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Rating: Mature (roommate!luke)

The night before was like the actual represention of one of those artsy and blurry photos that look like paint streaks, but someone could easily make out what the picture was. I honestly didn’t even know something like that would’ve ever happened, because let’s be real, Luke was hot, and I was… not. At least no one but my best friend seemed to think so, and I was confident, but not something that I really saw in the mirror and thought, “You’re hot, keep it up.” Luke was my roommate, as my best friend moved out of state and Luke had been my childhood best friend that I had reconnected with within the last three years. Puberty had hit him like hell freezing over, to be quite honest, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I realized that I had connected with him. You could say I’d had a crush on him all my childhood years, but once I grew up and he grew out of my life, I basically forgot about him. Needless to say the crush had returned and with it now came dirty, dirty thoughts.

Like I said, the night before was like a very blurry photo that could easily be made out. It was a poorly painted memory, but somehow it was so vivid.

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Levi wasn’t very happy to see the state of the carpet when he had returned home. Luckily Erwin had rented a carpet cleaner, and they would be working on cleaning the carpet that weekend. At least it gave him something to do outside of listening to Eren’s complaints of being grounded.

~Mod Levi

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How about a scenario where Ayato's SO finds out he's a ghoul and just start talking about how pretty those "fire wings" are and how they want to touch it ((bonus points if they already knew but didn't really give a fuck))

I like that description, “fire wings” :’D

Ayato: Initially, Ayato backs away, his expression torn between confusion and incredulity as he watches his partner watch him, wide-eyed and awed. Ayato misinterprets the amazed expression as one of shock, and the last thing he wants is to face his partner if they sell him out to the CGI. Thus, when they take a step closer to him, Ayato spits out a furious, “Don’t touch me!” and leaps away from them, putting a sizeable distance between himself and his partner. His partner freezes and stares at Ayato, realizing his fear, and they carefully rearrange their expression to one of calm.

“Sorry,” they whisper, slowly raising their hands to show they meant no harm. “It’s just, I just—” they pause, struggling to find their words, and then they finally say, “I already knew, you know, but it’s my first time seeing your wings. Do you mind… if I touch them? Your fire wings; they’re just so beautiful.

Their words weren’t what Ayato expected to hear; he thought maybe monster, or something equally terrible, but not beautiful. “You what?” he chokes out, uncertain, but also unable to quash the tiny ray of hope that forces its way into his heart.

His partner offers Ayato a small smile, their eyes hopeful as they take another step forwards. And this time, Ayato doesn’t move away.


At the beginning of the album, Blurryface shows up quite commonly, literally every other song starting with Stressed Out and going to Lane Boy, and even then it’s only in one line so starting there Tyler’s slowly figuring out that Blurryface and him aren’t the same person. Which is why Blurryface’s presence gets less and less, as the next and last time we hear him is in Message Man, and Goner signifies Tyler completely separating himself from Blurryface again (Blurry’s the one I’m not). So while not directly, the album truly is one of triumph, but just subtlety.

Here it is (last one! Promise!!) scanned and finished! And just noticed that the scanner made it blurry towards the spine of the book..
I wanted to separate the main characters some more from the surrounding chaos so I used a mix of water and white gesso that I sprayed over everything. Then I redrew some elements with a ballpoint pen to make them pop out a little more. Thanks for all the support and comments! It made this pice much more enjoyable to do.

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I was extremely remiss this past while and forgot to post LAST week’s Sybil and Tom, but here we have Sybil and Tom this week as well. So, we have been graced twice within a week. :)

Also…I don’t know what it was, but I could NOT get a photo of the bloody top picture. It just wouldn’t take a clear shot. The one below seems okay, but I think my phone camera is acting up. I tried a few pictures of different things after and it does appear to be blurry on that side. Anyway, the quote reads as follows:

Sybil: Mary, you know I don’t care about all that.

Mary: Oh, darling, darling, don’t be such a baby. This isn’t fairyland. What did you think? You’d marry the chauffeur and we’d all come to tea?


Even though NYCC is about 4 ½ months away planning has already started for cosplay options. I have something in mind for one of the days that I think is equal parts adorable and hilarious and that I am certain I will have to spend the entire day explaining. I’m kinda okay with that. I mean one year I was Trance Gemini from Andromeda for Halloween so I have done obscure. Hehe, does anyone but me remember that show?  To get in the spirit of things here are a couple blurry shots of last years cosplay. Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure time and Domino from X-men (I couldn’t find a pic with my face painted). I think I can do better this year. I am cautiously optimistic. 

Some pictures from today...

…unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to meet Peter again (though I still have the photo from the last time I met him), but I thought I would still share some pictures from today’s fun in the park. Not mine as the ones I took came out blurry, but these pictures are posted with the kind permission of my best friend/enabler/unofficial fanfic editor aniguise42.


