Who isn’t thrown for a loop by relationships?

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right but telling calum you were pregnant would be the sweetest thing like it would be valentine’s day and you guys never outwardly celebrated it, maybe just with a cheesy card or by going out for dinner but you’re still in your honeymoon phase despite being married for 3 years so you figure you don’t need to try harder on one specific day. but this time you’d both wake up and stay in bed and cuddle before swapping cards and yours would say ‘you’re the macaroni to my cheese’ and he’s grinning because his card is literally cheesy, and he thinks nothing can outdo it until he reads yours that you made especially for him which reads ‘Roses are great, violets are good, I can’t wait to meet you, love baby hood’ and so for the rest of the day you lie in bed as close to each other as possible talking about how your baby is basically gonna be the most special being on the planet because it was made with the love you two share and he probably starts crying at some point and gets emotional because the only thing better than the love of his life, is finding out the love of his life is pregnant with his baby

I wish Andre 3000 would have made videos for every song on The Love Below. 

I still want videos to “Happy Valentines Day” and “Draculas Wedding”

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Okay so I've heard some people talk about Paris either 2014 or 2013 does that ring a bell? Like at the show?? Care to explain it to me cause I'm lost on this topic and was just wondering, it would be cool if you could show me some gifs or videos too.

okay, sooooo when people first say paris, i think of the paris interview that took place on valentine’s day 2012.  you know, this one.

snort.  thank you dangerous dave.  but then i also think of when louis wore this shirt (check out the link, it explains why the shirt is so awesome)…

which technically didn’t happen in paris, but it comes up in my mind anyway. just more to why paris is so big for them.  anyway….

so going back to wwa paris, i’m guessing there are a few things they might have been referring to.  the first i don’t have any photos or gifs to go with because i was the worst tagger ever.  (the only reason i found the photos below is because reminiscingintherain remembered paynoisbatman has the best tagging system ever basically, so thank you to both of them, and you can find all the photos and gifs below from these tags)

so, if i remember correctly (and i could be wrong…) paris was…fun.  it was after weedgate and it was when the “official narrative” was that eleanor was going to be touring with them as louis’ minder, basically.  to make sure he didn’t get into anymore drug related trouble.  because apparently concerned and well meaning “girlfriends” babysit their rockstar boyfriends.  anyway, she had been mia and then showed up in paris.  of course.  paris which, as i shared the video above, has quite a bit of meaning for larries.  however, the only photos we got very distinctly had elounor not ever touching.  apparently most fans were brushed off and not given photo chances so what we got were, if i remember correctly, either blurry fan photos as they passed or maybe a couple of pap shots.  and if you know anything about pap laws in france…yeah.  they were defo called.  but louis couldn’t even be arsed to hold his “girlfriend’s” hand? interesting.  

also interesting to note is niall, louis, and eleanor were spotted in the stands watching mcbusted, if i remember correctly, before one of the shows.  the best part?  louis paid huge amounts of attention to niall and hardly even recognized that eleanor was there.  she had to try so hard to get any attention from him at all and mostly just sat on her phone.  i felt rather sad for her actually. anyway…

niall also had a blast with his instagram (my post here explains a bit more for those confused by the photo)…

and that’s not even including the shows.  there were fun moments during their performances there, mostly revolving around harry.  i’m only sharing a few, mostly related to either harry’s image, which had only started becoming a bit more relaxed from the het!harry narrative, and the husbands.

first and foremost you have the “larry arm”.

this wonderful concert goer wrote larry quite large on her arm and held it up for the boys to see.  harry acknowledged her not once, but TWICE.

that’s two thumbs up from harold.  excellent.  he also impressed us with his pink underwear.

that’s beautiful, harry.  imho, he should wear pink more often.  we also later got a photo of louis’ shirt riding up and it looked like he was wearing the same underpants, btw.  but that’s neither here nor there.

so i’m guessing that louis’ more outward defiance against the elounor narrative as well as this larry arm girl got harry in a good mood, as you can see here…

oh baby.  lol

now because i wasn’t around before wwa, i have no recollection of anything happening in paris in 2013, but i could absolutely be wrong and missing something, so for that i apologize.  i hope this helps you figure out a bit more about the importance of paris and maybe clears up some of the confusion for you!


Happy Typography Tuesday!

Greetings telegrams

With Facebook and instant messaging often now being the communication method of choice it’s hard to think of a time before simply posting “Happy Birthday xxx” on someone’s wall. Having been cataloguing our collection of ephemera, I was delighted to come across a selection of greetings telegrams.

