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Oooo, Cullen in 7B? <3

Starting with Cullen for a warm-up (and yeah, I’d totally have chosen that pose for him too!). But I promise I’m doing other people now ;)

I’m drawing with a big, fat, watercoloring brush. It keeps the things sketchy & rough, I actually kind of like it for these quick pose prompts!

PS: requested also by alpheratz1, @dracoangelz, stregatadallostregatto :D

They Find a Positive Pregnancy Test

EXO Reaction

Requested: Yes

Warnings: None

*note that I actually believe they would all be happy to be a father, albeit they would be very shocked at first (some more than others)

~Admin Lou


“…Babe?! What is this?” *he would be very confused at first, asking you a thousand questions and whether or not it was yours


“Oh my god… Should I tell her that I found this? Should I wait? Am I ready for this?” *his mind would be racing but in the end, if he discovered it was in fact yours, he would be very excited


“Nice one, Yifan… Nice one.” *proud of himself


“Well… Uuh…” *shell shocked, to say the least. he’d be asking himself a million questions* “Am I ready to be a father? Will I make a good dad? Is this even hers?”


“Is this yours? Am I going to be a dad?” *would probably be quite disappointed if you said it was not yours


“Dear lord…” *to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if he passed out


“…” *internally screaming


“This is a… Okay calm down, don’t get too excited Chanyeol! I’ve gotta ask about it first.” *would actually be very excited 


“Oooh… Maybe I shouldn’t have seen this.” *he’d act strange for the rest of the day, waiting for you to bring it up so he didn’t have to


“…Did I do that?” *stares at the little plus for like, five hours, debating whether or not this could really be yours


“Oops.” *honestly not too surprised, but happy none the less


“Well… it was bound to happen sooner or later- especially at the rate we’ve been going.” *pervy Sehun mode activated

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Are you still taking prompts? I've missed your Romione so much! Can I request Romione + the conversation about moving in/actually moving in? :)

It starts on a snowy Wednesday morning when Hermione is counting how many years it has been since she has caught her breath.

When she looks back on it, she thinks she’s been racing, somehow, ever since she got her Hogwarts letter. From that moment, the moment everything had made sense, her blood had been pumping for a different reason than merely to give her life. She’d breathed for the concept of exceptionality– for the hope that something would set her above. And even when she’d achieved it, she’d spent so much time racing to be better than herself. Racing to be perfect.

The strangest and most amusing thing is that she had ended up with the one person who would ever tell her that she isn’t perfect at all. And the one who always looks at her like she is, even when neither of them believe it to be true. Sometimes Hermione thinks that the way Ron Weasley looks at her is some sort of trick of the eyes, but then he’ll fumble through some words that seem to match the softness in his eyes, and she knows it’s actually real.

Something that she basks in on the snowy Wednesday morning as she wakes up in his childhood bedroom, her nose smashed into the orange shirt that he is wearing, right above his breastbone. She rubs her face lightly against the softness of the shirt, trying to get adjusted to her surroundings and to the lighting of the room. That’s when she realizes it’s snowing– Ron seems to be paler than usual, and he’s almost glowing as a result of the white snowflakes that tumble from the sky, past the window of his attic bedroom.

His eyes are already open when she glances up at him, and the tired smile on his face grows slightly when he sees her looking. Ron drops a sleepy kiss onto her mussed up hair, then stretches slightly, his arms appearing from underneath the covers as he pumps one squeezed fist into the air as a reflex.

“I have to go,” yawns Hermione, curling her knees towards herself, so that her body leans more towards Ron. “Your mum is going to be up here soon.”

“Ugh,” Ron complains, turning over onto his back. “You can’t bring her up before I’ve even had the chance to say good morning.”

“She almost caught me yesterday!”

“Eh, you fit under my bed just fine.”

Hermione drags a pillow over her mouth to hide her laughter, then hits Ron over the head with it once she’s regained composure.

“Well, I can’t live under there.”

