[Junior] Clingy

Teen Wolf is getting into me~


Leaning against the door frame, Jinyoung tilts his head to one side to dry off his hair.  A small smile tugs on his lips as soon as the image of you on bed comes into view. You’re lying flat on your stomach, a big pillow underneath your chest. Your legs swing back and forth as you prop your elbows up to support your face, eyes glued to the screen.

“What’re you watching?” Jinyoung’s cute voice attracts your attention for a second as he comes closer to you.

“Teen Wolf — Oh my God!” You say quickly before covering your eyes with your fingers when the big bad alpha werewolf jumps out of the window. Your little yelp makes Jinyoung chuckle as he lies down next to you, head resting on half of the pillow. He kisses your hair softly before draping an arm around your waist. Only by now does he notice that you are wearing only his T-shirt and panties, Jinyoung’s breath hitches. Meanwhile, as if sensing your source of protection, you immediately scoot closer to him, snuggling your head into his chest. Jinyoung smiles softly, drawing small circles on your lower back as he plants another soft kiss on your forehead. You’re so small, so fragile, so beautiful that makes him want to protect you from any harm out there, even if it’s just an imaginary character on TV. Looking at you, he just wants to scoop you in his arms and never let go. Your warmth melts his heart, your hair brushes lightly against his skin, sending a weirdly comfort all over his body. While you arms are curling up to grab his shirt, your legs tangle themselves with his. The feeling that you are his and only his is incredibly magical. He just wants to stay with you like this forever.

“Jinyoung-ah, can you check if the alpha is gone?” You ask softly as Jinyoung looks up from the pillow. Of course the scene of that frightening creature is over, and apparently, Scott and Allison are having some great time. But telling you that won’t do Jinyoung any good, at least it can’t be any better than it’s already been.

“Nope. He’s still staring at Jackson.” The mischievous boy informs you, giving the tip of your nose a peck while playing with some wild curls of your hair.

“But the scary music is gone.” You squint your eyes at Jinyoung in disbelief and the corner of his lips forms a small smirk. “Jinyoung-ah, I swear I’ve just heard the sound of kissing-“

“Like this?” Your boyfriend quickly dives in to place a big smooch on your lips as you giggle, trying to push him away but his grip remains tightened around your waist.

“You trick me! Yah Park Jinyoung! Now let me finish this episode!” You squish his cheeks, knowing that he doesn’t like it at all. Groaning Jinyoung grabs both of your hands before kissing you deeply. His free hand supports behind your head while he presses his body against yours. Your lips are soft and very much intoxicating. After every nips, he just keeps asking for more. Your top lip, bottom lip, the tip of your tongue, your wet hot cavern. Jinyoung feels like he has finally found his ultimate one and only wonderland.

“Jinyoung-ah, I wanna watch the movie.” You pull away lightly, catching your breath while pouting at Jinyoung. You know him too well that he can never resist your cuteness.

“Alright, how about this,” he offers. “If you let me hold you and if you kiss me after every five minutes then I will watch the rest of the season with you.”

You smirk, but the hint of blushing evidences on your face. “Someone is being clingy today.”

“Can’t help it. My girlfriend looks too hot in my shirt.” Jinyoung says matter-of-factly before pressing his lips against yours once more and you blush even harder, your cheeks become a big ripe tomato under his words and touches. Jinyoung then adjusts some pillows placed against the headboard before motioning you to crawl back into his embrace. And just as he promises, the charming boy stays still to watch the whole show with you. While you, are glad to kiss him more times than just every five minutes.


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Since it's looking increasingly unlikely in the revival... Can you do a Mulder caressing and kissing Scully's neck while shirtless a la Hannibal/Bedelia but even more NSFW?? *embarrassingly blushes* Very very very much needed medicine to get our minds off XF spoilers :) Your talent makes our fandom so much richer and I hope you're doing much better Meg <3

I’m smacking my forehead because I love neck kisses and am now wondering why had I never thought of doing a MSR drawing like that???? HOMG.

