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I Want Out Pt. 1

Group(s) & Member(s): BTS’ Jungkook ft. BTS, Got7 

Request:  “Basically you’re dating Jungkook and your brother is Mark…”

A/N: The request is longer than that, I’ve actually combined two requests into one story and so I’m withholding them for the sake of spoilers, lol. This is a muilti part story. 

Genre: Gang AU, Angst

Warnings: violence, drugs, cursing. 

You woke up with the alarming feeling that you were all alone. And you were. You arm felt for the presence of him but all you felt were the cold sheets. Sitting up, you walk out to the living room and find him, furiously pacing the perimeter. 

“Jungkook…what’s wrong?” You ask, wrapping your arms around yourself to stop the sudden chill from invading your body. Your boyfriend turns to you, his face melting from anger to guilt. 

“Ahh I’m sorry babe, did I wake you? please go back to sleep…it’s too early for you to be up” He says, crossing the room to you. 

“Why are you up then? Let’s go back to bed” You mumble, grabbing his hand and leading him back towards the bedroom. You felt the tug of him. 

“I can’t…I gotta go take care of some stuff” He says, cautiously. 

You look at him with sad and tired eyes. “Really? Now?” 

He pulls you into him, pressing his lips on the top of your head. You let out a sigh at the reality of your life. 

“I promise I’ll be back soon. I never leave you for long, right?” He asks, looking down at you with a hint of a smile. 

“No…but you leave me to go do dangerous things, Jungkook. I thought you wanted out of this life - to leave the gang for good. What happened to the plan we made?” You ask him. 

You see his gaze falter at the thought of another life - a safer life, a happier life. But he was too far in, and you both knew it. 

He takes your face in his hands and brings it up so that you have to meet his sullen eyes. 

“We’ll have that life one day….I promise you. I have to go now. Try and get some sleep” He says, kissing you swiftly and grabbing his jacket. He left before you could protest anymore, the sound of the door slamming making you jump. 

Emptiness engulfed you, like it had so many nights before when he’s had to leave you. You sit in the dark, shaking and worrying, thinking that you were getting really tired of waiting for the day in which another life could happen. 

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gen-syz  asked:

So, if you're still making requests? maybe some spideriron? I actually never thought of this ship before I meet you But I love it(?!) Peter growing up it's the best! I'm So in love with you're art already;) (Please forgive my horrible english u.ú)

Thank you!!! It’s always nice to hear more people are starting to like them!!  ❤ ❤

I can’t agree more! Older and taller!Peter is the best! And him with a puppy crush but growing up to be deeply in love with Stark is my ultimate weakness //////

Have a classic spider-kiss lmao

if you’re going to love me, love me.

if it’s true, if you believe that every wrong led up to this - the right moment - then why aren’t we moving? why are we still standing, in between?

you left and said baby find me except the power went out and i’m scared of the dark.
(but aren’t these the things poets write about, these are the songs the lonely lovers sing, saying)
come home baby
hold me like you used to, look at me the way you used to
come teach me to breathe again, find the switch and turn on all the lights in my heart
baby i’m scared of the dark
say my name like you used to, i know you want to, and
what are you so afraid of

what if it’s just that i’m not important enough
i’ve got too much feeling like there is a lot wrong with me, there is a lot you don’t want to see
i’ve got too much fear in me, i’m drowning
what if it’s just that i fell too hard, too fast; what if you just changed your mind
what if we stopped pretending, because we know this is more than nothing

i fell too hard, too soon, but i’m still falling so
come home baby
hold me like you used to, look at me the way you used to
say my name like you used to, i know you want to, and
what are you so afraid of

We Used To Talk About Love [Sebastian Stan x Reader]

Word count: 1636

Warnings: Sad

Storyline: You and Sebastian love each other but sometimes just because you love someone doesn’t mean you’re meant to be together.