Greetings telegrams were introduced to Britain in 1935 as a way of enlivening the telegram’s image and to boost the use of the service. Between the years 1913 and 1934 the number of telegrams sent in Britain per year had more than halved. For an extra 3p senders could now have their telegrams printed on decorative paper. Greetings telegrams soon became very popular, with a variety of designs for a number of occasions such as weddings, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and more. Designers included Eric Fraser, Frank Newbould, Claudia Freedman and Rex Whistler.

Up until 1940 the Post Office greetings telegrams were delivered in distinctive gold envelopes, these were replaced with more basic ones with outbreak of World War II. The service was suspended 1943-1950, as a result of paper rationing. In 1957 a deluxe version was introduced which included a folded card. By the 1980s this form of communication became redundant as other technologies advanced.

For any enquiries relating to the collections at Typography and Graphic Communication or if you would like to arrange a visit please contact Laura Weill (, Collections Administration Assistant.


Cities in Love  ~  Posters

   nothing says Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming more than a bunch of rom-coms, melo, etc. opening simultaneously. This film is going head-to-head with the NiNi-Angelababy starrer Bride Wars which is also opening on the same day. It’d be interesting to see which film can dethrone the current king Huba from Monster Hunt which has broken records since its opening day.

So this one time when I was in college the University did a thing for Valentine’s Day where you could send a bottle of Crush soda to the person you liked and I had to write an article about it for the school newspaper so I gave it the title “LSUS crushes Valentine’s Day spirit” and the editors were planning to change the title before it was published and I was like “No” and I talked them out of it over a game of pool so long story short they ended up publishing the article with the title I gave it.

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John's brothers send him scientifically correct valentines day cards because he doesn't understand the ones he gets from his admirers and they don't want him to miss out on a nice day


Scott researches the facts to make sure they’re accurate, Gordon comes up with a science/romance pun based on them that John will find amusing, Virgil paints the design beautifully and carefully and then tiny baby Alan covers the whole thing glitter glue

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Decided to reread Reviving Romance and the foreshadowing in the first chapter is so amazing, I was like 😮😮👉😮👉😮👉😮👉 "She said there's no mystery in Valentine's Day, but little did she know! Little did she know she was about to get one!"

Yeah, she definitely got a Valentine’s mystery lol. Peeta totally heard that entire conversation and decided to take matters into his own hands. Thanks for reading (and for the reread!). 

a little known fact is that there is a worm version of every holiday. for example on worm valentines day we celebrate worm love and love disease

100 Royai Drabbles (38)

This is supposed to be rather sweet, and then I got swept up by the idea of Riza being soft an Alphonse because he’s a precious cinnamon roll. PSA: Roy is still a dork.

38. Mischief

It would be an understatement to say that Valentine’s Day was not one of Riza’s favorite holidays. She woke up that morning, fully intending on not allowing this day to be any different from the rest, and acted as such. Unlike many of the other women in the military, she didn’t change her make-up routine for the day, opting for her typical regime that was natural and helped make her look more alert. No cute pink lipstick or rogue, no adding volume to her eyelashes. If she could stay away from the colors pink and red for the entire day, she’d be happier.

Upon walking into Eastern Headquarters, she did not glance at a single person in the building. Normally, she wasn’t so closed or distant, but every time her eyes roved near someone, they opened their mouth and she could just hear them wishing her well for a day that meant nothing to her. Upon snapping her eyes forward, they’d shut their mouths and continue on. All she had to do was get through an entire day without anyone, male or female, acting silly with her.

It wasn’t that she was bitter about being lonely or whatever. The whole affair trifled her. It caused half the people to become distracted and glum (especially Havoc, he was the worst offender possible); and the other half became wildly mushy and lovey-dovey (she refused to be around Hughes on this day, even more so than the Colonel). There was nothing special about this day – never had been and never would. She’d never celebrated it before and she wasn’t about to begin.

(She most certainly did not think about that time when she was a teenager and Roy transmuted her all sorts of bouquets and gifts throughout the day. It was the one time he’d managed to cook something decent for dinner – or so she’d thought until he’d confessed to getting take out. And then when they’d gone to the top of the hill near her house to look at the stars… )

No, she’d never cared for this day, not once in her life.

When she stepped into the office, she wasn’t surprised to find that she was the first one to arrive. Falman came right after her, clutching a suspicious bit of chocolate along with a research book. Fuery came in next, blushing to his roots and tight-lipped. Breda strode in looking a little smugger than normal, which made more sense when Havoc came in right after, practically dragging himself across the floor and looking distraught already. It wasn’t even eight yet.

