cause you can let it slide

pairing; naruto ღ hinata

notes; remember son, all the things you’ve done, and all the things you’ve lost, and all the things you’ve won



Hinata looks away from the wounded nin at her right, eyes immediately searching for the spiked, golden hair that matches her husband’s voice. He barrels past the rest of her battalion of Hyuuga clansmen, a hand held to his lip where it continues to spill blood. When his eyes find hers, a shiver runs through her body, and she averts her gaze. 

He’s angry, she realizes.

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So, I’ve decided that we need a FitzMack ruinion hug that goes down like the Bamon reunion hug did. At the very least, Fitz’ feet need to leave the floor. ;)

Bamon gifs as example:

Hopping up onto Mack, who has his arms opened wide. (Though I’m sure Mack is going to have to support Fitz from underneath due to the diff body types from Bon Bon and Damon. Hee. ;) Mack breathing Fitz in. Laughter from both. Mack squishing Fitz extra and waving him about and Fitz not complaining a bit because it’s reassuring; Mack’s okay. Prolonged hug with Mack walking them a bit, Fitz still in his arms and both unwilling to let go just yet. 

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s not going to happen, but wouldn’t it be nice? Hey, I never imagined we’d actually get the Bamon reunion hug to go like this, so you never know what we’l get… 

 You in on the daydream? 

(Funny how I want this hug to be the same, but here it’s Damon glad Bonnie’s safe, there, and alive.)

me hanging with freshman fuckboys last night
  • me:
  • fuckboy 1:thats retarded HAHA HA YOU ARE SO GAY
  • me:
  • fuckboy 2:hahaha i know right...GAYYYY
  • fuckboy 1:but im gonna suck your dick and youll like it
  • fuckboy 2:fuck yeah broooooo
  • me:
I overheard two freshmen sitting behind me in my piano class talking...
  • Piano Girl 1:Hell yeah I'm 1d af
  • Piano Girl 2:OMG Did you see that Louis' tweet to Harry just hit a million? about him always being in Louis' heart? It's so cute, what if like...what if they are together... i mean they could be, it would make sense.
  • Piano Girl 1:What? No way, that tweet is so old. They don't even talk to each other anymore. And all the Larry videos I've watched only use video from the fetus days, they aren't even friends anymore.
  • Piano Girl 2:Oh. Yeah I guess you're right.
  • Me:*twitches* *can't take it anymore* *turns around* Explain the rose and dagger. Explain the heart and arrow. Explain the rope and anchor. Those tattoos were gotten within the last year-ish.
  • Piano Girl 1:WTF they're just friends and friends get tattoos *doesn't talk to me for the rest of the period*