It’s time for the weekly mega-post with my feelings about Yuri on Ice, and this time it’s the turn of Episode 4!

Which is Kubo’s favorite, apparently. Will it also be my favorite? Let’s see! Now with extra juicy theories!

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Remember that scene in Season 2 where Jim woke up in Ed’s place to Oswald and Edward singing a duet? Remember his confusion as Ed smiles and says ‘hi’ while Oswald says, “Long story. He’s a friend.”

Now imagine in Season 3 Jim waking up in Oz’s place, confused when he sees Ed and Oswald together doing more cute stuff, like adjusting each other’s ties, and Oz turning to him and saying “Long story. We’re dating.” 

When your brother is a disgrace and gets sorted to Gryffindor.


“A trail of bodies? Prison break where Loki was held? It had your name written all over it,” Thor hissed. His eyebrows were closely knitted together in frustration. 

You maintained your smirk and sarcastic attitude, “Glad to know you see me where ever you go, big bro! The real king sends his regards by the way. It would’ve been so much more fun with him in charge.”

“(Y/N) it would’ve been chaos and you know that.”

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Erica and Cassandra found your Ann video. They love it! Check twitter.



(Look even Doodle!Anne is surprised!)

*legit crying right now words can’t express how excited I am*

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oh man give me Gen/Irene/Costis IN REGENCY AU

(would you believe that i’ve read very little regency era fiction, including fic? so this is all kinda hand-waved, i’m sorry /o\)

The Lord and Lady Attolia are five years into their marriage, and have mostly quieted the rumors surrounding their engagement. After a year of two or stirring up and cleaning out the court, they have settled into a routine of quiet intrigue and reform, and are reportedly trying for children.

What Costis is most concerned with, however, is that the Lord and Lady Attolia are late.

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// avenger themed chicken noodle soup is my favorite okay   b   y   e

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this story isn't heading toward a polyamorous ending either, right? (not that i'd mind if it did, i just assume there'd be tags for it lol) so that'll be interesting, seeing the warriors deal with one of their own ending up in a presumably monogamous relationship lol. unless it just ends up being open. *mind churns with the possibilities...*

I don’t really know, which is why I haven’t warned for it.

Like, a lot of this story is free-form. I have some goals in mind, but the actual nitty gritty of how they get there isn’t locked down. It’s possible there could be some experimentation on Jack’s half with others before he settles with Pitchiner. It’s possible that Jack has a sexual relationship with Pitchiner and queerplatonic relationship/s with others. It’s possible that none of those things happen (aside from the relationship with Pitchiner).

I really just have no idea.

So a lot of the tags will be coming pretty much as I know they’ll be coming?

My mind also churns with the possibilities. :D


NEW VIDEO: “I’m Ready To Tell The Truth

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Got any plans for November, 2015? Well now you do! Get ready to return to the Big Blue for Finding Dory!

Pixar is hard at work, getting ready to bring back your favorite characters like Nemo, Marlin, the Tank Gang, and of course, Dory (voiced by none other than Ellen DeGeneres).

We know November 25, 2015 is a long time to wait, so until then we have some Dory-inspired advice for you: just keep swimming!