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What fics are in the works currently?

multi-part fics
- blurry for wattpad (this one is killing me, i hate it but i love it so i keep ignoring it and hoping i can figure out how to fix it)
- sugar daddy (for some reason, this one has been calling my name lately, and i’m almost done with the first part of it which i’m very hyped about)
- ‘warped whore’ for wattpad (includes tyler & josh, as well as tyler carter and michael)
- hourglass (this will be the last or second to last part)

- foursome (i feel like it’s never going to get finished at this point. i haven’t written any of it in weeks, but i really love it so i’m not getting rid of it)
- josh/reader (post-grammys fic, honestly as much fun as that grammys bit was, i’m thinking of scrapping this because it’s just garbage and i felt rushed lmfao)
- josh/reader (accidentally calling josh daddy)

these are the ones that i’ve actually started working on. i have all of my requests separated and i’m gonna be choosing some new ones to start on soon.

also i still have that carisi fic i’m working on and two other things that i’m not prepared to discuss just yet.

One Night Stand


(Hi there, long time no see… it has been a long time since my last fic and so I apologise for such horrible writing, but I hope you enjoy anyway xxoo)

Drink after drink after drink. Your sight became blurry and the mass of people around you seemed to be closing in. You stumbled around, trying to keep your balance as you were pushed and shoved by the more careless dancers. A harsh bump had you almost fallen, however a firm hold on your upper arm kept you on your feet.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Hey! Lets get you some water,  yeah?” His voice was concerned yet smooth. You found yourself nodding your head up and down in acceptance.
The tall man placed his hand on your mid back as he guided you through the crowd and over to the closest spare seat. He made sure you were both stable and comfortable before moving quickly to the bar and asking for a big glass of water which he brought back to you within seconds. You would never normally accept a drink that a stranger has brought over to you but for some reason you trusted him.
“I think you should stick to water for the rest of the night” He suggests with an entertained grin.
“I think that’s a great idea” You reply with slurred words. “What’s your name?” you question.
“I’m Dan, and you?”
“Well it is lovely to meet you Y/N” His smile grows, highlighting those charming dimples that adorn each side of his face, one side more prominent than the other.
The both of you  engage in conversation and before you know it the both of you have been chatting for an hour. You have sobered up quite a bit yet you’re still a bit tipsy. You’re in the middle of a conversation about movie genres when one of your favourite songs begins to blast through the speakers.
“I love this song! I have to dance!” you announce excitedly over the music and stand up from your seat.
“Mind if I join you?” Dan questions and no answer is needed as you take his hand and pull him into the crowd with you.
Throughout the first song it is clear that Dan is watching the way your body moves along to the music. By the second song Dan’s hands are placed gently on your sides. During the third song your bodies are pressed against each others and Dan’s arms rest comfortably around your waist and finally by the fourth song, Dan made a move and you are both in a heated make out session. Dan holds onto your butt, pulling your hips forth and allowing you to feel his arousal.
“Do you want to get out of here?” Dan whispers in your ear before trailing kisses down your neck.
“Yes” you reply breathlessly.

The trip home went by quickly, Dan paid for the uber and soon enough you were both entering his apartment.  
You are blindly lead into Dan’s bedroom and in moments your clothing is long forgotten and in a messy pile on the floor. Dan’s pink lips are investigating every inch of your body, slowly moving to the most important of areas. To say that this man is talented with his tongue would be an understatement, a skill he introduced to you with his head between your legs and his hands holding your thighs apart. He knew exactly how good he was making you feel, and you could tell from the look in his eyes which were staring right up at you.
You didn’t want to have an orgasm yet, afraid you would be too sensitive to continue so you gripped onto his brown locks of hair and pulled him upwards. Your lips met in a messy kiss as he checked one last time that you were okay with everything, and as soon as he got a yes from you he was thrusting his hips forwards, drowning out everything else in the world and allowing you both to feel the intense pleasure of him inside of you.

Your breaths mixed together, lips colliding in messy kisses. Moans and whimpers, the slight creek of the bed, all sounds of hot passion filled the room as you both got closer and closer to your highs.
Dan could tell how close you were as your nails dug into his back and you began to tighten around him. He himself was oh so close and so he desperately wanted you to hit your high. He stopped thrusting for a few seconds as he readjusted your position, griping the backs of your thighs and lifting your legs up higher around him. He began to thrust again, this time faster and perfectly hitting your g-spot.
Within moments you were close to screaming as your orgasm hit you with more force than ever and only seconds later Dan was releasing into the condom, your name leaving his red and slightly swollen lips.

Slowly he pulled out of you, walking over to the bin to dispose of the used condom before climbing back into bed and pulling you close. Not much more was said that night, maybe a few more kisses but soon enough you were both deep in slumber.