All of them were hard at work, silent, if only because all the men seemed painfully conscious of how much Riza did not enjoy this day, when Roy sauntered out of his office. She connected eyes with him for only a second, but the smirk widening on his face nearly made her scowl and she jerked her eyes back to her paperwork. He knew how much she hated this day. It was like Christmas to him though. He got more presents than any woman she’d ever known, and he was known for sharing them with his subordinates, taking sadistic pleasure in seeing how long it took before her façade broke.

“Since it’s a Friday and such a special day,” Roy began, hands clasped behind his back, “I’ve decided that if nothing comes up and we’re able to work diligently throughout the day, we can all leave early.”

A wave of conflicting emotions rolled over Riza as the men in the office began to cheer. On one hand, she didn’t like the idea of slacking off one bit, but if they did press through and work together, they would, in theory, might be able to get enough work done so that they could leave early. On the other hand, if they got to leave early, then she could rush home and stay away from people and their ridiculousness for the rest of the day, so she honestly wasn’t sure if she cared this time if they didn’t complete every last bit of work of the day. It was complicated thought process indeed.

Waving her pen between her fingers, she waited for Roy to disappear back into his office before raising her eyes. All at once, the men dropped what they were doing and began to talk. So much for working hard in order to get out of here early. She’d make them work through lunch if it meant going home and not talking to a single person outside of the unit.

“So, got any plans with the girl from the sandwich shop?” Breda asked, turning on Fuery with a wide, knowing smirk.

Fuery turned red again and mumbled something under his breath that Riza couldn’t here, but it was apparently loud enough for Breda, who guffawed loudly. They teased Fuery something awful when it came to the girl that always seemed to be working whenever they sent him to get sandwiches so that they could work from the office during lunch time. It occurred to Riza then that if she did have them work through lunch, she would be somewhat responsible for Fuery encountering the girl on this not-so-special day. She could already hear Roy sighing about what a matchmaker she was.

“What about you, Breda?” Falman asked, though it was more curious than mocking.

Breda leaned back in his chair, smug as can be, reminding her distantly of Roy whenever he felt particularly pleased with himself. “I’ve got a date.”

“Oh?” Falman raised his eyebrows. “With who?”

Before Breda could answer, Havoc burst in, throwing his hands in the air. “Why did you have to ask her out, Breda? You knew that I had a crush on her! I expect this of the Colonel, but not you! And on this day, too! Why, you’re nothing but a— but a traitor!”

Breda’s guffawing started again as Havoc continued to throw every insult in the book at him that was usually reserved for Roy whenever he up and swept a girl out of another officer’s arm. The man was absolutely horrid about doing that, like he thought it was game, even though the relationship never lasted long. It had happened a few times to Havoc, though he never held a grudge against either the Colonel or the woman, but he looked rather wounded that Breda had done it to him this time.

“What can I say?” Breda laughed. “I guess she needed more man to love.”

Riza shook her head as the arguing continued and focused on her work. Soon enough, the rest would follow suit, Falman quicker than the rest. She bent over to pull an old case file out of the bottom drawer of her desk and then stopped when she saw what was in the drawer. On top of the file was a box of chocolates (her favorite kind, too, dark chocolate filled with coconut, not that she’d ever tell anyone) with a note that read: Dark chocolate because you’re too sweet as it is.

She pulled the box out of the drawer and plopped it on top of her desk, standing up as she did so. “Does anyone have any idea how this came to be in my desk?” she demanded in a dangerously calm voice.

Havoc immediately stopped arguing with Breda and glanced at the chocolates. Upon realizing what it was, he tensed up and looked like he was considering running out of the office. “No, Lieutenant,” he replied shakily. When she turned her gaze on him, he blurted out, “And no one in here would dare pull a prank on you like that! Some of us might be idiots” – he shot a glare at Breda – “but we know better than that.”

Giving them all considering looks, Riza sat back down and shoved the chocolates back in the drawer. “If I find out that any of you were involved in this…mischief, I’ll give you a taste of just how sweet I can be.” With the threat laid out bare on the table, all of the men nodded their heads quickly and set to work. Although she had not intended to put some wind in their sails, it had that along with the desired effect. She was not going to eat those chocolates, no matter how delicious and expensive they might be.

Around noon, all of men, including Roy, stepped out of the office for lunch. They were making surprisingly great progress, which meant that they didn’t have to push through. Riza hesitated on going to the cafeteria though. She didn’t know if she could avoid anyone saying anything to her and she would overhear people talking and gushing about this or that. She was not bitter. It was just irritating. Without saying anything to the rest of the team, she held back and then went over to the sandwich shop instead. Of course, Fuery was there, though instead of talking to the girl at the counter, he was hiding behind an upside down newspaper.

