i love how y’all will ignore the entire SS cast praising Jared Leto and even Ben Affleck calling him a genius but will reblog an out-of-context screengrab from SDCC to thousands of notes :-) 

okay but imagine all the amis carrying around little packs of gold star stickers to give to people when they make an accomplishment! not the big accomplishments.the little everyday ones that should be celebrated.   

Cosette and Jehan probably started it all but it slowly spread to everyone until it became amis tradition

Bossuet went a day without injury? Gold star! Ferre learned a new thing about moths or stars? gold star! Bahorel didn’t pick a figh all week? gold star! Grantaire got out of bed today? gold star!

then when they’re having bad days they can just look at all those stickers and remember they may not always be the best versions of themselves but “hey i got a gold star. i did something good today.”

also grantaire being bombarded by a determined enjolras with stickers on his bad days like “was a great boyfriend today” “didn’t forget my morning kiss” “knows how to make the coffee i like” “makes great art” and basically any reason he can think of

(based off this adorable song)

[160726] RM weibo trans

Hello, I’m Rapmon. Firstly I’d like to apologise once more for being unable to complete HYYH on stage: Epilogue in Beijing and I’m embarrassed as well. I felt this way that night too and even till now I feel that it’s a pity. I’m sorry to the members as well to for unable to complete the stage till the end. 

 When I was behind the stage, I heard many China ARMYs shouting “It’s okay Kim Namjoon”. And I also saw the pink ocean support that was originally for Miss Right but held up I NEED U instead. Really thankyou. Thinking of how this and that stage were of so much importance to me makes my heart uncomfortable ㅠㅠ. (t/n: I think he meant being unable to witness it on stage) The words on weibo too and I was looking forward to the concert as well. 

 Now I’ve recovered, my heart is with filed with desire to repay back with more when I go to Beijing the next time. Sorry for unable to show professionalism. I’ll show a cooler image the next time. I’ll take care of my health too. Thank you. Beijing.

(ps: this was the pink ocean: 

cr yoongi0309 weibo

yes, maya did send lucas off to riley..BUT it was after their conversation which is very very important

maya wanted to get lucas to admit how he felt and she did it by saying that he chose her and that it will be them two forever. she got a very telling reaction out of him which told her 2 things: 1) riley is the one lucas chose and 2) she isnt hurt. no one got hurt.

so the reason maya sent lucas off to riley is because they came to the conclusion, together, that they are friends (“what are friends for”) and riley is the one who makes his heart do the thingy.

plus, earlier in the episode she said she didnt like him like that.

what im trying to say here is that maya telling lucas to go to riley isnt! what! made! him! go!!!!! it was the prior conversation. (and his feelings)



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