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About the drabble can you write post-reveal adrienette #5?

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

@musical-person-dwi, you’re my Miraculous Valentine, actually! So thanks for requesting this so I know what to give you :D

This was going to be purely pre-reveal Adrienette, but there was something missing. Then, an anon requested the same number for Ladynoir, and I am much happier with with this version. Also, because the scenario was mentioned: have an @borabeeart‘s art of Tikki and Adrien sharing cookies here.

Post-reveal, pre-established-relationship Adrienette/Ladynoir #5 from this drabble prompt list.


The thing with Adrien Agreste is that he’s simply too handsome.

Tired and spent from fencing? He doesn’t sweat; he glistens.

Just standing outside the College while waiting for his car? He’s absolutely stunning.

Sneezing up a storm from pigeon feathers? Magnifique.

It’s almost unfair, and sometimes Marinette has to consciously remind herself that he’s Chat Noir, just Chat Noir, goofy dorky Chat Noir, to be able to keep herself from sighing and staring at him like a lovestruck schoolgirl.

Well, she is a lovestruck schoolgirl, but that’s not the point.

Even now, sharing cookies with Tikki while waiting for Marinette to finish her sketches so they can go to the movies, he looks every inch like the sought-after model that he is— despite the fact that he’s sprawled in a decidedly undignified manner on her chaise. It’s almost as if a photographer had arranged him to sit like that, going for “adorable but hot boy next door, good with cute little animals”.

She’s not even looking at him—fighting to keep her eyes on her sketchbook and her fingers moving her pencil across the paper—but she’s completely and utterly distracted.

Chat Noir, Chat Noir, Chat Noir, she chants in her head.

It doesn’t help, today.

Because instead of his ridiculous puns, all she can think about is how Chat Noir had pursued Ladybug, and Marinette is Ladybug, which means that Chat Noir pursued Marinette, but Adrien is Chat Noir, which means that Adrien had pursued Marinette.

She already knows this; they’ve known their identities for some time, now. They’ve been having conversations about their masks and their true selves and the agreement to get to know each other all over again— but sometimes it feels like a fresh discovery threatening to make her head explode. Because the fact that Adrien tried to woo Marinette (however indirectly) meant that once they figure out their criss-crossed feelings of romantic love and deep friendship, they can watch a movie and get juice and get married and live in a beautiful house and have three kids and—

“A hamster?”


Marinette’s pencil flies to the opposite side of the room, very nearly hitting Plagg where he’s dozing on a window sill. He only cracks one green eye open at the commotion before deciding to return being comfortable in his spot in the sun.

“AH! Sorry!” Adrien offers from where he’s now stood beside her desk. He was leaned over her shoulder a second ago, but now he’s stood rigidly straight at her outburst. Marinette isn’t sure if she’s relieved or disappointed. “Did I surprise you?”

“A— A little. I didn’t hear you coming and— uh— you were a bit… close.”

“Ah… sorry,” he repeats. “Old habits?”

Marinette attempts to narrow her eyes at him as she reaches for another pencil. “I don’t recall you making a habit of whispering in my ear.”

“Hmmm…” he pauses to tilt his head, appraising her. “I should have, though, if I’d known it’ll make you blush like that.”

She very nearly drops her pencil again at that, but she holds on, this time.

“So…” Adrien begins before she’s able to come up with a rebuttal. “A hamster.”

She looks up at him before following his gaze on her sketchbook. Sure enough, off to the side of the design she’s working on, is a little drawing of a hamster.

“Ah! Um— I didn’t even notice— It’s obviously not part of the design. Ahaha!“ She bites her lip, refusing to look up and give him a clear view of her burning face.

Chat Noir, he’s Chat Noir, with the terrible puns—!!

She risks a glance through the corner of her eye. He’s looking so intensely at her sketchbook, it’s as if an akuma was going to flutter out of it any time now.

“It’s just a doodle,” she tells him.

“Of a hamster.”

“Yes. It is indeed a hamster. I believe we’ve established that.” She peers up at him then, all embarrassment gone to be replaced by confusion. Why does he keep repeating—

“When you draw things in the margins, it’s usually design details or your notes,” he says quietly, and she feels a thrill at the fact that he’s noticed and remembered. “Sometimes you draw random swirls or flowers… Or a black cat, once or twice…”

It’s a black cat a lot of times, actually, and they both know it.

The black cat is essentially him, and they both know it.

He turns his gaze to her, finally, and she feels warm again. When he looks at her like that, all honest and open and so Adrien-and-Chat-Noir, the urge to sigh dreamily is the strongest.