She kisses him quickly on the chin– the easiest reachable part of his body– before turning over and letting her feet hit the floor. Hermione shivers at the way the wood seems to make her feet feel like they are about to crackle and pop. She dances over to the carpet in the middle of the room, searching for her wand, and finds it haphazardly plopped onto Ron’s desk, right next to the blanket she’d brought from home the night before. She’d attempted to remember socks, but she always forgets about them, and it can’t be helped now. So Hermione just hops back over to the bed and gives Ron a quick kiss before turning back to the carpet to apprate into her flat.


Something in Ron’s voice stops her just as she is about to turn.

“Yes?” Hemione says, voice a cross between amused and patient. She finds that she talks that way to him a lot, and even though it’s patronizing, Ron always shakes it off. Well, not always. Usually. Ron usually shakes it off.

“I don’t want you to have to leave in the morning.”

“Well, your mum doesn’t want me to come in at night.”

“Well, my little sister shares a wall with you.”

As does her boyfriend most nights, Hermione thinks, but she doesn’t say it, because Ron would probably scream like a six year old girl and dive under the covers to hide, if past experience is any sort of indicator.

“So there you go,” replies Hermione, shrugging slightly. “I think we just exhausted our two options.”

“But… what about secret option number three?”

Hermione tilts her head and frowns, thinking.

“We sneak into Percy’s flat and sleep on his couch?”

“Ye–! Wait, what?”

“Nothing,” Hermione says, stifling a smile. “What were you going to say?”

Ron sits up in his bed, running a hand through his hair. The side that had been sticking dramatically up is joined by the other side, which bristles at Ron’s large hands disturbing the peace.

Hermione rather likes it when Ron’s hands disturb the peace. His hair does not.

“I was going to say that… maybe we should just have the same bed.”

“In the middle of the road?”

“In a flat, you bloody–”

Her heart slams into her chest as he swears at her, the tips of his ears glowing red.

“Ron,” Hermione whispers. “Are you asking me to live with you?”

“No,” he says, exasperated. “I’m asking you to be homeless but go 50/50 on a lease.”

She leaps back into bed with him in two seconds flat, wrapping her blanket around the both of them as she moves in to kiss him. Ron places his hands over hers where she clutches the blanket, keeping her fingers tight around it so that they remain snuggled in its warmth.

“Really?” Hermione says, pulling back but still cold nose against slightly longer cold nose.

“No,” Ron responds, frowning. “I don’t actually want you to be homeless.”


She jerks back, at a far less intimate distance as she crosses her arms over her chest.

“Right. Yes, let’s live together.”

“You want to?”

“Do you see anyone holding a wand to my head?”

“I might if you keep fucking around,” Hermione says severely.

“Woah.” Ron blinks twice. “Okay. Yes, I want to live with you. Yes, I think it’s an excellent idea. Yes, I will be coming home three times a day for my mum’s cooking.”

Hermione rolls her eyes.

“Of course you will. And Harry will be here too, I’m sure.”

“Ah. That’s the beauty of it.”

Hermione lays back down on the bed, coming to a decision.

“Let your mum catch us,” she says, smirk playing at her lips. “It’ll give her a good reason to kick you out.”

Ron looks pleasantly surprised.

“Really?” he says, impressed. “Damn, Hermione. I can’t believe you’re okay with getting in trouble.”

She shoots up into a sitting position, biting her lip anxiously.

“Do you think we’ll get in trouble?”

“Well, I mean, it’s mum, and–”

She’s already across the room with her blanket and her wand, apparating back to hers and Ginny’s flat in two seconds of what she assumes to be total and complete clarity.


Our favorite cousin Soo-Won for fallenwithstyle! Tea and watercolors and a fine-nib black pen, you know the drill by now … Soo-Won’s hair is so pretty. I won’t go so far as to say “long live the king,” but still … I can’t help but like this guy.

