“When Apple first arrived (with her daughter Whiteheart and baby Billy Ray still in her belly), she was very wary of us and stayed wary for some time while protecting Billy Ray as he grew. Now she can’t get enough of the camera and is happy to approach her trusted humans, curious what we’re up to.” – at SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary


Old spring rite of blessing the cattle recreated in the Ethnographic Museum in Podegrodzie, Poland.

Milk and dairy were one of the most important food products for people living in the rural areas of Poland, and therefore various customs involving cattle and barns were performed throughout the year. They are connected to various pre-Christian Slavic rites, and contain many magical elements that were meant to protect the valuable cattle for example from diseases or sorcery. The celebrations were usually held individually in each farm in a village. 

The most important parts of the rite involved for example: making wreaths of birch-tree branches for the cows (sometimes with symbolic herbs or other twigs, but birch trees were the most valuable as a magical accessory boosting the fertility), singing ritual songs, incensing the cattle with sacred herbs, hiding various symbolic objects guaranteeing prosperity under tresholds of the barns, making the cattle cross a treshold or step over a symbolic branch with the right leg first (not the left one which would bring misfortune), and so on.

This rite is known as ‘pierwszy wiosenny wypas bydła’ (first spring graze of cattle) in this region of southern Poland, and occures also under names of 'majenie krów’ or 'majenie bydła’ (May-ing of cows or cattle) in various other regions of Poland. These rites were often interwoven with celebrations of the Green Week (Zielone Świątki).

To read in Polish: Zielone Świątki - majenie | symbolika brzozy,

Images © Gminny Ośrodek Kultury w Podegrodziu.


If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face….

anonymous asked:

Do you know if vaquita is a common word for ladybug in spanish? I use mariquita but a friend of mine said shes never heard mariquita and always uses vaquita. Thanks.

The default translation is la mariquita

But you might see la vaquita which is literally “little cow” in South America, especially around Argentina and the Cono Sur. You might see la vaquita de San Antón or la vaquita de San Antonio but they both mean “ladybug”

You may also see catarina or chinita depending on where you are.

The term mariquita means “little Mary”, since Mary (mother of Jesus) usually wears a red cloak in some early paintings. But later on they switched to blue, or red and blue. Ladybugs are considered good luck, and probably because they get associated with Mary or saints or God in some way in a bunch of different languages.

They show up as “the beetle of Our Lady” sometimes, probably because of symbolism and because ladybugs have 7 spots which were compared to the 7 Joyful/Sorrowful Mysteries of Mary.

The term vaquita may comes from a story where Saint Anthony stopped a cow from eating a nest of ladybugs and the cow kicked him for it, but he protected them from the cow.

Also ladybugs have spots like a cow, so maybe someone just said “hey it’s a little cow” and now it’s vaquita. But ladybugs are almost always considered holy or lucky especially in Europe and the Americas.

EDIT: English only uses “ladybug” because the term was “ladybird” for the type of beetles but we were like “it’s not a bird it’s a bug” so… “ladybug”. Still named for Our Lady aka Mary.

I just care more about human life than animal ones.

So, whenever someone says veganism, there is always someone joking about that there is so much problem for an animal life. And those people who claim that there are many important issues to worry about as world hunger, poverty, global warming or wars.

let me get this straight because I am tired of hearing this all the damn time.

If you care more about human life as you say so, then you should maybe ask yourself, where does discrimination comes from? where does violence comes from? what about slavery and holocaust? When did humans started to believe they are superior than every specie in this world? if it is for our intelligence, well let me say that intelligence has led us to what? Wars, slavery, injustice, capitalism, holocausts, rapes, assasinations, etc. Have you ever seen an animal creating a war, or putting jews into concentration camps, or discriminatining one and other? I have not. When did humans started discriminating one and other? The moment humans started to believe they are better than any other specie, they also started to believe men is superior to women, and that whites are superior to blacks,etc. Where does human arrogance comes from? Do we realize that if humankind extincts nothing will happen to this world while if bees die what will happen with pollination and to all those species that eat bees? do we realize the entire pyramid will go down?  That believe of humans being better than other species, or dogs more important than pigs is the base of discrimination and is called speciesism. And if you are against discrimination, then let me remind you that is not ok to support one type of discrimination and not the other, cause if you defend races equality but do not defend gender equality, then you are being doubled faced and the same thing goes with speciesism. In fact what is slavery and holocaust for you (Gary Yourofsky)  it is oppresion of human beings or innocent beings? Cause if it is innocent then it lead us to animal slaughter. We have destroyed this world, polluted it and take away their habitat to animals, and after all this we still have to eat them? 