Your eyes slowly fluttered open, taking time to focus as you began to wake up properly. Flashes of the night before shot through your mind and so you quickly looked across to the other side of Dan’s bed only to find it empty.


What if he expected you to leave during the night? You have never had a ‘one night stand’ before, what were you meant to do?
Leave…. That’s what your meant to do… that’s what he wants you to do.
You searched through the bedroom, slowly collecting your items of clothing from the night before and dressing in them once again. You quickly made sure you had everything before heading out of the room and into a hallway.
You should have paid more attention last night because you suddenly realized you had no idea how to get out of this house.

You spent a few minutes walking unsuccessfully around until you made a big mistake.
You walked into the kitchen which is where you found Dan to be. You mentally prepared yourself for the awkward encounter where he asked why you were still here and if you could hurry up and leave.

But what happened surprised you.

A big dimpled smile adorned Dan’s face as he walked up to you, wrapping an arm around your waste and placing a kiss on your cheek as he wished you a good morning before walking back over to the stove.

You can’t help but admire just how gorgeous he is in the morning, hair in curls, topless torso and a pair of tracksuit pants hanging from his hips.

“perfect timing, I’m just finishing the last pancake.” Dan says while flipping the batter in the fry pan.

“You don’t want me to leave?” you question, your voice laced with confusion.

“No?” Dan’s head shoots around, looking at you with furrowed brows before they softened and a sad look took over his expression.

“I mean… if you want to that’s fine” he continues and you are quick to reply.

“No, no. I just kind of assumed you’d want me to… like a one night stand sort of thing.”

“Well I would really love it if you would stay…I made us pancakes, but I didn’t know if you liked them so I’ve also made you fruit salad or toast so you have an array of options” Dan explains as he places the last pancake on the plate and turns to face you.

“I thought maybe we could spend the day together and I could take you out for dinner tonight?” he continues, hope in his eyes.

“I love pancakes and I would love to spend the day with you Dan… ”

“well thank god” Dan breathes out to himself before taking a few long strides towards you and cupping your cheeks.

“I made so many pancakes”

Dan connects your lips in a passionate kiss, which was certainly not your last.


“My neighbor was a bit older than me, and he was allowed to chew bubblegum. I couldn’t do that as five-year-old. He was allowed to wear hair gel, too. I wanted to be him a little bit.”


I threw a few effects onto it for flare, but photo credit goes to loucarrionphotography on instagram!

Valkyrie Mercy is in slow process, but I plan to make her costume this year.  Mercy was so much fun to cosplay at HolMat, even if it was a stupid lil Christmas getup.  

And also this happened and <3

boi we love us some Gency 

This is the design in higher quality resolution this time! I really enjoy making these designs. I’m thinking about doing more like this and like the previous one with the last guardian.I love RWBY and I just had to make one since I craved the idea of it. It took me a while to notice everything was blurry but I insisted to heighten the quality for you guys ^u^.

Enjoy!!! and cant wait for the next episode!!!

Drawn by me: Laundingo

Tools:SAI & Cinitq 13hd

*Please dont use art without my permission thanks!!! :D*


289-297/? suga solo twitter selfies (in chron order)

My inktober version of this piece has been getting a lot of attention, but I hate how blurry the picture is of it, so I decided to take it digitally and also add the lighting and what not. I like the feel of this one. 

I’m also auctioning the original version of this below:  SOLD

You can find prints and more on my redbubble of the digital version here:

Watching Critical Role Live: episode 78 - The Brunch Club
  • Laura matched her nails to her sweater she’s too cool
  • Liam was wearing two kinds of plaid at once and somehow made it work
  • Taliesin’s Percy playlist is Cruel and Unfair
  • I’m glad their dad isn’t there, but I was kinda hoping Thordak would eat their dad as a Christmas Miracle.
  • “High-tech Hindenburg” = “metaphor for Vox Machina”

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One Year-Part Three

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Summary: (Y/N) moves to Paris with her family leaving her best friend behind. What happens when she come back?

Liam Dunbar x Reader
Brett Talbot x Reader

(Y/N)= Your name
(Y/L/N)= Your last name

Next up: Love and Hate-Part Two

Part One, Part Two

‘If you see this then it’s yours or any character from teen wolf thoughts’

(Y/N)’s POV:

The wind felt cold against my skin, the feeling of mother nature underneath my body, I felt the rush of anxiety take over as my vision becomes blurry. My eyes start to take in my surroundings as I look around the unfamiliar woods. 