Next up is a different member of Kouka nobility–one of my favorite characters in the entire series even though his role is relatively small. I was delighted to actually have two people request him! (​a hint: he has the best crying face in the entire manga)

Symptoms (3D version)
  • Symptoms (3D version)
  • SHINee

SHINee - Symptoms (3D version)

listen with good headphones for the best quality
or, if you’re wearing earbuds, listen with both buds :)

enjoy your four minutes in heaven ^.^

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to be honest, I’ve actually never listened to SHINee before but this was requested and I’m so happy because oh my this is soooo good??? like what???

'Wait, why are you holding my hand?'

A/N: I completely misread this initially so here’s the actual request - hope it’s all right. So here’s the link to the request and the previous version: Hand Holding

Stiles slumped into the seat outside the hospital room. You’d never seen him look so weary, so much older than he was. The sight broke your heart. You carried on walking towards him though, clearing your throat lightly to gain his attention.

‘Oh, hello, (Y/n),’ he said distantly, his attention flicking towards you for the briefest of moments before he looked back at the door.

‘How’re you holding up?’ you asked lightly, moving to sit in the seat beside him.

‘Oh, you know,’ he said, his voice breaking slightly. You could see the tears glistening behind his eyes. He forcefully wiped them away, his jaw clenching slightly. ‘I’m all right.’ You raised a slightly sceptical eyebrow at him and he took a deep breath. ‘I’m not. Actually, I’m far from it. I can’t lose my dad too, (Y/n), I just can’t. Every day he goes to work I worry about him. And now… now we’ve involved him in all this. I just feel so much like there’s nothing I can do to protect anything, nothing I can – wait, why’re you holding my hand?’

You wetted your lips, your attention solely on Stiles who was glancing at you with confusion clouding his features. ‘Stiles, you’re the bravest person I know. You literally do everything in your power to help everyone. You’re only human, for crying out loud.’

‘But that’s not enough!’ he said, sounding frustrated as he jumped up, pulling his hand out of yours.

‘Stiles, that’s more than enough,’ you said, jumping up as well. ‘Humanity is something stronger than the supernatural that the others have got.’

Stiles exhaled slowly, running a hand through his hair. ‘You really think so?’ he asked, his tone reminding you forcefully of a small, scared child.

‘I know so, Stiles,’ you said, taking his hand lightly. ‘You know he’s gonna be OK, right?’

Stiles nodded, but you could see that he didn’t believe it.

‘Your dad’s a strong guy, he’ll pull through a shot to the shoulder in no time,’ you said, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze.

He sighed deeply before moving back to his seat, facing the door once more, your hand still in his though. ‘Thank you,’ he said softly as you moved to sit beside him.

‘Any time, Batman,’ you said, resting your head lightly on his shoulder.

‘Will you stay with me?’ he asked, resting his cheek against the top of your head.

‘Of course I will, Stiles,’ you said gently, playing with his hand on top of your knee before falling into a comfortable silence, knowing that all he needed was for you to be there, and that was fine.

New Pack

Pairing: Stiles Stillinski x Reader

Request: Can you do an imagine where when stiles basically is kicked out of the pack by Scott during the fighting in rain scene , he asks his gf y/n who is an alpha to bite him and he joins her pack, wanting nothing to do with Scott anymore ?

Requested by: mollyhalefan

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I actually quoted some of the scene from the real episode that this request was based off of. It was hard to write, I wanted to cry. I hated this scene, it broke my heart. SCILES FOR LIFE. I do hope you enjoy this, thanks for the request xx

“Where did you get that?” Stiles asked Scott, who was holding a wrench.
“Is this yours?” Scott asked Stiles, holding out the wrench.
“Why didn’t you tell me” Scott said to Stiles after Stiles didn’t answer him.
“I was going to” said Stiles.
“Why didn’t you tell me when it happened?” asked Scott.
“I couldn’t” Stiles replied.
“You killed him?” Scott asked Stiles. “You killed Donovan?”
“He was going to kill my dad. Was I supposed to just let him?” Stiles defensively answered back.
“You weren’t supposed to do this” Scott told him.

“You think I had a choice?” Stiles asked Scott.
“There’s always a choice” Scott responded.