There is a hint of worry in his eyes, though, and it grounds her and kicks her brain into gear. Because, honestly, she knows what the absent-mindedly drawn hamster means to her, but what’s it to him? Surely, Alya hasn’t told him of Marinette’s old daydream, so why is it such a big deal that she’s drawn a hamster instead of a random swirls or a black cat—



Don’t tell me…

“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Adrien’s eyes widen, and he looks away, crossing his arms. It’s confirmation enough. Marinette could barely believe it.

“Of a hamster!”

It’s his turn to flush, and Marinette can’t help the snort that escapes from her at the sight of his childish pout. Adrien Agreste, ladies and gentlemen: Hero of Paris and top fashion model.

He can still probably sell clothes while looking like a child throwing a tantrum, though.

“I’m— I was just curious,” he defends. “Curiosity and cats and all that.”

“Yes, yes, kitty,” she laughs, standing from her desk and grabbing her purse. “I’ll remember to doodle a cat next time.”

“You better,” he mumbles under his breath before asking, “But why a hamster?”

“You’ll make us late for the movie, chaton, let’s go.”

“Hey, Plagg, is there a hamster kwami I should be aware of?”


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girl, i have gemfusion requests open :00000000000 they are open actually like ALL the time, so if you want to fuse with one of my ocs or one of your ocs with mine then im completly okay with it, i dont care when it is a other Fandom ;3

i did with this so go ahead FUSE AWAY >W<


Wow, this is my first time doing a request ever *o* I actually don’t do requests bc people never request things but i dont blame them who even knows that one can request? even i didn’t know but lol why not
Here you go, cutie!~

Also, I’m sorry that it turned out so bad >__<

“I knew she would ditch me. Like always.” I grumbled, kicking the stones away, watching how they flew over the edge of the roof top, disappearing from my sight. 

I was supposed to meet up with my friend to work on the biology project. I didn’t want to do team work since it always ended with me doing everything. But my friend promised me that she wouldn’t let me down. 

And look where I was now: all alone.

I knew that I couldn’t depend on my partners. Now I was damned to do everything on my own. Well, if I had chosen to work without any partners, I would do everything alone as well but since we formed a group the teacher gave us a topic that had much more information. But I couldn’t possibly do everything on my own.

There was jut one person I’d work with. And it was my best friend Jungkook. But unfortunately he wasn’t in my class which made everything harder.

And the worst part was that I didn’t even know where he was thus I couldn’t cry my eyes out while hugging the life out of him.

So I just sat down on Jungkook’s and my usual place, hidden behind big engines that are used for providing electricity. I hid my face into my hands and…well, started crying. I was on the roof top of the school and I knew no one would come up this high. Just Jungkook and I knew that place but he couldn’t be there with me since he was being teached right now.

I felt tears running down my face. I was actually a cry baby but Jungkook taught me not to cry  so I always listened but he wasn’t here this time. No one could tell me not to cry.

I sniffed and bit down on my lips, hard, to surpress any noises.

That was when I suddenly heard steps. My body grew tense. Who was that and why was that person here? I crouched down and hid my face deeper into my hands to avoid that person seeing me crying.

“Why are you crying this time, ugly?”

Upon hearing this nonchalant voice, I stood up as quick as I could and threw myself in his arms. He caught me, like he always did, and immediately his hands began roaming over my back, calming me down. I felt his warm body press against mine and my grip around his waist got tighter.

I’m so happy that you are here, I thought, squeezing my eyes shut.

“Stop crying.” I felt Jungkook lean down and whisper in my ear, his breath hitting my neck, and his hands stopped petting my back. “My shirt will get wet.”

I rolled my eyes although my vision was blurred and withdrew, not without hitting his arm which made him rub that part even though he didn’t get hurt. He never did, he was practically a hard rock, I thought while eyeing his muscles through his shirt.

I felt my neck getting hot and averted my gaze, instead locking eyes with my best friend, seeing his warm brown eyes and his mouth that was curled up a bit, showing his bunny teeths.

“Very nice, rabbit.” I wiped away my tears quickly and he just rolled his eyes at my nickname for him. But it wasn’t my fault. He was the one with rabbit teeths.

Jungkook’s gaze slid over my face and he opened his mouth to say something -probably asking why I was crying- but I interrupted, quickly changing the topic into something less embarrassing.

“Why are you even out here? Don’t you have classes, dumbass?” I faked a laugh while scrunching my nose, scolding myself inwardly because that was the dumbest topic you could pick. “You know you should start paying attention to scho-”

“Shouldn’t you be with that girl, working on your project?”
He interrupted, asking slowly, his eyes never leaving my face, studying every muscle moving, that was why I tried not to move any muscles. But like always, that didn’t work.

