hi! welcome to my first printable set! 

first, I have made a grade tracker- 

ESSENTIAL to motivation. I have used these types of things since grade 5 and it’s lovely when you plot your percentages. maybe I’ll make a printable for that but for now a simple chart. write in your predicted percentages, actual percentages, assignment names and any notes!

next, I have made a study schedule- 

great for planning and organizing your time efficiently. it helps me keep on track and I hope it will help you too! you can plan out 7 days and 12 hours each day!


this is a great resource! definitely one of my favorites. this is another essential tool for planning your time. as an athlete and a musician AND a student I have a lot of extracurriculars and commitments. this planner caters to busy students making it unique. also you can track your water and food intake, useful for health conscious students as well.

hope you enjoy! click on the links and press the little printer at the top to actually PRINT the google drive files. have a great week! xx

Just finished the list of my top 250 favorite hip hop projects of 2010-2015

This was a long, frustrating process but I definitely had fun making it, probably going to add some descriptions for the top 15-20 albums eventually and maybe a sample track for every album on there. Hopefully someone out there finds it to be useful tool for finding new music. Let me know what y’all think or what albums you would have put on your list that I didn’t.  Also keep in mind that I didn’t include straight up instrumental projects on there, i’ll probably make a seperate list for that eventually. I also plan on making lists for the 90s and 2000s so be on the look out for that, just not any time soon lol.

Friday Five

I haven’t done one of these in a while.

1. We went to see American Ultra last night. I knew absolutely zero about it, not even any of the cast. So it was definitely a shock. But I actually really enjoyed the movie. And Kristen Stewart can do more the angsty brooding.

2. Week 1 of tracking my eating and making good choices. We even ate out 2 nights this week and I am still down 4.2 pounds from last Friday. I know that kind of drop won’t be a weekly occurrence but it does give me faith that I could get down the remaining 10 lbs to get to my super idea first race weight in the next 11 weeks.

3. Last weekend in the old place. With all the inspections are repairs happening die to the sale it is amazing to me this house is still standing. Wednesday we discovered that the bathroom has all kinds of faulty wiring when they came to repair a light in here. After seeing the spark burn markings on the ceiling I asked that it be disconnected and the new and old owners can hash out what to do with it. But I did not want those faulty wires “fixed” (aka reattached where they dislodged from an old light fixture) while I was still living here.

4. Tomorrow is a 7 mile run and the run club has decided on a change of scenery this week. We will be running on one of the islands so I hope it will be a route for lots of pictures.

5. The boyfriend is out of town for the ngiht so I fully plan to park my butt of the couch after work and binge watch crappy TV then be asleep by like 10pm.

venhediss replied to your post

Fantastic, I wanna hear all about it

nggghmfdfhgh well first i gotta come clean
i played with fire, and i got burned by browsing the tag before beating it, and getting spoiled on the last action of the game when i was already so close :C

so it was really just waiting to see how/why that happened :/

still though, the way Blank Canvas escalates like that, it’s really tense, really focused, really pensive, you know something cool is about to happen. it feels like a new start to the ruins of the past, AND THEN IT CUMULATES IN THAT.

and as he’s realizing what she’s about to do, the way he pleads with her not to.
You could have painted the town, Red…
i can’t wait to make my step-sister play this game.

i dunno what i feel about the ending overall. it’s understandable, if a slight bit any rate, the process are stopped, so that’s good. 

i never did officially learn swordfriend’s name though.  i assume you can find it in one of the trace banks during the royce fight?
speaking of which, that fight was awesome [if a little frustrating], loved the surprisingly upbeat music, and holy cheese. so much happened after she put the thing in the cradle. i’m not sure WHAT to make of all that. also, fuck you royce and your “i win either way” attitude, too. also fuck your immediate and faster use of turns than me, not letting me blast your face or find a better location to start my turn. [i still wrecked him though, only barely lost a second function].
i’m sad there’s only 3 bosses in this game.

this has marked the day i always knew would come; the day when i’d WANT to draw a realistic human character.
and i am suffering.


Wolfellice’s Current Tunes

My most recent discovery has been that 2015 is, in fact, a legendary music year. There have been so many amazing releases so far and there’s so much to look forward to (most of ‘em in September), I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren about this. Anyways, here are some tracks I’ve been listening to a lot lately:

Lana del Rey - High By The Beach while some artists wait three years or more to release an album (I’m looking at you, Frank Ocean), this woman just jumps from album to album, it seems. Although I liked Honeymoon better than this one, High By The Beach is surely promising for the new album.

FKA twigs - in time so much respect for twigs here. M3LL155X is a masterpiece, and this song is definitely my favorite from the new EP. I need an album.

Tourist - Holding On ft. Josef Salvat & Niia I love Tourist!!! I don’t even know why but his songs are so relaxed yet energizing? Anyway, this is a new one, and I’m utterly addicted to it.