Your boyfriend Stiles and one of your best friends Scott were standing in the rain, Scott had found out that Stiles killed Donovan and he confronted Stiles. You were inside the building, listening in on their conversation.

“Yeah, because you’re Scott McCall. The true alpha! Guess what. All of us can’t be true alphas. Some of us have to make mistakes. Some of us have to get out hands a little bit bloody. SOME OF US ARE HUMAN” you heard Stiles shouting to Scott. You didn’t know if you should go intervene or not, you didn’t know what would happen next.

Stiles and Scott continue to talk, “You don’t even believe me, do you?” Stiles asked Scott.
“I want to” Scott replied.
“Alright, so believe me then” said Stiles.
“Scott, say you believe me” your boyfriend begged his best friend.

Now you were in the building, crying while listening to your boyfriend and your best friend “fighting.” It was truly sad, Scott didn’t believe Stiles, and he was giving up on Stiles. The last thing Scott said to Stiles was, “I need time to think.”

You looked through the window and noticed Stiles was standing in the rain, by himself. Scott was no longer there. You ran out to Stiles who still stood there, looking shocked and depressed. “Stiles, talk to me” you demanded your silent boyfriend.

“He needs time to think” Stiles muttered out. “Think about what? It was self-defense, you didn’t do anything wrong” you told Stiles. “He doesn’t believe that. He doesn’t believe me” Stiles whispered. “Stiles, look at me” you demanded. You made eye contact with Stiles, “This isn’t Scott. He’s acting weird, something is going on. He doesn’t mean what he said” you tried to reassure Stiles that this isn’t the real Scott.

“Y/N. He looked me in the eyes and lost all hope. He doesn’t believe me, he doesn’t want me in his pack. My own best friend doesn’t want me” he said, starting to fall on the group with his hands over his hands, crying. “No, this isn’t the end for you and Scott. It can’t be” you said to him. You sat down next to Stiles and rubbed his back. “Please don’t give up on him Stiles, he loves you. You love him, please don’t leave the pack” you begged Stiles.

Stiles stopped crying and immediately got up, “I am leaving the pack. For good” he said, in a confident tone. You were confused, one minute he was crying and now he’s all confident. “And you’re going to help me” he turned to look at you with a smirk on his face. “What? How?” you replied. “Bite me” he demanded.

“Stiles, Woah. You need to take a minute or a lot of minutes to calm down and think about this. I’m not going to bite you!” you told him. You happened to be an alpha of your own pack. You came across Scott one day while passing through Beacon Hills, you became instant friends and decided to stay. Scott had his pack, you had yours and that’s how you met Stiles.

“I want to be a part of your pack, babe” Stiles said to you. “I don’t want to be a defenseless human anymore. I want power, I want what I deserve. I want to feel like I am needed. I want Scott to be upset that he abandoned me. I don’t want to be defenseless anymore, Y/N, don’t you get that?” Stiles rambled on, getting angrier with every word. “You are needed, Stiles. I need you. Scott and the others, need you” you tried telling him. “Psssh. They don’t need me, Scott made that very clear tonight” Stiles responded. “You aren’t defenseless Stiles, you have your sarcasm, your brain and your good looks” you said, trying to make him feel better but it made him more upset. “Yeah, my looks could kill” he replied.

“Will you bite me?” Stiles asked you again.
“No” you quickly responded.
“Why not?” he asked you.
“It’ll change you Stiles” you replied.
“That’s the point, Y/N.”
“I love you exactly the way you are Stiles. I don’t want to change you. It will take you awhile to adjust, what if I don’t bite you the right away? I could accidentally kill you.”
“That’s a chance I’m willing to take” Stiles said.
You got mad at Stiles, he doesn’t even care if he dies. You walked away from Stiles.

“Don’t you love me? You wouldn’t do this for me?” Stiles asked you. “I love you so much Stiles and that’s why I don’t want to bite you” you answered. “I’m done with Scott” he said. “No, you aren’t. You think you are, but you’re not” you told him. “I want to be a part of a pack, just not his. I want to be a part of your pack, that way we will always be together” he said, trying to sweet talk you. “You need time to think this over Stiles. I’ll give you two and a half weeks to think this through, if you still want me to bite you then, I’ll consider” you told him, knowing that two weeks will pass and he’ll change his mind.


