CN’s site schedule is the most accurate, so if there’s a discrepancy between the CN schedule and the completely unsourced schedule by a fan, the CN schedule is most likely the most accurate. Always go with the CN schedule. 

A lot of people seem to think the CN schedule is wrong for not having “Beta” airing on Friday because fan schedules have it listed then. But, most likely, CN decided to have it air back to back with “Earthlings” rather than having them split by the weekend. While it could be a mistake on CN’s part, since CN is actually the channel airing it and thus in the best position to actually know what’s going on, its far more likely that unsourced fan schedules made the error rather than CN.

The fan schedules you’ve been seeing around, which have episode listings for days past the’s schedule are approximated. We have the episode titles for all of season 3 and people have made the reasonable assumption of placing these episodes in order within the July 18th through August 12th span of the summer event. So most schedules aren’t confirmed airdates, but the episode titles we have placed, in order, on the dates. Its a reasonable guess, but its absolutely not confirmed until corroborates it

This is why I don’t post schedules (or reblog them) that aren’t on the CN’s site schedule yet. Because even a reasonable guess can be off a little because the episode order could be changed around or CN could decide to air certain episodes a different way. I feel its far better to wait for accurate information than to guess and be wrong and cause a whole lot of confusion. That’s just my way of doing things, though

it took me a moment to realize exactly why steven wanted to say “i’m sorry.”

he realizes that the war wasn’t a good war, and that what happened to the homeworld gems who got stuck on earth was equally as unfair as the crystal gems…he knows that some of them really were just doing their job, and that job got them corrupted :’/ and steven, as a crystal gem, blames himself for that.

that episode was amazing. dang

i’ve seen ghostbusters three times at the movies now, and i kinda just want to talk about why i loved it so much for a second or two.

it was a complete breath of fresh air to walk into the cinema and see a group of women (of different shapes, sizes, colours, might i add) on that screen supporting each other, having one another’s backs, saving an entire city together. there was absolutely no gratuitous scenes involving sex, nudity, relationships and whatever other bullshit hollywood likes to throw into female roles. no, it was just four ordinary women being passionate about something they loved, and that’s exactly one of the reasons why i love this movie so much. little girls are going to walk into theatres across the globe and see women up there who have dedicated their entire lives to something which EVERYONE else looked down on. they’re going to see four different women: a teacher, who was picked on as a kid for being ‘different’ and is extremely goofy, caring and loveable, a queer nerdy scientist who adores making machinery and fighting ghosts and will never apologise to anyone for it, a woman of colour who works in a subway station and has an insane interest in history and reading and busting ghosts, and a dedicated ghost lover who’s devoted her entire life to finding paranormal creatures when so many people tore her down. and she proved those bitches wrong. people of all ages and genders (but especially those little girls) finally have the chance to see women up there, kicking ass for a full 1 hour and 57 minutes with no catch. no relationships. no sex. just straight up girl power. 

also, they’ll get to see a woman openly flirt with another woman. an openly gay actress. a character who is gay (well, i’m assuming, along with the rest of the internet) is just living her life, and her sexuality isn’t explicitly mentioned once, or is the sole purpose of her character. she’s busting those ghosts, while subtly flirting with everyone, wearing whatever clothes she fuckin wants to, because she can. it’s just so refreshing to sit in a theatre and see someone so accurately close to yourself up there in a family movie. 

girls being there for other girls is so important to me in terms of seeing it on the big screen. holtzmann was consistently supportive and protective of erin, especially after hearing how she’d been dismissed as a child, abby and erin put their tiny disagreement behind them and reminisced and laughed and cared and didn’t leave each other for a second time, and patty. well. she was just a fucking star. a complete angel. “kids is mean man, i believe you.”

another thing which i loved, even as a gay woman, yes, was chris hemsworth’s character. one of the only male lead characters in the movie was portrayed as a complete and utter goofy dork. it was so incredible to see these woman kick ass SO hard, and then have the contrast of kevin in the background. and despite his many, many flaws, at the end of the day, the women still went back to save their ridiculously dorky receptionist, even if he did suck really hard at his job, because they were a family.

