Apparently not a drill

We got lady running up and down the hall yelling “This is MY country and I’m deporting ALL of you.” And we’re waiting on security.

Gurneys are set up outside because everyone is sick today with the flu.

My patient decided that he needed to come in for the flu and reveal to me RIGHT before I d/c’d him that he’s been having 2-3 months of dysuria and penile discharge. WHY. And he’s refusing Tylenol for his fever, refusing cough syrup, demanding antibiotics.

Did I mention the screaming man with the chemical burn on his face?

At least I can kinda laugh about this now?


Like I’ve said before, I think that the New Team has been firmly in place since November. However, there are major benefits to letting everyone just assume that either Modest/Syco are still in charge OR Simon/Syco/Modest are out to get Louis/Harry. Since we don’t know when the New Team started being in charge, we’ll have a line in the sand (so to speak). The fandom will be able to say, that was then and this is now. It’s a very convenient device that allows MANY to move forward and forgive a multitude of sins.

Conversely, if Azoff announced right now that he and Jefe have taken over management of 1D, we wouldn’t have that nice clean division between the stunts and the baby and all the things that make us sad.

I side-eye anything that is a bit too handy. I’ve also said before and I will again, I don’t believe the boys need forgiveness for anything they’ve done in the name of their own freedom.

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Hey I just wanted to say that I love your blog and it makes my shitty days better because it always has what I'm looking for. So super props! I was wondering if you could update the BAMF Stiles tag and if there are any non-human Stiles fics. Thanks you are so wonderful!

aw thank you! you’re such a sweetheart <3 (here is our nonhuman!stiles tag)

Spirit of the Forest by Yggdrastiles (hauntedsilences) (1/1 | 3,514 | PG13)

Set right after Boyd’s death. Derek needs comforting and hugs and someone who understands. Derek needs all the nice things, can’t we agree? Stiles thinks so too.

Excuse me sir, but I think a dingo ate my cameraman by ElisAttack ( 2/2 | 10,829 | PG13)

Stiles is living the high life. He has a great job, an amazing roommate, and a new best friend. But when said best friend goes missing after a night of drunken shenanigans, everything goes to shit. And for some reason, Stiles seems be the only one who cares that his grumpy boss is also missing.

Or the one where Stiles finds the best dog ever and adopts him, much to said dog’s reluctance.

Out of the Darkness by izzbella91 (1/1 | 6,401 | R)

Post-season 3b. Stiles is having a difficult time recovering after the Nogitsune. He is constantly plagued by reminders of what he did and is overwhelmed with guilt. All he can think to do is to continue to fight and kill any monster he comes across. But, despite the fact that he is content with his self-destruction, his friends won’t stop protecting him. And, of all people, it’s Derek Hale who starts getting through to him, albeit by unconventional means. Stiles/Derek slash but also includes some mention of Stiles/Malia. Dark fic. TW: suicidal thoughts, depression, some consent issues.

FYI this ignores the events of seasons 4 and 5. Compliant with the ending of season 3.

Masks by Inell (1/1 | 7,570 | NC17)

Stiles has to attend a masquerade ball as the McCall representative despite the fact that he distrusts the Hales and certainly doesn’t want to honor them. When he meets a handsome stranger in a private alcove, the evening starts looking up. Of course, it’s just his luck that his plans for a one night stand don’t turn out that way at all.

Humans Can Be (Monsters) Too by stereks_fifth_nipple (1/1 | 1,656 | R)

Rated Mature because the subject matter is a school shooting.

Stiles and his friends have been to Hell and back, they had fought for their lives time and time again. So of course the idea of a school shooting never crossed Stiles’ mind.

Lose Your Soul by TonyStarkIsARobot (1/1 | 1,588 | R)

Stiles isn’t weak. Stiles isn’t slow.

Stiles is deadly.

Stiles is a secret.

Stiles is the forest.