Authour’s note: This was originally a request about a russian reader and Sebastian figthing about art. When this request was submitted, I had the idea I wanted this to happen in an art gallery. Then today, when I tried to write it, I had this idea. I know this isn’t what was requested but I was actually inspired by this. I want to apologise but sometimes I don’t feel inspired or in my mind I can’t find the way to make it work so instead, I write totally different things. Anyway, I hope you like this because I put a lot of effort in this one.

Masterlist / To Do List

They said distance meant so little when someone meant so much. Maybe, in another moment, I would have believed it but that day, as I read the text on my mobile screen, I couldn’t help but think distance sucked. I knew I couldn’t be mad at Sebastian, it wasn’t his fault he was stuck at Dublin Airport, nor wasn’t his fault that Zeus has decided to release a storm in Ireland. But he had promised me by active and passive he would be there but he wouldn’t be. Although perhaps, at this point it shouldn’t surprise me.

“You might want to pick up the phone, honey?” my mom asked as she stopped picking up my hair in a bun.

I didn’t answer, I didn’t want to explain to her what I didn’t want to talk with the person who was calling. However, my mom wasn’t a woman who gave up easily, so she went to the nightstand, grabbed my phone and looked who was calling me.

“It’s Sebastian.”

“I know,” I answered calmly. “Can we just finish with my hair, please? I don’t wanna be late,” I said with the most kind and gentle tone I found. My mother looked at me suspiciously but didn’t reply. She put the phone back on the table and walked over to where I was.

In less than fifteen minutes, my hair was pulled back in a casual bun. I almost never picked up my hair but I wanted, to put it in some way, have my head cleared up. It was an important night for me, probably the most important I would have in a long time. For the first time in my career as a photographer, my work would be exhibited at the Barbara Gladstone Gallery, one of the best art galleries in New York. And I couldn’t me more happy and excited about it.

When I saw my reflection in the mirror, I was breathless. I didn’t recognize myself for a moment. The person who was looking me back was a grown up woman. My hair pulled back was giving me a much serious look and my maroon skater dress fit my body perfectly.

“You look beautiful,” my mom said. I turned to her with a smile on my lips. “Are you ready?”

No, I wasn’t but I supposed I couldn’t miss my own exhibition, so I didn’t have a choice.

A black car was waiting for us at the entrance of my humble apartment and after the driver came out to open the door, we sat in the back as we waited to get to the gallery. My phone rang three times during the route and I saw how my mother made a great effort not to ask me why the hell I wasn’t answering.

I knew she wanted to know why I wasn’t picking up the phone but I didn’t want to talk. I didn’t want to tell her it pissed me off Sebastian wouldn’t be there. I didn’t want to tell her that, again, Sebastian wasn’t coming to an event that was important for me. And above all, I didn’t want to ruin the makeup I had spent hours applying on my face. Because the simple thought of Sebastian not being there was breaking my heart.

Before I could get out of the car, my mom took my hand, stopping my movements. I slightly turned around to look at her and ask her what was going on. Her eyes were looking at me tenderly and with a hint of sadness. A lump formed in my stomach when I found out what she was going to tell me.

“You know he would be here if he could, Y/N.”

“Maybe, but the truth is he is never here.”

* * * * *

I closed my eyes and I enjoyed the tranquility of the gallery. It was past midnight, everyone had gone to their houses to rest and I had decided to stay there a little longer to enjoy the almost best night of my life. The exhibition had gone better than I had expected, important people had congratulated me for my work and had offered me their contact cards. And the gallery had asked me if they could lengthen the time of the exhibition.

However, I still felt betrayed, sad, angry, disappointed. I had hoped that Sebastian appeared with his silly smile and with those blue eyes that spoke more than he, sometimes, would like. But he didn’t appear. Sebastian didn’t come that night and I would have to classify it as another night Sebastian wasn’t there.

I freaked out when my phone started ringing. Before I could open the purse and get it, the melody stopped.

“Part of me expected your phone didn’t work.”

