flapperwitch  asked:

What's check please

Oh man.

@omgcheckplease is a webcomic by @ngoziu, who I have recently described as being “the light of my life” and also “the literal worst”. It’s about a college hockey team and it includes baking and bros and boys who like boys and there’s lots of pie and emotions and cuteness and friendship and it will take over your life and make you suffer but you also will find true and complete happiness. I honestly consider it to be one of my absolutely favourite pieces of media I’ve ever encountered and I just want everyone experience it too.

If you’re starting out I suggest you just go through the main stuff, but there’s tweets and extras and all sorts of goodies. The twitters currently on private (because the twitter is ahead of the comics and #SPOILERS) but you can see everything in order on this tumblr which is sadly out of date so when you finish there, make sure you head back over to @omgcheckplease to catch up on the rest.

Oh and there is a lot of fanfic. You will want to read it. Because no matter how much you get. You will never have enough.

If you’re still not convinced that reading check please is the best decision you could make in your life (it is), under the cut are some summaries of the main characters aka actual friendship goals.

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