I’ll do it, but I’ll do it with Mulder and Scully in mind with no resemblance or thought whatsoever to Hannibal/Bedelia because **shudders**… (I’m sorry, I just do not ship them at all)

And once again—we don’t know about a lack of MSR with the revival. I’m holding out on the dire judgement with this one. There’s always hope trolololo.

For the amazing wherethestarscomeout !!! If you don’t like it just message me babe. I have time for almost anything to fix/make. This was just me having fun with the new brushes I got so I have no idea what I was planning on haha. Use it for whatever, I have no rules about using it. Thanks for the request. Message me if anyone wants a URL Graphic :P

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gintoki, hijikata, takasugi, and okita learning their s/o is pregnant? thank you!

Le gasp! ((((;゜Д゜))) I’m actually doing a non-smut request for once! Who would have ever saw this coming?

~Admin Vivi-tan

Gintoki Sakata:

Gintoki will be at a loss for words. At first, he’ll nervously question on whether or not they are joking since he can’t imagine himself being a father anytime soon; still, as he takes in their appearance, the perm head might gradually grow used to the idea of being parents together. In the end, he’ll take responsibility with a sigh and a determined expression on his face. Quite honestly enough, Gintoki just couldn’t leave (Y/N) to raise the kid all by herself since that wouldn’t be right in his eyes.

Toshirou Hijikata:

Hijikata would treat the whole thing quite seriously, yet on the other hand, his first reaction is to act a little shocked. Being a policeman, it’s only natural that he would take responsibility; in fact, he’ll insist on being there for her. Right from the very start, it would seem like Hijikata might not be very excited about being a parent, but should one give it some time, he’ll eventually soften at the very idea of naming his own son or daughter after them

Shinsuke Takasugi:

Speaking of children with a certain terrorist, I think I remembered Katsura mentioning about Takasugi having a son at some point when he turned into an old man.  Being a parent would probably be the last thing on his mind, to be honest. After all, Takasugi is more focused on “destroying everything” and his plans of overthrowing the corrupt Bakufu than having a family. Chances are, he’ll probably tell his significant other to give up their child for adoption, but once she actually has the baby, then he will most likely change his mind and let her raise it. One way or another, Takasugi would end up being a negligent father.

Sougo Okita:

After hearing the news, Sougo would be faintly surprised but oddly accepting of it at the same time. He might also question on how far gone his significant other had been in her pregnancy and when she first discovered the signs. Upon having further knowledge of this, Sougo would actually treat (Y/N) more gently than ever before. In fact, right when she goes to sleep, he’ll actually caress the other’s stomach with a smile lingering along his lips  before falling into a peaceful slumber.

The Upside of Unrequited Love

It’s been raining quite a bit in my corner of the world, and as usual, my S.A.D. is kicking in…

I swear to God I can’t go through two straight days of rain without getting all sentimental and sappy. So I figure now is as good a time as any to tackle a reader request I received about unrequited love. 

Here’s the actual message I found in my Tumblr inbox:

Okay. Now I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I actually get a LOT of love-advice type reader requests from gay men. Why, I’m not quite sure. 

But I do appreciate your faith in me. Besides, this whole issue of crushing on someone you may never have is a pretty universal dilemma. Yup. Been there, felt that…

Now there are two schools of thought on how to handle this sitch. Let’s start with the sensible course, which would be this: 

1. Don’t even bother.  

As much as we may want them to happen, there are some relationships that are just not meant to be. An excellent example would be the one between me and Nutella. 

If, as you mentioned, the guy is in fact as straight as Kalaw Street (which I actually didn’t even know was all that straight tbh), you’re pretty much just asking for disappointment by pursuing your interest in him.

But you know what I’ve learned in my advancing age? NO ONE EVER FOLLOWS THE SENSIBLE COURSE. 

Sigh. So knowing that, I will present a second option…

2. WTH. Just enjoy the crush. :)

Because crushes are the best, man! You had me at “convulsions of uber-kilig.” Once again… been there, felt that.

There’s nothing quite like it. So hey, enjoy it! 

Understand though that as human beings we are both engineered and conditioned to want MORE. And when you hit that stage when the little thrills are no longer enough, you may be opening yourself up to quite a bit of pain. 

