enough you can enjoy time with your loved ones. I hope you find peace. You can survive this. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You deserve to live.

Like Fandom? International Consumer? American Net Neutrality Rules Do Affect You. Here’s Why & How You Can Help

Are you involved in a fandom? Do you log onto a site called archiveofourown? Do you use Tumblr? Do you watch youtube videos? Do you use wikipedia when you are writing a fanfic and need to know a ton of information? Do you use a site called storenvy to find fandom related merch? What about etsy? Like gmes and use Steam? WoW? Are you a German artist who has a solid American following? Do Americans consume any of your fanfic, fanart, webcomics, original art or fiction? 

This will hit you in sales, lack of fan produced content, or removal of fandom websites

Nonprofit organizations like Ao3 rely entirely on donations of the consumers. That site will not be able to sustain itself when ISPs are squeezing it for premium fast lane prices. You will not enjoy it when its broadband is constantly overtaxed because it cannot afford premium prices. This will at best, just annoy you and you will have to try again and again to even get into the site. At worst, it will close the site. The American fanfic writer though? They may not even have access to the site anymore because they cannot afford to be “granted access” to it and will no longer produce content for you to enjoy. Tumblr is owned by Verizon, a company so excited to see net neutrality laws done away with. If you think American content producers will escape the premium price pay-walls on this site, you’re wrong. If you think Verizon won’t find ways to also hit you, you’re wrong. The very nature of the internet is globalized. What hits America, trickles into the international markets. Every site and every example I put in paragraph one will see dramatic changes, some of them will just outright end. The most immediate change you will see is fandom changing for Americans. No more American produced fanart, no more American produced fanfic. At least from those who cannot afford it. You better hope your favorite American fanfic author is rich. This is not even a party line issue. Americans across the BOARD do not want this. We are screaming at the FCC. We must KEEP screaming.

Here is what you can do to help. Email the FCC. You don’t need to tell them you’re international. You don’t even need to give them a last name, or just go ahead and makeup a pseud if you’re scared. Mind you, they know when an account is a spam account or a bot, so DO NOT USE THOSE. Remember, these are American governmental persons. They are not serial killers. They will not track you down and kill you in the middle of the night. You can even use what I wrote out on my own.

Ajit Pai - (he is the champion of this and will unlikely change his vote but you should still tell him why he’s wrong)

Mignon Clyburn - (Will vote NO)

Michael O'Reilly - Mike.O' 

Brendan Carr - 

Jessica Rosenworcel - (Will vote NO)

[Introduce yourself, tell them happy holidays]

Please vote no against repealing Title Two Net Neutrality rules. These rules protect small business, non-profit organizations, individual American citizens. Repealing the rules will hinder American investment globally. Small businesses will cease to exist. in an online forum. Americans may be cut off from the international world. We do not want this. We have flooded your comments, we have created petitions. We have shared Facebook statuses. We have spoken and we say no. You as an agency must look out for the American people, not for a select few deep pockets. The American people say no. A competitive market is not an expensive market.

Again, do not repeal Title Two Net Neutrality rules.

[Insert salutations end]

Your name 

animal crossing: pocket camp - tips!!

okay so im level 20+ already after two days of playing so i’ll give you guys some tips for gaining levels and the general game

  • fruit trees refresh every 3 hours, if you don’t have the inventory space for the fruit just shake the tree and leave them on the ground, they won’t rot, and you can maximise your harvest

  • the shops rotate every 6 hours- 6am, 12pm, 6pm, 12am 

  • do requests for every villager regardless of if you plan to invite them or not for mats, experience and bells

  • spend your leaf tickets on giving yourself the extra crafting slots ASAP!

  • the quarry resets every 24 hours to get in for free, add as many people as possible so you can use it 

  • make sure to scroll your friend-list and help out people to get into the quarry, you get 100 bells each time!

  • every 1 hour, the villagers at your campsite will let you talk to them for gifts and friendship points

  • when you get a new villager, click ‘auto-arrange’ for their new furniture. it’ll put what they want down and after it gives you the option to revert to your original layout. you do not need to keep their preferred furniture out!!

  • always have an amenity crafting, always. they take forever and you will need to have them all eventually

  • the stretch goals are very generous with rewards and very easy, work on them as fast as you can

  • save up as many materials as you can, the furniture becomes incredibly expensive (60-120+ mats per piece) very fast

  • don’t be afraid to use your request tickets/calling cards, the game is generous with giving them

  • when listing items in the market box, be aware that the price does not automatically reflect the quantity. you have to put the price up the more items you add!

feel free to add anymore!! i hope these help your game!

Loki ruled Asgard for 4 years. Nothing bad happened, he wasn’t a bad ruler. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The only thing that Loki did was a giant statue dedicated to him while being fed grapes. Asgard was peaceful, Loki was a good ruler. Odin didn’t want Loki to rule which is why he went on a murderous rampage but after Ragnarok we know he is good. God bless Loki