ok can someone tell me what actually happened with the flower mural

i was busy standing outside for 9 hrs waiting for taylor and trying to keep my phone alive so i didn’t actually experience it 

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I imagine in a modern AU Takumi would have an emotional support dog, Ryoma probably got her for him so he didn't have to deal with his angst

very important modern au, it’s also generally safer for him to have a support dog with him at night cause he sleepwalks and had unconsciously climbed a window and fell from the second floor once. ryoma blamed himself for it, and apologized to takumi for ‘not paying enough attention’.

“im sorry, too. for causing you so much trouble,” takumi told him, with tearful eyes and a hello kitty band-aid on his left cheekbone. nobody went back to bed for the rest of the night. sakura is grounded for leaving the window open.

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I also agree Tadashi shouldn't come back. It just... wouldn't make any sense? The message of the movie was learning how to cope with grief and loss so if Tadashi came back to life, then what would've been the point of killing him off in the first place? That's why I don't agree with #tadashilives or sunfire!Tadashi because if Disney went with either, it'd feel very forced and shoehorned in my opinion. There's nothing wrong with wanting Tadashi to stay dead as long as he's loved and remembered.

Yeah. It’s not that I personally don’t like the ideas of him coming back, it just…doesn’t feel right. I understand the sunfire!Tadashi theories and they are interesting to discuss, but it almost feels too easy to go that route. If there was a sequel and a fire related character was involved in some way, we’d all know who it is. 

I think with the series coming out, we’re going to (hopefully) see more of Hiro’s process with dealing of Tadashi’s death. And I feel like the more we see of that, that less sense it will make *shrugs* 


Blue Boi desperately writers down the epic story of an angry Tiny Man who tries attack the Mountain.

Percy: A theif.

Jason: Thief?

Percy: Theif.

Frank: I before E.

Jason: Except after C.

Percy: Thceif.

Frank and Jason: No.