Okayyy, accountability time, sorry for the blurry pic (plus a before pic since I haven’t posted one on here yet… that still isn’t the heaviest I’ve been)! Today- arms/chest. Upped the butterfly press machine to 60lbs, chest press 50lbs,  lateral pulldown 70lbs, free weights 15/20lbs, and shadow boxing. Did two rounds today since I was still feeling last night’s first boxing class pretty fierce. 


SWAC: The Lucky One. This girl is soooo lucky that she’s cute because she has one thing that could get her killed in any other group. Oh yes, she has the last remaining CL4P-TP and she loves it! Her ability focuses on her being able to called her CL4P-TP to battle so her enemies fall to their knees, covering their ears for 20 seconds. However her vision goes a little blurry(she’s not immune, dang). She wears cute black leggings and a unity belt, a black tanktop, and locket of her and her CL4P-TP, completed with black boots.

She escaped a life of poverty with her rare ability to stand the ear-bleeding voice of CL4P-TPs. Hired at a young age to keep them in working order, SWAC made a nice life for herself by being able to make them, fix them, and best of alrl turn them off. However when Jack recently recalled the product line, she grabbed her favorite CL4P-TP and took off. 

LIN: The Witch. She’s just trying to get her life back together. Her skill revolves Siren magic but she’s not a Siren so not only is it short-lived but it was sap half of her current health. She wears a mostly yellow(because it looks better in yellow, right? That’s the line right?) dress with a black strip around it, a black bow in her hair, and black leggings. She knows everything about every Hyperion gun every made and loves to help trick out her friends. 

The second and favorite daughter to certain a Hyperion business(wink wink), she lived a life of immense luxray and did anything to please her father. Wearing company colors, ignore the fact her sister has totally disappeared, and even going an highly experimental surgery to make her one the Sirens her father adored so much. Needless to say, it didn’t work quite correctly and alerted her to what really happened to her sister. After learning what a monster her father was, she fled to Pandora. 

MTC: The Thief, she can steal ANYTHING. Weapons, cars, money, anything you need MTC can steal for the right price. Her skill revolves around stealing her enemies weapons for ten second. As they desperately grab at the weapons, she mows them down. She wears ripped black jeans, black tank top, and and ripped plaid shirt. 

What’s the hardest thing to steal from anyone she asked herself once. When the answer was a Vault, that set into motion looking for a team. Unfortunately, she had to find a group that she HADN’T stolen from, which was hard to come by. Luckily, she found one rag-tag group of misfits that took her in.

TT: The Wheeler/The Leader. She only gets around on her feet, running, walking, rollerskating, or…..heelys. Yes, air powered heelys that she worked most of her life for. Her skill allowed her to activate her super fast heelys and move at speed that her enemies can’t hit her as long as she’s moving for 15 seconds. Seconds can be increased by putting point in her skill stat. Wears a green top with cute green baseball cap with blue jeans. She chews bubble-gum a lot.

She grew up on the outer edges of cities in Pandora lying, stealing, conning, and killing(rarely) in order to obtain a pair of lime green heelys in a store window. Once she obtained the magically(plain) heelys she decided that she couldn’t live without more of them. She began working with this group of Vault Hunters to raise money to buy more heelys. She needed these heelys so bad that she’d take anyone, and I mean anyone. Even a dangerous assassin, a CL4P-TP lover, a runaway Hyperion princess, and a thief that CONSTANTLY tries to steal a pair of her heelys. Together they are Vault Hunters.

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End Me or I End the World

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Wade couldn’t tell you what had happened over the last couple days. The last most vivd memory he has is holding peter surrounded by the orchestrators of his lover’s death. He brings his hand to his heart and grips the straps and fabric of his suit. It hurt to breath, he felt like he was forever drowning and there was no death at the end of this excruciating long process. There were blurry images of people asking him things, a crying aunt may in his arms, and the sickening scent of flowers in the rain. 

{Why does it always rain at funerals}

[because the writers like to be dramatic…]

He remembers looking down into the hole that was now going to be Peter’s permeant resting place and it looked so far down to the bottom. A place he could never follow. Though baby boy was laying next to Gwen.. at least he has that small comfort. That’s actually why he ended up here. The clock tower. He had only been here once with Peter on there anniversary of her death, about six months ago. So much love and warmth was packed into those six months though. Wade would have normally been able to live off of that forever but he had gotten greedy as of late. 

There was a reason he was here though, last time he had made a promise to Gwen and he had failed to keep it. He was here to apologize. 

