Travel Diary: The Parker Palm Springs Day 3

By Thoughtful Misfit

Our number one favorite thing to do in Palm Springs (when we would actually leave The Parker) is to take in all the incredible architecture and designs. There were several times that, while on the way to eat or to somewhere else, we found ourselves driving aimlessly, admiring the gorgeous homes in the area. Palm Springs has a certain signature aesthetic to it that I absolutely love. I’d say my own personal design aesthetic comes pretty close - just throw in a little boheme and a splash of farmhouse, and that’s pretty much it.

This trip was perfect timing for us to soak up as much inspo as we could before taking on our biggest renovation yet. Cactus Mountain is definitely going to have a lot of inspo from what we saw. 

This is one of my favorite doors (thanks to my friend Stephanie for texting me the address and insisting that Nikko and I go while we were there.) The house and the door are designed by designer, Moises Esquenazi, and might arguably be one of the most famous homes in Palm Springs, at this point. While we’re not getting a pink door at Cactus Mountain, it definitely started giving us some exciting ideas. Stay tuned for some inspo to give you an idea of what we want to do sometime next week! 



The Pink Door in Palm Springs

Pony Hair Backpack in and Eyelet Skirt

A girl in front of the pink door designed by Moises Esquenazi in Palm Springs

Palm Trees on a sunny day

A girl wearing pearl earrings and a floral crop top in Palm Springs

Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli 

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Love Sandals

Style Stalker Blue Jasmine Crop Top

CELINE ‘Audrey’ sunglasses

Imagine 13

Character- Newt
Word Count- 904
A/N: Sorry I changed the request a little.

You were currently at dinner, with your best friend Newt on one side of you, your other best friend Minho on the other side of you, and Thomas, Chuck, and Teresa in front of you. It was pretty quiet, besides Chuck’s endless babbling. Some of the things he had to say were actually pretty interesting though.

“Hey, Y/N, could I talk to you alone?” Newt asked after dinner was over.

“Sure, let me just do one last thing for Minho that I forgot to do earlier.” You said, picking up the box you forgot to move. You carried it to the map room, Newt right beside you.

“So what’s up?” You asked him.

“Um, I was wondering if maybe you would… um… go out with me?” Newt asked, looking down.

You closed your eyes and sighed, trying to think of something to say. You liked Newt, but not in that way. You thought of him as your brother, not your lover.

“Newt,” You said softly,“That sounds amazing, but I don’t really wanna be in a relationship here. What if I lose you, and I loved you? Then it would be like losing my heart too. I just don’t wanna get into relationships here.” You finally said.

“Yeah, it’s cool. I understand.” Newt said, walking away from you.

You groaned once he left the room, sitting down and putting your head in your hands. Now everything was gonna be awkward between you, and you really didn’t want that. You could tell Newt was devastated and you bit your lip, not wanting to even think of his face when you said no.

Minho opened the door and came in and looked at you. All you did was walk up and hug him. He hugged back, pulling you over to the chairs sitting in the room.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Newt asked me out.” You said, looking down.

“What did you say?” He asked.

“I said that I didn’t want to be in a relationship right now and that if I did love him I wouldn’t want to lose him.” You replied. “I think I just ruined our friendship, it’s gonna be so awkward now!”

“Calm down Y/N, Newt will get over it, and so will you. You have been best friends since we found ourselves around that shuck box. Everything will be okay.” Minho said, giving you another hug.

“Okay, thanks Minho. I’m gonna go get ready for bed, the awkwardness is gonna be real thought tonight.” You said, leaving the map room.

Since you were the only girl at the time this was decided, and you talked to Newt the most, you and him shared a room. It’s been that way ever since. Teresa sleeps outside with Thomas and Chuck. Anyways, you walked to the room and changed quickly into a tank top and shorts before Newt came in. You got into your sleeping bag on the floor, where you prefer to sleep. Soon sleep took over you.


You woke up and saw that Newt wasn’t in here. You sighed, getting up and changing clothes, then brushing out your hair and putting it in a braid. You left the room, trying to find Newt. It wasn’t too hard, he was at breakfast. There were no more seats near him though.

“Hey Newt!” You said, going up to him. 

“Hey Y/N, there aren’t any seats, sorry.” He said, turning around and talking to his friends. Oh, be that way. This is exactly why it hurt me to say no, I wasn’t interested in him. Minho was next to him, and I smirked. 

“Minho, could I sit on your lap?” You asked him. 

He stuttered a little bit before nodding his head. You sat down on his lap and whispered in his ear,“Go along with it.”

Wait, what? Were you trying to make Newt jealous? But you don’t like him, you convinced yourself. You could tell it was working because Newt got up, walking away. You watched him walk into the homestead before telling Minho thanks and chasing after him. 