holtzmann’s speech. erin saving her friends with the swiss army knife jillian gave her. abby and erin having a moment in the middle of a fucking vortex. holtzmann singing her little “abby come and get ya sandwich” song. patty’s knowledge of new york city. “i believe the word we’re looking for is apocalypse”. “oh god, i can only think of soup. what else is good in the world? um. salad.”  the cameos from the original ghostbusters cast. cecily strong’s little role, another amazing snl cast member. the whole “cat out of the bag” thing. fucking ozzy osbourne. 

go and support this movie. prove those weird men (who sit at home and write creepy imdb reviews all day) wrong. loose yourself for a few hours in the shitty year that is 2016, because this movie is important. it’s everything. it’s the year 2040, and our president is a plant.

I forgot to mention (Thanks Cerise for reminding me. I was too caught up in the excitement) that the plan is to do this on the 27th of every month! Each month will have a different WOY topic to talk about and the aim is to get WOY trending every month for as long as we need to. Just to prove that the campaign is still going strong as the months go by. 

But for now let’s all be very proud of what we have accomplished today! This is what happens when the fandom comes together as one. We can pull off great things! Which is exactly why we should remain hopeful about saving WOY. With 34,000+ of us working together who knows what we can accomplish?! 

I put out the call and you guys answered! Thank you everyone! You’re all amazing! This fandom is truly amazing!


Can I just start off by saying that Seokmin deserves more love for his body and this is exactly what this is and I mean why wouldn’t someone write a paragraph about his thighs? dO YOU SEE HOW GLORIOUS THEY ARE. CHOKE ME PLEASE 

The fact that his legs aren’t as skinny shouldn’t be a reason for people to dislike him. There’s almost always an expectation of sorts for every idol to be thin and I mean, Seokmin is thin but he has muscles which make him look bigger and he’s perfectly healthy and sexy and beyond attractive  the way he is. 

We all have insecurities and that doesn’t exclude the artists we love and cherish dearly. Seokmin once mentioned that he wished he had Jihoon’s body and physique and that high key makes me want to cry because he’s beautiful the way he is and I would want to kiss everything he sees as a flaw on his body just so he can feel loved.

Okay y'all but hear me out: Seokmin can do so many things with those thighs no I am not thinking of him wrapping those meaty wonders around my neck and body slamming me to the ground what

  • For one, he can seat multiple puppies on his lap and pet them and honestly, who doesn’t want to see Seokmin with the brightest smile on his face as multiple puppies just give him little kisses I will sell my soul and everything I own for this to happen
  • Not to mention, he can easily body slam anyone that makes him angry or sets him off and it’s a gr10 self defense because he’s strong and he can also protect the other members if need be and wow imagine the seventeen protection squad with Seokmin, Mingyu and Seungcheol I gtg
  • When the time comes for our little seokmin to commence the skoodlypooping, aka a bird and a bee simultaneously interacting with one another physically and the bee stinging the bird cough if you catch my drift here cough then there will be a lot of slapping skin noises and it’s overall a very enjoyable experience for both Seokmin and whoever is beneath him my left kidney is up for sale for me to be in this position asap goodbye 
  • Big thighs also come along with the package of a big butt and I think we can all agree that seokmin’s gluteus maximus looks firm and also extremely deadly and there is also some cushion for the pushin’ I don’t know what this means I’m just going with the flow 
  • He’s also a beautiful dancer and it’s always nice to see him move, he has better balance and even though some things may be hard for him, he pulls through and he learns them and it’s all thanks to the thighs that hold him up when he’s tired and he doesn’t have much strength left. Bless you, seokmin’s thighs 

In conclusion, his thighs are just a work of art that everyone in the fandom, and even outside of it, should appreciate and love. Whether Seokmin has small thighs or no thighs or any other attribute that he does or doesn’t have, I’ll still love him the same. And I hope you all can too. 


