hey guys, so my birthday is tomorrow (april 19th) and i’m not really asking for gifts this year - what i am asking for is a little bit of help.

i didn’t get as many hours at work this semester as i did last semester. because of this, my budgeting was a little off and i’m just a bit short on food money until i go home from school at the end of May.

i know there’s a lot of people out there who need it more than me, but if you have $1 to spare, i would really appreciate you sending it my way. i have a paypal set up and you can send any size donation to

thank you so much and happy spring <333


Click on the item names for unedited previews (I read on GOS people wished for unedited shots)

Thank you so much for the followers, I’m getting so many in such a short time, I’m never perpared for them. I have 715 right now so I’m slightly behind ^^;, So here’s various bits and bobbles for the gift this time around. I’m finally done! The ‘huge’ projects was 830 recolors of rugs. I went overboard, though that’s nothing new for me.

830 Anime Rugs! On the games Isotopia mesh, that comes with Freetime I think? I love Moira’s anime rugs, and use them whenever possible, but I wanted more! And I kinda went.. overboard. Also included is My Little Pony, Kingdom Hearts, Adventure Time, and Several Final Fantasy Series rugs. Not all the animes are my preference, some I did for friends. Most of them have 10 each, but some have 20 or 30. I made 10 just of Sailor Saturn, because she’s my favorite. I didn’t include a swatch because there’s just too many images, so instead I included the textures for them, so you can still pick and choose. I’ll list all of them below, included are sever boylove, and a few girllove ones. If that isn’t your taste, just delete the folders of the animes in bold. There’s nothing explicit though, mostly kissing and cuddling; [Part One] [Part Two]

Adventure Time, AMNESIA, Ao no Exorcist, Are You Alice?, Brave 10, Brothers Conflict, Diabolik Lovers, Dogs: Bullets And Carnage, DRAMAtical Murder, DURARARA!!, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy Type-0, Fire Emblem, Free!, Gakuen Heaven, Gintama, Haikyuu!!, Hakkenden, Hokuouki Shinsengumi Kiten, Heart no Kuni no Alice, Junjou Romantica, K Project, Kaleido Star, Karneval, Katekyo Hitman REBORN!, Kingdom Hearts, Kodomo no Jikan, Kuoroko no Basuke, Kuroshitsuji, Kyou Kara Maou, Lamento, Loveless, MAGI: The Labyrinth of Magic, Mawaru Penguindrum, My Little Pony, Naruto, Ouran High School Host Club, Pandora Hearts, Precure, Princess Princess, PSYCHO-PASS, Puella Mahi Madoka Magika, Sailor Moon, Sailor Saturn, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Shingeki no Kyojin, Starry Sky~, Sukitte Ii Na Yo, Togainu no Chi, Tokyo Ghoul (Mostly Uta tho), Uta no Prince Sama, Vampire Knight, Weiss Kreuz, & Yowamushi Pedal

Veranka’s 3T2 University Life Backpack, in 26 combined colors. The colors used for it are Nyren’s Kosmic colors, and various Pooklet colors. and IO’s Bastet. Mesh is included. [Brightened Swatch] [Unedited Swatch] [Download]

Veranka’s Havanna Outdoor Set in all of Nyren’s Vaporwave colors. Because pastel garden furniature is a definite need. Zuikaku isn’t exactly what it should be, the action for that one doesn’t work, so I had to sort of fix it myself. I also forgot to recolor the second chair for some reason? I recolored everything else but that chair. I’ll do that one too and update this post. Meshes Included. [Swatch] [Download]

Finally, Babayaga’s Starlight in 30 colors! All of Nyren’s Kosmic colors, various Pooklet colors, and IO’s Bastet. There is two wall lights, and a hanging ceiling light. All look the same, just different colors. Meshes Included. [Swatch] [Download]

[Alternate Download]

Hello my friends ~ This is my second follow forever and I recently changed my url so for those of you who wonder: luffysshenanigans -> aominedai-su-ki -> strawhatfluff! With my birthday coming up (on the 13th) it feels like a gift to follow so many amazing people on here! That’s why I want to thank all of the people that follow me and also the people I follow, you’re perfect and I love you for being on this site!

