Hold up...

I’m confused here. I haven’t really been up to date on the issue so this is the first I’m hearing about this. So let me get this right?

The new D.VA skin features Hana Song as a member of the what, Busan Police Division? In a South Korean police outfit? Her hat literally has the red and blue Taeguk on it (well, the symbol for the Korean police department in general). 

And this is somehow connected with American police brutality?

Let’s be real guys. And I don’t want to generalise but if it’s people complaining about American police brutality, then I’m sure it’s the American people finding an issue with it. I just want to tell you: Why are you making this about you? She’s a native South Korean girl in a South Korean police uniform and you’re making it about you. Why do you always do that? Contrary to whatever beliefs you have, you are not the centre of the universe, nor is America the only country with a Police division. 

I mean, sure we can discuss her bunny logo and its implications. Like, is she in her own division? How much leniency does this government give her? What rank is she even? Or does she just suit up and go around claiming she’s in the police force?

Zach Werenski #3

Anonymous said: Hi! Can you do a Zach werenski imagine where auston sets you guys up and it’s awkward at first and then it’s works itself out? Love your writing💞

A/N: my babes in one imagine, coming right up!!! lowkey not sure how much i like this or not, sorry if it sucked haha 

Word Count: 1,641

This was so like him. Auston has been trying to set you up with his buddies for a couple years now, and most times it never really worked out. They’re busy about-to-be NHL players, and you were busy trying-to-be a doctor. But it never stopped Auston from introducing you to his hockey friends. It was just flat out embarrassing now. 

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