Imagine Sam being there for you after a rough hunt

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“Y/N! I didn’t know you smoked.”

You looked from Sam to the cigarette in your hand. “Yeah, filthy habit. Tends to come back on days like these.”

He came and sat next to you on top of the impala’s hood, coughing slightly. “Dean’ll kill you if his baby smells like smoke. You know that right?”

You snorted, jumping off and extinguishing the cigarette. “Dean? No he won’t, he’s almost as bad as me, but he’s better at hiding it.”

“Y/N!” Sam called as you started to walk away.


“It wasn’t your fault, none of us knew they were kids.  Werewolves are werewolves, they were killing people.” Sam grabbed your elbow, forcing you to turn back towards him. He kissed you softly on the forehead, “Don’t beat yourself up about this.”

“Thanks, Sammy, but I’m fine,” you patted his cheek, turning to walk away.

“Hold on, Dean smokes?”

You chuckled, walking into the motel room. “Look in the glove box. Merry Christmas, clueless.”

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Tell us a story!

Okay I’ll tell an embarrassing story for you guys.

Alright, so in 7th grade I had a pair of these super skinny pants that I loved to wear because I thought I looked so cool in them, but eventually they started getting too small on me, but I ignored it and continued to squeeze into them time after time again. One day, in a rush, I put them on without thinking and raced to school, already tardy. Confidently strutting down the empty halls, I naturally felt good in my skin tight jeans, and when I made it to class, I strides all the way to my desk like I was on the runway. (Not really, but I felt pretty damn hot in those pants). Anyways, the teacher calls me up to her desk, which is in front of the entire class, to tell me that I needed to call my parents about forgetting to sign a report card, so I nodded and went to the phone, also in front of the whole class, and proceeded to try to call them. As I was facing away, my back to everyone in the room, I feel a tap on my shoulder, and I turn to see my friend who looks kind of hesitant to tell me something. “What’s up?” I ask, thinking nothing’s wrong. She kind of awkwardly smiles and gestures for me to lean in so she could whisper something in my ear, “There’s a hole in your pants” she says. I pull away a little confused, “What?” She motions quickly for me to come back, “I said, there’s a big rip in your pants–right on your butt!” By then, I was completely and utterly shocked. Not only had I confidently walked down the halls like I was hot shit, but I had stood in front of all me classmates with a gaping hole on the backside of my jeans! The make matters absolutely worse, I was wearing quite possibly to this day, the ugliest pair of underwear I have ever owned. I was mortified, and at that moment I wanted nothing more than to crawl in a hole and die. But, oh, the universe wasn’t quite done with me yet! I had tried to reach my parents for a change of clothes, but neither of them answered, even after countless attempts of calling and silent pleading for them to pick up. I was stuck wearing those torn skinny jeans for the rest of the day. Thankfully, my friend from before offered her jacket to tie around my waist, and although it wasn’t ideal, it was certainly much better than having to wear whatever extra pair of pants the nurse had! The rest of the day continued mildly horrible, but it took a final turn downwards when I realized that we also had a pep rally that day. Splendid! Now, not only was EVERYONE in my class going to see the suspicious looking jacket tied around my waist, but I’d be forced to sit out the entire time in effort to avoid anyone actually seeing the hole in my pants! Needless to say, it was a really awful experience, and I know now to double check my clothes before leaving the house.

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ok LISTEN im so sick of seeing “never hillary” and “bernie or bust”. there is no way that anyone besides hillary or trump will be elected this year, and you need to vote for one of them. IF THE DEMOCRATIC VOTE IS SPLIT, DONALD TRUMP WILL WIN. it happened in 1912, it happened in 2000, it happens all over the world, you can do your own research. i don’t care how much you prefer bernie, a future with hillary as president is significantly less terrifying than a future with trump as president. DO NOT vote for jill stein, DO NOT write bernie in, DO NOT skip voting this election. hillary isn’t great, but she’s not the devil either. you don’t have to agree with her on everything, but if bernie can acknowledge the current situation and support hillary, you can too. don’t be stupid, VOTE FOR HILLARY IF YOU ARE ABLE TO VOTE.

Ack I want to be online but nooooooOOOooooo…

Today is the kidperson’s 16th birthday. We have plans, which logically I am part of.

I’m mostly packed for destielcon. Still have no clue if I’ve done that right… I’m a mess. Y’all will soon learn that if you’re going.

I am such a mess I didn’t even think to set up a queue or anything. So I just won’t be around much this afternoon.

And then I’m being overrun tonight by @winjennster and @untamedpassages and we’re leaving in the morning/… so tomorrow’s not looking good for tumblr purposes either. whoopsie! Maybe i’ll figure out how to queue stuff by then. >.>

Gah. Okay. I’m outies. Talk to y’all later. :)


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Got any plans for November, 2015? Well now you do! Get ready to return to the Big Blue for Finding Dory!

Pixar is hard at work, getting ready to bring back your favorite characters like Nemo, Marlin, the Tank Gang, and of course, Dory (voiced by none other than Ellen DeGeneres).

We know November 25, 2015 is a long time to wait, so until then we have some Dory-inspired advice for you: just keep swimming!