6 Reasons Why Series Books Are Great for Kids/Less Practiced Readers

1. They like them.

If you want someone to get  into reading, they need to like the material. If it gets someone to read, that’s the most important thing.

2. Series books mean recurring characters in a familiar setting. 

This allows readers to practice reading without having to learn a whole new cast of characters and a whole new universe to become familiar with.

It might not seem like a big deal to you or me, but to someone who’s still learning to read it takes off a huge part of the stress of picking up a new book, as it means they can focus on the reading and not on learning new info. 

3. They help readers learn how to pick up things like foreshadowing and clues.

Because series books tend to follow a certain formula (e.g. in Harry Potter Harry starts at the Dursley’s, goes to Hogwarts, has some subplots surrounding a mystery, then faces Voldemort or another villain) readers start becoming trained to pick up certain clues. 

If you ever read any Goosebumps as kid (or Nancy Drew, etc), go back and re-read a copy. I’ll bet you’ll be able to pick out the twists before they happen. That’s because now you know what to look for, even if subconsciously.

4. They build up a child’s confidence in their reading abilities.

Children like big numbers. 

Reading lots of short books in a small period of time feels really impressive and satisfying to them. Remember bragging  to your friends about how you read THREE WHOLE BOOKS over the weekend? Did the fact they were shorter books ever matter? 

5. Series books don’t  discourage kids from reading more complex material. They encourage them.

Less practiced readers tend to read in cycles – they’ll read a few series books then pick up something more challenging then read some easier books, and so on. 

Eventually the series books become too predictable and readers move on to the next level on their own. 

Series books are like taking breaks between climbing up a hill – if you go too fast you crash and decide it’s too hard to keep going. If you pace yourself you make it to the top.

6. Nearly all heavy readers and book lovers began with series books.


Research on reading repeatedly find that heavier readers began by practically inhaling any and all series books they could find, until they got to a point where they were too good at a certain reading level and moved on to the next one (all the while trying a harder book every now and then).

That’s certainly  how I learned.

The first books I read in English were Clifford and Biscuit. Then I moved on to Little Critter and Franklin the Turtle books. I soon moved to chapter books like Magic Tree HouseBailey School Kids, and Captain Underpants.

By Grade 6 (roughly a year after learning English) I scored “Grade 12 or higher” in the provincial reading ability test.

So like I don’t know about you guys but I love thinking about Viktor and Yuuri co-authoring a children’s book series together after they retire.

“Hello, Makkachin!” is the first book in the series. It’is a book that helps children understand their feelings of anxiety and other difficult emotional and mental issues that young children go through but aren’t given the coping mechanisms to deal with. Viktor and Yuuri do live readings in book stores and libraries all over the world–you can tell the divide in generations by whether someone knows the Nikiforov-Katsukis from figure skating or the Makkachin Books.

Inside the leaf of each book is a picture of Yuuri and Viktor at home in Saint Petersburg with Makkachin sitting on their laps.

“Hello, Makkachin! and other books in the series have thrilled millions of children worldwide. It has received numerous literary awards, including the Newberry Honor. Originally written in Russian, this New York Times Bestseller has been translated into twenty-three languages and has sold over eighteen million copies.

Other books in the series include:

Let’s skate, Makkachin!

Clean-up, Makkachin!

Happy Birthday, Makkachin!

Ohayo, Makkachin!

Let’s go to school, Makkachin!

Bonjour, Makkachin!

And many more!

Viktor and Yuuri Katsuki, pictured above, write and illustrate the Makkachin series from their Saint Petersburg, Russia home, where they live together with the real-life Makkachin, who turns twenty-six this year, and their puppies Basha and Katsu.

wings of fire fandom things
  • everyone’s oc is a hybrid and that’s okay
  • the fanfics are either meme nonsense or FULL ANGST
  • the fanart is…..really really good??
  • everyone ships trash ships and that’s okay
  • the problematic faves (admit it u have one): morrowseer, whirlpool, scarlet, darkstalker + all the sandwing sisters
  • tui gave up on dragon heights and ages so we did too
  • we somehow unanimously agreed that darkstalker has brendon urie’s voice??
  • protect whiteout
  • no one really knows whats going on in the series and thats okay
  • like wtf is even up with the palm thing and why is everyone ignoring it
  • Umbli vs Qinter vs Winterwatcher vs Moonbli vs Moonturtle vs Pertle vs Turtlejou vs Kinkamoon vs Darkmoon vs Clearstalker vs Fathomstalker vs (IT NEVER ENDS)
  • making fun of the warriors fandom but secretly being jealous of it
  • no one talks about how messed up some of the war stuff in the series is (pfft morality whats that??)
  • “this is how morrowseer can still be alive…”
  • the fanfiction archive is empty and that’s okay
  • first arc vs second arc discourse
  • hating squid
  • hating fatespeaker but then changing your mind after seeing that one cute video
  • sunnyflight vs starspeaker flashbacks
  • seeing the graphic novel cover
  • “woohoo graphic novel???”
  • where is webs? no one cares. even tui does not care. no one will ever care.
  • nightwing discourse
  • everyone loves glorybringer and has no idea why
  • darkstalker is evil but no one wants to acknowledge it
  • looking forward to a big plot twist that you saw coming
  • being disappointed by the plot twist because you saw it coming
  • “this is how darkstalker can be redeemed…”
  • dragon cursing
  • oc tribes
  • “no, THIS main character is going to die!”
  • none of the main characters die
  • no one knows what the plural for animus is
  • talons = hands even tho that doesn’t make sense in real life
  • scarlet will never get a backstory
  • character development?? whats that???
  • all headcanons are true
  • all theories are wrong
  • fandom seems small but secretly everyone is in it
  • everyone is obsessed with a childrens book series and that’s okay