Magic Boy Wonder and His Misfit Pack by WolfyBitter (ZeraHenna) (1/? | 2,868 | R)

“Well, then, welcome to the apocalypse! Or whatever. People found out the supernatural was a thing. Of course, you know us Americans. Our unofficial motto is ‘if you don’t understand it, shoot it.’ Humans are on one side of the states, we’re on another.”

Peter sniffed, and then raised an eyebrow. “You’re human, Stiles.”

Stiles fixed at him with a big, unblinking stare. “Not so much, no.”

Can we all be amazed that once again we have an obscene amount of Anna films coming out this year? 

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, The Accountant, Trolls, The Hollars, Get A Job and Mr. Right… 

I mean… come on. 

here I am not broken.
here I am soft and strong
and gentle all at once;
a piece of something bigger
and better than I could
have ever imagined.
here I am fragmented and
whole simultaneously.
I am all I will ever need, and
nothing I will ever want.
I am flying over tree tops
yet my feet are tangled
in the roots of the trees. I
am the love of love itself.
I am my very own person.
I am here.
—  here // r.e.s

the first time harry and louis said i love you was maybe in the x factor house a late night, three am and harry cant sleep hes tossing and the blankets are too hot and hes been thinking about this all day and his thoughts are racing so he just throws the blankets off and sits up and spots louis’ bunk across the room and he has an idea and he knows its a pretty ridiculous one what with it being three am and all but he takes a deep breath and walks over to where louis is letting out light snores and he climbs the ladder his palms kind of sweaty and then crawls right next to louis and … it feels right… like their bodies were made to fit but harry doesn’t think about that just yet…

he taps louis on the shoulder “lou… louis.. i need to talk to u” and louis sniffles awake and turns over to this little curly haired wide eyed harry in his bed and he lets out the softest of smiles half asleep a lil bit of drool and harry half smiles back and louis rolls over and stares up at him, at harry leaning on his elbows fiddling with his thumbs and he asks him “wats up harry”

and harry sucks in another deep breath and his heart racing a mile a minute and blurts out “i think im kinda in love with you”

and then louis is staring eyes wide heart in his throat and it feels like somebody punched him in the gut but in the best possible way

and then his eyes shine and he says 

“i think im kinda in love with you too, hazza” 

and that right there earns him a dimple and the brightest green eyes the world has ever seen 

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i am so genuinely confused right now, can you please just explain what harrys tweet means.. like is it saying that hes preaching to the people that believe the bc or babygate???

He is shading the over-the-top efforts to prove there was a baby born to Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth on January 21, 2016. Everyone who believes that already – which is pretty much all of the general public and every fan except larries (and a few suspicious others) – doesn’t need more proof. A birth certificate is way over the top. The evidence they keep giving us isn’t convincing the doubters any more. We are the unconvinced. He’s saying that they’re going too far to try to prove this, which makes it look that much faker. It’s as if I broke a vase as a child and when my mom came in I was like, “No, mom, I didn’t break the vase. It wasn’t me at all. It was the dog. See Spot over there. It was him. He ran into the table and knocked it right off. It was Spot, not me. Just Spot. Bad Spot.” And my mom hadn’t even blamed me for it. But my guilt made me lie unconvincingly. All I had to say, if she asked, was, “Oh, yeah, Spot ran into the table. Here, I’ll get a broom to clean it up.” If this were a real birth, announcing it would have been sufficient. Who cares if some people don’t believe? They’d just move on with their lives. Whoever is running this is trying way too hard to blame Spot, and the only ones buying it are those who assumed Spot did it in the first place.

A Piece of Cake

Plot: Scott’s birthday is coming up and you are responsible for the cake. Your best friend Liam is supposed to help but it doesn’t exactly go as planned…

Requested: No

A/N: Hey guys! So, this is my first Liam imagine! I think about adding him to my character pool and wanted to test if I can write for him. Please let me know if you’d like that or if I should just leave it be. ;) xo

Originally posted by liamsprayberrybabe

Scott’s birthday will take place tomorrow. Tomorrow! It shocked you how time flew by and also that all of you nearly forgot about it due to all the drama going on right now. That’s why you decided that the pack needed a pleasant experience for once, just a little party in between to celebrate the fact that your alpha survived another year.