“I’m ready for the bite” Stiles told you. “It’s been two and a half weeks, I thought about it, and I’m ready” he added. You were surprised that he didn’t change his mind. Stiles and Scott haven’t spoken for the past two weeks, Stiles seemed to be over Scott. You missed Scott but your boyfriend needed you way more than Scott needed you. You sighed, you wish Stiles didn’t want the bite so badly. “Please Y/N. I know this is what I want. This is what I need, I want you to be my alpha, and I want to be like you. We can be a power couple, a werewolf couple. It’d be cute!” Stiles said, making you think about it. “I don’t want you to change” you whined to Stiles.

“If I’m not the same Stiles, I give you permission to kick my ass, scratch me, and punch me, whatever you like. Beat the hell out of me. Anything” Stiles told you. This made you laugh, “Are you sure this is what you want?” giving into Stiles persistent wish. “Yes, I’m 1000% sure this is what I want” he told you.

You really didn’t want to bite Stiles. You knew he was going to change, you just knew it. You took a deep breath, went over to Stiles, took his arm and bite him.

Stiles screamed in agony, you were worried that you bit him too hard or for too long. You stopped biting him and let him calm down. “That hurt like hell!” Stiles said to you. “What did you expect it to feel like?” you said back. “I thought it would be cool to be bitten but not anymore” he shouted. “When will I know if it worked?” Stiles asked you. “The full moon would sure do the trick” you responded. “When’s that?” he asked. “Tonight” you told him.

Later that night you had Stiles in a room, just in case the bite worked, you brought chains just in case.

You and Stiles sat in the room and talked until the moon came out. “Feel any different?” you asked him. “Nope” he replied. “I have to go to the bathroom, be back in a minute” you said to him.

You came back from the bathroom and Stiles was standing up, huffing and puffing. “Y/N. I think it worked” he said, turning towards you. His eyes were glowing, his ears were pointy, he started to grow fur on his face and then his claws came out.

“Oh, it definitely worked” you replied.

“Okay, calm down Stiles. Listen to me and remain calm. This can be overwhelming, take deep breaths and relax. Don’t get hyped up or else that’s going to make you do crazy things” you said giving him advice. You expect Stiles to get panicky and start getting angry but it was the total opposite. He remained calm and in control. “Why are you acting calm?” you asked him. “I, I don’t know. I feel good, I feel calm and cool. Is this how you were? Or even Scott?” he asked. “Definitely not” you replied, still shocked that out of all people, Stiles was calm.

“Try shifting back to your human form” you told him. Stiles didn’t have any trouble at all shifting back. “Holy shit” you muttered. Stiles looked worried, “What?” he asked. “How can you do that already?” “I don’t know, I just thought about it and it happened” Stiles replied. You were extremely shocked that Stiles could shift back that easily, it took you weeks to learn how to do that. “Let’s go to the woods and test out your speed” you suggested. “I’m down” Stiles replied.

You and Stiles headed to the woods to practice running, Stiles was super-fast, almost as fast as you. You told him to catch you and the two of you raced around the woods.

“Y/N?” you heard someone say to you. It was Scott, “Hey Scott” you replied. “How have you been?” he asked you. “Good” you told him. Scott started to say something but he stopped once Stiles caught you. Scott’s jaw dropped as he saw Stiles, in werewolf form.

“Stiles, is that you?” Scott asked. “Yeah, it’s me” Stiles replied. “How are you a werewolf? Who bit you?” Scott asked. “Y/N” replied. Scott was speechless, he looked at you were sorrow in his eyes.

“I’m a part of a new pack now, Scott. Isn’t this great?” Stiles said to Scott.
“New pack?” Scott said.
“You kicked me out, so I found a new pack, a better pack. One who believes me” said Stiles.
“Stiles, I didn’t mean to kick you out forever. I said I needed time to think” said Scott.
“Well I had time to think too and this is the path I chose” Stiles told Scott.
“Why Stiles?” asked Scott.
“You didn’t believe me, you gave up on me. But I wasn’t giving up on myself” Stiles replied.

