Si me enamoro de ti, te contaré mis secretos, cantaré frente a ti, me reiré de tus chistes y te contaré mis debilidades. Si me enamoro de ti, seré vulnerable y estaré a tu merced. Compartiré mis sueños y metas contigo y te alentaré en los tuyos, querré que seas feliz y exitoso. Si me enamoro de ti, por favor, no hagas que me arrepienta, no me desilusiones, no me rompas el corazón.

Cue the music to celebrate Post-Impressionist Georges Seurat’s birthday. This black Conté crayon drawing is a study for “Circus Side Show,” Seurat’s first nocturnal painting. Known for his signature pointillist style, Seurat’s black-and-white drawings produce dynamic texture and tones, which parallel the energy of his colorful paintings.

Trombonist (Study for ‘Circus Side Show’),” 1887–88, by Georges Seurat

meigender  asked:

how about a ghost-type doglike pokémon based on the folklore of barghest?

Wofear - The big bite Pokemon

Normal / Ghost type - Ability : Keen Eye / Pickup

“Said to wander in towns and cities during night, when everything is quiet. They are hard to spot as they blend in with the shadows.” / “The fur on their back and tail resembles their shadow, sometimes Wofear are seen interacting with their tail when they feel lonely.”

Evolves into Bargeist with the use of a Dusk Stone

Bargeist - The skulking Pokemon

Dark / Ghost type - Ability : Keen Eye / Strong Jaw

“Watching over town and city streets at night, they follow those who wander during the night to rattle them if they do anything bad. Many fear this Pokemon for its appearance.” / “They blend in with the shadows and leap out when least expected. It is said that by putting their tail onto the ground they can vanish instantly into nothing.”

Shiny versions;

Hope it suits your fancy~!