Disclosure - Willing & Able ft. Kwabs Disclosure just keeps getting me more and more pumped for their new album (which is coming out the day after my birthday). I don’t really have anything to say about this song, except that it’s amazing and Kwabs should’ve won BBC’s Sound of 2015.

CHVRCHES - Leave A Trace another album coming out the day after my birthday! I’m pretty excited to hear it, since I was a big fan of The Bones Of What You Believe, and I’m curious to find out if the second album will live up to it. Leave A Trace is trusty electropop, and I love it. p.s. the latest single, “never ending circles” might have been more suitable here but i just don’t like that one as much

Feedback and tips on new music are always appreciated!

anonymous asked:

Okay so I'm really upset because my best friend (who's a guy) just told me he thinks he likes me and so know I've been having a terrible night because I've been so insistant to everyone that it's not like that for awhile now so can you give me all the happy Cherik FICS you can think of so I can take my mind off it and sleep? (Btw it's justanawkwardwhitegirl but I'm too busy having an anxiety attack too log in)

Shit man, that definitely does not sound like a good time, I really hope that everything ends up working out with you guys the way you want it to, though!

Now. I am NOTORIOUSLY bad at keeping track of/remembering fics, so i’m sure i’m leaving out something I’ll regret, but here’s four of my favorite happy stories to keep you through the night.

Keep reading

Symphonic Evolutions was just as beautiful as the first time I went ;v; (despite not seeing operatorrhythmi‘s beautiful face this time around and also having better seats last year). I brought along my mom, dad and sister, and my sister fangirled so hard at a few of her favorite tracks while I patiently explained the premise of the game and the different regions and characters to my clueless parents (who did, in fact enjoy themselves). 

Going to this event really renewed my love for this series, and though I’ve still been taking a break from contributing to the fandom for certain reasons, I definitely have the motivation again to catch up on what I’ve missed from the anime as well as drum up some creativity again whenever I get the chance. =)

I drew this in addition to this one I did. XD I don’t think Mika would help at all in making Damien feel better about all of the floaties. Lol~!

I won’t lie. Damien is definitely my favorite brother of the incubi from Seduce Me. He was the first route I played and also the last one I finished. 8/ His ending was so hard to get through. D; And I mean on an emotional level. But now my baby is human and happy~ And I will play that route over and over and never tire of it. (Same with his tracks on the drama CD….. And The Lovey-Dovey husband in the Sweet Honeymoon CD that Jonah Scott also provides the voice for and it sounds like a happier Damien. >////<)

jesuislafilleauloup asked:

4 10 11 16 20 24 25 30

4:Favorite Music Track

ahhhhhh hard one, but here are some of my favorites:

Derse Dreamers

Do You Remem8er Me

Austin, Atlantis

Game Over

Time on My Side

Three in the Morning

10:Strife Specibus allocations?

Ironically it’ll be bladekind lmao, and it’s not because of the striders, it’s because i legitimately love swords and my name basically means sword man

or piñatastickkind, both work

11:What’s your Title (X of Y; example Heir of Breath)?

Knight of Void

16:What’s your favorite part about SBURB? (The enemies, alchemization, the consorts, etc.)

alchemizations, definitely! 


Here are a lot of my favorite: 

The (totally not) Mysterious Doctor Hat-Trick

John and Dave Write a Bad Smut Scene

Crystal Hearts and Thread

how to tell a joke (this one actually helped me out a lot when my uncle died a year ago. I read it everyday because I could relate to John)

Scarlet and Bible Black


I Can Make You Love Me

When It Rains

four titles

Permanent Ink

The Heart Grows Fonder

the wind blows through your shaking frame

little talks

Closing Time

Looking In

Living in Twilight

our saving grace is long overdue (I really love this one you don’t understand)

sons and daughters

Goodnight Moon


Curiosity Will Dictate Who Reads This Fic

Things that remain unsaid

We Walk

All The Pretty Horses 

this will never happen

Strider’s Edge  (I love this one so much holy shit)

a thousand years

Little Red Striding Hood

Growing up

Common Misconception 

can you take me back where i came from

Holy matrimony!

So Long and Thanks for all the Fucks

Find A Temple, Build A Temple

24:Have a favorite AU?

Any soulmate AU tbh 

25:Have a favorite crossover?

With Steven Universe for sure

30:Favorite Homestuckism? (Who’s this douchebag, Already here, acrobatic fucking pirouette, etc.)

I am the star. It’s Me.