what he says: because it’s fun :)

what he means: because I was trained from a young age by a manipulative organization that stole my childhood from me, because I grew to resent them and their shallow view of good and evil, because your parents killed mine, because I am now deeply embroiled in a conflict that only grows worse as each side retaliates again and again, and because I lack strong morals :))))

Petition for a Netflix Animorphs series

I just feel like I have to put here this petition for a Netflix adaptation of Animorphs. Cause 156 signs isn’t enough. And we know now that Netflix  can do adaptations of children books with A series of unfortunate events.

anonymous asked:

Reading fics with galra/altean Keith that were written before s2, it seems like a lot of them were like "You're Galra, which is bad, but you're also Altean, which is good! So it cancels out" which is kinda. I want to say childish but that's kind of an insult to children's book series that do treat issues of heritage with more nuance than that.

I mean, I find that personally pretty hilarious since now that we have a canon half-galra half-altean, like…

The writers have been saying for a while now that Lotor’s going to be kind of relatable and sympathetic as an antagonist, that he has a sense of honor, like three hundred counts of “he’s not like his father” that he’s going to be “complicated” and nuanced and in practice, one of his immediate subordinates worked with Keith and Hunk and then went on to spare Keith and leave him with most of the scaultrite- and said subordinate is part of a group of women Lotor’s putting in highly influential positions, one of whom is disabled, and all of whom would seem to be half-galra hybrids and potentially looked down upon by the empire.

All of this suggests Lotor is probably going to be straddling that antihero/antivillain line, except, way more than Sendak or Zarkon or Haggar I’ve seen a lot of people gleefully talking about how much they want Lotor to be beaten up, humiliated, mocked, threatened, etc.

Which, like… is in really bad taste considering one of the pretty dang common elements of Lotor’s character is that Zarkon’s an abusive parent and Lotor half the time can barely stand him.

So not only does Altean lineage redeem a character from that Inherently Evil Galra Heritage but it apparently only does that when they’re your fave…

No yeah my all time least favorite trope is definitely “members of x race are Inherently Good or Inherently Evil and any exceptions to that prove absolutely nothing.”

I’m seriously tempted to start up a tag of “Thace Didn’t Die For This” on posts of people acting like the galra as a species are uniformly vicious and awful, and it isn’t a product of Zarkon being a tyrant for the last ten thousand years and pushing his ideas about how they should be onto them.

It pains me to see the Cuca be called “a snake” or otherwise stripped of her context now that she somehow became a popular reaction pic (???), but that’s mainly because her actual self is much cooler, like guys, she is honest to god an Old Alligator Sorceress from Brazilian folklore who is the apex of Pettiness because all she wants in life is to murder the annoying kids that always best her dastardly schemes of the week.

WHAT is this??

The profile text says: This insta-profile is made by the team behind the movie Tarjei has a big role in this fall. This is not Tarjei’s private profile.

  1. What movie is this?? 
  2. Does he play a character who has an instagram? Is this just how we roll in Norwegian productions now?

I did a little research. Markus Simensen is the main character in a Norwegian children’s book series called Markus and… (consisting of 6 books)

The story is about a young teenage boy (younger than Tarjei) who lives alone with his dad. He is being bullied in school and has a best friend called Sigmund. Sigmund is the opposite of Markus - Tall, pretty and popular. He tries to help Markus out in crazy ways.

They form a club with two girls, and make a pact to always help each other when needed.

That’s all I know! There was no instagram profile with Sigmund’s name.

Does anyone know anything? Is this a thing?? 

anonymous asked:

uuuuuuuh can u rec some of ur favorite books please? if u cant thats cool pal, have a nice day!!!

The Bone Key by Sarah Monette (horror starring a gay character)

Foundling series by D.M. Cornish (EXCESSIVE worldbuilding 1800s fantasy)

Terry Pratchett (you know. I especially love the Sam Vimes series)

Flora Segunda by Ysabeau S. Wilce (children’s book series, also 1800s fantasy)

A Darker Shade Of Magic by V.E. Schwab (a fantasy series so good I cry when I think about it)

I have a few other favs but those are the ones I remember the best.

