DO YOU SEE THAT THERE?!?! THAT LEAF?? It’s a thing of BEAUTY that is! Because you know what that means??? FALL IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! SOON THE EVIL THAT IS SUMMER SHALL CEASE AND THE AWKWARDNESS OF SWEATING BEHIND THE KNEES AND UNDER THE BOOBAGE SHALL BE NO MORE!!!!!! And the time of perfect clothing, boots, hayrides, everything pumpkin flavored, and HALLOWEEN shall be nigh! Come forth and CELEBRATE with me fellow Autumn lovers!!!!

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im.. A Scorpio born w a Leo parent binch omg!!!!!!!!!!!

omg…. that crazy do u get along with them caus I wanna see if that post tru


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TF2 Fusion queen © Sebia

So, as my brother put it on Skype today, “I fell off the empire state building into this bandwagon and landed head first on my face”. Yes dear brother of mine, I do believe that is an accurate statement. HOWEVER, he too has fallen! He helped me think up ideas for Heavy/Soldier Fusion, we were mildly surprised there wasnt stuff for this yet xD
We’re calling it Heavy Weight Rocket… and he fused their weapons into the Rocket Angel (It was supposed to be a derpy doodle of a joke weapon, but he went bananas and asked me to turn it into a real one lol)… He had WAY to much fun helping me with this… 
He also pointed out that these two fused would probably be the end of Gray Mann.. crazy fire coming off this, let alone the 500 combined life XD 
Made a really funny joke about spy trying to back stab this guy too. We also (omg we went to far with details lol) figured he’d probably have a Scout/Medic combo tailing him. Bro pretty much decided he wanted to end Mann for good. LOL

I love our skype calls XD

Anyway, he wanted me to put some quotes: Also ((*sigh*)) wanted me to tell you it’s a Russian accent: 
-”Freedom, Liberty, BEARS!”
-”Which one of you maggots is crying?!”

Yeah XD That’s my bro. My family truly believes he’s a Russian at heart lol.

I fell way too hard onto this bandwagon…omg. 
WOW that was long.

OH! *Uncle’s voice(who gets that ref? XD)* ONE MORE THING! .. We decided they would do the hoedown into a headbutt and thats how they fused xD
Okay NOW im done.