Lydia loved your idea and has taken responsibility for location and presents. You on the other hand for cakes. Which is fine with you because you love baking and always exaggerate when cakes are involved. They have to be 100 percent perfect. This time you want to bake two, which means that you definitely need some help. And that’s where your best friend Liam comes into the picture.

He’s absolutely not happy with this commitment. You felt that throughout your shopping session and it doesn’t get better now as you enter your kitchen. He wears a sour face that you know all too well but always fail to take serious.

“I really can’t bake, Y/N!”, he whines once again, giving you his puppy eyes.

You just roll yours. “You don’t have to, I will tell you what to do. Come on, Liam, this will be fun! Also, I really miss spending time with you since you turned into a wolf.”

Now it’s you who gives him the pleading look and this way around it works a lot better. His gaze soften immediately and he sighs.

“Alright, but don’t be mad when I screw up.”

“Thanks, puppy!”, you exclaim and kiss him on his cheeks with a smile. He makes a face at the name that you use since Scott bit him but you just ignore it. “I’ll start with the dark dough, you can do the light one and we’ll mix them at the end! Let’s go!”

From one moment to the other you turn into a bakery boss and he hurries to fulfil your orders. It works surprisingly well for the first few steps. Until he is supposed to mix the ingredients into an actual dough.

You never understand how he does it but he manages to cover his whole face in flour as he throws the egg whisk into the bowl. You only realize that as you hear his bewildered cough and turn around to discover his widened blue eyes under the white layer. You know you shouldn’t laugh but it looks so ridiculous that you just can’t hold it.

Liam glares at you while you try to dim your laughter with your hands.

“I am sorry, but this is just too good!”, you apologize, still chuckling.

Suddenly a dangerous sparkle appears in his eyes. You know what’s to come but he’s simply too fast with his supernatural reflexes. A millisecond later the cloud of floor hits your face.

You turn around and cough, hearing him chuckle right behind you. Okay, if that’s what he wants he can get it! Game on.

“You really shouldn’t have done that, Dunbar!”, you state while grabbing the rest of the cocoa powder. The main aim, which is to bake those cakes, is long forgotten! What was meant to be a calm baking session with your best friend turns into a serious food battle.

It’s filled with laughter, jumps and shrieks. Both of you don’t stop messing around until you are out of breath and lift your hand to imply for him to stop. He puts down the bottle of cream at once and seems concerned but you are still smiling, only breathing hard.

“Don’t you ever get tired?”, you ask him incredulously before you heave yourself up onto the kitchen cabinet and gulp down your glass of water.

A proud smirk brushes his lips as he comes closer and leans against the cupboard beside you, extra casually. He always tries so hard to look cool but for you he doesn’t have to. You like him so much because he’s the cutest guy you ever met and that’s all you need.

“Not anymore”, he replies with a shrug.

You punch him softly on the shoulder.

“Poser!”, you joke. Then you scan the room and your heart sinks. “God, my parents are gonna kill me!”

“We will clean up before they show up”, Liam promises me, a lot more helpful than thirty minutes ago. “This was fun. It felt like old times.”

He’s right, it did. The thought makes you sad.

“I miss those times. When I didn’t fear for your life every single night.”

He turns around to you with a frown. Not an angry frown, just concerned.

“You do?”

“Of course. Scott had to promise me several times that he won’t let you die”, you admit.

For some reason that makes him smile again. “He never told me.”

And then, without a warning, he brushes some chocolate off your face and licks it off his finger like a dog. He never fails to make you laugh.

“You are such a weirdo, Dunbar!”

“That’s why we are so good together.”

“Unless we have to bake. Obviously not our best team activity”, you say.

Liam grins and lifts his hand again, this time to brush a strain of hair behind your ear, coloured white from the flour. This gesture is not necessarily unusual but his intense gaze and his fondness are. You are blushing immediately.

“I am not gonna die”, he suddenly promises softly.