My heart started beating quickly when I heard his voice. I was afraid of turning around and seeing him standing there, so I stood there, without looking at him. Although I didn’t turn around, I could see him out of the corner of my eye, he was watching my work, trying to figure out what was ‘We Used To Talk About Love’ about.

It was simple, it was about the different kind of love and how love could be expressed. Different pictures of different people filled the walls of the gallery, showing love through images.

Sebastian moved silently through the gallery, studying each photography, reading all the descriptions. He stopped in one in particular, the one I knew from the beginning it would get his attention. Maybe I should have asked his permission to include that photograph in the exhibition but there wasn’t a better picture that expressed silent love as that one. We were both in it. We were sat on the couch and I was staring at him as he watched TV.

“Were you planning on telling me?”

“I was but a part of me was pretty sure you wouldn’t show up so, what was the point on telling you? It’s a surprise you’re here, actually.”

“Don’t be so hard on me, Y/N. You know it wasn’t my fault. There was a storm in Dublin, that’s why I couldn’t come here sooner. But I’m here, don’t I?”

Sebastian wasn’t using a rude tone. On the contrary, his tone was so quiet that it was getting on my nerves. I would have prefered him to yell at me, to tell me I was a stupid child. Whatever but that. I didn’t want him to talk me that way. I didn’t deserve it. I had ignored him all day even knowing he was trying by all means to be there. Not when I knew it wasn’t his fault and I was blaming him anyway.

But that was Sebastian. He was a good person, the best I had met and the best I would meet in my life.

“Talk to me,” he asked me.

“Do you want me to talk to you, Sebastian?” I said as I turned my body to him, looking at him for the first time since he got there. “You’re special to me. You’re the only one who I wouldn’t mind losing sleep for, the only one who I can never get tired of talking to and the only one who I can’t stop thinking about. You’re also the only one who can make me smile without trying and the only one who can break me without even trying. Every time you say to see each other and promise me you’ll be there for me, and for one reason or another you can’t come, you break me, Sebastian. I know it’s not your fault, I know this is your life and if it were up to you, you would be here, with me, everyday. But I can’t take it anymore. There was a time where your friendship was enough but it isn’t anymore. I need you. I need you more than a friend. I need you to be here. Fuck, Sebastian. I need you and you don’t even see it.”

Sebastian looked at me in silence for a few seconds before approaching me, he cupped my face and stared at me. Our lips were touching but not kissing. I wanted to yell him to kiss me. I needed him to kiss me. But he didn’t. He pushed himself away from me.

“I can’t be with you the way you want me to be, Y/N.”

“Did you meet someone else?” I muttered as those words broke my heart. Sebastian and I weren’t dating and we weren’t lovers either. We were just friends, the best of friends, that occasionally, needed more. The only problem was I needed to take another step, to go further. I needed him, entirely.

“No, I didn’t” he assured me. “You know you’re special to me and I fucking love you, Y/N. But you’ll be only miserable if we start dating.”

“You don’t know–”

“I do know that. I know you, Y/N. I’ve known you for, what? Fifteen years? I know you can’t be in a relationship with someone who isn’t gonna be there all the time. And my work doesn’t allow me to be there all the time. I love you but this is only gonna break us. I don’t want to lose you for real. I can’t lose you. Because I need you.”

Angry tears started rolling down my cheeks. I wiped them with my hand as soon as I felt them. I breathed through my nose, trying to calm the sobs that were trying to leave my body.

“I guess you know why I didn’t tell you before, then” I said hoarsely.

I pulled my purse to my chest and started walking towards the exit, with the sounds of my heels breaking the silence that had formed between the two of us.

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Glass [Thomas Jefferson x Reader]

Length: 1460+ words

Genre: Comfort

AU: Modern Time

TW: Blood / Stress

A/N: I was on a roll, and ended up writing three stories in the span of a day, but only one was an actual request so it’s still taking a while for me to get through my request list. But at least I’m writing again! Anyways, I just wanted to make a stress-reliever fic for anyone who needs it. I heard people broke plates to relieve their stress- I want to try this tbh.