Shaking her head, Riza ordered a sandwich and then headed back to the office. She’d work through lunch, maybe help them get ahead. However, upon opening the door, she was stunned to find that there was a vase full of roses on her desk. They were a deep red with bright yellow tips. She hissed at the sight as she jerked the door shut behind her and then made her way to her desk. At first, she didn’t know what to do. Throw them out? Maybe she could give them to Havoc and tell him to give them away to the first woman that caught his attention for more than five seconds. She certainly wasn’t going to leave them on her desk.

A card tucked in the bouquet caught her eyes. She set her sandwich down and plucked the card out from between the roses and flicked it open. Roses for a woman too beautiful to describe. The breath was taken right out of her; she was so infuriated and flabbergasted. Who the hell was doing this? Anyone that knew her well enough to give her a gift knew better than to send her such things on Valentine’s Day. Riza liked to think that she was a sensible and unflappable person, but she felt the strong urge to use her guns right about now.

“Oh, those are very pretty flowers, Lieutenant!”

Riza rounded on the voice, the note crumpled in her hand, but froze when she spotted an armored head peering through the doorway. It was only Alphonse Elric, probably the one person in the entire state of Amestris that she wouldn’t snap at for bothering her about this day. He didn’t know any better and he was such an earnestly sweet boy despite his circumstances.

She relaxed immediately and clasped her hands behind her back, hiding the note from view. “Yes…” She glanced back at the roses, noticing just how colorful they were, a bit like a campfire. “Yes they are, Alphonse.”

Alphonse stepped further into the office and walked towards her so that he could get a better look at them himself. When he fingered a rose, the flower was dwarfed by his hand, but he was gentle, much more so than she could’ve ever been. “Who are they from?”

The note seemed to burn in her hand. “I’m not for certain.”

“Really?” If armor could blush, she was almost positive that Alphonse would’ve been bright red. “You’ve got a secret admirer then?”

“I–” Riza bit down on her tongue.

He didn’t know, she reminded herself, and besides, he was a child. In that suit of armor, he couldn’t enjoy many of the simple things that the rest of them could. Distantly, she wondered if he had ever experienced a child-like crush before and she felt a stab of hurt. Here she was, acting like a bitter old woman over chocolates, flowers, and public displays of affection when Alphonse couldn’t even enjoy any of those things without a human body. It was strange how quick she could go from angry to guilty when it came to the Elric brothers.

Riza smiled gently. “Maybe I do, but I think it’s someone just playing a prank.”

Alphonse gasped and pulled his hand away to form a loose fist. “Why would anyone give you Valentine’s Day gifts as a prank? That sounds cruel. And you’re very pretty and nice, Lieutenant!” Unlike Edward, the younger Elric brother didn’t panic with embarrassment at his admission and start to shout incoherently. Alphonse honestly believed those things about her character.

For the first time in what felt like her entire life, Riza could not bring it in herself to hate this day.

“It’s nothing,” Riza explained away, “just a bit of office fun because I’m one of the few female officers here. To be honest, Alphonse, I’m not particularly…fond of this holiday.”

“Oh.” Alphonse dropped his hands to his side and looked down at his feet. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to–”

Riza laid a hand on his arm. “You don’t need to apologize, Alphonse. You didn’t know. And you’ve actually made me feel a little better, so thank you.” This time, when the boy shuffled, she could tell that he was feeling a hint of shy, childish embarrassment. He did so much and he looked nothing like a young boy, but moments like these really made her remember. “If you could do me one more favor?”

“Of course, Lieutenant.”

She picked up the vase and held it out to him. “If you could take these, please.” He took the flowers from her without questioning. Since it was a prank and she didn’t like this holiday, there was good reason that she would not want the roses on her desk as a reminder. “Give them to some of the other female officers. I’m sure it will brighten their day.”

Alphonse nodded his head and bid her a good afternoon, leaving the office. No doubt the shy boy would make a few of the other officers smile in delight. Riza sighed and collapsed into her seat once the door was shut. If she kept working, she’d be able to get out of here early without any more incidences. She unfolded her hand and looked at the note again. It was typed, so that she couldn’t discern the handwriting. Maybe it was nothing, but she couldn’t help but get the feeling that it was because this so-called “secret admirer” didn’t want her to know who he or she was, and she would’ve recognized their handwriting.

Lost in thought, Riza didn’t notice when the door opened again. It was only when another voice spoke up did she realize that she wasn’t alone in the room anymore. “You know, I could’ve sworn that I saw Alphonse Elric leave the office holding a bunch of roses.” The Colonel was standing before her, wearing a curious expression.