My mind starts to wonder how I got here, remembering the feeling of my warm bed consuming me… 

Or so I thought…

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To elaborate on what that last person posted ^_^; I perform in a winter guard organization where I have to put emotion on my face and in my body while i perform, but because i wear glasses and not contacts I can't see the audience when I perform. In a way not seeing the audience helps with my nerves but also when your vision is blurry it really helps you feel alone which i find when you are alone its easier to put emotion on your face because you aren't scared of other peoples reactions ^_^

EXACTLY THIS, one of the reasons, when I have to go and speak in public, most of the times, I do it without glasses haha it really helps you calm down and picture just the things you want to say and do while presenting, without concerning yourself with what’s going on outside from that.

For the prompt from the amazing @vannguyen0507: Dick’s raped by a crime group in Crime Alley. It’s up to Jason to rescue and help him through this trauma. 

Dick had been staring at the same brick in the same wall for the last half hour. He could see pale flesh in the corners of his blurry eyes, but he refused to acknowledge it. He’d lost feeling in his body a long time ago. Well, it wasn’t that he’d necessarily lost feeling, he just lost the ability to acknowledge it. He was ignoring a lot of things at the moment. He was ignoring everything other than the brick in front of him. It was a normal brick, chipped at the edges, ridged and had spots of blood on it. The blood was fresh. Dick wondered where it came from. One of the men holding him down wrapped his hands around Dick’s neck and Dick was suddenly reminded exactly where the blood came from. He chocked and swiped at the man, but someone else grabbed his hands and held them down. The man slammed his hips into Dick’s ass mercilessly, the dry pressure making everything hurt more than it should. Dick tried to choke out a scream but was silenced with another particularly vicious slap across the face. Suddenly someone was in front of him, gripping his hair in a fist and shoving his face toward unzipped jeans. Dick felt tears leak out of squeezed shut eyes. He hiccuped a sob, but that only got him another slap. He bit his lip to silence himself, but was screamed at for not opening his mouth.

Suddenly a bullet whizzed past his face and landed straight in the brain of the man screaming at him. Dick’s eyes flew open in time to be splashed with blood. The hands bruising his hips let up, as did the ones holding his wrists and legs. The ones touching his chest were forcibly ripped away. Finally Dick was freed. He fumbled around his ankles for his pants. He could barely pull them up with his shaking hands. When he finally got them around his hips he shuffled himself back into the brick he’d been staring at earlier. He could feel the blood stick to his back, shockingly cold in the dark October air. He watched with wide eyes and Red Hood murdered the men in front of him. There were five of them, he hadn’t been counting earlier. He didn’t even know how many of them had… had a turn at him. One was already dead, blood oozing from the hole in his head. Jason snapped another one’s neck, and slammed another’s head into the wall until it smashed in a explosion of blood and the crunch of bone. Jason shot the next one who came at him in the crotch, then again in the chest. Finally only one was left. He was tall and fat, but his arms were corded with muscle. His cock was hanging out of his pants, and it was clear he’d been the last one in Dick. Jason grabbed him by the throat and slammed him into the wall. He cocked his gun and shoved it in the mans face until it was dissenting his cheek and brushing his eye.

“P-please,” the man pleaded to the blood splattered emotionless mask in front of him. “Please don’t kill me.” Jason tilted his head and started to lower the gun. Dick’s breath sped up, then stopped all together when Jason shot the man in the thigh. The man screamed and fell to the ground. Jason stood in front of him, still holding the gun to his face, even as the man tried to crawl away, blood trailing behind him.

“That’s your femoral artery,” Red Hood growled, hatred ingrained in every word. “You’ll bleed out long before anyone gets here. But, if I’m being honest, I don’t think that’s a painful enough way for you to die, but seeing as my options are limited at the moment, I think I’ll just shoot you some more.”

Jason fired off three more shots; one in each kneecap, and one final one in his crotch.

“That’s better,” Jason said. He slammed his foot into the man’s gut to stop his crawling.

“Make no mistake,” Jason hissed. “This, all this pain, all this torture, it’s inevitable. I had no choice. And do you wanna know why?”

The man shook his head frantically. He was paling, he was losing blood fast, but Jason wasn’t about to let him die until he’d made his point.

“It’s because you’re life was over the second you touched him.” He snarled. He turned his back on the man, and finally made his way over to Dick. He put himself in Dick’s line of sight so that Dick could no longer see the bodies lying in front of him. He took off his helmet, and removed his domino mask until all that was left were those earnest blue-green eyes staring Dick in the face. He pulled Dick’s jeans the rest of the way up, and zipped and buttoned them. He put his hands on Dick’s cheeks and gently lifted his head so that they were eye to eye.

“Dickiebird, can you hear me?” He asked softly. Dick was silent for a moment, his whole body was shaking. Jason needed to get him inside.