I tried to do this in alphabetical order but I might’ve messed up a little oops

Bold are friends or people I used to talk to and really want to catch up with! <3 and italic are senpais I really look up to ^__^

A-K: akashis, albarnh, aloi-s, anime-godspeed, aokaroiz, asahiis, atsushimurasakibara, baiko, bakagamicchii, baltigo, borntofindtheonepiece, crossbelladonna, gaiakh2, hawuka, infiniterhapsody, kaegune, kamina-strider, kaneki-chann, keshii-chan, koushiiss, kuroostetsurous

L-Y: little-fluffy-panda, loseourmindstogether, luffys-rubber-buttcheeks, luuchans, makoharulover, motorcycle-chan, mygvcko, nagachikahideyosh, nakukat, neverlandinmymind, nipple-tan, princess-cheesecake, pocky-tsundere, precious-trashkawa, reiconcorps, sexpai, shiishios, shingekinotitanic, shizuuku, sly-yellow, tsuiteru, tsujiis, xirishima, yamazekis

I hope I got all the URLs right and that I haven’t forgotten anyone cause of url changes or inactivity or something! I love all of you, have a great day ♥

This is my first clothing recolour for The Sims 4. I’ve just hit 50 followers and I’m so happy! Thanks to everyone who took the time to follow me ^_^ I really appreciate you, so here’s a little gift!
I wanted a colourful flowery pattern for this tee, so I made one, with a white pocket because I kinda like that little thing :)

It’s taken me a bleedin’ while since I’ve also been learning how to use GIMP at the same time, but I hope you like it!

Pattern from: Squidfingers

Download (dropbox)

If you remember a few days ago l promised to give away a gift lf l reached 100 followers, well that just happened, and l have a lucky number now: 113!

But yesterday l was thinking “Why should l just pick only one person”? lf l have known here incredible people with who l have shared long, funny and nice talks, also people who always full me with likes and who also reblogs mostly all of my posts. Thats priceless! I’m so thankful with you.

So l’m going to write down all the people that had been nice to me in particular ways, you know how. And l”ll be giving a small gift but with all my love to each one included in this list (if you want to, of course). l know it’s difficult to trust in someone who you barely know, l’m not a serial killer or a criminal mind haha but don’t worry, l”ll understand if you don’t want to. But please don’t dislike me now 🙈

So here we go, (it’s not in order or something special):
inthendofwonderland, cgm12, whyyyyvette01, alanatheawesomo, behighwayunicorn, 120315km, meredithgreyyswift, dontbedawn, stateofblankspace, my-little-magical-infinity, tear-drops-onmy-guitar, darinalitvina13 and l think that’s all. I hope to not being missing someone.

The dynamic if you want me to send you the gift is to message me with your year of birth (in private to not expose anyone) Why your year of birth? It’s because that way l can make your gift even more personal.

Then l will contact you for your adress.
Also l have to add that l"ll be sending it via postal mail, so it"ll take time to arrive to you. Be patient.

That’s all guys.

My facebook: Dinorah Sn. That way you can contact me in private.

MayorVane & MayorMelon need some visitors!

Vane and myself both need a fair amount of visitors so that we can upgrade each of our train stations. So we’re both going to host two fun little events! The first event will be held in my town Piña. We will have wrapped gifts near the train stations and these gifts can contain bells, some rad DLC, or street pass items! You may take one gift per visit,  ALSO if you are following both MayorVane and me you will get a little something extra! 

My FC: 3239-5736-1726

Vane’s FC: 3883-5670-6402 (details to come for her event) 

message me if you’re interested! I hope I get to see a ton of you <3 Thank you! 

redemptivedean asked:

Hiya, I had a few really bad days and I wanted to tell you how amazing it is of you to send your followers gifts when they are feelin down. I live in Germany, it'd be way too expensive for you, so I won't ask. But you are amazing, thanks for caring❤

Oh no I will totally send you a little something, even if you live in Germany! That goes for any of my out of state followers. Even if it’s just a little card or something, I’d really love to send you one. Stay positive babies & also I’m always here if you wanna chat ❤️


Thank you yamachi for the sweet giveaway gift, I love it!! :D 
The package is cute, I have my keychains on already, and my chocolate is in the fridge because it melted xD Also, I am envious of your swirly little handwriting and totally enjoyed the note!
If you haven’t done so already, go follow yamachiiiiiiii

Happy Easter!

Okay, so as a Shintoist, I don’t celebrate Easter for religious reasons, but regardless, Easter eggs and other gifts are really awesome! I got lucky enough to get a gift card as well as chocolate and Seasons 1-3 of Grimm :3 so I’m pretty happy today. 

As it’s a Sunday and I have been working myself into the ground over the past week, I’m taking it easy today…well…to some degree. I’ve been trophy hunting on Little Big Planet 3 and I’ve just started Dust: An Elysian Tail. Once I’ve done my workout later, I’ll also be writing and working on my requests. I am still doing a giveaway, though thanks to this past week being so hectic, I haven’t had as much time to work on the prizes, hence the late announcement. However! I am debating putting up the giveaway and details with pictures of the prizes to follow later. Opinions my lovely followers? Or would you like to see pictures along with the announcement? 