I’ve had lower points and I’ve definitely had higher points. I’ve had nights I thought I’d never get better and nights I just wanted to sit in bed and cry. I’ve had days I’ve struggled to eat all my food and days I’ve struggled to stop eating food. I’ve had days that I hated myself so much I felt the need to purge in some way shape or form. But I’ve also had days that didn’t involve the meticulous tracking and counting of calories and intake. I’ve had days that I didn’t feel guilty for eating my favorite foods and days I could eat without self judgment. It’s those days I remember on nights like tonight, the days that give me hope, the days that remind me it can (and will) get better. Everyday is a new day and I have the power to make it a great one.

K-Pop Tag

I was tagged by kimchi-kimssi

1. First K-Pop group: SHINee
2. First K-Pop song:
3. Favorite male group:

4. Favorite female group:  Sobs I love so many girl groups. Definitely After School. 2NE1 maybe. I’m getting into Namyu lately but there are so many meme

5. Favorite solo artist:  IU? I don’t know many K-Pop solo artists.

6. Favorite K-Pop song:  Love You To Death - Taeyang

7. Favorite K-Pop music video: I Need U - Bangtan

8. Favorite K-Pop ballad: I don’t listen to K-Pop much anymore, and rarely anything other than title tracks, so does Starry Night - Standing Egg count? That’s where my blog titles are from.

9. Catchiest tune: I Miss You - Tiny G

10. Best male dancer: Jimin/J-Hope/Hoya

11. Best female dancer: Kahi easily. I love how she moves it’s mesmerizing.

12. Best male vocalist: Jimin in my opinion. His voice is just really soothing to em.

13. Best female vocalist: I really love Jungah’s voice too.

14. Best male rapper: Yoongi hands down. I love his raps so much.

15. Best female rapper:  Kahi sobs. Maybe I’m biased.

16. Best male leader:  Suho maybe, because I recently read a post about how he’s kept the group together.

17. Best female leader: I loved Kahi as a leader, and Jungah too. Mom and Pops tbh.

18. Current song you’re listening to: 얼음들 - Akdong Musician
19. Previous song you listened to:  Sugar Free - T-Ara

20. Next song you’ll be listening to: 마담 - Zion T.

21. Current K-Pop group addiction: Namyu tbh. I never really paid attention to Nine Muses but the my friend had me make a CD for him with like. All of their title tracks so Hurt Locker has been my jam lately.

22. Current K-Pop song addiction: Hurt Locker - Nine Muses

23. Female K-Pop bias: Kahi, Jungah, Joy, Raina, Di, Mint, Min, Jia, Minzy, a lot sobs
24. Male K-Pop bias: Yoongi, Jimin,
25. Hottest male idol: Yoongi

26. Hottest female idol: K aH I-?

27. Cutest male idol: Jimin?

28. Prettiest female idol: I agree with Ronnie they’re all literally perfect and improve my life just by existing.

29. Cutest maknae:
Jungkook- ? Kaeun is more sexy than cute I think. Maybe Yeri.

30. Mbc, Kbs or Sbs: I’m not sure- KBS I Think?

31. Are you active on allkpop: No

32. Which fandoms are you part of: Bangtan, Girl Groups, um. ??

33. Which K-Pop forum are you a part of: Non

34. Favorite Korean drama: I’ve only seen like 3, so Shut Up Flower Boy Band?

I am tagging woobind-addy reyeolistic buttercuppycake junhweism and blockb-saurus ~~

shiznetxoxo asked:

1, 5, 6, 14, and 24! :)

1.) What is your favorite album opening track!?

I luckily have that list of my favorite songs bumping around to help me with questions like these but I don’t actually need it for this and the closer one, I realized when I thought about this.  My favorite opener is definitely Wilco - I Am Trying to Break Your Heart.  I recently said that Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is a masterpiece from end to end but that song is still better than every other song which follows it combined and I totally stand by that statement tbh. 

5.) A band you’d like to see get back together!

I didn’t have my answer for this the moment I read it, I don’t think to track what bands are together very attentively.  A moment or two later, though, I figured out my answer and got very sad because they’re one of the only bands I’ve been a fan of in time for them to break up: Rilo Kiley.  Sonic Youth would be a good alternative answer, but for various reasons, most prominently that I just definitely prefer Rilo Kiley, their break up was a heartbreaker for me and is the one I’d like to see turned back.

6.) A band you’d want to see live

I’m lucky to have seen a lot of the bands I’m super passionate about live, or a lot of the artists rather, but there’s some bands I’m definitely still ticking off.  Screaming Females would be a good pick but I sorta ducked out on a show of theirs that just played here about a month ago that I’m still sorta regretting so I have some mixed emotions about the concept of seeing them live still.  Other big artists in my life that are still touring, Arctic Monkeys, the Flaming Lips, Chelsea Wolfe, are on my list and are definitely in my future, but the definite answer to this for me is Vampire Weekend.  I’ve just come to love them more and more with time and I really do feel like they’re one of the only really ~important~ bands and I’d like to see them while they’re in that stride.