I blushed embarrassedly -he caught me red handed. “I-”

He interrupted me again, his voice getting deeper. “I was in class but then I saw you out of the window, trying hard not to cry.”

He raised an eyebrow, looking at me expectantly, but there was something else lingering in his eyes, something dark.

“Now tell me who made you cry.” He ordered and crossed his arms in front of his chest, puffing it out. I had to avert my gaze again in order not to stare at his chest for too long.

“Why do you wanna know? It’s silly.” I argued back, face still red. But I wasn’t lying, the reason for my outburst was silly and childish.

“It’s not silly when it comes to you.”
He said softly and the dark thing in his eyes disappeared.

That made your heart flutter. You didn’t know what that was but recently your heart decided to sprint when he was near, also did your skin think oh why not starting to tingle when he touches me?.

You didn’t really know what that was and you didn’t want to figure it out. You hoped that it was just a phase.

“Fine.” I gave in, lightly pouting, and Jungkook slightly relaxed.

“That girl just ditched me for the fourth time and our project is due next week meaning that I have to do everything on my own.”

The second I finished explaining, Jungkook threw his head back and burst into laughter, clutching his pants while trying to breathe. I just stood there, tapping my foot on the ground annoyed, waiting until he finished laughing at me.

“This is really silly, like wow, you really are a nerd.”
He chuckled, wiping away his laughing tears. I huffed and crossed my arms in front of my chest, blushing furiously.

“Smarter than you.” I scrunched my nose up in arrogance, knowing that there was one thing that I was better in: school. Okay, I admitted, that wasn’t necessarily something to be proud of.

He shrugged, not fazed at all by my remark. “Well, I can dance, sing, rap, dra-”

I interrupted, not wanting to hear again how good he was in practically everything. “Yeah, yeah, I understood. Mighty rabbit can do everything.”

“That’s right.” He agreed, laughing softly before taking my hand in his, intertwining our fingers. 

This was his habit since kindergarten, always taking my hand and holding it closely. I remembered the sleeping times we had in the kindergarten. Jungkook was at the end of the room and I was in the other corner. 

And didn’t matter how much the teachers had ordered him to go sleep, he didn’t budge. He always told them he couldn’t sleep when not holding my hand. So he was transferred next to my side, his hands immediately clutching around mine and whenever we woke up we were tangled together, both of our hands intertwined. 

“And now brighten up and let the world see your smile.“ He let go of one of my hands, tightly holding the other, and tugged at my lips, pulling them upwards.

I freed myself from him because he didn’t tug nicely, no he ripped my lips almost apart, to shoot him something what would be a cute smile.

He just cringed and flailed with one hand -an act of disgust. "Ew, ugly.”

Even though he acted repulsed by my aegyo, I didn’t miss how he squeezed my hand reassuringly, sending another wave of feelings through my stomach.

I didn’t know what I would do without Jeon Jungkook.

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Ugh I hate how most of the things on here are about your SIBLINGS like forreal

Well, that’s your own opinion. Thanks for sharing it, we didn’t really need it but appreciated nonetheless. If you dislike it so much you can always unfollow or blacklist the sibling tags. Don’t just complain to us about it. If you insist on complaining about this, then go talk to the people who actually request them, not the people who write what they request. Sorry, we can’t just ignore every other request that includes the Royal Siblings because you want us to. I hope I don’t sound incredibly rude, but seriously…we kind of have to write things for siblings because that is what’s usually requested.

♥Valentine’s Day Requests♥

I’m gonna be working Valentine’s Day and the day after so I don’t have any time to write an actual themed fic. However! I’m opening up drabble requests, any ship, nearly any kink. They probably won’t be posted until later in the week so don’t get worried if you don’t see them the day of.

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Obama Administration Proposes Smaller NASA Budget of $19 Billion for Fiscal Year 2017 with Big Exploration Cuts

Obama Administration Proposes Smaller NASA Budget of $19 Billion for Fiscal Year 2017 with Big Exploration Cuts

External image

NASA releases budget request for Fiscal Year 2017. Credit: NASA

The Obama Administration has announced its new Federal budget and is proposing to cut NASA’s Fiscal Year 2017 Budget to $19 billion by carving away significant funding for deep space exploration, whereas the overall US Federal budget actually increases to over $4.1 trillion.

This 2017 budget request amounts to almost $300 million…

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I told myself five million times that I would not draw this but I really wanted to do the thing with the curtains so here I am and there they are. 

Based on Suggestivescribe’s drabble “Adore You.”