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Me: *opens file, DIES* *comes back to life, fangirls like crazy*
I first saw this yesterday and I’m still fangirling over the drawing, and moreover, that such an esteemed Artist would ever draw something for me!

Look at the colors, the layout, the badassery! *squee*
@elnawen asked me what I wanted as a drawing gift, so I humbly requested to draw something to convey what inspired the idea to draw a gift for me in the first place.
This is Cas fighting his demons.
It’s so gritty and dark and beyond my wildest dreams. :’D

I owe you all the gratitude in the universe, @elnawen
I will cherish this for the rest of my life!

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Why do you like karamel so much i need to know

Well the answer is how can i not love karamel so much , they have everything i love on a ship They have a great love story (the whole enemy planets super different people ) Crazy good chemistry (omg omg)on a show i truly enjoy and well Chris wood and melissa are just the cutest sweetest intergalactic puppies

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Temporary Affairs II

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Chapter 12.  The Proposal

Overcome with tears and a wide toothy smile, you squirmed around in the wheel chair.  Jongin and you had just visited your little princess at the nursery.  To be honest, you barely recognized her.  She was only three days old but had grown twice the size she was when she first arrived into the world.  Her skin was now silky smooth and her eyes fully opened – and yep, as Jongin had hoped, they were big and round just like her mothers. 

You couldn’t wait to go back again; tomorrow couldn’t arrive any sooner.  You’re so overjoyed by the recent encounter with Yoona that you didn’t even notice Jongin wasn’t wheeling you back to your room until you were already at the lobby. 

Looking around in puzzlement, you asked, “Oppa, did you take a wrong turn?”

But the smirk on his face told you otherwise.

“Where are we going?” you questioned, already knowing what he was going to reply with.  You’ll see…


“You’ll see…” he slurred.  Oh, you mysterious, sexy man.  Stop it!  I love you.


Your husband walked over to the receptionist and she nodded knowingly before turning around to fetch something for him.  You strained to look, curious as to what was going on.  Jongin took the two winter coats from her.

“Jagiya, put this on,” he handed you a white puffy coat.  His was dressed in a matching black one.  

“Are we going outside?” you questioned and he nodded.  From his pocket, he took out some earmuffs and placed it over your ears. 

When you were fully dressed for the cold weather, he exited through the front door and U-turned through a maze so expertly you thought he must have gone to the destination at least twenty times.  After passing the hospital outdoor café area, he took one last right turn into a large field of grass.  Icicles formed on the tips like snowflake crowns.  So pretty!  But why are we here?  You turned around to your husband only to discover that he was nowhere in sight.  Confused, you stood up and looked around. 

“Oppa?” you called.  Oh, heck no he did not just leave me in the middle of nowhere!  You had no idea how to get back either because of that crazy maze. 

“Oppa?!” you called out again, “I’m going to be mad if you don’t come out soon!” 

Suddenly a buzzing noise hovered over your head.  Tilting your chin up, you saw a toy helicopter forming different shapes in the air.  On your tiptoes, you attempted to grab it but whoever was controlling it was teasing your short height. 

“Hmph, you’re so mean Oppa!” you pouted, kicking the snow with your feet. 

And then the helicopter floated in front of you.  You extended your hands out and it landed perfectly onto the center of your palms.  Stuck on the bottom was a rolled up note.  Hehe.  Eagerly, you took it and opened to read the contents. 

“Take ten steps to the South,” it read. 

“Oppaaaa, you know I can’t tell my directions!” you shouted, thinking he must still be around. 

But then you squinted and in tiny letters it read, “My silly panda bear, that means ‘Take ten steps to your right’”. 

You muffled a giggle and obediently followed the directions.  In front of you was a streetlamp.  What’s so amazing about a freakin’ streetlamp? 


“Kim Jongin-ssi, you did not bring me out here just to stare at a streetlamp, did you?” you questioned but as you do, you saw engraved letters on the shaft. 

Squinting, you lifted your hand and grazed over the words that read, “You are the light of my life”.  You are mine too.  Sniffing, you blinked back tears. 

