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Do u think Joker does Harley's hair sometimes like ya know in pigtails, and if he messes up do U think Harley would be ok with it

I think Harley does her own hair most of the time, but that’s probably because the few times she’s asked for help with it J didn’t do the best job lol

Harley: *looks in the mirror* Puddin’! Why is one pigtail practically on the top of my head and the other one has 3 strands of hair in it?!

J: Because I have no idea what I’m doing...”

Harley: *heavy sigh* At least ya honest, honey…”


I find it adorable how Jian Yi is asking He Tian for advice all this time and asking him so many questions about life and love. Perhaps he feels like He Tain is right now the only person he can turn to for these type of questions. Moreover, let’s not forget they’re all boys in middle school, so they’re not gonna talk about their feelings so openly the same way some girls do. Usually guys talk about feelings, not necessary through words, but through actions. I think that Old Xian has portrayed this very well.

I do however, feel like Jian Yi should be talking to Zhan about what’s bugging him instead of He Tian, because Zhan’s proven to stand by his side through everything no matter what. I mean, I’ve never come across such an accepting character (nor a person with the same traits in real life), so if I was Jian Yi, I would have somehow tried to summon my courage and be honest with him about my feelings. But then again, this is a freaking heavy topic to deal with at his age. Like, how do you even know if what you’re feeling is love at all but admiration for that person? What is love anyway?  And how do you go about confessing your feelings towards a dear friend who happens to be a guy as well? I don’t blame him for being all lost and confused and shit, I would too if I was him.

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What are you guys doing for Christmas ??? (Will Yukine-kun kiss Azusa-Kuhn under the mistletoe?? )

Azusa: fufufu…she backed away..because you mentioned…a kiss…

Yukine: Th-thats not it at all…

Azusa: I am taking her…on a…skii trip…

Yukine: There’s not even mistletoe here.

Azusa: Since you…keep talking about it..that must mean…you would like to lips..on yours?

Yukine: Y-your…lips..?..@////@

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So glad I turned on notifications for this blog❤️ Headcanons with Kankuro and Viktor of Yuri! On ice: when their s/o doesn't want to have kids, but wants to adopt. How do they react to that and how they are with the kid? If that makes sense, and if it's not too much❤️❤️

Ahhh this is sooo adorable! Thank you soo much for the purely amazing ask!! Love you!!! :) ~Admin Shadow

Viktor Nikiforov and Kankuro Adopting a Child With Their S/O Headcanons

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Viktor Nikiforov

• Viktor would be completely unfazed by his partner’s wish to adopt, it wouldn’t surprise him in anyway. He would just take it as an amazing sign that his s/o was even considering having children with him in any capacity. He’s excited the moment the idea comes out of his s/o’s mouth and right away he will pull them in for a kiss and relay how the thought seems so fantastic.

• When they went to an adoption home or an orphanage, Viktor would have to steel himself before hand – otherwise he would be heartbroken from every child looking for a home. Seeing other’s pain really gets to him more than he would like to admit. Once he met a few kids, he would be hugging them and want to take all of them home immediately.

• Once him and his partner actually met the child that was set up for them by the adoption agency, Viktor would have a hard time containing himself. He would start trying to learn everything he could about his new child – Viktor has no problem slipping into the role of a father. He has every intention of having a very active role and a strong bond with his kid’s life. He would also be the type to right away start hugging them and giving them kisses before bed or right before they had to leave for school. He’s the motherly type of dad and would pack his child the most thoughtful, cute lunches too.

• Of course, Viktor will try and direct his child into ice skating, because it’s one of the biggest passions in his life – and he feels it would be a crime to not expose his child to it. Viktor would be there helping his child learn the basics and he wouldn’t get discouraged if they struggled with a jump or maybe a technique. He just learns how to play to his child’s strengths.


• Kankuro would be a little upset and bewildered at first when he discovered his s/o didn’t want to have kids directly of their own. He just believed it was in the cards for them all along; them having their own kids running around, playing together. He might even try to  persuade his partner to change their mind initially – because the revelation would be so shocking to him at first. Only after learning their reasons behind it would he fully accept the decision.

• He would be very nervous about going to an adoption home or orphanage. The whole process and even the place doesn’t sit well with him. Seeing all the helpless children just hits close to home – mostly with his experiences of being afraid of Gaara and his father – and knowing there was nothing he could do to change his situation. He’s just relieved once the whole adoption process is over.

• I could see it being harder for Kankuro to really ease into a father’s role at first. He worries, and even in some cases doubts his potential and ability to be a father – he didn’t have the best role model and he fears his father’s own ways will come loss. Of course, the more time he actually spends with his new child the more attached he becomes. He loves reading them books, or telling them some crazy stories from his childhood and the Great Ninja Wars. And slowly his anxiety about being parent just melts away with time.