-Six Months Ago-

Peter had been so quiet the whole walk and wade usually hated quiet but he couldn’t bring himself to break it. They walked slowly and with each step Spiderman looked more burdened. It hurt wade to see him in such a state. Baby boy didn’t say anything once inside the clock tower, he just sat there and stared up at the broken ceiling. After what felt like eternity he turned and started on his way. Wade watched him leave as quietly as he came and once he was out of sight his eyes went up skyward. “I promise, I’ll take care of him from now on ms. Stacy.” Once the words were past his lips he was jogged back to Peter’s side. Right where he will always be, where he will always belong.

“I’m sorry Gwen…I failed. I didn’t take care of him like I promised… I’m sorry… It’s up to you again.” To any eavesdropping ears not many of the words spoken were clear enough to make out. He was sobbing to uncontrollably. He hadn’t cried all day and as soon as he opened his mouth in repentance to Gwen he couldn’t hold the flood gates back any longer. Laying down on the dirty ground wade closes his eyes and tries his best to just fade away. Every day that passes after that was meaningless. He just lays there in the rubble of the clock tower trying desperately to die. Starving to near death over and over again was excruciating but no where near as painful as his broken empty heart. He had hoped that maybe if he stopped eating his healing factor wouldn’t have any fuel and eventually it’d give up…

Hawkeye, Daredevil, and Reed Richards kicked down the clock tower door and stormed in a flurry of concern and anger. They had been looking for wade since he had disappeared after the funeral. All three of them heaved the near mummified deadpool off the ground and dragged him from the run down relic. Daredevil remained quiet well the other two huffed and puffed about how worried they’d been and what had he been thinking. He blacked out again at that point.

Disjointed dreams and memories plagued wade’s mind. Some of them so sweet it hurt to find wakefulness others so painful he wished for the light of day to come. It was a cycle neither relenting to the other. When he eventually came too he was in a hospital room of some kind, IV hooked up to his arm providing him with nutrients he didn’t want, and Hawkeye sitting in a chair nearby. 

“We’ve got you buddy… just get better for us okay? I’m sorry… when you went missing I thought it’d be best to just let you be… I didn’t think.. I didn’t… think you’d do that to yourself…”

His eyelids fluttered shut the sound of hawkeye’s words lulling him back into darkness. The IV fluids not quite enough to wake up his healing factor. He needed some calories.

Not too sure how long had past between waking to see hawkeye and waking to see Reed Richards sitting by his bedside but it was at least a few hours. The smell of tacos nearby told him that wolverine probably told them he needed food not fluids. The thought of wolfy being nice gave wade the shivers. They all were being too nice. His eyes open and he takes in his room more fully. It was a lab room converted to medical room at Stark’s glass tower. Now that was even stranger. Stark hated Wade’s guts why was he in on this superhero help wade kick. Once he had taken in his room he turns his gaze to Reed.

He was reading with one hand and the other was off somewhere probably mixing chemicals or writing out formulas. The way this guy multitasks and controls his body from such distances made wade’s head hurt just thinking on it. Groaning to catch the scientists attention, wade wants to know what the hell is going on. Looking up from his book to see an alert Deadpool reed instantly gives him his full attention. His missing arm collecting itself up and settling back to its place at his side. The other putting the book down.

“Mr. Wilson. So glad to see you conscious. I can call for the food to be brought in here.” The awkwardness of his words and body language intrigued wade.

“Nah, in a sec… so stretchy man… why am I here and why are you here…and why is everybody being so nice… It’s kind of creeping me out.” The sound of his voice gravelly and he choked and coughed on a few words on his insistence to get his question and thoughts out there.

Richards nods once in response and then clears his throat.

{oh god…he has a speech prepared…}

[damn. Now we have to listen to him preach at us…]

“A lot of the heroes as you know don’t treat you very well. I am ashamed to admit myself included. We often justified this by looking only at the worst of your deeds and ignoring your humanity. That day… none of us could ignore it, or pretend we weren’t directly responsible for your pain. If that had been sue there…” Reed trails off his eyes glazing over with tears he swiftly wipes away before continuing, “We all lost a great ally that day but you lost so much more… Peter was your hope. He never, not once looked at you like you were something wrong. He always saw your humanity. I want to make this right, and everyone else agrees.”

“Make this right…” wade chuckles out darkly. he knows his grieve stricken self had demanded they find a way to bring peter back or to kill him but the latter was impossible. There was no way to bring peter back. He doubted Richards here meant they were going to kill him, he probably thought if all of them banded together and started treating him better that’d be enough. It made wade want to gag it was so mushy and disgusting. and wrong. Nothing could make this right or better. 