You just stood there, listening to this conversation but your heart was breaking.

“You were a part of my pack” Scott said, getting emotional.
“Not anymore Scott, we’re done” said Stiles.
Scott stood there, staring at Stiles.
“I have my new pack now Scott. It’s time to move on” was the last thing Stiles said to Scott.

You and Stiles left Scott, who was alone, in the woods, paralyzed in shock.

Time for another milestone you beautiful Fairies!

Okay so I never actually did my last milestone so I’m going to take requests for what you guys want me to draw.

  1. Gajeel
  2. Levy
  3. Juvia
  4. Lisanna
  5. Mirajane
  6. Wendy
  7. Cana
  8. Lucy
  9. BROTP of any of the above characters
  10. My OCs

I’m only going to do one piece though so whatever gets the most requests wins.

What’s In The Bag? What’s in the BAG?!?!

True story: When I was younger there were four women in my house: my mum, and us three teen sisters, with my dad being the only man. There was also a lot of other traffic: friends, relatives, sisters’ boyfriends, etc. With four menstruating women, pads/tampons were a much requested item. My mother developed a code word for her embarrassed girls - a luxury grocery item that we would never ever actually buy or request: cream bikkies (cream filled/sandwich biscuits/cookies… depending on where you’re from). A completely innocuous item that could be asked for in front of anyone at any time. Hell, family reunions or church BBQs, whatever, just ask mum for some cream bikkies and, bam, there’d be tampons/pads in the shopping.

This system worked well for over a year, by which time we figured out that everyone had pretty much cracked the code, but it had become a habit. Until one day, my father had a bad day at work and was grumpy, there was some mumbling under his breath, a few pointed comments, and then some slamming of the kitchen cupboards. Then he came into the lounge room and began ranting at us for how SELFISH we all were. We were ALWAYS buying cream bikkies and never, NOT ONCE, had we ever left any for him. How selfish all us women were for eating all these biscuits without thinking about sharing.

It wasn’t until we had all had a chance to stop laughing hysterically that someone calmed down enough to explain. Poor man never asked for cream bikkies again.

A Little Crush - Dean Ambrose

Request: heyy! I have this really different idea about a girl thats a tour bus driver for WWE and she drives groups of superstars/divas around while theyre touring. maybe a story where her and Dean Ambrose like each other, and maybe the rest of the superstars/divas on the bus with them try to hook them up? sorry if its too big of a request!!! thanks!! :D
Word Count: 1623
Warnings: Couple Swears, One Adorable Lunatic Fringe ;)

A/N: I actually like bigger requests, as I get more of an idea of what you want and how to go about it, I’ll never tell someone off for sending in a big request. Also, I’m not sure about the ending of this one, it might need a Part 2 ;) Hope you like myserpentbloodcanstrike-socold!

I was done with college football teams, they are way too rowdy. I was sick of the parties, I was sick of the bus being trashed and I was sick of the disrespect. So now, I was trying my hand with wrestlers. After ending my contract with the Oklahoma Bulldogs I had eventually found work in WWE. It was 50 weeks on the road but I didn’t mind, it’s not like I had a family to go back to.

I had met the other driver, Wilson, who would be ferrying around the Red Team of Superstars and Divas. He seemed like a pretty nice guy, although this would be his last tour with WWE after working with them for 15 years. So I guess if I stayed on next year, I would be working with a different driver.

I was pulled from my thoughts when I heard footsteps crunching outside and distant voices. As they got closer and I could make out their faces, I flicked open the doors to let them inside. I got up from my seat to see if anyone needed any help with luggage. I almost chuckled at the thought of these big burly guys and girls needing help with luggage but I went out to help anyway.

“Anyone need any help?” I asked brightly. All of them snapped their heads in my direction.

