I’m so fucking tired from all the traveling and packing that when my brother Danny called me to see how filming went today, I actually said “I forgot that you’ve alive”. I’m really thankful that he thought it was hilarious. Then my other brothers also called me in hopes of getting a hilarious message but I knew what they were up to and gave them nothing. On a less hilarious note, we’ve finished the first day of season six and I’m ecstatic to be back to work. Now, if you don’t mind me, I’m going to curl up on my couch with my dog and watch Star Wars. Because you know, May the Fourth Be With You and shit.

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People were speculating about how extra-important convos(like john/vriska's and karkat/terezi's) weren't included in the page we see. Well, there's 7 options left, so on the horse calendar, after June 12, those updates will finish. And notice-- Friday the 15th has a horse with a rose, probably specially edited, in its mouth. Is something dramatic gonna happen shipping-wise on that Friday? June 24 is making me nervous, too.

I actually looked up ‘pink rose meaning’ to see if I could deduce anything and I shit you not, this is what came up:

Does the picture here look familiar to you?

ALL of those rose meanings are potentially relevant to John and Vriska. Like the ‘gratitude and appreciation’:

Gentleness and admiration…It kinda goes back to how John is pretty much the ONLY person who gets Vriska to stop and think about her actions. And she obviously has a lot of respect for him, perhaps more then any other character. There’s also my theory that Vriska is eventually going to be the one to help John with many of repressed emotions, which ties into sympathy.

Am I reading too much into it? Potentially. Mostly I’m trying to assure myself this isn’t going to be leading into another ‘break’ in their friendship after today’s upd8, because they’ve both been way too good for each other (not to mention having already experienced a ‘break’) for me to believe they might end on a sour note.

(Please let them be moirails, please let them be moirails…Er, what? I said nothing!)



anyways here you have a close up of the finished first part for this thing im drawing, and some unfinished close up of the second part ahah if i work hard i might be able to finish it by tomorrow

// quick update on my personal life that probably no one would reaD???

but!! im really happy bc the next two weeks are gonna be,,,so fucking hectic,,,,

i have several leadership meetings ( im gonna try out to be a section leader! ) and drum major clinics ( for my senior year B)) ) and this week im gonna really crack down on finishing of mice and men so i can write the essays and finish the presentation NEXT WEEK, which means i will not be active much those days!! i have a concert next wednesday, more meetings for band, and all that project shit ( as well as two group projects due in science )

but?? i believe as far as the week after that i sHOULD be okay!

the first of june, though, im gonna be really stressed with finals and studying aND THEN THERE’S THE INTERVIEWS FOR becoming an actual section leader so!! my activity will be all over the place wow,

god remember when those red room shots came out in the trailer and we were excited af bc natasha was Finally gonna get some backstory and instead we got her angsting abt her infertility when in the comics its treated as one more tragedy in her life but not as much as a tragedy as idk??? being a literal living weapon w no agency whatsoever for decades???????? like u just gotta always find a way to make it abt children and motherhood for female characters smh.
and god literally calling her a monster bc of it isnt cool idc how you try to spin it wtf that was so nasty

i am so tired. this whole year has been laden with injuries from start to finish. we have never once had anything close to even 80% of a full squad not once this whole season. we knew going in it was always gonna be hard with a post world cup season. some of it has been just due to rotten luck. holger, i dunno what we could’ve done to prevent that, alaba, the lahm injury, javi. but some if not most of these decisions have been so ridiculous. arjen needed more time to get better, ribery’s injury situation was not handled properly, thiago could have returned muuuuch sooner had the first operation not been fucked up. idk. the whole pep saga hasn’t helped. he’s supposed to be the best manager in the world so figure out how to keep a half empty squad running? some days we’re great and out of this world which is great but where’s the consistency? consistency is what he was hired for. so that this team that has been in the semifinals of the champions league five times in the last six years and in the final three times in the last five years - a feat no other team has achieved btw - could dominate europe on the daily leaving a world class legacy behind. please remember this doesn’t mean treble every other year, i am well aware the treble was a once in a lifetime thing, i know its significance. what i am saying is i don’t want to see my team broken and giving up every other matchday because that’s what’s been happening. for a large part of the first half it was all - they just got back from the world cup they aren’t motivated enough - and now it’s all - oh half the team’s injured and we don’t know what to do. but isn’t figuring that out kind of supposed to be pep’s job description? i don’t expect him to work magic but he spent two years here and he still hasn’t figured out or decided on how he wants the team to play. the advantage of being fluid is supposed to be that the opponent won’t be able to predict the fuck we’re doing and we can use it to our advantage. except majority of the time we are not fluid, we are haphazard and all over the place with no clue about what we’re doing. it doesn’t help with the players’ exhaustion that they have to play a different position every other matchday. pep is stubborn and has also not been willing to change his ideas or adapt them according to the strength of our players. this is not about yesterday. except yesterday and the first leg vs porto and multiple matches this season are examples of how we’ve fallen apart this season with the slightest of pressure. hell, porto had us under pressure from the first but yesterday we were in full control of the game (despite gagelmann being an ass eating dick) and yet for some reason we decided to completely lose it and took our feet off the gas for most of the second half. gagelmann was a dick yeah and we should have had multiple calls in our favor but the the bvb goal also came from our mistake. anyway. i don’t quite know what i’m saying; i haven’t slept in almost 24 hours. but the summary of it in short is i think, i am scared as i am exhausted and that’s because this season is increasingly becoming oddly reminiscent of 08-09 with klinsmann and 2011 with van gaal - both absolutely hellish years. i do hope we will fight with everything we have for the rest of the season bc that’s just who we are, but i don’t actually have much hope.

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will you pleeeease do the percico one where percy knows nico likes him and tries to turn him on

I’m not sure if you saw it, but it is in the list for the kink fic prompts. ;)

It’s gonna be part of this first big part too, after the next installment (which will have the Charles/Silena/Percy prompt), I’ want to do it. ;)

(” Horny Percy who knows Nico has a crush and uses it to his advantage, liketrying to discretely turn nico on but also being very sweet” - you mean this one, right? c:)

I can heal anythin’ an’ make th’ grass grow an’ flowers bloom… I miss you.


I finished it :) 

Maybe not as quickly as I would have liked to, but with work and a very busy week I can say I’m glad I finished it. I still wish that I could get the hang of painting, learned a few tricks this time around. What I’d love to do is learn how to make my painting look more… Shiny. Or less rough looking and less flat. A learning process and its gonna take me time of course to keep learning. I feel like with his hair this time I’m starting to get the hang of making things less flat but.. Yeah. Anyways, heres a sad Dali :P

i feel like my mom is desperate for us to be Real and Whole Family™ again and have a dad again and i don’t get it i don’t get it i hate it. we are a real family. we’re a family with a single mom raising her kids but we’re a family. and i have a dad. i have a fucking dad and i can visit him by going to the cemetery in the springs, not driving out into the hills to some hick’s house where he lives with his hick brother.

so here’s the thing that I’ve been working on for the last month… don’t repost, or use as icons or whatever, etc. etc. thank you in advance :)

Hi guys

So im making a jacksepticeye/markiplier themed bottle rocket for ap physics and I was wondering if anyone could help me give it a name?

So far I have:
S.S. Booper Dooper (they’ve both mentioned it so it could work. Plus BOOPER DOOPER!)

S.S. Crashy McSplodey (although that’s kinda only markiplier)

S.S. Septiplier (its a ship get it? haha :P )

If anyone liked to help that’d be nice. :)