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Do you think people's favourite FMA character tells a lot about them? Do this necessarily shows the qualities we admire most? Do we like a character because we are similar to them or because we want to be like them? I had a discussion about relating to fictional characters with a friend and I'm just curious about sour opinion. :)

Hey Nonny! That’s an excellent question.

Personally, I think it could be a mixture of all of that, depending on the person and the characters. Everyone’s different and has different reasons for liking characters, so I don’t think there’s one specific reason that all people like the characters they like, if that makes sense. I did see a study once that we can sometimes take on the traits of our favorite characters, so I think some of that can hold true for quite a few people. For me personally, I like or admire the characters that I do because I find them to be admirable, or have traits that I want to possess, and sometimes I see myself do things that would be similar to how I believe that character may respond in that situation.

I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense, but I guess what I’m trying to say is that I personally think it’s a mix of all of the above to some degree! :) Thank you for the ask!

Ok, I’ll get this out of the way. I’m way blonder right now than I was in this picture. Call me Blondecai. When my hair gets wet it looks like spaghetti but I think it’d be a disaster to try and comb it with a fork. Did that joke make sense? I hope it did. I’m kind of old. I sing and scream for the bad The Word Alive most recently known was The Sparkle Alive because we have some shit planned for you guys. Message me and I’ll fucking tell you about it. I’ll eventually get to everyone but, fair warning, my multi-tasking game is shit. || hmu @

A Week in Mistward 9/13

Hey guys! Here is Day NINE!! I know you guys probably hated Day Eight…less likes, less reviews. Me too fam, me too. This one will be better. And, fair warning, you guys have A LOT of good feels and surprises coming up! I’m so excited:)

characters copyright of sarah j maas

taliesin and korlan copyright to me lol

link to all the previous days:

let’s go…;)

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Bridges - Thor/Loki - human AU


Dear Thor,

You’ve been holding out on me! I still can’t believe that whole walled off area behind the house is your garden (thank you for the snowy tour). I always thought it was a neighbor’s lot. You have the actual secret garden in your goddamn backyard. You sneaky little shit. Fair warning: I’m crashing your flower beds as soon as the ground thaws. My green thumbs are itching for dirt, but there’s no sun in this little tomb of mine, and no room for flower pots anyway.

Also, I was peeking through your sketchbook and saw sigils. Holding out on me again! I’ve been wondering if you still practice. It looked like the final designs were missing. Have they been activated. If so, which ritual did you use? In any case, you’re full of surprises.



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X-Men ‘92 Thoughts

An issue of this comic came out today that includes Polaris as part of X-Factor. These are my thoughts. I’m not bothering to go very in-depth this time. Also, fair warning, I’m biased and not very positive about things here. Marvel can be thanked for that.

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Ok, so I'm a bi girl, but I want to ask a girl out. If you don't reply to bi questions that's ok, but I need some help. I'm bad enough at flirting with guys. How do I get a girl to notice me?

This question can take a little bit. The best way to get a girl to notice you is to approach her and pick her up. But then you’re probably asking “how do I approach? How do I pick her up?” So, I have that issue tackled for you. 

Here’s a video link to the video that helped me. As a warning, this person has been banned by a few countries for teaching PUA stuff. But to me, they are one of the respectable gods of seduction who have paved the way for many looking to improve their dating lives. So click at your own demise, but as a fair warning the advice that I give is pretty much in line with what he says.

One quick thing though- 

“If you don’t reply to bi questions that’s ok, but I need some help.”

This statement is some fuckery. You should never feel uncomfortable asking a  question that involves picking up women/ girl-girl dating to anyone running an advice blog regardless of your orientation. Like ever. 

this or that, now versus then

by TrenchWarfare

“Please,” Cloud says, desperation tinting his voice. The man behind the counter – dark hair, kind eyes, name tag that reads ‘Zack’ – looks past Cloud, toward the door.

“The edge lord looking dude with the silver hair?” Zack asks, a sympathetic look softening his face when Cloud nods. “Then get back here, holy shit, dude looks like he could tear you in half without breaking a sweat.”

Words: 1103, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

from AO3 works tagged ‘Zack Fair/Cloud Strife’

imma jump on the bandwagon that hasn’t quite left the station, but this lonely admin is now online and will be for the rest of the night (unless i fall asleep) so like this post and i’ll charge into your ims for plots! fair warning tho, i suck at ‘em! but we’ll figure something out eventually, honest! :P

So I’m making a homebrew d&d thing for fallen london (spoilers below for those few participating/possibly-if-it-ever-happens-participating in the campaign) and I want them to at one point break into the bazaar. Fair warning, this probably doesn’t fit at all with real lore because I’m The Worst™. I want them to find Candle’s old robe (probably doesn’t even exist in real lore but too bad) and also probably run into the other robes, and I want the robes to have special properties.

We’ve seen Page’s robe referred to as “void-dyed”, which probably doesn’t mean anything, but again, I’m taking it as effectively an invisibility cloak, the user can blend in with their surroundings if they want to. Here’s the problem, though, I want the other robes to do cool things/have cool names and I can only think of a couple, so I’d like to consult the great Here’s my current list (I’ll edit the list if I think of something or someone tells me a cool idea):

Candles: Wax-woven master’s robes:
Wearer can walk through the dreams of others and control them.

Pages: Void-dyed:
Dark as the void, blend in with your surroundings on command.

Mirrors/Cups: Parabola-soaked: Looks like the fabric is swirling and twisting, gives you a glimpse of possible futures and past events rarely.

Veils: Starlight-sown: At night it looks like space - nebulas, stars, and all. During the daytime those who see the robes become pulled towards them, intrigued and discontent. During the night they slip through shadows unnoticed by all.

Irons: Heavy and practical. Iron’s steadfastness and silence has soaked into them, essentially draining the energy from the environment. The insides are hewn with correspondence symbols and the user feels stronger while wearing them.

Fires: ?

Stones: Stone-Studded: These robes are glistening and priceless, the user sees valuable stones and stonework out of the corner of their eye, and they notice it immediately, from traps to glimfall.

Spices: ?

Wines: Noises are amplified to an incredible, near deafening degree, the wearer can hear anything above a whisper in all of london and can focus in on a certain sound or conversation. There always seems to be yet another beverage in there, no matter how well you’re sure you emptied them.

Hearts/Apples: ?

Thank you to @scherzando-novembre and @suinicide for the help!

First episode of Bake Off and the contestants have already learned to use booze to appease Mary Berry


4/27/14 Blues @ Blackhawks, WCQF Game 6: Soccerhawks (X)