You hummed throughout your trip home from the thrift store, a bag of a dozen plates that you got for only a few dollars. You came to home to the house that you shared with there other girls while you all attended university. You weren’t sure whether they would be home to interrupt your ‘Hulk session’ as you would call it, but you were at wit’s end, and you needed this release. Your boyfriend texted you this morning, but you were not in the mood to reply to his message, and decided to leave it for another time. You peeked inside your house, checking your friends’s doors, and seeing no sign of life in any corners of the house. Relief washed over you as you made your way to the backyard, making sure the door was left unlocked so you could get back in, and brought out the plates to put on the patio table. You hit your knuckles on the glass, smiling at the shiny platter before lifting it above your head, and throwing it on the ground. The way the glass shattered fascinated you. There was no formula on how it shattered, how big or small the pieces would be when it broke. Plates after plates, you threw them all on the ground, making a huge mess, but you didn’t care, you had to let out your frustrations somehow. School was getting too much and it was only a few weeks in, your family has been putting a lot of pressure on you to graduate early and getting a job as quickly as you can, and frankly, your anxiety has been quite bad since the fight you had with Thomas a week ago. It was a petty fight, one that started because you were prioritizing your school work over him. He wasn’t very clingy, and you knew it was half a lie when you told him you were busy with work. In truth, you were busy with dealing with the crippling anxiety you got when you thought about school. So after days of ignoring him, he had the right to know what was going on. You explained it was just school, and left it with that. You knew he was upset at you for not telling him what exactly was wrong, but you thought it was for the best. 

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Reason to Talk (BTS One Shot)

Prompt: Jimin’s girlfriend, Y/N is mad at him and gives him some silent treatment, and Jimin gives her a reason to talk.

Rating: M

Word Count: 2013

Genre: Humor | Angst | Smut | Fluff | Hybrid

Note: I just saw this prompt on Tumblr and wanted to do my twist compared to the author it was actually requested to. Original work can be found here:

Jimin walked in to find his house pitch black. The darkness and eerie silence making his stomach drop. It just felt strange. Like someone special had been crying and had felt sad. Jimin really believed in negative or positive energy that surrounded him. It just felt very sad around him and he couldn’t shake off the feeling like he was the reason of those tears.

He pulled out his phone and saw 15 missed calls from Y/n, his girlfriend.  He looked at the date and closed his eyes and let out a sigh. Y/n had been planning out this date for so long. He had just returned from his tour a few days ago and every time Y/n and him had spoken or Face Timed on his tour she had always mentioned she missed him and they needed a date to catch up on everything.

Jimin checked the time and noticed that it was already 1 am and since you must be already asleep in their shared bedroom, he moved to the kitchen to eat something. There were containers filled with food neatly placed in the fridge and a small note on the counter top.

Dear Park Jimin:

It’s not your fault that you forgot, it’s mine that I expected too much. You didn’t break a promise, you broke my heart. Let’s take a break.

So long,


Jimin’s stomach sank and he ran out the kitchen to check the bedroom if she was still there. A tear escaped down his cheek as he dialed Y/n’s number. He panicked when it kept going straight to voicemail. They live together, where could she have gone. Think, Jimin, think.


“Stop crying, Y/n! It’s not gonna make it better if you keep crying. He doesn’t even care enough or remember to join you for birthday. He didn’t even remember it was your birthday after 4 years of dating. That’s how much he cares for you. You were so stupid thinking an idol could give you the stability you seek in life.”

Y/n closed her eyes and wiped her tears as her inner voice instructed her to stop crying. She took a sip from the bottle of vodka she had been drowning her sorrows in for the past one hour. There was a knock on the door and Y/n scrunched her nose at being bothered at such a weird hour until it dawned on her that she’s in a cabin in the woods. No one should be bothering her in the first place. She picked up a hockey stick that Jimin and her kept up here for emergencies and she slowly opened the door to peak outside. There was no one there so she quickly closed the door and turned away. She made a weird face until she realized that she didn’t hear the door click.