Again a buzzing noise flew in circles over your head before falling into your palms.  The note read, “Take fifteen steps forward”.  You do so and came face to face with a wooden bench swing.  On the wood were the words, “You are the one who gives me momentum through times I don’t even want to try anymore”.  A teardrop fell from your eyes. You are too. 

Another helicopter landed with the directional guidance of, “Take twenty steps to your left”.  In front of you was a large heart-shaped rock that read, “You are my one and only”.  You took a small pebble from the ground and craved the words, “You are too, Pabo”. 

“Turn 45 degrees to your left and take fifty steps forward,” another note read.  You skipped along and even from a distance, you could already see the lights that sparkled in the evening sky.  In front of you was a large tree decorated with streamers, lace, white Christmas lights, and glass bottles.  You walked around it trying to search for any engraved words on the trunk but there weren’t any. 

“I don’t know what I’m supposed to do here!” you shouted, still thinking – no, knowing that your husband was around because he wouldn’t leave you alone and by yourself in the cold evening. 

And then you realized the glass bottles had little rolled up paper stars in them.  You tiptoed and removed one from a branch.  Unraveling the origami, you smiled widely when you discovered that they did indeed contain written notes.  This one read, “Her cute aegyo”.  Puzzled, you took another one and it said, “The way she drools every time she falls asleep”.  You opened another one, and then another one…


“The way she kicks around in bed”.


“Her adorable slightly tilted canine tooth”.


“How she always crinkles her nose when I peck her lips”.


“The softness of her kisses”.


“The way her lashes flutter when she’s shy”.


“Her endearing nervous laughter and habit of rubbing of the back of her neck”.


“Her ridiculously lovable, ‘Hehe’ that causes my insides to melt”.


“The way she’s always so humble and never gives herself enough credit”.


“Her small Cinderella feet”.


“Her smooth silky hair”.


“The way she blushes every time I kiss her”.


“The way she gazes at me with those dreamy eyes”.


By then you were drowning in your tears.  You didn’t think a silly question you asked months ago, regarding why he loved you, would cause him to plan such a breathtaking event for you.  And he managed to keep it a secret from you this whole time. 

You continued to open the bottles.

“The way she smells after a shower”.


“Her morning breath”.  “What?  Now this one doesn’t make sense, Kim Jongin-ssi,” you laughed out loud.

“Her little habit of pacing around the room when she’s nervous”.


“The way she always wears my jackets even though she has ten times more clothes than me stuffed in her closet”.  “Is this a complaint?” you questioned, giggling. 

“Her curvaceous figure reserved for only me ~wink wink~”.  You blushed. 

The way her brows furrow every time she is deep in thought”.


“The way her fingers dance along my skin”.


“How she doesn’t realize how beautiful she is”.


“How she’s never afraid to be the first to apologize and admit her mistakes”.


“Her silliness and clumsiness”.


“The way her chest goes up and down so calmingly in the middle of the night”. 


“Her tight snuggles”.


“Her laughter and smile”. 


“The way she playfully slaps my arm every time she’s embarrassed”.


“The little tinge of pink that appears on her cheeks every time I tell her she’s beautiful”. 


Stretching your arms way high up, you took the final bottle.  This one was different from all the other ones because it was bigger in size and illuminated a pink light.  Even before you twisted the cap open, your vision was already clouded up. 

Inside was an origami heart.  Wiping away your tears so you could actually read the note, you unfolded the heart and instantly burst into tears reading the contents. 

“The way she loves me like I love her,” a voice spoke out loud from behind you. 

Turning around, you saw Jongin standing about ten feet away from you with a bouquet of flowers in his hands.  With a deep breath, he physically shook away his jitters and slowly walked up to meet you.  You took the flowers from his hands and he wiped away the tears the streamed down from your eyes.   


“What is all this for?” you asked, staring deep into his captivating orbs. 

“For this,” he responded.  For what? 

He took out a velvet box from his pockets and got down on one knee.  Wuhhh?  Wait…wait…


“Oppa…what are you doing?” you asked, confused.

“_______ _______, will you marry me?” he asked.  Wait…wait I’m so confused. 

