I mmmmmmay finish this.


 so I decided to give one of those screencap redraws a go!! it’s pretty fun to try and imitate the original ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

☆Original sketch and no-text versions below the cut☆

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About the upd8


1: there all alive.

2: Crying Terezi to go with the crying vris a few updates ago (Scourgecest is best ship)

3: (Vriska) and [S] Game Over (Terezi) meet up.

4: This

5: Terezi finnaly finished her ark and MY HEART.

6: Hussie brought everyone to life (Kind of) and istarted crying because of it

7: We get the scourge sisters in confirmed red-rom.

8: The great and might ikimaru did like half of the shit in the flash

9: Oh yeah did I mention it was a flash update with like the best music?

10: I felt really happy because of it and im like gross sobbing now

What wasnt good? The Omega Pause. He left us with a good place this time. So now its gonna be what? 2 years without it? 3 even? Whatever, that just give me time to work on isolationstuck, but im still gonna miss homestuck alot while its gone. Also. ERIDAN IS BACK and im happy.

But now im scared. Hussie left us at a place that wasnt so happy for the gigapause. So we got [S] Game over after that. Whats he gonna do after the Omegapause. More importantly. HE IS GONNA END IT. I dont want that shit to happen. I joined this fandom to late to have it end two years or so after I joined. Hussie you better make a sequel or some shit to this if not I will be very mad, and so will your fanbase.

Omegaverse is at 2k and I’m wiped - it’s gonna have to be finished tomorrow. It’s really getting out of hand, alksjdfklsjdf. But here’s another preview!

“This isn’t,” Harry begins, clearing his throat. His voice is rough, a shade deeper with restrained desire, and Eggsy can feel himself sweat at the sound of it. “This isn’t what Merlin meant, when he said we had twenty-four hours to spend with our candidates.”

Eggsy licks his lips, catches Harry’s eyes flicking down to watch his tongue. A shiver of heat runs down his spine, ripples across his skin. He’s imagine this, but it’s nothing like really being on the receiving end of Harry’s stare, nothing like having his nose full of their intermingling scents, heady and sharp.

“More than twenty-four hours,” he replies, the thought no sooner flickering across his mind than it is out of his mouth.

“Pardon?” Harry asks, eyebrows raised.

Fuck. Eggsy inhales, exhales shakily. “My heats usually last longer than twenty-four hours. More like-” he nearly gasps at the next gush, the renewed wetness as his body prepares itself for what’s to come - what it thinks is to come. “-like eighty, usually.”

“Three days?” Harry’s breath hitches and his nostrils flare, again, when Eggsy nods - and god, it’s like saying the words is summoning the fervor of his heat, advancing the horizon line of his inevitable mate-drive delirium. Eggsy’s pulse thrums under his skin, which is too warm, too tight - he squirms in his seat, blinking through the distraction of how all of this feels. He’s never done this - never been in the same room as an alpha so close to his heat, let alone one like Harry. Fuck, he’s going to leave a puddle on this seat if he doesn’t - he doesn’t -

Tyrannosaurus Fic Rex

 A typical fic rec list but with added dinosaur references (which definitely makes it cooler)

Originally posted by forassgard

Let’s get this dinosaur party started (you’re probably gonna need those margaritas)

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so i’ve been finished these for a while and i was going to do a whole set with other knb characters, but i’m pretty busy with otakon stuff so i doubt its gonna happen any time soon. this was just kind of an experiment anyway.

so yeah, more centaur boys and kuroko with his excellent rack. 

please luxuriate in the g-ratedness of this au cuz eventually its gonna get nasty.

anonymous asked:

please make a kaisoo au where they are cuddling and soo suddenly said 'im mad at you jongin' and jongin looks confused and surprised amd he starts blurting out 'omg wae hyung?' 'hyung hyung what did i do' and soo added 'because your too cute so stop being cute its getting annoying or else im gonna be pissed off' and jongin just teases him hihi thank you

Pairing: Jongin/Kyungsoo
Rating: PG for language
Wordcount: 1,787w
Genres: Fluff, Humor

Kyungsoo works eight hours a day, five days a week – hoisting a million pound boxes off trucks, hauling said boxes up a ramp and into the E Shopping Center, and restocking shelves. Over, and over, and over, again. That’s forty hours of labor (which is like torture for someone who is incredibly out of shape, in Kyungsoo’s defense) and boredom, all for two messily days off.

While others would much rather spend their precious off days out on the town or perhaps at a spa, all Kyungsoo fantasizes about is tossing his things aside, kicking off his shoes, throwing away his jacket, and falling face-first into the chest of his boyfriend.

Seriously, thank God or whatever Mighty Force that it’s Friday, Kyungsoo thinks with a sigh as he trudges through the door of the small apartment he shares with Jongin. He follows through with the usual – off with the shoes, away with the jacket, set aside with the keys, and he waits with closed eyes, a tired smile, and outstretched arms for the gentle patting of feet to come greet him.

Nothing. How strange…

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this is my outfit for chicago night one tomorrow! it’s my first taylorswift show after having missed the first three tours due to having no one to go with (my parents don’t like country music) and I’M SO EXCITED!! i’ve been waiting for this day since july 1st, 2007!

i didn’t have a lot of time or energy to dedicate to a costume (i just finished it today) so i just took a skyline-print dress i already had and painted the silhouette and the outside of its edges with glow in the dark paint! (i couldn’t get it to show up on any photos, though.) i also have a fox necklace and a letter that i’m gonna try and get to taylor, whether i find someone who can pass them along to her or if i’m somehow lucky enough to give them to her myself!

Monday is Free Sketch Day!

So, I will accept requests for anything, as long as its within my range to draw. :3< 2 requests per person.

I should be done with commissions and prizes before then as well. ^v^

If I don’t finish all of the sketches that Monday, they will be finished up within a week.

Think of this as a thank you for following me and staying with me and being my friend, guys!

ok…. as soon as i finish my next 3 commissions im gonna update my comic >:) its gonna start getting rly fucked up i hope im ready ahahahaha