You swallow hard. “You better don’t”

Then he presses a soft kiss on your lips. It’s so unexpected that you don’t have time to react. He already pulls away again before your heart starts to race and the urge to kiss him back evolves in the back of your head.

“What was that for?”, you whisper breathlessly, blinking at him puzzled.

He grins and shrugs. “Just needed to do this before I throw myself into the next life threatening mission.”

“How did you know that I wouldn’t punch you for it?”, you win your sass back.

“I can hear your heartbeat”, he reminds you. “Now let’s clean this mess up or your parents will make sure that you’ll die before I do.”

Requests are open

The anti-Destiel part of the fandom needs to chill.

Edit: And with this I’m addressing all those people who are giving shit to the Destiel shippers on their own posts. Everyone has the right to like something or not and I respect that as long as they’re not messing up with people who think differently, like that’s gonna make them change their minds on the subject.

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I think you need help, and patience, and strenght, and guts to deal with all of these nasty anons/antis! What's this? Why do they attack you Gabi? You're always so polite and lovely, they can fuck right off. Love you.

I am quite amused by how loud they are. They are scared.

They are literally living the five stages of grief now and those who are nice have my full support.

1)denial: Louis had a baby. Why can’t you accept this. #freddieforever


3) bargaining: well even if not everything adds up and he was ignoring her for seven months, he still posted the baby and acknowledged it. So it must be real.

4) depression: I really don’t understand why everything is such a mess. Why are they making everything so public. And the boys didn’t even tweet. But faking a baby? Who would do that and why? I read a few Larrie posts and i know i know i really should not have done that but they sort of made good points? I don’t know what to believe.

5) acceptance: I can’t believe i am saying this but I don’t think anymore that there is a baby. Then I was playing with the thought what could be the reason to do this to Louis and it got me thinking about Larry. I mean I always loved them and I was sorry their friendship sunk, but maybe I should look into Larry as well. It is too overwhelming at the moment though, i will do it tomorrow.

{Love you too ♡♥}

Everything went well with the surgery. No complications, no skin grafts needed, etc. Right now I’m just resting in my hospital bed watching TV.

Thanks to all of my friends for being so supportive over the years. Seriously, if it wasn’t for any of you, this would never have happened. For that, I am eternally grateful.

“It’s a good idea!” bellows the programmer as another member of the programming team tries to wrestle a pendrive from his hand. “Why do you oppose it so!?”.

“Nonsense. Dispose of him quietly” murmurs Kinoko Nasu, without even looking him in the eye, before turning and abandoning the room. “A new Servant that isn’t a Saber? What do you take our fans for? You utter fool. Nero in a wedding suit is exactly what we need right after 2 weeks of Sabers”

The brawl continues, and the young programmer, protecting his pendrive with all the necessary files to immediately introduce a new Assassin, a new Caster, and a new Archer, is slowly but surely being overpowered. They are too many, and their incredible zeal makes them stronger and faster than their appearance would suggest. “I saved Quartz just for my waifu” is heard softly over and over, the only coherent words to come out of their swollen lips, full of pus and bad taste.

“If it’s come to this…! I am not going down alone!” the programmer declares boldly as he knocks a full can of BOSS Coffee over the Grand Console, crashing the game and disabling it until further notice.

“No… No!!!!” yells Nasu as he slams his meaty fist against a wall and chews on a piece of asphalt. “Restore the systems, hurry!”

The struggles and heroism of the young programmer shall never be known, and he will die a nobody.

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Yandere 2p America dealing woth a crush who is already taken by someone else please?

Baby Doll? Why would you ever kiss another guy? Touch another one? Even speak to one. Why do you need someone else? Anyone else… You don’t. You know that right? I don’t think you do…I’ll show you, I’m all you need right now. All you’ll ever need…You’ll see. I’ll take you back to my place, and you just won’t leave. And I’ll take care of him later…I’m enough for you right? I’ll try harder. I forgive you Baby, I know you just weren’t sure. But now you are, I love you, and you love me, I know you do.