What about violence, because many of human tortures have been learned by the animal industry such techniques as beheading they do with chickens and pigs or extrangulation that they do to them while they are fully conscious, also the technique of putting jews into gas cameras, was learned from how chickens are drowned in CO2 when they are sick.

  as Gary said if you think there is such a thing as human slaughter or human rape, human slavery, then you are wrong! If you cry while seeing all those videos, of dogs being hitted then go to a farm industry cause they:

  • when an animal is sick they don’t at least give them in their last moments a free life they asfixiate them in a bag or other methods as extrangulating them.
  • the egg industry,when a chicken is born they take them immediately from their mothers and in a process determine if they are females or males and the males are directly passing through a machine that rips them off, they waste lifes, they dont even use it for meat.
  • they hit the cows with metal and tridents and give them punches.
  • in dairy industry they rape the cows with sticks with bull’s semen adn after their babies are born in their first instant they are taken away from its mother
  • they incinerate cows skin and eyes ( while alive) and these are few of the techniques if you dont believe me search animal slaughter and then you will see it and if you are too sensitive thats ok, not everyone should see this, but you have to question why is it bad for my eyes and good for my stomach? 

And let me remind you animals feel 100% they brain works not as ours but enough to feel, they also have nervous system. And if there is anything that humans need is COMPASSION, to put in the victims point of view. Cause humanity has done atrocities, and we need to learn ethics. I have met humans who are wonderful and amazing to be with ( wether they are vegan or not ) but others just in my school, who are body shamers, bullies, materialistics, plastics, etc, not mentioning killers, violators,etc. And then I ask myself where love and humanity is? 

Everyone wants to leave a path in this world, or at least show how peaceful they are by sayin: Omg PRAY FOR PARIS or just complaining the masacres ISIS has done. The thing is most of us don’t have enough power to do anything with ISIS but the one masacre we can end is the animal one. And you have that chance to be animals friend and of course not stopping all of the situation but save thousands of life, in one year because YES, demand is what makes offer, less demand, less offer. So when you are feeling down you have the chance to remind yourself you are doing a change.

And if you so care about humans as you say so and about hunger and poverty then check this facts: 

About global warming, well meat produces more pollution than entire transportation together (all buses,tracks,cars,plains and ships together), because of the methane farms give to cows and their excrements pollute air and water. Methane has a global warming potential 86 times that of CO2 on a 20 year time frame.And about  water..Agriculture is responsible for 80-90% of US water consumption. 2,500 gallons of water are needed to produce 1 pound of beef.477 gallons of water are required to produce 1lb. of eggs;  almost 900 gallons of water are needed for 1lb. of cheese.1,000 gallons of water are required to produce 1 gallon of milk. And land.. Agriculture is the main cause of deforestation.Livestock covers 45% of the earth’s total land.1/3 of the planet is desertified, with livestock as the leading driver.Animal agriculture is responsible for up to 91% of Amazon destruction. Also wild life: USDA predator killing of wild animals to protect livestock.And  if you still don´t care about global warming, let me remind you this is where we live, this earth has given so much to us, and we are killing it, of course it affect us too what about the massive temperatures, and those storms that killed people? Global warming.

At the end, this is not about: I Care more about human life, because no you are not, you are just being selfish and you feel unconfortable when someone critizices that way of living you are so used to, we are asking you to stop exploitation, to have compassion, but you are acting as we asked you to stop breathing. The worst thing is that you DONT EVEN NEED IT. Is just a global disease about keeping the status quo and use as excuse human lives when the truth is YOU JUST DONT FUCKING WANT TO. So hope this helps you to think more about what you are really saying, and maybe stop being a little selfish and break the status quo so when you are feeling down remind yourself, you are doing something to help this planet.