I’m pretty excited about it, and I can’t wait to see the reaction to the giveaway itself and the things that you’ll have a chance to win. I’m also determined to get caught up on my 60 Days of Voltage posts and the book photo challenge for April as I completely failed to do the entire thing for March. So here’s hoping this month is a productive one! I will also be posting my opinions on Tsumugu’s sequel which I finally finished today and Shusei’s “don’t tell him I’m popular/after the crisis”  :) 

Much love! <3 


A Gift

> There is a loud knock at your door, followed by the sound of footsteps. If opened your path would be obstructed my a rather decent sized purple box. Inside is a large tan tabby cat plush toy, which is big enough to be used as a pillow. A familiar looking purple hat adorns it’s head along with a single light blue exotic flower.

> The note attached to it reads as follow:
“❀ Dear Cam ❀
I really wanted to apologize for the other day. I may have gone to far with some of my messages and upset you. I never meant to do that, and I hope you can forgive me. I definitely should have known better.
I also wanted to thank you for everything as well. You’ve been kind to me even though you had no reason to do so. Going so far as to look out for me during the fair. It really meant a lot to me.
With that in mind I made this little guy. I know you like cats, so I hoped he’d have a good home with you! Please take good care of him~
♪ Sincerely, Meg ♪”

> The florist wasn’t sure what to do. 

Meg hasn’t really been someone he was kind to. Well, not like he had been kind to anyone else he barely know of. But here she was, telling him he was Goddess kind which shouldn’t be… was looking out for her in the fair kind? He actually failed and got that little punk-ass Skye to run away with an unpaid kiss. And didn’t he upset her and Angelo once? All for selfishness… this wasn’t fair.

Cam blinked twice, then slipped the note to his pocket.

He picked up the tabby. It was the exact color of the one that laid dead on his door. But… it had Cam’s one of a kind hat was sitting on top of this stuffed cat  with a really pretty flower, something he once saw at Floweird’s shop. He sighed in frustration. 

Stupid cat. I don’t deserve it… maybe I could just give it… 

The florist shook his head and mentally kicked himself. He looked to the side. Left hall empty. Right hall empty. He looked behind him. Ash was still at the shower with the water running and he would see the stuffed toy eventually. Well, with all sides empty and people-less confirmed, Cam picked the pillow-sized cat up and hugged it real tight with his smiling face buried on it. 

Fine. He’s keeping it. Only because everyone would think the hat sucked.

Kate watch from Breil

The Kate watch with pyramid studs is right on trend for spring.  Pyramid studs are one of the most popular embellishments around and this watch is sophisticated, elegant, sexy and fun.

The Kate watch looks great with blue jeans or your little black dress!  The pyramid-shaped details are so much fun. 

Breil is the Italian jewelry and timepiece brand that did pyramid studs right! The Kate watch is stunning.

I am in love with the Breil Kate watch in gold tone. Look how great it looks next to my bracelets. The Breil watch is also available in stainless steel and rose gold. The Breil line is affordable and right on trend for spring. The watch comes packaged in a beautiful box and makes the perfect gift idea.   Hey….Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  You can purchase direct from  Breil HERE.

You can follow Breil on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

I would like to thank my friends at Cindy Riccio Communications for sending me the Breil Kate watch to enjoy!! 

* I received product samples from CRC and I graciously accepted.  No monies were exchanged and this review reflects my honest opinion of this product.         

anonymous asked:

Hey! Do you mind giving me a reading about my next relationship? Thanks so much. (:

Hey Honey, 

I pulled the Page of Pentacles. This page is industrious, crafty,, good with her hands, and very earnest about saving her money. She likes to learn new things and enjoys classes, workshops, and programs. She is clever and creative in finding little ways to earn money or supplement her income. Always seeming to have a little something extra,  she is generous and often gives unexpected gifts.

I believe this card is describing the person you will fall for next. This card is telling you also to beware of anyone who is stingy. You want someone who will give as much as you do. 

I hope this helped some love. If you have any more questions or just want to talk to me, do not hesitate to message me! If you wanted to tell your followers about my blog and tell them that I’m doing readings, I would be so grateful. I hope you have an amazing day!

aimingforolicity asked:

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! Without sounding like a perv, getting to see my otp making babies really is the best gift! lol!

awwwww, wish you have a great birthday sweetie and I do not think you’re sound like a perv, I also wish, I can see my OTP making beautiful babies on my birthday, it’s a happy thoughts to think that little tommy consumed in the same day with my birthday