The only thing that ever redeemed the heroes in wade’s eyes was the fact that they were heroes. They were better than him and the rest of the world, and peter embodied that. He was good personified, and their conflict stole that from him and the world. These super humans were no more than monsters to wade now. The murders of his baby boy. Nothing they do now would make it right. The darker direction of his thoughts made him cringe because he was already drifting back to the man before peter. The man with no hope and no care for himself or the world. Then a hand was placed on his shoulder and it brought him back to the room. He looks up to Reed’s face and his thoughts stall. He was looking at wade so kindly, with so much understanding it hurt. It was like lazor beams burning off his skin.

Tears stream down wade’s cheeks and he turns away from the penetrating gaze, finding a crowd outside the glass walls. The two hawkeyes apparently weren’t cool with waiting any longer and burst into the hospital like room. Carrying two very large bags of the best smelling tacos ever.

“We’ve demanded for Stark to provide a TV and wii, we are going to kick your butt at mario cart again.” Kate announces as she pushes wades leg over gently and settles on the side of his bed. 

Clint puts the food down on the bedside table and opens it up taking a good long whiff before grabbing one un wrapping it and holding it towards Wade. “Eat. Now. We have a plan.”

Taking the food reluctantly wade looks around his room and beyond a little overwhelmed by the reception. Why were so many people here and caring about his well being. It felt strange and foreign and it made him ache for Peter. He would have loved to see this. He would have stood there all smug with his hands on his hips and made a snappy comment, ‘its about time you all see how great he is.’

Then in the corner Wade is sure he sees just that, it was blurry and faded in and out a few times but he was sure it was there. “Pete…” He huffs out breathless but as soon as he speaks the words the spell is broken and he really sees whats there. It was a spider…girl. With a white hood over her spidey mask. wade tilts his head to the side and opens his mouth to say something but everything falls flat to the floor.

The girl sees his confusion and jumps up onto the edge of his hospital bed and pulls her mask off a small smile on her lips. “Gwen Stacy. Nice to meet you Wade Wilson.” 

Wade is moving too fast for anyone to catch him and force him back down to his bed. He moves towards Gwen the IV in his arm being pulled out by the force and speed of his movements. He wraps his arms around Gwen and weeps. “I’m so sorry… I’m sorry… so sorry… sorry…” The room and beyond was filled with shocked expressions except for Gwen’s. Her face was gentle and soothing and she rubbed Wade’s back hushing him with a tender voice.

“Hey… calm down big boy… it’s okay. sshh.. hush it’s okay. I understand…it’s okay.” The Hawkeyes watched the interaction with content smiles and Reed excused himself ushering the other heroes to do the same. 

Wade slowly began to calm down as he listened to the sound of Gwen’s voice. The way she comforts him felt so familiar and like home… like Peter. It made him ache but sigh contently all at the same time. Pulling back and properly receiving the food being offered at him again he begins to munch on the tacos looking to Gwen for some kind of explanation. 

“I’m not this world’s gwen.” She starts and wade nods because he figured as much. This wasn’t his first experience with the multiverse. “I’m not staying…” that got her a grumbled crumbly protest from wade’s full mouth. She waves him off and continues, “I’m just here to help at first… My being here would just complicate things. He loved me first and his heart would be torn but he belongs with you.” wade settles back against his pillow as she says that. The gravity of it hitting him hard. This was officially Gwen’s blessing and he wished Peter could have been here to hear it.

“Stark you recording this? Petey needs to hear that. He was pretty sure Gwen would be a supporter but i want to sho…” his words die off because how could he ever possibly show him. Peter was gone. Well, maybe he was seeing this then. Somewhere from the afterlife.

“nevermind…” he mumbles around another taco. That was his third now, and his body was starting to look a little less mummified. “So how can you help… I mean whats the plan…you all obviously have one right? cuz you are getting my hopes up and imma implode if you don’t deliver.”

Gwen smiles and pats Wade’s leg a few times before continuing, “There are infinite world’s and possibilities out there… I am sure there is a world where there is a Peter who needs you and you aren’t there.. or better put you don’t exist. The plan is the navigate these worlds until we find that Peter and then to merge these two worlds. It’ll be a little messy and somethings will forever be affected. Some bad people might end up being alive that are dead in this world…but the same can be said for the good guys too. The dead of this world get replaced by the living of that world and vice versa… so the Peter here will be lost… and he is.. he’s gone… but there is a Peter out there who still needs you. He will take this world’s Peter’s place..”



Here he was again, in a strange part of the world. Past events were still rather blurry to the prince. Bright lights and strange lands. He was still far from his beloved forest. He knew that much. 

The vampyrum found himself in another of those human colonies, this one louder and busier than the last. But he needed a place to roost. This place would have to do. His large wingspan tucks closer to his body as he swoops down before finding a place to land, one of the darker places of the cities. Oh what he’s had to subject himself to. He gives a snorted huff at that thought. 

Just before he settles down, ears twitch as they pick up on the sound of movement in the building that he had assumed was empty.