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I would summon you with a cup of tea, a tasty pastry, some bullshit information that needs correcting, a snarky gif, & a little boombox playing some atmospheric music

Also, I’m loving the music on your trntbl page. :)

*poofs into your vicinity* Gimme that misinfo stat. I came armed (with knowledge).

And yes, I love my Trntbl. Check out the 8tracks I archived in my #tunes tag sometime. There’s this one fairy-tale playlist a ways in there that’s awesome.

harry: *is abused for all his life, abandoned, manipulated and hunted* *gets emotional like one time because he thought he was abandoned (again) by everyone he cared for*

buzzfeed (literally): “Do some yoga, Harry” “He plays the victim” 

Hypocrisy of this tag

One minute you’re saying you love the mist and people avoiding blood but still making big moves. Then the next you are upset at Vanessa for trying hard to find a reason to nominate someone and make it look like it was what the house wanted. 

You give her crap for making up bullshit, aka lies, then use that “welcome to big brother” gif every time Clay says he hates lies. 

You preach about this being a game and not a charity case but condemn Vanessa for getting out a guy who lives in his basement because she is rich.

You pray for an all girls alliance yet there is an alliance with four women who are doing all the work while the guys stand around and you guys constantly belittle all the work Vanessa and Shelli are doing.

You love big/smart moves but when Shelli gets out Da’vonne and Audrey, two of the games biggest threats, then she is only targeting minorities and ruining this season.

You treat the 6th sense like a majority alliance when there are only 5 people in it. They are not the bomb squad and it hasn’t been easy for them to dominate the game. 

If you had it your way, an actual majority alliance would form and take out the 6th sense and be the bomb squad 2.0

You continue to love everyone not in the 6th sense even though they are mostly a bunch of idiots who are letting the 6th sense walk all over them and not doing anything to stop them. 

You started the season by explaining how disgusting the jokes about Shelli being Clays mom are but now that you have a reason to not like her, its ok to make these jokes

You love strong women in this game but continue to not give Shelli credit and lump her together with Clay

Jason was trash with his extremely transphobic jokes but now you’re all sad for him going home 

Like I get that the bb tag is usually full of hypocrisy and its hard to cypher through the different opinions of the tag but its different this season. Its like you guys all flipped what your opinion used to be. This season is giving you what you wanted from past seasons and you’re still not happy.

That Moment

when you devote a whole day to writing fanfiction, want something dramatic to happen, finally get an idea of something cool, edit a few previous chapters for foreshadowing purposes, execute what you want to happen…

and then decide the whole thing just doesn’t make sense. At all. And no amount of convincing on your part can change that because THE WHOLE THING WAS STUPID FROM THE VERY BEGINNING.

So you cut that shit and the foreshadowing, angrily paste it in your retarded plot bunny deviations folder, and desperately attempt to come up with something with more sense to pop up in your head.

My dad went to a Catholic high school. Mostly because his parents made him, I think. I don’t really know. He’s not really religious, as far as I know, though, so it’s never really mattered. He’s a very laid back, accepting guy. He’s awesome, and I’m glad he’s my dad.

This post isn’t about my dad, though. It’s about the high school he went to. I’ll do a sappy post about him some other time.

Being a Catholic school, it was very strict. It’s still really strict. A 1998 graduate was asked to be the keynote speaker at this year’s graduation, but when they found out he was gay - worse, openly gay - they told him he couldn’t anymore.

You can find one of the articles about it here, but I’ve heard that the story has already made it to Huffington Post.