Life has been so crazy since Easter, I’ve barely had time to get online! It feels like I’ve been disconnected from the internet for way too long, and I’ve forgotten what memes are, and what cat videos look like. Thank Merlin that things are finally settling down, and I can catch up on everything I’ve missed on YouTube over the next weekend. Lazy Sunday, here I come.

Merry Christmas @philta-tos , here’s my @hannigramholidayexchange gift for you.

I went through many of your posts to search for ideas and figured you may enjoy a ravenstag christmas tree with some cute hannigram themed decorations.

Hope you’ll like this and have a wonderful holiday <3

Closed Starter - Chloe/Juno


Chloe woke up with such a wonderful feeling, making her feel more happy and cheerful than usual. She took a quick shower and changed before heading outside. She didn’t know what to do on such a beautiful day other than sit under a shady tree and read her favorite book. Like always, she go so engrossed into the book she didn’t even notice her girlfriend.

Momusu Sayashi Riho and Ishida Ayumi’s “Forbidden Love” Talk

Ishida Ayumi (left) and Sayashi Riho (right), who become entangled in a love triangle in a musical

Idol group Morning Musume ‘15’s Sayashi Riho (17) and Ishida Ayumi (18) fall into a forbidden love!? The two are from Momusu, whose members are not allowed to date, but they will appear in the musical “TRIANGLE” (on play starting the 18th in Ikebukuro, Tokyo). Sayashi in a male role, Ishida in a female role, and Kudo Haruka (15) playing the other male role will fall into a “love triangle” in this romance play. Ishida talks about how it is a very strange feeling as she has never been in love, while Sayashi shockingly confesses that at times she found herself to be fond of a member’s upper arms.

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Closed Rp- Skyrim AU

Lucas sat up straight, his hair sticking out in every direction. He had fallen asleep for the last few hours of the carriage ride. It was exhausting. He didn’t know what his parents were thinking sending him to this frozen wasteland. It was no safer than Cyrodiil, to him.

He rubbed his eyes, turning to look when the driver announced their arrival to him. He sighed and gathered his things, stepping off the back. Once he had everything together, he approached the front door to his father’s friend’s house and knocked.