OOC Month 1

Sooo I have been playing Cullen for about a month now, yay! *eats confetti*

This is also my 400th posts, so I will take the opportunity to sum up this first month.

60 followers! *Waves* Hello I’m confused and intrigued, let me now what I can do for you!

As for Cullen, here’s a snippet of stuff he’s been up to:

Fathered 12 children

Kissed girls

Cried & laught

Suffer from lyrium withdrawal

Had a lyrium branded elf fall on top of him

Been to a brothel

Had best nap EVER

Got a bucket of ice cold water poured over him

Had sex


Thank you all, after all it takes at least two to dance, here’s to another great month!

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I know this isn’t a huge amount of subscribers in the scheme of things but I’ve worked hard on my videos and this feels like a milestone because I was stuck at 380 for almost a year So I just wanted to make a super cheesy post because I’m a super cheesy person who likes to say and do things that are sentimental. So first off I want to say a huge thank you to my 400th subscriber @shnomac2! You are such a good friend for pushing that button! And also to @kara610 for filming with me and pushing me even when I want to give up! @jcconrad14 for believing in my creativity with an unwavering faith! @nickbrock17 for teaching me how to edit and for showing me my first YouTuber (@buckhollywood) before youtubers were really a thing. Also a huge to thank you to all of my friends who have tweeted, retweeted, shared, liked, and subscribed, ya’ll are honestly the best I couldn’t make it through my everyday life with ya’ll! I can’t forget Mom and Dad who have never once questioned why I talk to a camera in my spare time. Mom for not being and embarrassed by it and posting them on her Facebook. Also just everyone who subscribed to my channel! My honorable mentioned friends who have been supportive @ukgrob @deniarenea @kaylaaa2420 @bestridge #smallyoutuber #goal #achievement #dreams

Love & Mercy Soundtrack on beautiful baby blue vinyl for Record Store Day. What a fantastic movie!! If you love The Beach Boys then the movie and this soundtrack will please you. The soundtrack may be better than the film, it’s a really great mix and the pressing sounds great! You can still grab these for pretty cheap too! Quickly becoming one of my favorite soundtracks! Also just realized this is my 400th post.. Thank you everyone for following! I enjoy your comments as well as your own posts. 😊 #vinyl#thebeachboys#beachboys#brianwilson#aljardine#mikelove#carlwilson#denniswilson#vinylnerd#vinyljunkie#vinylgram#vinylporn#vinylgeek#dualturntable#soundtrackbinge#bluerecord#bluevinyl#coloredvinyl#recordnerd#recordcollection#recordcollector#loveandmercy#vinylcollector#vinylcommunity#cratedigger#atticusross#johncusack#beach#recordstoreday#ocean by kevinfdk

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Terry Gilliam to bring his Quixotic art to streets of Edinburgh

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Film-maker and Monty Python member Terry Gilliam The quote reads: “I shall tear up trees with my bare teeth! I shall crush mountains with my fists! I shall go crazy – for love!” The project also marks the 400th anniversary of Cervantes’ death. Gilliam, who will be in Edinburgh […]

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