“Sorry sweetie, we can’t really take pictures right now.” Natalya said as Cesaro put her suitcase in the compartment for her.

“We’re on a tight schedule.” Daniel Bryan chipped in as Nikki Bella rolled her eyes at him.

I inwardly sighed. I should be used to this now, but it still frustrates me. Everyone expects an old balding, horizontally challenged man, with rank BO and an easy smile. They don’t expect a girl, barely twenty-

“Guys give it a rest, she’s the driver.” Dean Ambrose said. Everyone seemed to quirk a brow.

“Uh yeah, I am. Thanks for loading your own luggage, so now if you would like to get on the bus we can start moving, because as Daniel Bryan here said,” I gestured to him. “We have a tight schedule.” I finished, climbing on board and slipping into the drivers seat.

All the superstars and divas ushered themselves on the bus, not saying a word to me, chattering amongst themselves. Probably discussing the sex of their bus driver at length. Dean though, he came on last and after I closed the doors, he leaned on my seat as I reversed out of the parking lot and followed behind Wilson’s bus.

“So, I didn’t quite catch your name before.” He grinned, leaning down ever so slightly so I got a whiff of his cologne.

“Y/N. And don’t worry, I know who you are.” I said, casting a side glance at him, he smirked.

“Hey Dean! You coming or what?” Someone called from somewhere in the bus, probably Roman.

“See ya later darlin’.” He said, patting my seat twice before heading to the back of the bus.

I was kind of glad he was gone, I had to keep my eyes on the road, and he was awfully distracting.


Dean’s POV

“Finally! Did you get lost looking for the bathroom or something?” He asked as I slumped down onto the seat next to him, leaning on the table.

“Nah, I was talking to the new driver.” I said as I heard Xavier Woods singing, for the umpteenth time today, forgot Seth Rollins, he’s the one that never shuts up.

“You like her, don’t you?” Roman asked, crossing his arms against his chest.

“I just met her Roman, we’ve barely exchanged 6 sentences.” I said, brushing him off.

“You didn’t answer me question.” Roman said. I sighed.

“Okay yeah, I like her.” I admitted.

“Like who?” I heard Paige’s voice and looked up to see Paige, Nikki, Nattie and Alicia had been listening in.

“Fuck.” I said, as they all sat down across from us, big grins in their faces.

“Spill.” Alicia said, the whole bus was going to know if I told these girls.

“You’ve got to tell us now.” Nikki purred, batting her eyelashes at me.

“Alright fine.” I said banging my fist on the table. “I like Y/N.” They all looked confused and I sighed. “The bus driver.”

“Ohhhh.” They all chorused in unison.“

“She is very pretty.” Nattie said.

“Wait, is this the same bus driver that Ziggler’s chatting up right now?” Paige asked. The whole group looked to the front of the bus, including me. To see Y/N and Dolph, smiling and laughing.

“That spaghetti haired son of a bitch.” I muttered, well I thought I did, but the group erupted into laughter.

“Wow you really do like her.” Roman said.

“Don’t worry Ambrose, the girls have got this.” Paige said, gesturing to herself and the other three.

“Yeah, sure.” I snorted.



Ugghh, I was starting to think Dolph would never leave. He had been standing next to my seat prattling on about Nikki Bella for what must have been the past 20 minutes as we were now on the highway. It was cute and all, but Nikki wasn’t single, so I just smiled, laughed and didn’t say much either way. Eventually he grew tired of ranting about his love for the divas champ and left. Only for Nikki herself to pounce on me, Paige, Alicia and Nattie in tow.

“It’s Y/N right?” She asked. I nodded in response. “What made you go into bus driving? I mean it can’t be fun spending that much time away from your boyfriend.”

“Is that your round about way of asking me if I’m single?” I asked, quirking a brow. Nikki looked defeated.

“Yes, yes it was. So are you?” Alicia asked shoving Nikki out of the way. I had to laugh at the girl’s antics.

“Yep, and I know that you aren’t asking for you.” I said, pointing my finger in the general direction of Nikki as I kept my eyes on the road. “So who are you asking for?”