Suddenly, shaky yet strong arms wrapped around her from behind. She screamed loudly and there was a hand over mouth and a breathe-y whisper in her ear, “if you’re going to be here at this hour by yourself, you have to be more careful, Love. Don’t you ever run away from me like that. You’ve been drinking. I was so worried.”

Y/n closed her eyes. She knew who it was.


Jimin was on the floor as the woman in front of him elbowed him in the stomach. He forgot that Y/n did martial arts. He had seen you flinch when you realized what you had done to him, but Y/n continued to hold her composure and not say anything. Y/n simply walked over to the little table she was sitting at and picked her bottle back up. Jimin had never seen you drink in the years you had dated.

“You never drink, baby. I’m sorry,” Jimin whispered, but you just continued to drink you liquor.

“Baby? Talk to me! Please! I didn’t mean to be late to our date. I swear. I had gone to get something for you.”

Y/n continued to ignore Jimin and Jimin came up to her from behind and kissed her neck, “Talk to me baby. Don’t do that to me. Please. I’m begging you.”

Jimin continued to beg while Y/n pushed him away once again and moved towards a bedroom when she was suddenly pulled back into a strong chest as a strong arm wrapped around her stomach and heavily whispered in her ear, “You look heavenly in that dress, Baby. I’m sorry I was late.”

The arm around her was suddenly gone but she could still feel his body heat behind her. Her hair was pushed aside to one side and something cool hit her chest and then the arm and the whisper was back, “Happy Birthday to the love of my life.” Y/n looked down and found a beautiful gold plated leaf pendant.

“I didn’t want a gift, Jimin. I wanted you.”

“But I wanted to get you more and I ran into one thing after another and got late. I just wanted to surprise you. I know I’ve stood you up in the past, but I would truly late this time because I wanted to get you something for your birthday.”

Y/n sighed and closed her eyes, “what do you want me to do, Jimin?”

Jimin turned her around and tucked a stray hair behind her ear, “Give me another chance. Let me love you,” he breathed against her lips.

Y/n pulled away and headed for the room and Jimin sighed and followed. Ready to apologize to his lady until she realizes that he deserved another chance.


The bed was empty and he looked around but found no one. He sighed and took off his shirt and laid on the bed. She came out after a few minutes in a robe and sighed while seeing Jimin on the bed. She picked up a pillow and started walking to couch outside when Jimin yanked her back and she fell on the bed. He shifted his position so that he hovered above her and kissed her with all he had. His apology, his love, his sorrow, his everything he out into that one kiss. Y/n struggled for a bit but Jimin refused to budge. Jimin smiled against her lips when she gave up and kissed back while wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down.

“I’m sorry, baby. I truly am. Let me make it up to you,” Jimin whispered as he pulled back.

“How?” Y/n asked amused. The anger she felt earlier gone as she let her facade dissolve.

“Let me love you. Let me make you scream,” Jimin said through his teeth, lust apparent in his chocolate brown eyes.

“Is that a challenge or a promise, Mr. Park?”

“Whatever you want it to be, Babe,” smirked Jimin as he moved up to straddle Y/n so he could remove her bathrobe. Jimin gasped at what he saw underneath, “why does it feel like I’m unwrapping my birthday present?”

“Because I was planning on giving you a return gift, but you was late to the party, Mr. Park. I’m not sure if the offer is still on the table.”

“I don’t know about the table, but it is most defiantly on this bed,” Jimin said lustfully.

Y/n pulled him down to her and Jimin kissed her passionately. She tried to remove his belt.

“Impatient, are we?” Jimin smirked.

“Shut up and take off your pants. You missed your chance to be slow and sensual. I want it quick and dirty.”