In other words he beats the shit out of any man stupid enough to lay a fucking finger on you. Enjoy.  

((Writing in this prospective is oh so much fun~))

Eichen Liam Dunbar imagine

“ guys it’s been what three weeks and we still don’t have a clue where she is and still the supernatural pile keeps going up ”

“ Liam look we know she’s a good friend of yours but our priority is kind of big right now ”

“ seriously for example when stiles was in need you didn’t leave him to become this dark spirit of the fact that you went all out to the desert to bring back her ” pointing to kira

“ he had a point Scott ”

“ also you turned a coyote to a girl ”

“ okay Liam we get it alright it’s just we don’t know her that much ”

“ actually I do ” Lydia stepping forward

“ she seats behind me in AP biology class and is so quite ”

She paused “ two weeks ago she asked me to help her with her note taking and revising for the up coming exam and I sense something off about her ”

Then Lydia got stop by a knock on the door

Everyone was ready “ Parrish ”

“ sorry I’ve should of called first but this was a matter of emergency ”

Parrish stepping into the McCall house hold

“ what is it Parrish that is so important than a huge werewolf from the decade ago running round beacon hills ”

“ it’s about (y/n) (l/n) Liam friend ”

Everyone went quite “ what about liam friend ” Mason popped up for the first time since they’ve arrived

“ one of the deputy who gone to eichen house to search for evidence about the new clinic their building and found this ” holding up a confidential report

“ it’s a report on your friend Dunbar ”

Stiles grabbing the file “ what does it say ” Scott trying to peek through but can’t

“ it says that she was admitted three weeks ago but managed to escape then and was found by beacon hills river and was taken under the custody of her grandmother ”

Liam stopped stiles “ guys (y/n) don’t have a grandmother she do have a older sister though but her parents died in a car crash and she and her sister were the remaining of the (y/l) family ”

“ so whoever signed the document of (y/n) would either be someone we know or someone new )

At that moment Lydia started to scream


“This is gorgeous!”
“You like it, huh? The patio still needs some work. We had a little falling apart with the designer.”
“Well, I hope we’re not walking on his remains right now.”
“Is that how you solve problems, girl? Wow, no wonder people rarely mess with you.”
“A girl gotta do what a girl gotta do, right?” [Smirks] “Gosh, this pool makes me realize that I’m dying for a shower or a bath…”
“Why don’t you get in then? C'mon, let’s take a dip, we’ve got a few hours to waste.”
“It’s gonna take a lifetime to find my bikini…”
“Oh, please! We’re all adults here, no need for damn PG ratings. It’s not like I’ve never seen lady bits before.”
“Yeah, but those are my lady bits…”
“Trust me, I’ve seen your nude photoshoots.”
“You’re such a perv!”
“Well, I was not the one posing for a Playboy cover, was I?”
“Fine, but remember, you came up with this idea, not me!”
“Whatever you say…”

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Why don't we have E/R in a dead girl walking situation. I mean cmon E gets drunk for the first time because courf spiked his drink or some shit, and he goes to R n is all awkward and trying to seduce him and I need this please

Enjolars wouln’t even think, he would just go for it. Bold as fire, right? Well his cheeks are burning and and it’s not the flame of revolution that is consuming his heart, alright.
Grantaire is playing poker at a table with Bahorel, Bossuet, Joly and Marius, blooding them dry because he’s the bluff master when suddenly he feels something in his hair. He jumps, thinking that it’s a spider of something, but far from it! It’s Enjolras’s hand! He’s tossling his curls, stretching them gently with a fond, intoxicated smile.

Grantaire is there, dumbfounded, error 404 not found because what the fuck?

“They’re so soft,” Enjolras remarks with a little drunk giggle, taking his time to stroke one particular curl next to Grantaire’s ear.

Grantaire is the deer in the headlights, his heart is beating fast enough to break the sound barrier. He doesn’t know how to react so he just says the first thing that comes to mind :

“Thank you. It’s genetic and unattainable.”

They both still facepalm looking back at this atrocious moment