“Okay look, I’m just going to be honest with you because you look like a pretty cool girl.” Paige said, making her way to the group. “Dean Ambrose likes you but he doesn’t have the balls to ask you out because- girls what was the bullshit he said?”

“It was, ‘We’ve barely exchanged six sentences’ at least that’s what he told Roman.” Nattie piped in.

“So after exchanging barely six sentences with Dean would you mind if he asked you out?” Paige questioned as all the girls fell silent to hear my answer. I thought about it, I thought about him, the lopsided grin, the floppy hair tucked under his baseball cap, he certainly was easy on the eyes.

“He seems like a nice guy, we’ll be on the same bus anyways, why not?” I said praying I didn’t answer too quickly. A high pitched “YEEEESSSSS” came from the girls as they scampered back into the bus. Well this could either end very well, or I may get fired. Either way, it was time for a pit stop.


Dean’s POV

As the bus pulled into a gas station the girl’s told me all about their conversation with Y/N, Roman nodding his head in approval beside me.

“So you likes me too?” I asked hopefully. This was a stupid crush I kept telling myself. I barely know her.

“She certainly wasn’t opposed to the idea.” Nikki smiled. The bus came to a stop and I stood up.

“Go get her tiger!” Alicia said. Every one else came off to stretch or to buy some snacks for the long road ahead. I saw Y/N fuelling up the bus and I made my way over. This would probably be the one and only chance I got to ask her without the others butting in. I took a deep breath and-

“You finally grew a pair then?” She asked smirking at me. Well this was unexpected. Her smile seemed to grow as she noticed how flustered I was.

“Uh yeah, remind me to kill those four.” I said trying to hold her gaze but failing. She must have filled the tank because she removed the pump, clicking the fuel cap back into place. She made her way over to the kiosk, I trailed behind her like a little, lost puppy. “Do you want to grab dinner in the next town? It’s Cincinnati, so I know a couple places.” I stuck my hands in my pockets bashfully.

“I would love to.” She said kissing my cheek, smiling. “All you had to do was ask.”

our-bands asked:

I need some help, so I'm writing my first actual imagine (it wasn't requested.) Would it okay to use female pronouns? I know maybe some guys will read it but I dont know what other pronouns to use. Do you mind helping?

If you want to use female pronouns then go right ahead!!! If people give you shit about it then just ignore it. You can’t please everyone, Yano? If you read my imagines I typically use female pronouns because that’s just how I’m used to writing. So you go for it :)


gifs borrowed from this post made by barnesrogers

Ok I literally never blog about the Whedon family farm cluster fuck of a bad decision but I’d like to point something out.

These two gifs. Try your best to ignore the glory that is Tony, and awkward turtle that is Bruce, for a moment and look behind them at the wall. More specifically the pictures. Every single one of them are a silhouette. There’s not a single family portrait anywhere. No school pictures. No wedding portrait. No candid moments of the kids outside playing, or baby pictures on the fridge. Which is instead covered in art work (if my memory serves me right i’ve only seen the film once so i could be wrong). Being a mom of one and an aunt of five that’s bullshit right there. There’s a least one picture somewhere on your fridge of ur kid(s). I don’t care how much artwork you’ve got to display.

Anyways back on topic. The pictures behind Tony - They are all profile cut outs. Right next to (look directly behind Bruce’s head for this one in the second gif) what appears to be a vintage picture of a circus poster. This entire house, (memory wise) is completely staged. And they (marvel) didn’t even try to hide that fact. 

Marvel doesn’t make accidental errors. (ie if they error they meant to do it. point in case my muse.) To position Tony right in front of these pictures with the lines he has, they gave themselves a way out…these two lines and two split frames gave them a way to allow the russo brothers to clean up Whedon’s cluster fuck. But that’s just my two cents. The anger over this insertion will never go away. I’m as mad about as I am about the decision to use my favorite Avenger as a god damn tragic backstory tool.

Marvel you’ve given yourself wiggle room to correct both of these bad decisions. Fucking fix your shit.