alias + pronouns: vici (she + her)
age: 25
timezone: cst
favorite plots: all kinds of drama plots, but generally, my favourite things seem to stick closely to whatever involves close knit groups of bratty little shitkids. crime plots and unintentional pornstars are my bread and butter, so honestly, i’ll take all of your awful things and i will love them ok. 
possible character ideas: i don’t really have anything set in stone yet, but so far, i’ve got ideas for a bratty junkie with too much time and a lockpick, the absolute sweetest camboy you’ll ever meet in a dimly lit bathroom stall, the weird neighbour you never wanted who’s damn sure his unit is haunted, and a ridiculous amount of different types of fucked up family/twin plots, tbh
what are you most looking forward to: i just wanna meet new people and play, bro
what’s one suggestion you would like to give to us: events every now and then, maybe! \o/
freestyle time: it’s like 5:30am and im dead, omg send help