14.) Do you pay more attention to the lyrics or rhythm of a song?

Rhythm, by far.  I’ve said before that I still don’t really understand the lyrics of songs that are among my very favorites of all time and that’s absolutely true.  I’m starting to grasp lyrics more closely, though, and finding it super rewarding, so perhaps the gap is closing.  For now, though, I’ll get lost in the rhythm of a song, even the rhythm of the vocal delivery, for tens and tens of plays before I even start to get a vague inkling of what the lyrics mean sometimes.

24.) Favorite album cover?

A brisk question!  And one I have the answer to on my mind at all times.  It’s for Chelsea Wolfe - Apokalypsis.  Definitely not my favorite album of hers but I literally haven’t forgotten that album art for a moment in four years.

I realized probably about two months ago that all my very favorite album arts are a lot like this (see: Tidal, Midtown 120 Blues, Embryonic) but this is definitely still at the top of the pile for me.

Thanks Maria!!!!

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were safety pin and girl who cried wolf meant to come out or? maybe thats what he meant

They were not! and we are pretty sure that it was he was talking about seeing as he couldn’t really get upset over the other countries getting the SKH EP from UK since it was out there. Thats not even really a leaked thing, it was bound to happen. I definitely think he was talking about the two SGFG tracks that people somehow got and Bree seems to think that he might also be upset about how Halsey’s album was leaked before being released as well. I personally think he is entirely justified to be upset about both those things. I would be too if i had worked hard on an album and people didn’t respect my release date. 

That being said if you’re going to download them leaked before hand please just go buy the album as well. Support your favorite band, they worked really hard on this album.


Last week I downloaded Wonder Girls new album “REBOOT”, and it’s amazing, it really sounds like the album was recorded in the 80’s….the 80’s vibe is so strong and epic, considering I’ve been on a hiatus from listening to 80’s music (LOL). I definitely recommend you guys to buy it on iTunes.

Favorite tracks: One Black Night, Baby Don’t Play & OPPA (오빠)

TaG tEn pEoPLE yOu waNNa gEt tO kNow bEttEr 👍

this is super late because i was afraid of format, but oh well. Tagged by fl4ts0 udhdja

gender: genderfluid?? I guess

height: do i have to can i pass (5'3 hh)

where i live: cali hhhhhey

time/date: 8/15 (yyoo) 2:58 pm

most recently watched and enjoyed movie: spirited away hhhah finshed it this morning

my favorite band: currently Ten Sleep

one thing that ticks me off: drawing limbs, definitely.

favorite drink: Milo or chocolate milk

meaning of url: it’s a nickname where i combined Dirk from HS and Parable from The Stanley Parable. something i like being called hhaha

most used phrases: irl i think rekt and online is aight or radrad

favorite movie track: idk “Heist” from Over the Hedge??

im just going to quietly tag star-spectrum-muses, daniiruu, tamashitsukineko, hella-johndave and whoever wants to do this because idk who to tag i don’t really have mutualsish
In honor of fan fiction writer appreciation day...

Soooo…I tried to have this up for FF Appreciation Day, 8/21/15. I quickly realized that I have waaaaay too many bookmarks to go through and thus just posted some long-time faves across the fandom spectrum. Enjoy!

Favorite fics by fandom:

Battlestar Galactica:

Drunk and Disorderly

And an honorary RIP shout-out to The Officer’s Club by KAG, one of the best BSG fics to ever cross the nets.

Babysitters’ Club:

My Mother’s Daughter



Where We Begin (rexalexander)

We’ll Land Where We Belong


I Heard the Streets Were Paved With Gold [Darkest Timeline AU]

Bound to the Tracks of the Train

Good Omens:

The Sacred and the Profane

100 Thing Crowley Would Do Before the World Ended

Harry Potter:

Questions and Answers [the absolute best and definitive post-series series, part one of many]

The ‘Retold’ Series

Evil Be Thou My Good [EXTREME warning for gore and horror]

How I Met Your Mother:

Faces Through the Veil of Smoke

Star Trek (2008):

The Ivy Crown ‘Verse

Stargate SG-1:

Gotta include it, the immortal Stargate SG-1 fic, Dr. Jackson’s Diary. Gone from the internet at large but not from our hearts or the Wayback Machine, this is the pinnacle of fandom achievement.

Tamora Pierce, Emelan Series:

Falls the Shadow [dark Circle’verse AU]

Never Did Run Smooth [Rosethorn/Crane, Niva/Isas]

Encircled [Circle-cest, OT4]

The West Wing:

The DoD

Veronica Mars:

A Strange New Story Every Time

Welcome to Night Vale:

We Understand So Much

Young Wizards:

Fairest and Fallen

A Touch of Entropy [warning for dub-con Nita/Lone Power]