Rabbit’s silence should have been evident, and Cobalt should have been worried but was too tired. Cobalt woke up in the morning to find Rabbit had died of electrocution while fixing the television. Rest in plumbobs, Rabbit. Maybe Cobalt will bring you back as a zombie, because glob knows they don’t have enough money for a decent offering. 

you know what I couldn’t care less about the whole bottom/top discourse when it comes to ships but it’s starting to bother me that the whole tumblr population keeps forcing this trend to yell “bottom” and laugh whenever a strong character shows the tiniest bit of vulnerability, especially since those characters tend to have a reason for being closed off emotionally, and honestly I’m getting tired of it

Guys,, can we stop making gif icons smaller & smaller? I know I’ve made jokes about the sizes before but I want to take a moment to actually be serious for a moment. There are people on this site & in this community who have vision problems & have disabilities that can make it extremely difficult for them to see the gifs as they get smaller & smaller. 

I’ve seen people address the issue of the small text trend being difficult on people with vision impairments before, but I haven’t seen anyone talk about the smaller gif sizes being a problem. 

From what I’ve heard from friends, gifs smaller than the 100x100 gif icons are incredibly difficult to see & stressful from them to decipher. I’m not trying to offend anyone with this post & if I’ve used terminology that upsets anyone please let me know. I just felt like something needed to be said, as recently I’ve seen gif icons lately that have been as small as 50x50, & with 8px font size being a difficult thing for people with vision impairments then I can’t even imagine the problems some might be having with such small gifs. 

This is my mind on fiction.

And if fiction were real
maybe I wouldn’t 
dread to feel
the hole I’m 
so desperate to fill
when words elude me
in moments I’m most still–

but writing is like breathing
and if I don’t write,
is this air in my lungs,
is it just the memory teasing?

Update: I’m basically done with my student teaching! In fact, I have no reason to say I’m not completely done except for an overwhelming sense of paranoid that’s got me thinking there’s something I’ve forgotten! So, this means two things:

1) I should be able to do things again, like art and fics and Living The Dream™

2) I’m probably not going to do much of those things until the sense of paranoia wears off a bit because I’m POSITIVE things can’t end this easily and it’s crippling my motivation

Sooooo I hope to be, like, active again soon…can you even imagine? I’ll probably have an update soon with everything I plan to do in the near and somewhat intermediate future, so stay tuned!

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Have you ever thought about drawing nsfw?

Yep, back when I was a teen. I actually even tried drawing it. It just didn’t hold my interest for long.

So, since you’re probably asking whether I’m drawing sin or planning to anytime soon, no, I don’t draw it and it’s unlikely that I will.

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Shoo sickness get away (Tries to fend the sickness away from Chi)

Well now I feel like a regular damsel in distress.

But it seems to be working, so please, keep at it! One more day of recovery and I might just finish that animatic before Christmas! *crosses fingers*

when i was fifteen i cried and cried and cried because a group of boys thought it would be funny if someone asked me out as a joke. he pretended to be friends with me for a long time. we hung out often and he even came to my house once. when he asked me out i said yes and right after, he told me it was a joke. he said i was oblivious and he called me a psycho. i cried and i cried and i cried and i cried.

when i was sixteen another boy pretended to like me. he flirted with me and texted me every day and then out of nowhere, he said if i didn’t send him nudes that he would spread rumors about me and ruin my life. and i cried and cried and i panicked and i told my sister and she said that as long as i knew who i was, the rumors wouldn’t matter. i didn’t send him anything else. i begged my friends to help me but no one else talked to me that night.

when i was seventeen i really was tired of being treated badly, so i thought if i told people i liked that i liked them, things would go differently. a boy pretended to like me just like before. he took me out on dates, told me he wanted to kiss me, and came to my house. two days before homecoming, his friends told me he was going to ask me. one day before, he asked someone else and told me he never liked me. we didn’t talk again. i wasn’t asked to prom, either.

when i was eighteen, no one showed any interest in me. i wasn’t asked to homecoming and i wasn’t asked to prom. i cried to my mom again and again and again and she told me that she knew i’d find someone in college.

throughout college, no one has shown any interest in me. no one has even flirted with me. i’ve never hooked up with anyone.

i was asked out as a joke again last week. i’m 21. its my junior year of college. i’m so tired, i’m so sad, and i’m so alone.

I like how Pokemon are able to change what their designated gender appears like sometimes when they evolve.

Sorry TERFs, Pokemon can be trans and you’re not allowed to like them sorry I don’t make the rules.

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Its sick and horrible but I'm not surprised Harry was papped during those hard times. Remember when he was papped in la after his grandma died? He was in the uk for less than a day and back to la to be mobbed. It's disgusting but it's also expected.

I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about how these boys and their families have always been mistreated. Simon and everyone else involved have no respect, no sympathy, no heart. May they rot in hell, honestly.


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