Batman v Superman: The Fundamental Flaw

This guy manages to pinpoint what was that intangible “something” about Zack Snyder’s movies that makes them feel so hollow and unsatisfying to me, despite their visuals and energy. And he does it in a thoughtful tone–without having to tear into the material and bash it around. Definitely recommend this.

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sorry to bother you but the Montanaspinus joke has gone too far. I can't post links in an ask but there is a journal by Midiaou on deviantart that explains what happened.

Ok but I’d like to state for the record that I was against this joke from the beginning.

And when presented with a similar situation of my own - the Mariaspinus debacle - I have been stating, staunchly, that’s it’s not bloody real, and hoping to god that people would fucking drop it. It was going too far from the beginning

I’ve participated in Montanaspinus jokes (like on the livestream) since to not be a killjoy, but this bullshit is exactly why this shit shouldn’t happen. We have enough trouble from people seriously trying to suggest certain untrue things are true - like BANDits and creationists - to have to deal with dumbass game developers causing chaos by venting their frustrations. 

There’s a difference between “oh look, there’s this common misconception that really has no basis in science, I’m going to point it out to everyone for fun” (bird political spectrum) and “these people are annoying us by asking for Spinosaurus, so rather than be mature and ignore the living crap out of them, we’re going to make up an entirely new genus, Montanaspinus.” 

The Saurian game is one I am excited for. I am extensively excited for it. But I have long been disappointed in the behavior and attitude of the developers. They have been rude and immature and unprofessional and this is no exception. People look to them as an authority and they should have shut this down almost immediately. 

So there. I’m disappointed in them too. 

Gotta catch ‘em all - Drabble

Part of the whole Sandcastles & Iron Man universe.

Wordcount: 879

Pairing: JiKook; side YoonSeok

Genre: Fluff (?), Pokémon Go!AU

Summary: Jungkook is obsessed with Pokémon Go and he and Jimin are sneaking out at night to ‘catch them all’. Well, things don’t go exactly as planned.

Originally posted by superficious

“Okay, so why are we doing this again?“

“Hyung, don’t talk so loudly. Your parents are gonna wake up.” Jungkook scolded his boyfriend while he was making sure that the older one wasn’t going to fall while climbing out of his bedroom window.

Jimin huffed a little when he made it to the ground and rubbed his hands. He then looked to his side to see Jungkook standing in the darkness, only the light of a street lantern illuminating the Kims’ garden a little. He took in the younger’s attire. Jungkook was wearing a medium blue jacket with gold trim and white collar and sleeves, worn open over a dark t-shirt, jeans with light blue cuffs and green finger-less gloves. To make the outfit complete he was wearing a red snapback backwards on his head.

“Did you actually dress up as Ash?” Jimin asked incredulously “Omg, I’m dating such a nerd.”

Jungkook looked at him with an offended expression. “Excuse you. This helps me staying in character while we’re catching them all.”

“You are gonna catch them all. I’m just here because….because,” Jimin scratched his head “Remind me again. Why am I here with you at 1am in the morning?”

“Because as my boyfriend, you want to spend as much time with me as possible – no matter what time of day it is.” Jungkook explained.

Jimin grinned cheekily. “Admit it. You’re just scared you might get killed if you go alone.”

Jungkook’s mouth fell slightly open before he grabbed the smaller boy by his arm and pulled him with him into the direction of the park.

Phone in his hand and flashlight on while the Pokémon Go App was turned on, he stared at his display the whole time, mumbling something to himself while Jimin took it upon himself to make sure that the younger wouldn’t trip or run into something.

Jungkook had been obsessed with the game ever since it had come out and while Jimin didn’t really understand the hype around it, he still accompanied Jungkook most of the times he decided to play it, just to spend time with him.