Connecting with Artemis: Artemisian Books and Films

I always get excited when I read or watch something that reminds me of Artemis! Imagination filled with Her energy, so here are some books and films I’ve watched that reminds me of Her (including non-fiction and research material on Artemis):



Dancing In Moonlight: Understanding Artemis Through Celebration by Thista Minai

Unbound: A Devotional Anthology for Artemis by Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Artemis: Virgin Goddess of the Sun, Moon & Hunt by Sorita d'Este

Born Free: A Lioness of Two Worlds by Joy Adamson

Fiction on Animal-Human Relationships

The Clan of the Cave Bear: Earth’s Children, Book One by Jean M. Auel (The Earth’s Children book series)

The Valley of Horses: Earth’s Children, Book Two by Jean M. Auel (The Earth’s Children book series)  

Tree Girl by T. A. Barron (My favorite childhood book!)


Films on Animal-Human Relationships 

Born Free (1966)

The Three Lives of Thomasina (1963)  

Pom Poko (1994)

The Bear (1988)

The Fox and the Child (2007)

Life of Pi (2012)

Films with Artemisian Spirit

Princess Mononoke (1997)

The Witch of the West Is Dead (2008)

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2013)

zinnc  asked:

could you tell us any other writing problems tui has done, because tbh i've always had an issue of her writing too, that being with character development or plot structure, to name a few :O

ive always found that tui scarified pretty much everything in favor of her plot (character depth, theme, logic…..)

but i think my biggest issue with tui’s writing would be the ending of book5. Ill give her the benefit of the doubt in that it was likely forced to be rushed, but god tui thats the worst ending ive ever read. I get it was for your plot/theme that none of the queens would win, but you disposed of all 3 of them in a matter of 4 pages, and it makes the entire rest of the series look very drawn out and pointless in comparison. 

More about book5s ending: thorn was never even foreshadowed in any book other than the last one. Not even a breif mention of some “sandwing troublemaker in the scorpion den” in any prologue or epilogue, she only appeared a few chapters before she was needed. Thats really….really poor writing im sorry. you shouldnt just whip your “end all beat all” solution out of your ass at the last second.

and lets talk about how LAME the whole death scene for burn/blister was. because i will never not be outraged over it. 

Burn arrives all strong and ready to fucking obliterate literally everyone in a blind rage, blister and her scheming ass has the fucking grinch face over there, and blaze is freaking the fuck out because she doesnt want to die and doesnt want to kill her sisters. its a good setup, with a ton of potential. We expect a dramatic, heart-wrenching fight involving a lot of blood, some dead sisters, possibly some cool interference from the dragonets, something really epic and cool. 

what do we get? the fucking grinch over there tosses not one, but TWO SNAKES (for the price of one!) to murder her sister (ill discuss another reason this is outrageous in a second), blaze just cries, and then tui whips a dumb fucking symbol out of her ass yet again, and it kills blister, and that rando thorn gets to be queen. ????? tui wyd. not only was it really REALLY underwhelming, but it really made me weep at all the bullshit of it. of which now i will discuss;

  1. the vipers: 1 snake bites burn, a MASSIVE FUCKING DRAGON THATS AN ADULT AND IS ALSO SUBSTANTIALLY LARGER THAN EVERYONE ELSE HER AGE, she dies pretty much instantly. 1 snake bites clay, a slightly larger than average CHILD, he lasts probably a few minutes before peril swoops in out of god knows where (??) and burns the venom out of his veins (how does this work. are ya gonna evaporate the venom? bc then ur gonna make air bubbles in his bloodstream and give him a heart attack nice going). i understand this is a childrens magical book series but oh my god tui. ya killed your most imposing antagonist in a second with 0 logic to it at all
  2. peril: how did you even get the memo that everyone was meeting up at the palace, you were busy being emo all alone. and the timing was spot on 10/10 perfect just in time to save her beloved man. tui please im gonna puke
  3. blister dying: lmaoooo i peed myself when she fucking died so lame. a fitting death for such a pitiful villain honestly. she literally died bc of her selfishness. i mean i guess this isnt that bad because it validates the point ive made previously that blister sucks, but tui please
  4. and for shits and giggles, lets talk about the scavengers (i dont remember their names): WHY WERE THEY THERE???? WHAT PURPOSE…….TUI WYD………….i dont want your stupid tiny humans i want dragons i didnt sign up for this, tui t sutherland. 

okay ill stop ranting now sorry LMAO sorry i get carried away

anyways tldr: tui must protect her got dam plot at all costs

  • Me on a date: so what do you think about wings of fire?
  • Them: isn't that like a children's book series?
  • Me: *shoving breadsticks into my purse* you got me there, but I still enjoy the community and the books are actually really good. And just because something is aimed for a younger audience doesn't mean it is less appealing
Find Something New To Love Saturday!

Every Saturday I compile anons through the week that people send in with books, music, movies etc. that they may like and recommend. Enjoy this weeks list! 

 demian by hermann hesse (book)

a room with a view (movie)

 wislawa szymborska (poet)

hyukoh “23” (album)

the outsiders (book)

big lights, bright city (book)

catcher in the rye (book)

miss peregrines home for peculiar children (book series&movie)

all the things i never said (poetry)

megamind (movie)

eona (book)

papaoutai (song) 

pentatonix (band)

the soundtrack of hamilton (album)