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So how does "back to the barn" work in your AU since it centers around Pearl and Peridot?

DIGGIT DANG DOPAL LOOK IT’S OPAL! (And also my 400th post! good for me)
Initially I planned the conflict to be between Peridot and Sapphire but I really wanted to draw Opal killing Peridot.
For the robot: Pearl made the body, Amethyst added the boxing gloves and Opal made a big ol’ cross bow.
Peridot doesn’t stand a chance in this AU.
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Hey man, do u have any fav haikyuu blogs that u know of because my dashboard lacks it :S Sorry to bother u!!

Hey there! Don’t worry, it’s no bother, I love getting asks lmao.

I’m following a good number of people, so I’m going to try to sort the list by type to narrow it down a bit (tho I’ll prob still miss some anyway):


@tooruoikawas (also the person who made my Kageyama header that i love)

Jokes/memes 👌:

@snapkyuu (my life and breath tbh)


@craziiwolf (my fave kagehina artist probably)
@mookie000 and @mookie000art
@starlity (actually the cutest shit ever)


Text based posts:


Assorted other stuff:

@dailyhaikyuu (good source of consistent hq posts)
@hello-tobio (pretty much 100% hq from what I know?)

ALSO v important: pls follow my cool friend mutuals @guardianofthecourt and @karasunofficial bcs they are super nice and good ok

Things to note:
1. The reason that the last list is so long is cuz it’s not immediately apparent what some people’s “major” posts fall under and i’m too tired to search their blog on mobile
2. These are in no particular order, just the order tumblr lists them as
3. It’s highly, highly likely that I missed some really good ones by mistake so yah
4. While they’re all good, this is a rlly limited selection. If you want to find lots of good blogs, try browsing the haikyuu tag (esp right after a new episode/manga release)
5. I didn’t know if you wanted mainly hq blogs or if multifandom was ok so I tried to stick to those that post mostly HQ

Hope this helps! (sorry if this post is extra but i really did try my best w/ this list)

Merry Christmas, Ser!
Because we always talk about pokémon and lesbians, I did a crossover between pokémon and Carmilla the webseries.
Carmilla’s pokémon are pretty obvious, but I think Laura’s need a little explanation: Bastiodon represents her overprotective father, Swirlix her unhealty diet (that woman lives on junk food) and Pancham it’s Laura herself, a petite girl who can fight her own battles.
Ser face was priceless when I gave it to her <3

Also, this is my 400th post, a huge goal for me, because they’re all mine, I don’t reblog stuff here. This makes me so happy <3