And when Jungkook had talked about playing it at night, because ‘Hyung, I’ve read that the chances of catching a Gastly are way higher at night and I need a freaking Gastly.’, alarm bells had started to ring in his head. He knew Jungkook well enough to know that he would definitely sneak out at night just to find that damn Pokémon, no matter what.

So when Jungkook had asked him to come with him he immediately said yes, worried for the other’s safety. Didn’t change anything about the fact that he still was annoyed with this game, though.


They were in the park now. It was pitch black darkness except for Jungkook’s flashlight and Jimin would be lying if he said that he wasn’t at least a little scared.

Well, he had Jungkook with him, he thought as he looked at his boyfriend who was so focused on his phone that he almost ran into a bench and oh my god they were going to die here.

Jimin tried to calm down while he trotted after his boyfriend.


It had been half an hour and they’d walked across the whole area twice already.

“Why are only those dumb Rattatas here?” Jungkook complained.

Jimin, who was constantly looking from left to right, still anxious, shrugged. “Don’t you have this tracker thingy?”

Jungkook huffed. “It doesn’t really work at the moment.” He then slumped his shoulders and looked up – Jimin was pretty sure this was the first time the boy wasn’t looking at his phone ever since they’d met up.

“Kookie, can we go home now? We’ve been here for half an hour and you still haven’t found that Pokemon you’re looking for. I’m tired and I don’t wanna get caught by my parents,” Jimin asked.

Jungkook pouted but agreed eventually. Together they walked back to Jimin’s home and Jungkook stayed infront of the window until Jimin had made it in safely and was blowing him a kiss before closing it and going to bed.


After that the tall boy quickly made his way to his own home.

Since his bedroom window wasn’t within easy reach from the outside, he had to go through the front door.

He fist bumped the air when he’d managed to open and close the door as quietly as possible. Now he only had to pass by the living room and walk up the stairs.

As he walked a few steps into the house, though, the lights turned on all of a sudden and his fathers were standing in front of him. Hoseok was wearing a small smirk on his face while Yoongi’s face was stern and he had his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“And where have you been at this hour?” Hoseok asked in a singsong voice. But Jungkook knew better than to let himself be fooled by that tone.

“And what the fuck are you wearing?!” Yoongi interposed.

Jungkook swallowed his response to the last question down – comments about how he needed this to actually feel like a trainer wouldn’t be helpful in this situation.

He knew he was in deep shit.

Freaking Gastly.

Okay but, since it looks like Roberta and Julia will be together onscreen, I need: 

  • Julia grumbling about how she had to listen to years of them going back and forth and Kensi blushing whenever she brought up “her nice partner” when dammit, she just wanted them to cut the crap and get together so she could attend the wedding and get some grandkids. 
  • Roberta grumbling that she barely got to hear anything and she had to bribe Deeks with lasagna to meet her future daughter in law. 
  • And dammit, why exactly does she call him Deeks???? 
  • Roberta hugging Sam when she sees him and asking all about Michelle and saying that she’s having them over for Christmas next winter, no excuses. 
  • Why is there a drawer devoted to hostess treats? How deep is it? Oh my god does it ever end???
  • Roberta gets Kensi a book of baby names for a get well present
  • Okay but, Roberta flirts with Owen and Julia flirts with Callen and everyone is scared and Kensi might be a little green
  • Kensi gets all three of them addicted to some soap opera, Deeks is horrified
  • Julia, Roberta, and Sam drinking red wine and exchanging recipes and DIY ideas on the couch

The “stop using terf rhetoric in this argument it’s really shitty” post is making the rounds again

and i just

can’t give a fuck because these people /sound like fucking terf blogs with the target changed/. And despite multiple well-reasoned and thorough posts by people other than me all detailing exactly the reasons why a lot of ace discourse on tumblr resembles terf rhetoric, this bullshit argument continues.

They’re not going to tackle those posts, though. And I don’t have the time or energy to devote to arguing with people like this.

Hey - I’m going to continue to encourage ALL aces to participate in LGBT+ groups, events, and spaces. Because they belong there. Because there’s no reasonable or logical argument against them being there.