“Someone thought it would be amusing to give me flowers,” Riza told him. “Since I have no a place for them on my desk, I thought it best to give them away for other people to enjoy.”

Roy didn’t blink, but the way he focused on her made her feel strangely hot. “You didn’t like them?”

“They were…pretty,” Riza admitted, almost begrudgingly, “but I’ve no need for flowers, especially not from someone that doesn’t seem to have the courage to outright tell me who they are.”

“Secret admirers are supposed to be romantic and mysterious, are they not?” Roy asked, his tone bordering somewhere between teasing and flustered. It was a strange combination. Still, he kept his facial expression fairly neutral.

Riza scoffed. “Perhaps, if this one didn’t use cheesy one-liners out of Havoc’s book.”

For some reason, Roy gave a barely discernible frown. Some people might’ve thought that he was still passive, but she’d known him for too long to make that mistake. “You don’t think it’s Havoc, do you?”

“Of course not.” Riza looked over at the empty chair. The poor man was distraught over the fact that Breda had somehow managed to snag his latest crush away, but he wasn’t suicidal to the point where he’d start flowering his attentions on her on this day. “He may act like a girl crazy sap, but he’s not an idiot.”

“Those flowers were far too classy and expensive for something Havoc would give anyways,” Roy pointed out, turning on his heels and walking into his office. Riza blinked. She hadn’t even thought of how much the roses might have cost, though she knew how costly the chocolates sitting in her desk were. Before he shut the door, Roy stopped to look back at her. “No worries, Lieutenant. I won’t let any of them slack, so we’ll be able to get out of here soon enough.”

“Yes, sir,” Riza replied, her words of thanks not spoken aloud. He understood her though, nodding his head, and then shut the door.

Leaning back in her chair, Riza opened the drawer and pulled out the chocolates once more. She fiddled with the box, looking at the cheesy note on top, and then opened it, so that she could pick a chocolate out and pop it in her mouth. It wouldn’t hurt to have dessert before her lunch. After all, they were from that really nice sweets shop right by Roy’s house. It’d be a shame to let them go to waste.


Pics I never got the chance to post valentines day also Layla and Eric’s first time together. Just posting these due to I can’t post nothing updated right now my game keeps crashing it obviously a download..also eventually my blog will become a *NSFW* blog lol just still warming up to it but it is taking awhile….. 

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Jay/Carlo's first Valentines day on Auradon. I'm not trash I swear.

Jay x Carlos » first valentines day

Carlos ran around the room panicked, he couldn’t find the gift he had bought. Running his hands through his hair, he let out a frustrated groan.

“Woah… Calm down there boy,” a feminine voice laughed from the now open door. “Now is not the time Evie!” Carlos exclaimed as he began to tear apart his closet.

The tournney game was in less then an hour and he had nothing to show his boyfriend his affection, on Valentine’s Day at the least.

“Come on Carlos, whats the problem?” Evie asked ignoring the fact that he had just yelled at her, moving towards his bed to sit. “I can’t find Jays gift!” Carlos exploded standing up and walking away from the closet.

“Well what does it look like?” Evie asked checking her recently manicured nails. “It’s in a red box with a gold bow on it.” Carlos explain in defeat throwing himself down on Jays bed.

Evie hummed a response, surveying the room, her eyes falling upon a pile of clothing that seemed a bit to perfect.

Walking over she picked up the bundle to reveal a gift box underneath. “Found it.” She chirped happily.

“Oh god Evie, you’re a life saver!” He squealed in delight as he grabbed the box running to the field leaving Evie standing in the room confused of what had just happened.

×time skip×

“Carlos!” Jay grinned planting a kiss on the younger boys lips. “Happy Valentine’s Day.” He mumbled in to the kiss.

“Happy Valentine’s Day.” Carlos said in return happily. “I got you a present.” He smiled thrusting the box in to the tanned boys hand.

Slowly Jay undid the ribbon, reading away at the red wrapping paper. Grinning his lifted up a leather bracelet. “Thanks, I love it.” He smiled hugging Carlos.

“Can I get some help?” He asked trying to attach it to his wrist. Carlos helped his latch it on and grinned, “I’m glad you like it.”

Upon closer inspection, Jay noticed to little charms attached to the leather. Lifting the bracelet closer for inspection, he saw that the charms were two dogs one bugger then the other.

The whistle blew and pulled Jay from his own little world. “Thanks Carlos, I love it.” He kissed the boy once again before smirking.

“You get your present later tonight.” He sent a wink towards the boy before jogging off leaving Carlos standing there beet red in the face but smiling none the less.


Here you go hope you liked it