evander “van” grey is thirty-two, tyler hoechlin, nightfall. obituary writer + ghost hunter. obsessed with all things death and destruction (completely fascinated with serial killers, horror films, haunted houses, ghosts, etc) a literal man child who refuses to grow up. idiot who will say whatever he has to to make things ~okay even if he doesn’t mean it. king of putting his foot in his mouth. (highkey) in love with ursula rousseau (he’s both fascinated with her and terrified of her) but won’t admit that they’re fucking because lol she’s that ~weird girl from that ~freak family. 

van needs: friends!!! he’s an east erie native and has never ever left. (has probably tried but just came back bc he gets homesick) A GHOSTBUSTERS GROUP PLS GOD of stupid ghost hunters who make no money but fuck around looking for ghosts n shit. exes, hookups, pretty much anything in the love department except for future because lol ~he loves ursula pass it on (or don’t bc he rly doesn’t want anyone to know!!!) i also am thinking he’ll have some siblings???

olive “oli” villanueva is twenty-nine, vanessa hudgens, dawn. florist. a travelling free spirit who’s incredibly independent (see: flighty asf) magnetic and alluring. all about everything organic. refuses to eat meat and is a fan of freeing the tata’s (aka she never wears a bra, it’s bad for you, you know) she’s kind of a dingbat though and if you tell her something’s organic, she’ll believe you always. not a fan of technology. only has a cell phone because her boyfriend sully rousseau is constantly replacing the ones she loses (bc she never remembers it exists lmao)

oli needs: everything!! oli first stepped foot into east erie two years ago. she’d come and go as she pleased, but about a year ago, she came back and… never left despite her constant itch to move on and travel somewhere new… she stayed, for sully (but don’t tell him that oops) so she got a job as a local florist and she has been officially dating sully rosseau for a couple months now. so she needs friends for sure!!! i don’t think anything love related will be needed but i’m always up for some ideas. and i may request a long lost half sibling bc that sounds fab???


Vans Girls’ Catskills Moto Diaries // Babes Ride Out:  Nina Kaplan 

Look up the word “wanderlust” in the dictionary, and we’re pretty sure you’d come across a photo of moto-babe, Nina Kaplan. Her infectious smile, and adventurous spirit make Nina the ultimate road warrior to add to your travel crew, and time-and-time again she has proven to be one of the most adventurous women we’ve ever met. Just like us, Nina traveled from California to attend Babes Ride Out East Coast, and we were excited to catch up with this ball of positive energy in the humid heat of Catskill, New York. Get to know more about Nina, and learn how motorcycles have changed her life, and the advice she has for girls interested in riding. 

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So, basically, I found the best video I’ve ever seen. This is a gif from it - you can already tell it’s going to be wonderful.