“Damn, Babe. Sometimes you don’t even know how dirty that mouth of yours is,” He said getting up to take off his pants. He was about to get up when she put her foot on his torso.

He grabbed her foot and brought it up to his mouth. He kissed his way down her leg and ran his teeth lightly against her hipbone before taking off her panties. He left butterfly kisses down her stomach as he unclasped her bra.

He was about to make his way down her when he was suddenly being pushed against the headboard and she was straddling him while taking off her bathrobe and her unclasped bra.

“I thought you wanted to make me scream.”

“You will scream.”

“You been breathing down my goddamn neck for the past hour at this rate, I’ll be screaming in sexual frustration, Baby,” Y/n whispered against his mouth, “I want you in me, now.”

“Your wish is my command,” Jimin said grabbing her hips as she lowered herself into him and her head whipped back in pleasure. She took a few seconds to adjust to Jimin and then she slowly started to move.

“Hmph,” Y/n bit her lip.

“Are you oka—-” Jimin was cut off with Y/n kissing him and she pulled back and arched her back. Jimin kissed and buried his head in her chest. He slowly licked his way up to her neck and left a soft purple love bite.

“I want you to fuck me harder, baby,” Y/n whispered. He grabbed her waist and slammed her onto their bed and began thrusting into her until she was a screaming mess.

“You want more, baby?”

“Give me more, Daddy. I been a good girl.”

“Yeah? Did you wait patiently like daddy asked you to?”

“Yes, Daddy. I haven’t touched myself in a month.”

“Hmm. Daddy should reward you,” Jimin said as he pulled out and sucked on her sensitive area.

“Ahhh. Daddy,” she let out heavily, “don’t do that. I’m going to cum.”

“Daddy wants you to cum.”

“No. I want to cum with you in me.”

Jimin kissed her as he thrusted back into her and licked his fingers and ran them over her clit. He continued to thrust into her while rubbing her clit.

“Oh my God. Don’t stop, Daddy. I’m going to cum.”

“Come for me, Princess,” Jimin leaned towards her and whispered in her ear. She convulsed around him, causing him to cum.

She kissed Jimin and smiled, “it still just takes me convulsing around you to make you cum, baby.”

Jimin rolled his eyes and she giggled and pecked his nose, “I love you, Baby. Don’t make me wait for you that long. Ever.”

“I love you too,” Jimin said moving but Y/n suddenly grabbed his shoulder gently and stopped him. Jimin asked with his eyes of everything was okay.

“Stay in. I’ve missed you,” she said softly.

“You want me to turn us around?” he asked equally as soft.

She shook her head slightly and smiled, “you can lay on top of me. I won’t break.”

Jimin kissed her temple and laid on top of her and closed his eyes.


Jimin felt groggy as he woke up to a soft thumping in his ear. It was a heartbeat. Y/n’s heart beat.

He moved around and heard Y/n moan sharply in sleep. Jimin blushed at the thought of what had just happened and got out of bed while covering her with a blanket and placing a kiss on her forehead. He put on his boxers and made his way to the bathroom.


Y/n woke up in Jimin’s arms with him staring at her. She giggled and said, “are you the creep that watches people sleep?”

“Not people, just the love of my life.”

“You’re way too cheesy early in the morning,” she said sitting up and hugging Jimin. Jimin kissed her forehead and moved her between his legs.

“Thank you,” Jimin whispered.

“For what?”

“For being mine.”


Okay so I just want to take a moment and say thank you to all of you. (And I know I’ve done this once before but I just have to do it again.)

The following I have gathered on here still blows my mind. The fact that there are people out there from different states and different countries who actually look forward to reading what I write. Holy crap.

And your enthusiasm when it comes to them and the fact I am swamped with requests to complete because you all actually wanted me to write something for you. I am just so incredibly flattered and humbled by it all.

My favorite part isn’t even the likes or the reblogs(although which writer doesn’t love these, especially when someone gives you feedback. It could be something simple like “AJSLWVSI OH MY GOD” and I just love it because honestly the fact that you said something about it means the world.)