“Um…We’re already married…are you okay, Oppa?” you asked worriedly, placing your hand on his forehead.  Crap, did the whole giving birth thing permanently scar him so much that he has amnesia? 

“I know, but will you marry me?” he inquired.  I’m still so confused. 

“Pabo, we’re already married,” you repeated, holding out your left hand and pointing at your wedding ring with your right. 

“I know, but will you marry me?” he repeated.  Omg, Oppa, are you okay?  My poor hubby. 


“I’m so confused,” you admitted.  Wait, maybe it’s not Oppa who’s going crazy.  Maybe I’m going crazy.  Omg.  Omg.  Crap. 

“Jagiya, it’s true that we’re married.  But I never got the chance to propose to you.  I never got the chance to make sure that you knew I loved you before we got married.  We never got to go on our Honey Moon either because I got you pregnant before it even happened…” he explained, “Will you give me a chance today to make it up to you?” 

Biting your lip to keep yourself from crying, you responded, “Pabo, I never kept tabs on those things”.

“I know you don’t but you deserve it.  Because I want you to know how lucky I feel to have you as my wife,” he explained. 

You could no longer stop yourself from crying, so you bawled, letting all the liquid you held back spill out.

“So, _______ _______, will you marry this Pabo Kim Jongin.  Will you promise to love him even when he’s old and wrinkly and his six-pack turns into a beer belly?” he asked with his eyes sparkling in the night sky.

Parting your lips, you tried to answer “yes” but you were crying so hard nothing came out, so instead you nodded your head repeatedly. 

Sighing in relief, Jongin slipped the new ring so that it sat comfortably above the first wedding band.  You brought it up to your face to see that it was the shape of a pacifier.  Engraved on the band were the words, “Kim Yoona”. 

“For every child we have in the future, I’ll propose to you again and add another ring onto your finger,” he spoke.  Gahh, don’t do this to me.  I’m going to melt. 

You let out a cute whimpering sound. 

“Do you like it?” he asked.  I love it!


“I love you,” you said instead, before sobbing again. 

Smiling at you with his deep starry eyes, he cupped your face and placed his lips onto yours.  The bouquet of flowers dropped from your hands and you threw your arms around his neck, kissing him back.  Everything felt so surreal to you ever since the moment you met this man.  You two started out as fated enemies, to acquaintances, to friends, and finally lovers.  

“I love you more,” Jongin said, with his forehead against yours. 



a/n:  Early update because my internet is so unable today o_o.  Doing it now before it dies!

Aww she finally gets the proposal she’s been waiting for her whole life <3 so romantic.

Tomorrow is the last chapter ~cries~ I can’t believe it.  Temporary Affairs couple has been through so much…do you think the ending will be happy or sad?

Any Tao bias out there?!!?!?!  I know ya’ll are still stuck on The Lucky One but I’m so stuck on Beautiful Distraction (even after I reread The Lucky One)!!  I can’t get my head over that story and you will know why after the first chapter.  It’s one of those fast paced stories where you just immediately jump into the shoe’s of the girl and every word, every thought becomes your own.  (I swear, as I was writing the first chapter I wasn’t even thinking.  I was typing so, so fast that words just started appearing and before I knew it I finished the first chapter.  This didn’t even happen for The Lucky One).  Anyway, enough spazzing about Beautiful Distraction, let’s give the spotlight back to TA2 for two more days, shall we.  :D Yoona meets Youngwoo next chapter.  Bwhahaha 


IRYU - Team Medical Dragon 

Season 1 - 2006

Season 2 - 2007

Season 3 - 2010

Season 4 - 2014

Reserved opinion:

They are back! If after all those decades of your share of ER, Chicago Hope, House MD and Gray’s Anatomy you are still not bored of hospital series, this is the next one for you. 

Crazy fangirling: 

OMG, OMG I always miss the announcement and end up realizing that there is a new season when it is already being aired. I love this team. I just love them. I wish I had doctors like them. And they are still running with the original team. I love them all, really. But Noguchi… Somebody should kill that living dead at last. He has been haunting the hospital since ages and seems to be undestroyable. 

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