what girls actually look for in guys

tan skin
dark hair
is great at cooking
likes to talk to inanimate objects
has a hella mustache
is Bob Belcher

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(Sorry if i sent it twice) say, what if saru got a power from a strain in which he can see some memories from someone else's perspective then he ran into misaki and used the power without intending to how would he react if he found out how hurt misaki has been after the betrayal, because saru didnt only plant hatred, but loneliness as well?

I think Fushimi might be surprised at not just seeing Yata’s feelings over the betrayal but of their past friendship too. Especially looking into any Homra memories, being able to see that Yata always thought of Fushimi as someone important to him even while he was hero-worshipping Mikoto and that Yata’s feelings for Fushimi never wavered from the time they were in middle school, I think that would be something Fushimi would find hard to grasp. I feel like Fushimi would probably reject that some at first too, not wanting to believe that what he’s seen with that power was the real thing and trying to convince himself that it was a fake somehow, just still unwilling to believe that Yata was never going to reject him or leave him. Seeing Yata’s emotions during the betrayal, I can see him at first being surprised by the loneliness and maybe a little irritated without quite grasping why, since to Fushimi Yata left him first and part of him just being annoyed that Yata’s the one feeling lonely with Fushimi gone when Fushimi was so lonely all through their time together in Homra and Yata never saw it. I think in general if Fushimi was able to see things through Yata’s perspective the hardest part for him would be understanding and trusting Yata’s emotions, like Fushimi doesn’t even understand his own feelings half of the time and seeing that Yata did always care for him and that Fushimi’s leaving hasn’t just made Yata hate him, seeing that Yata still cares for him and misses him, it’s the exact opposite of what Fushimi thinks he wants. I think he’d feel really confused since Fushimi’s understanding of feelings in general is heavily rooted in the negative, the idea that someone could not only care for him to begin with but could continue caring for him after all the shit he’s pulled to make himself hated, that would be something completely beyond his understanding. And then he’d be annoyed at not understanding and again would probably reject the entire thing as being made up, that the Strain’s powers made him see things from a false perspective and that there’s no way Misaki could not hate him after all this. At the same time though maybe it plants a little seed of doubt in Fushimi’s mind that he can’t quite sweep away, that things aren’t so simple as the two of them being enemies now and he maybe ends up having to confront the truth of his own feelings a little too.

The sound of a door falling back
to its frame
rests in my head,
back when the ink sky turned to morning,
with wealth as the suburban backdrop
for how we met
and how I grew up. 

The fresh to faded
winding pavement
mutually driven over, 
just not together, 
but at the same time,
is steady and fleeting
under the wheels of my car.  

I realize, as I drive it one last time
I do not know how to miss you, 
how much I will allow, 
how much of it has permission to 
come to the

I know what it is like to be cornered 
as a wild animal, 
Stockholm Syndrome,

I do not wish to turn the bars of a
previously inhabited cage
into weapons.

I have no interest in convincing someone
to take my open palm;
bending to someone’s will
will only break you in the end.

I will not allow that
to be contagious.

There are moments of clarity
when I think of you
and I think of home.

There are nightmares of her face
close to mine
taunting me with what I already know:
He filled the empty spaces between his fingertips
with her.

Sometimes he makes his way into my dreams
and I wake up
wanting to run.

I wonder if yours are the same kind. 

Scared animals are only skittish
for good reasons,
even if the hand stretched out
has pure intentions.

—  8.31.15 | Colleen Michele 

i want hindu goddesses in the modern context, but like in the best and worst ways possible - i want them reflecting the beauty and the horrors of everything happening today. 

saraswati with thick framed glasses reading on her kindle, being excited that she can carry millions of books with her in this tiny device, being told she’s “not really a fan” because she doesn’t have the physical books with her. i want her to listen to dubstep and jazz and the blues, attending poetry slams and leaving the audience breathless with every word from her mouth.

parvati in advertisements for bleaching products, with pictures of “before” in her glorious splendorous skin glowing dark and beautiful, and pictures of “after” where she’s photoshopped beyond belief to be four shades lighter, sighing and grumbling but still showing up for a new shoot everyday - because, hey, even goddesses need paychecks to feed themselves. 

kali coming to protests regarding violence against women, complete with handmade signs dripping with dark reddish liquid that’s drying into an eerie brown. i want her teaching girl’s self defense classes and wearing faux leather jackets and she has cats - cats with fangs that almost seem to glow in the dark, cats that are massive and their purr sounds like a growl, cats with tiger stripes and intelligence in their eyes. 

lakshmi in a custom tailored armani pantsuit, being the CEO for a fortune 500 company, ignoring the criticisms about how her company is running sweatshops and poisoning rivers, because honestly? have you seen the recent turnover numbers for 2015? did you see the stock prices?? 

sita who shows up to a rape survivors anonymous meeting and shares her story with trembling lips and eyes full of tears, who is a single mother raising her twins, who barely has enough hours in the day to go to work and send her kids to school but continues supporting and uplifting other women who have gone through what she did. 

mohini as a trans woman who is the spokesperson for an lgbtq+ organization, who pens thousands of letters and e-mails to the government to curb violence against homeless youth, who runs her own campaign to be elected - starting small, starting as the mayor, then the governor, working her way up the ladder, dealing with death threats and conservative propaganda daily.

prithvi to be a war survivor, to be a veteran who joined the resistance movement young, with medals that make her want to vomit when she thinks about the things she had to do to get them, with the scars to prove it - scars that she must always lay eyes on whenever she undresses and surveys the ruin war has left on her. 

ganga who runs a homeless shelter, overcrowded with funding being cut daily, dealing with the most vulnerable populations - widows, orphaned children, the elderly who have been abandoned by their families. she runs the shelter out of the kindness of the heart of volunteers, people who bring in food and soap and shirts, people who help her clean and cook, people who provide their services as therapists and doctors, people with nothing to give still giving back. 


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Fairy Tail Chapter 449: “Mavis and Zeref” Review

It’s finally here!!!!

Mavis Cover:

Summary of FT Zero:

Mavis being the cute tactician:

Omg our trio looks great!!:

They won but Mavis is sad:

Zeref and Mavis reunite: (Coincidence?!)

That hug though!!!:

They talk:

The shippers with the head touch:

Mavis is immortal?!:

Zeref made Mavis cry:

Makarov is born:

Chapter 450: The One and Only in This World:

Overall Chapter:(I want the next chapter…)


A young woman was standing in the doorway, a woman of such breathtaking beauty that the room seemed to have become strangely airless. She was tall and willowy with long blonde hair and appeared to emanate a faint, silvery glow. Her name was Fleur Delacour.