ANYWAY, my favorite part is that you’ve all been so kind and invited me into your lives even if it is through a screen. It makes me so happy when you fill my asks with stories, whether it be personal like how things are going with your current crush, or if it’s just a comment about how adorable MGG is that you just need to say. I love hearing from all of you and the fact you take time to go to my blog and hit that ask button makes me so happy.

I will always be here for you to talk to, whether it be through ask or private message. I am always open to hearing anything you have to say. My blog is a shame-free, judge-free zone. You can always feel comfortable here.

Thank you for all of your love, your time, and your support.

inarsics  asked:

dude you know how there's so many jikook sugar daddy aus where jungkook is the sugar daddy and jimin is the sugar baby? why isn't there one where Jimin is the sugar daddy? do you know how much that boy would spoil jungkook?!?!?!?

Okay, Just to make sure, I looked in the ao3 tag and YOU’RE RIGHT OMFG. There are literally no jikook sugar daddy AU’s where Jimin is the sugar daddy! Park Jimin would pamper the shit out of Jungkook, he already takes such good care of him! He buys him sweets, takes him out, makes sure he’s okay. BUT THEN IMAGINE THAT IN A SUGAR DADDY AU. There needs to be a balance…

I actually have an unspecified sugar daddy AU headcanon request for jikook sitting in my inbox….. I could make it so Jimin is the sugar daddy? :)

((What? WHat? WHAT? WHAT WHAT? I look away for two seconds and I reach 100 followers!? (Someone get the confetti and cake, I’m really hungry right now so Food will probably be mentioned a lot).))

((Like, I don’t even know what to do, an art raffle? Just Thanks for 100? Requests? Maybe actually answering asks?? Etc??? Anyone wanna suggest something, because I don’t think an Art Raffle would be best since I suck at drawing characters the first time I try I don’t have much free time but I wanna do something? Thank you guys though! And if you want an art raffle then leave a reply and they might just take a while to get done if my schedule goes crazy again like last week. Thanks again! Also thanks to Renpai for being half of my followers with their multiple blogs. I don’t even know if Ren is okay with being called Renpai sometimes but with how much I freak out when I get an ask it feels relevant.

paintinglullabies  asked:

Hey, Emily! How are you? Are you okay? I hope your day is as amazing as you are! I just wanted to say that I love your blog, and your writing! ❤💕 If you don't mind, can I ask when you're going to put the next chapter of 'The Nights We Felt Alive'?❤❤

hey! i’m good thank you! and i hope you’re having a great day too! also, thank you so much, that’s so lovely!! and ahh yeah i know it’s been a while, honestly i get really overwhelmed sometimes with writing requests and stuff and sometimes when i actually update my fics i get no feedback and it might be rude to want feedback, but sometimes it feels like maybe no one’s even reading??? but actually, i’ve been struggling with writing requests the past few days so i’ll try to write the next chapter of tnwfa instead :)

anonymous asked:

I know the purpose of that gif was to clearly show Laura's mic pack but all I could do was stare at DAT ASS damn

You’re lucky because someone actually requested a Laura’s butt gif set LMAO it’s just taking me so long because I’m also doing C*rmilla’s…

anonymous asked:

OH HEY ive just asked if you could considerate doing a hair from deedees but I asked for the wrong hair omg im so sorry!! the one I'd like its actually the Anto Blackout by Martini (from this post deedee-sims*tumblr*com/post/141907249957/lovely-male-hairs-for-today-6-natural-colors ) I'd appreciate that so much, and even if you cant, thank you for your time <3

Hi anon! :D I’ve actually already lowered the polycount here as a request. It’s down to 15k, which is still kinda high, but hopefully should show up? (If not, I can try to lower it even more)

shenko  asked:


i thought the color scheme fit opal best!! altho its such a shame to reduce such a colorful character to just two shades