“Newt.” You said, looking at him. “Why are you avoiding me?” You asked him. 

“Because you turned me down, and it wasn’t because of what you said, was it? It was because you like Minho! What does he have that I don’t? I could treat you so much better then him, and you would have a great chance of losing him to that maze!” Newt burst out. 

“I don’t like Minho. I-I think I was trying to make you jealous after you ignored me, but I don’t know why! I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t like you!” You said.

“Why?” Newt asked, looking hurt. 

“Because we’re best friends, and if something happens I don’t want to lose that forever. I don’t want to lose you Newt!” You confessed. 

“Y/N, I promise, no matter what happens, I will always be there for you, please just give me a chance!” Newt begged. 

“I just don’t know, I’m sorry Newt.” You replied, starting to walk away.

“Wait!” Newt said, grabbing your wrist. 

You turned around, now facing him. He quickly put his lips on yours. You were shocked at first, but you ended up kissing him back as he pressed you against the wall behind you. You pulled away after a little bit and looked at Newt. 

“Please.” He whispered. 

“I’m yours.” You whispered, kissing him again.

anonymous asked:

Hi Dev. I have a question regarding making it in the industry. Say a person has no skills in pretty much anything. Maybe writing but who knows for now. I know it isn't easy but then again what is? I'm actually pretty close to giving up on this dream of mine to be honest. I have ideas that might be good but I'm paranoid to ask anyone's opinion. I don't know how to do anything regarding art not that I want to be an artist much. QA testing maybe? Could you make it from QA testing? I don't know.

I’m sorry, but there’s no place for somebody in the game industry (or any industry, really) who’s only qualification is that he really wants to be there. I don’t know you well enough to know what you’re good at, but I do know that you need to have some sort of skill beyond enthusiasm that makes you useful to us. I understand that it isn’t easy out there figuring out what it is you want to do, especially if you’re still in school and haven’t had a lot of success yet, but you have to consider it from other perspectives (because a good developer must be able to consider things from the player’s perspective). We don’t hire people just because they want a job. We hire people because we have work that needs doing, and we need people who can do the work.

Imagine you’re head of a development studio. Everyone working at this studio has a job to do - some of us are engineers, artists, designers, QA, producers, some of us run the facilities, some do HR, and so on and so forth. Everybody at the studio is (generally) good enough at their job to deserve being paid for it. People who aren’t don’t work for us very long. This means that whenever you look to hire somebody new, it’s because you have a job that needs doing. When we interview for new positions, it’s because we look for somebody who can do a job, whether that’s optimizing the graphics, designing multiplayer game modes, or keeping the art team on schedule and tasked out. Once we know what sort of job that needs doing, we look for people who know how to do it and we hire the best person from that pool that we can find.

If you want to work in the game industry, you’ve got to be good at doing something that is useful to us. That way, when we need someone to do the thing that you’re good at doing, we can pay you to do it for us. So what I want to tell you is that, if you want to work in the game industry, you need to figure out what it is that you want to be good at. Just “working in the industry” isn’t specific enough. “Being the idea person” isn’t an option. Maybe you are interested in programming - making the rules for the game, or creating a new way to handle lights, or building content tools for designers. Maybe you are interested in creating content - scripting conversations, setting up battles, placing enemies in the world, building maps. Maybe you just want to do QA, and your passion is finding problems and reporting them. Maybe you want to come up with better ways of testing than just trying stuff and writing reports - you could write tools to help automatically test systems for stability, for example. But whatever it is you want to do, you need to figure it out and then get good at it first - good enough that you can do the tasks that we need done. If you can demonstrate to us that you can do the work, you can probably get a job doing the work. We need people who can do the work but, until you can show us that you can do it, we will never consider hiring you.

Further Reading:

Bill Cipher Theory

I was just thinking… What are Bill Cipher’s actual abilities? So far, we know that he can control minds and possess people, but also that he knows/has witnessed several events from the past and/or future. So, to which extent do his powers go?

Let’s start off by saying that he is neither omniscient nor omnipotent, but he is pretty close to both of them. If he were completely omnipotent, he wouldn’t need to make deals with anyone to fulfill his plans (and could probably exist outside the Mindscape as well). If he were omniscient, he wouldn’t have needed to enter Stan’s mind in order to obtain the combination to his safe, if he really needed Gideon’s service. Let’s also assume that he has been displaying at least some of his real abilities.

Here are some of my theories about Bill:

In “Dreamscaperers”, Bill makes a deal with Gideon to enter Stan’s mind and obtain the combination to his safe, in exchange for help with “something he’s been working on”. Bill has to trick the gang into obtaining the combination, but then he loses it after Mabel shoots the memory door out of his hand, forcing Gideon to call off the deal. This can be seen as Bill being careless, but then this happens.

