Friends who are wearing binders:

Sit up straight
Wiggle your torso a bit
Stretch your arms out
Take a deeeeep breath
Exhale nice an loud
Do a cough from your chest
Do a cough from your cute tummy
Make sure nothing is rubbing, poking or hurting.
Have a nice day and bind safely!

Aaaaaaaand....she blew it!

Breeeeaaathe in, breeeeaaathe out. That’s right, deeeeep breeeeeaaathss. There ya go!

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So folks, the storm has passed. Calm waters ahead! We can all release those breaths you didn’t want to admit you were holding. Because who are we kidding? This place was practically vibrating with anxiety yesterday.

She blew her chance. Swiss Miss, Dollar Store Claire, La Dame Blanche (a modest contribution of my own) had the chance to declare her ginger love to the world for all the IG trolls to see, and for us Tumblrs to cry about. And yet….Radio Silence. 

Don’t give me any of that “She’s keeping the relationship private by not posting on IG” BS because ya’ll know it’s not true. 

To prove that point, we have the ever non-compliant Big&Tall ginger, his friendy friend co-star, their in-the-know crew member, and a rando photog from 2015 tweeting, re-tweeting, and liking things that would make LDB’s ears burn. Right! Graham. Forgot about Graham. Cuz ya know, recounting embarrassing moments and toasting your sister ALL NIGHT is normal.

And, oh, sweet Romann! What a welcome you received…..6 MONTHS LATE. So don’t go posting embarrassing pictures of @caitrionabalfe. Nooooooo, don’t do that.

That’s my rant. 

Have a shippery day! 

Namjoon As Your Lover

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  • a lot of shower thoughts….but not only in the shower just everyday life as well
  • “y/n did you know…”
  • “y/n, do you ever wonder…”
  • having deeeeep talks about life really often
  • lots of thigh and hips grabbin
  • back hugs galore, only to make an excuse for him to rub against ur ass
  • and to grab ur boobs ;))
  • and
  • not to mention all the winks he would give you across the room if he caught you staring or vise-versa
  • annd
  • when you bend down in front of him, he would either be staring down ur shirt or at ur ass but i mean both is great am i right
  • daddy afff
  • like you would not be able to walk in the morning after the night you two just had
  • but then sometimes he would be really passionate with you and only then would it really be called “make love” instead of just “sex”
  • you only think he’s a guy that’s all about making out?
  • oh no, child ur wrong
  • deep down inside he’s secretly a cinnamon roll
  • like when you, out of nowhere, kiss or hug him and run away he would be blushing like crazy and his smile would reach up to his ears
  • he would secretly love cuddles
  • whenever you cuddle up to him he’s just like, “oh..okay alright”
  • but deep down he’s screaming
  • and whenever you compliment him on his rapping or just anything, he’ll immediately turn away from you so you don’t see him blush 
  • or if you poke his dimples he would turn away and have a big humongous smile on his face
  • he would be the guy who would give tight hugs
  • and since he’s so tall he’ll probably just give ur a head a hug
  • i mean
  • i ain’t complaining :p

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and you shouldn’t either :)))


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Hanbinie would find it cute but eh something tells me his leader instincts will come out and once you wake up he’ll be like “next time don’t wait for me ok? practices drag sometimes and I don’t want you to be here alone and end up uncomfortable on that couch” 


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“ah so she fell asleep”, he would also be like Hanbin and tell you not to wait for him but he may be a bit cute about it because he’s a sweetheart.


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Bobby would be all over you tbh, like he’d melt seeing you there. He’d take pictures to show you when you wake up. “look at you sleeping so cute, waiting for your hot boyfriend *wink wink*”. 


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Ah June would be sassy af, “ugh she fell asleep now we can’t go out to get ice cream like we planned!”, he’d whine to the guys but deeeeep down he thinks it’s cute and will let you sleep.


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Dongdong may also be a little worried over you waiting there okay like i keep imaging you sleeping so crocked and uncomfortable and so he will maybe wake you so that he can take you home and cuddle ^^


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He’d show off how cute you look to the guys but then also wake you and be so damn adorable “hey, let’s go home, thanks for waiting~” and kiss you probs


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Baby Chanwoo would be flustered, what does he do?? He’ll smile at you looking cute and then say “well might as well get some snacks while she’s asleep” 


#Confucius say #rat who goes to bed at reasonable hour and not keep mommy awake at night by running up & down ramp making tissue fort… Will get yummy treat in the morning my grasshopper ! #Ella loves her after dinner rubs!

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Janet Jackson “No Sleeep”

The Queen of the Late Night Creep is back y’all.  That extra “e” is clearly meant to signify Everything.

External image

Beyonce can snatch as many edges as she wants to, but Janet is forever trying to snatch my panties clean off my body.  This is a deeeeep body roll jam, like L4-L5 vertebrae down in the lumbar section y’all.  Obviously I’m here for next big dance production from Ms. Jackson, but I can definitely rock with this for awhile.

One thing I don’t often hear (but I sure I’m not inventing the concept) when it comes to immortals is the potential to fuck with historians.

Like, if I were immortal, I would get something random, like a thousand pounds of boxer briefs. Then I’d preserve them as best as possible and bury them deeeeep in a canyon somewhere well away from civilization.

Then, a thousand years later I’d get to laugh my ass off, reading about the world’s best historians trying to explain a horde of ancient underwear they unearthed in the wilderness.