Dick finally nodded, and so Jason ran his gloved fingers through Dick’s hair, careful to make his moves gentle and soothing.

“Ok, good, let’s get you inside, ok? You’re not staying out here any longer.” Jason picked Dick up in his arms and carried him away from the alley. He had a safe house in Crime Alley, but he knew that staying anywhere near there was not a good idea. The police would find the bodies soon, someone had undoubtedly heard the gunshots and even in the shittiest shit hole in Gotham someone would be called eventually. Besides, he didn’t want Dick to have to see the place anymore. Not ever again if he could help it. He carried Dick a few streets over, to the next closest safe house, which was about a ten minute walk away. He brought Dick in through the fire escape, and carried him to the bathroom.

“Okay Dickiebird, I need to check you over ok? And then you’re going to take a shower, and I’m going to tape you up, alright?” Jason spoke softly, using the tone he saved for frightened children. Dick wasn’t looking at him, but he was acknowledging him, which Jason took as a win.

It took Jason over an hour to get Dick fixed up. The shower was good for him, but initially he wouldn’t let Jason see him naked.

“Dick, you have to let me see. If I can’t see, I can’t fix it. Please, Dickie, you have to let me see.”

Dick shook his head furiously, and Jason sighed. He rubbed his forehead, and saw only one option.

“When I was ten I was living in Crime Alley, barely making ends meet. My dad was in prison, and my mom was passed out, too high on something to comprehend anything, so I was the one making the money. It wasn’t good, what I was doing, but that’s a story for another time. I was in the Alley, when these three guys came up behind me,” Jason choked on the words. He could barely finish them, but Dick was finally looking at him again. His grip on the button of his jeans was loosening. “By the time they were finished I could barely walk.” He finished in a whisper, and had to look away. He remembered that night all too clearly. He didn’t think he’d ever forget it, but that wasn’t the point. He wasn’t doing this for himself, this wasn’t his therapy session, this was for Dick.

“But I stumbled home, and when I got there all I wanted was someone to make me soup. Someone to sit with me and tell me everything was going to be ok, but when I did get home I found my mother passed out in the bathroom. She was safe, but completely unconscious, so instead I took a shower, crawled my way into bed, and went to sleep, and that was it. I didn’t have anyone Dick, no one. But you do, you have me. I will never leave you, even if you want me to. I will be right beside you until the day I die, because I love you Dick, and nothing will ever change that. Not this, not anything,” Jason spoke slow and forcefully. He had never believed something so fully in his life. “Now, I need to make sure you’re ok, so let me see.” Jason said. There were tears leaking out of the corners of Dick’s eyes. He surged up and kissed Jason lightly on the lips, the only part of him those men hadn’t touched. It was a simple brush of lips, but it was the sweetest kiss Jason had ever had. Slowly, Dick unzipped his pants, and finally let Jason see.

Hours later, when Dick was cleaned, bandaged up, and finally asleep, Jason got a call.

He was sitting on the bed, brushing his fingers through Dick’s hair, the soft sound of Dick’s careful breathing lulling him to sleep, when a shrill rang jerked him out of his trance. After making sure Dick was still asleep he stood from the bed and took the phone into the other room. Bruce was calling him, as was expected. He sat on the couch and answered.

“What?” He asked.

“You know what,” Bruce growled back. “You say you’re not a murderer and then you go and pull something like this. What was this Jason? This was ruthless, this was barbaric. What the hell were you thinking?”

“There were extenuating circumstances,” Jason replied, emotionless. “They had Dick.”

There was silence on the line, and then, “What do you mean they had Dick?”

“They had him Bruce,” Jason choked out. “They were touching him, they-” He cut himself off, squeezing his eyes shut to keep them from leaking. He took a deep breath and solidified himself.

“There are security cameras in Crime Alley, right?”

Bruce’s reply was hesitant, but softer than he’d been before. “The police don’t use them, but yes.”

“Watch the tape, then tell me those men didn’t deserve it.” Jason ended the call.

Bruce watched the footage, at Jason’s recommendation. He watched it multiple times, tortured himself with it. He should’ve been able to stop it, Dick never should have been in that position. Bruce watched it until tears blurred his vision, until he could no longer bring himself to hit rewind. He shut off the bat computer, and made his way to the box sitting on one of the tables in the back of the cave. He’d send Jason a package in the morning. A thank you package full of bandages and Dick’s favorite cereal. The last thing he put in the package was a brand new handgun. He stared at the barrel and flashed back to the night when he was eight years old. He almost pulled it right back out of the box, but then he looked at the monitors. The computers were off, but what he’d seen on them was still replaying in the back of his mind.

He left the gun in the box, and mailed it to Jason’s safe house before he could change his mind.