• It wouldn’t take him long to start teaching his kid how to fix things and how to make puppets. He loves the idea of a child that is mechanically wired like him. Of course, if that’s not the case, he’s flexible and is willing to get in child into new things like music or art – because he has a high appreciation for it.

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I'd adore either some Starlingale or OT3ness and either D or L (or whatever you're having yourself :D)

I picked “Starlingale” and “L” (a stolen kiss)! :)

One of the things you understand, or you should, when you become a police officer is that aside from the shift work, it’s not a job you ever really walk away from; if you’re needed, you’re there. This goes even more emphatically if you’re me, working in a department of two, and of course for Nightingale, who was the only official wizard in Britain for half a century or so. I don’t think he’s had an actual holiday in all that time.

Which meant that when we got a call-out on New Year’s Eve, of course we had to go. Or I did, and Nightingale offered to come along so it wouldn’t be quite as miserable. I hadn’t actually been going out anywhere anyway, not after the week we’d had – in fact I probably would have been asleep by midnight - but it’s the principle of the thing.

“This is going to be a new holiday low,” I said as we shrugged on our coats. It wasn’t snowing, but it was cold enough for it.

“Spending New Year’s skulking around a crime scene.”

“I’ve had worse, as New Year’s Eve goes,” said Nightingale. “At least we’ve got the prospect of a warm bed at the end of it.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I said. “You know it’s not fair; you’re always going to win the ‘I lived through worse’ stakes, you should consider not entering the race.”

“I thought you didn’t have plans,” said Nightingale.

“I could have had plans,” I said. “I chose not to have plans, and instead I get to stand out in the cold, which wasn’t in any plan or lack of plan I might or might not have had.”

“Well,” he said. “In the spirit of reminding you there’s things to look forward to, then,” and the cheeky bastard kissed me right there in the back entranceway of the Folly, like – like that was something we could do without talking about it.

He wasn’t wrong, apparently.

“You’re getting ahead of yourself, if you were waiting for midnight,” I said.

“We’re going to be skulking around a crime scene at midnight,” he said. “To quote you.”

He grinned at me, totally unrepentant, and I couldn’t help it; I did feel better about the immediate future already. The prospect of a warm bed, for starters.

“What are we waiting for, then,” I said, digging my hands into my pockets, and we headed out into the night.

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sweet boyi and adorable but were best friends and i got no idea how to tell him. he's short and loving yet touchy.

heres my advice my ex-bf was my best friend and one time we were talking n he made a really bad joke n i said “why do i like like u” n he was like “wait what” and then we started dating so i give u permission to use that 

tell me about your crush on anon ♥

WARNING it's gay

Hey. I really love Dexi. They pretty much have a hold on my heart and I go on rants on how much I adore them.
Sadly I don’t have the courage to ask them out which lands me to a point of being sad I can’t call them mine.
But I will say I enjoy S O much giving them affection, pet names, and interacting with them whenever I can.
Honestly I’d talk to them all the time if I wasn’t so scared of interrupting their day.
Anyway I made this post as a public announcement that I utterly and completely love my dear Dexi and I appreciate the fuck out of them.
They’re so amazing.

just got back from my date and it was amazing, she said it was the best date she’d ever been on. And after I dropped her off and she got out of my car I cursed myself for not kissing her so I jumped out stopped her and asked if I could kiss her and she said “I would love that, I was too afraid to ask” guys she’s adorable 😍

Anonymous asked: Your girls are so adorable !! Quick question, how’s your stomach after triplets? any stretch mark? care to take a picture? :)

To the anon who asked for my tummy pic! This isn’t the first ask and to be honest my tummy does indeed bother me but the girls are my everything and I’m trying every day to try to just accept my marks! I’m below my pre pregnancy weight (in 55 kilos now) and I can still fit into my size 2 jeans 🙌 but the weight has just been redistributed into weird places ha…mostly my boobs and belly! But my tummy is still pretty flat, a little wiggly and soft for my taste but I just have to start exercising when I can! These are the only stretch marks that I came out with and they’re fading (turning white) as the days go by but I know they won’t disappear without cosmetic surgery so I guess I’m just trying to love them (or at least live with them) my belly button hole was stretched out too so I probably won’t be wearing that ring anytime soon ha but yea! Here it is in all of its glory…..


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Adorable Asks 27

27) What makes you smile?

Honestly not much. But. Here’s a small list.

My favorite books
My favorite movies
My girlfriend
My puppers
The forest
Soft blankets and a warm bed