If you don’t like it, you can take your freshman-year understanding of sociology and fuck off anyway. :)

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Should I start watching Voltron? What exactly is it? And why does everyone ship Klance? Honestly I just looked for a blog that regularly posted fanart to ask this question and yours was the first one I found. Not disappointed. Love your art style ^_^ (Also I'm sorry if this is a FAQ, I could only find one post about FAQ)

Well hello and thank you so much! :) 

And YES i highly recommend Voltron, Its a great show and its available on netflix! There’s currently one season and i recommend watching it now because next season will be out later this year. If you watched Legend of Korra you’ll probably recognize the animation because it’s the same team that created that show, and boyyyy is it good for a tv-show. The animation alone was good enough to get me hooked and then the story was rl nice and cool and the characters are extremely likable and relatable so yeah! Highly highly recommend! It is a remake of the old Voltron series that aired in the 80′s, and they’ve done an amazing job at making such a typical 80′s cartoon concept actually cool and enjoyable. 

And klance is probably the most popular ship because its the most obvious one. If you watch the show you’ll probably see what im saying ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). There’s also a lot of hope among the fandom that they’ll someday be canon since we are, after all, dealing with the team that made korrasami canon soooo. 

I could go on and on but those are the essentials i guess.. I hope i answered your question and thanks again! 

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I can't believe people are still with this Cara thing like?? L M A O Cara is the bad girl. Karlie is the good girl. Cara never had a good girl image and that's why her coming out didn't affect her career.

Exactly. Some people just don’t get it, and act like it’s such a strong argument yet… It’s not. 

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you should have Kim Kardashian that phone call for us

I honestly wish I had and this is exactly why whenever people pull this “have a professional, private conversation” shit I don’t. The one time I do and here we are. 

i feel like the best example of my nerdy ridiculousness can be explained by the fact that when i went to Pride with my friends i was afraid to leave the copy of Sarah Bradford’s Cesare bio i was reading in the car because, like, it was a library book and if it was stolen, that’s a lot of money on my head, but like, not only was it a) a copy printed in the 90s and so worn it was fugly and not worth much but b) i am entirely certain people running around festival parking lot aren’t exactly desperate for info on Cesare Borgia so why would they steal it?? and my friends kept telling me this and at the time I didn’t listen and lugged it around in my bag all day

so yeah tl;dr i’m such a dork i couldn’t fathom that not everyone is so desperate to learn about Cesare Borgia they would resort to stealing. and that’s me in a nutshell

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ladrien, superman/lois lane au!

Ladybug’s insect wings buzzed as she slowly descended to the ground, hoping Adrien was comfortable in the princess carry she had him in.

“Why, exactly, did you think eavesdropping on a Mafia meeting, getting caught,  and jumping off the roof to escape them was a good idea?” she asked, her feet touching pavement.

“Because I knew my hero would be there to catch me,” Adrien replied, his mild tone doing nothing to cover up the mischievous twinkle in his eyes (one that always made Ladybug wish that she was brave enough to find it without the mask).

send a platonic/romantic ship with an au prompt to get a 3 sentence fic :D

Tru gives relationship advice to her reluctant characters, probably part the seven hundredth:

Gal, after way too many drinks: So…

Me, squinting at him suspiciously: …So.

Gal: That kiss. He did mean it?

Me, sighing: I probably shouldn’t give you spoilers. But yes. And I’m pretty sure any unfortunates who were looking for books can assure you that he meant it, too. Neither of you was exactly subtle.

Gal: *goes pink* *takes a heavy glug of ale* Why am I always drunk in these conversations?

Me: Because some of us don’t need to get pissed to express our feelings. We can just sort of… express them. Like normal people.

Gal: *grunts*

Me: You’re as bad as each other. I’ve already had this conversation with him. And I swear, if you two talk yourselves back out of this, I will… gah. Do physical harm. Stop grinning at me. Did you just mutter ‘he liiikes me’ under your breath?