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Me and im-just-a-superwholock-fan​ just saw the whole X-Men: Apocalypse casts and we’re fangirling so hard omg!!!

Last two are not 100% yet. You feel me? seberian-tiger moriarty-pet cicatrix-let mtllovelygirl scifigurl720 geekgirlandtheorderofthefandoms so-easy-to-love-me stairway-to-assgard charlesxavierofficial 


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antyc67 sarabeth72 adamcansuckme ophelia-tagloff hush-hush-hiddlestoners clojury annamariaesergren britishmenaredestroyingmylife lokilover1578 tarrysmith nwadadnama tomsdangerousvagina stairway-to-assgard gsgid ladiesloveloki ladytotoro cheers-mrhiddleston

The Texting Adventures Of The Avengers And (Y/N)

- Thor is having a really hard time grasping pop culture references like wtf Thor.

- Mjolnir is missing and no one knows how (Y/N) did it.

- Thor is probably dead… Probably

P.S. Sorry for not posting these things for quite a while :/


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