This Is East Van

A few of my photos will be in the This is East Van book coming out on April 15 and I couldn’t be more happy! If you want to check out more info please like their Facebook page or Follow their Twitter or better yet, buy a copy of the book (however, the book won’t be available on the website until April 15th).

Soooo stoked to see the book and to be part of this! Also props to Adam for telling me about this in the first place.


A few random bits of awesomeness:
Back in January I worked on a short filmed called “A Wish Where the Wind Once Blew.” It is currently at the short film circus of the Cannes Film Festival!!! Director Stuart Gillies and producer Magali Gillion are there promoting the film.

About a month ago (I’m slow with some updates) the book This Is East Van was released at various locations around Vancouver. I have a photo in the book so go out and pick up a copy. (We can race, I haven’t gotten my copy yet either)

And finally this week Salon Magazine published the photos I took for Shaunn Watt’s Contessa submission (Big Canada wide hair style competition). So look for that next time you’re getting your hair cut!


This is East Van

Last summer, a couple of East Vancouver artists, Erin Sinclair and Jason Uglanica, launched This is East Van, a community photography project that asked locals to submit photos that represent the neighbourhood. My husband, who normally takes photos of graffiti and poetry in the alleyways of Vancouver poorest area, the Downtown Eastside, submitted this photo, which was selected for the book.

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