Bill suddenly counters all of the gang’s creations, showing that he has always been in control. He could do anything inside Stan’s mind. So why did he waste all that effort to get the combination, and how could he let himself lose it?

He wasn’t after the combination in the first place. Instead, he was after something more important: Stan’s mind.

After Bill gets the combination, we see him doing this:

He is going through Stan’s mind, opening all of Stan’s doors. He is watching all his memories, taking in everything that Stan has seen throughout his life. In fact, he only bothers to give Gideon the combination after the latter calls him.

Let’s recall that Bill accepted to help Gideon only after Gideon told him about Stan.

Gideon’s service isn’t so important to him. In fact, Bill might’ve as well known that Gideon was bound to fail even if he got the deed (and it is highly possible, but I will discuss it later). This actually happened, as Gideon got the deed by himself at the end of the episode and still went to jail in “Gideon Rises”. Basically, Bill had nothing to lose from the deal. Moreover, he got another benefit.

Throughout the episode, Bill tests the gang. He acts as an ordinary villain and pretends to follow Gideon’s plan in order to see whether the Twins + Soos can figure him out. And when they do figure the mindscape out, he is pleasantly surprised. He now knows what to expect of them.

“You’re a lot cleverer than I’ve thought. Especially the fat one”.

Okay, but Bill is a mind demon. Why would he enter Stan’s mind for his memories? Can’t he just read his mind or something, no deal involved? I think the answer is no.

We already know that Bill has some limitations. He only exists in the Mindscape, so he cannot affect the real world unless he inhabits a body. That’s why he tricks Dipper into using his body in “Sock Opera” to destroy his Journal. But he also cannot possess Dipper until he makes a deal with him. So what if his powers upon people are limited to his deals?

What if Bill needs someone to make a deal with him in order to use his powers outside the Mindscape? Something like taking a piece of someone’s soul or making a connection with the real world? Bill cannot enter a person’s mind by himself; he needs to make a deal with someone (in this case, Gideon). Bill can’t possess a body for the same reason. It’s pretty clear that Bill doesn’t know many things about people – that’s why he was ultimately defeated by Mabel in “Sock Opera” – so there are some limits as to what he can access by himself.

Still, if Bill couldn’t read minds, how did he conjure Mabel’s dream boys and Soos’ nightmare in “Dreamscaperers”? Let’s talk about what Bill can know. It is widely accepted that Bill can observe the real world through triangle-shaped windows. Furthermore, he knows many things about the future – such as Soos’ time of death, Ford’s coming, and the apocalypse – and there is proof of him existing in the past (in “Northwest Mansion Mystery” he appears on one of the tapestries). So he has at least witnessed events from the past, present and future, which definitely gives him a lot of knowledge about the world. He just can’t go beyond what actually happens without a deal.

That’s why Bill wasn’t very concerned with Gideon’s help. He knew that Gideon would end up in jail, so he used the deal for other means. As for Mabel and Soos, he could have observed them enough to choose something very likely for them – Mabel had suggested watching the DVD with the two boys he summoned, and Soos explicitly stated his nightmare.

However, I believe that there are some further limitations to Bill’s power. Bill is curious about the Pines gang, and occasionally impressed by their actions, so I think Bill’s powers don’t work the same way for Dipper, Mabel, Stan and the others. Maybe he cannot see their future, or the aforementioned powers only work this way with the gang. Besides, he wanted to destroy the Journal and prevent Dipper from finding out more secrets, so there is at least some sort of uncertainty regarding the twins’ actions.

We have seen that Bill is not invincible (more so if the nature of his summoning implies that he has been somehow exiled from Gravity Falls). And after “Sock Opera” I think that those who stand a chance against him are here:

The Cipher Wheel, which surely already contains some of the Main Characters.

So there you have it. Bill can make deals to tamper with the real plane, and they are the only way he can affect the Pines gang; this gives them a good chance for defeating him. Yet, he is constantly observing them and gathering information about them in very sneaky ways, which definitely makes him an unpredictable foe.

Note: I haven’t seen this theory before, I’ve just thought about it last night. If there are any similar theories, please direct me to them

daily-procrastinator  asked:

In the rwby marching band au, what did ruby play before she was drum major? Forgive me if this has already been asked

it has not! :D actually she’s very brass-versed. since yang is a percussionist, she didn’t want to play in the same section/type of instrument as her older sister else it looked like she was copying her, so she took a different road and decided to try brass in elementary school. she started on the trombone, but since then she’s expanded to being able to play every one pretty proficiently.

any brass player knows as well that it’s not INCREDIBLY difficult to switch between brass instruments, but she has put a lot of time into each. like she was the one who was so close with the director that she would come home every week with a new brass instrument haha. 

also she probably plays brass so i can say that this could happen at some point probably

yang made her do it