You know what though? That’s okay. You’ll get over it. 

I really do believe that everyone who enters your life does so for a reason. And part of the excitement of getting to know anyone new is finding out what that reason is.

Okay, so maybe sometimes the search for a particular person’s meaning in your life will come around and bite you in the ass. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We have lessons to learn in this life, and unfortunately, we seem to learn them best when they come with a little bit of a sting. 

So go ahead and learn what you have to learn.

As hard as it may be to believe, there is an upside to unrequited love. Yes, it sucks. Yes, it can make us feel like crap. But it can also teach us some very important lessons we would never have learned otherwise…

I’m not really sure what you’re meant to learn from this particular person and situation. Only time will tell. What I can tell you is what I learned myself, from people and situations in my own life that were not meant to be…

1. Life is not fair.  As far as I’m concerned, the earlier we learn this in life, the better. No matter how badly we may want something or someone, we might never get them anyway. No matter how deserving we may be. That’s just the way life is.

And I’ll say it again… THAT’S OKAY. And that’s the bigger learning here. We will hurt sometimes, but we will also survive and move on.  

2.  When people say “It’s not you, it’s me” – it’s usually true. So never take a rejection as a reflection of your own self-worth. 

“Not a good fit” and “Not good enough” are NOT the same thing. If you can remember that, you’ll be okay. :)

Hope this helps! And as usual, the comments are open to anyone has any additional advice to give. Cheers! 

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Do you know of any fics with trans!Cas? Ftm or mtf is fine. Actually, any fics with non cis!Cas? Your rec lists are amazing, thank you

hi! so, i haven’t actually read any fics that fic your request!  i’m remedying that now. i let heyacas take care of this one, and here’s what she recs:

rubik’s - nonnie
(i just read this and there’s some pronoun wonkiness that makes it kinda clunky, but it’s cute)

when nothing matters - demondogdean

change - encryptionmodus

and neither heyacas nor i have read lipstick by thedecent, but it seems to be fairly well liked.

wish i had more to offer you, sorry! i’m gonna open this up to my followers and see if they know any others we might have missed, either on ao3 or tumblr fic.

edit:  holyhael suggests a rose by any other name would be just as kick ass by celestialblasphemy, which is a wip and looks good

and agentfreewill recommends orange you glad by shiphitsthefan, which i actually have marked for later but i love all of ship’s fics and i’m sure it’s fantastic.

want more fic recs?

want to request a fic rec list?

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poison apple!

Pst, thank you. Thanks to the other person who sent one as well.

Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa

N/A They both move with regal grace in my mind.

Who starts the tickle fights

Raven, especially when she’s bored and Apple is focused on her AP studies, looking cute in her glasses and buried under blankets.

Who starts the pillow fights

Apple, definitely. She actually did in my fic hehe.

Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile

Raven is the night owl. She’ll do most of her work late at night and in bed. Apple will climb into Raven’s bed, cuddle up to her, and fall sleep most nights.

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Speed Date

I was tagged by the ever amazing moonstiele

time and date: 10:23 p.m. July 5, 2015
nicknames: Lexi, Lex, Lulu (to my mom and cousins)
birthday: December 15
sexual orientation: Bisexual
height: 5′6″
favorite color: Purple
one place that makes me happy: The public library
how many blankets do I sleep under: This time of year, one. Sometimes none.
what am I wearing right now? A pink sun dress and a floral print kimono. I am very cute right now
last book I read: Lol probably some book I didn’t want to read for school. I don’t have as much time for reading as I would like to.
favorite food: Can never go wrong with pizza
last movie I watched in the theatre: Avengers: Age of Ultron
dream vacation: Ireland! I want to trace my grandpa’s ancestry.
dream wedding: If the poor person I end up in a relationship with actually talks me into getting married my only request is that it’s a night wedding and there is fire involved
dream pet: I’m stealing Rochelle’s choice: tiny baby dragon.
dream job: Author

tag 9 people you want to get to know better or take on a speed date: hopeless-awkward-desperate4love caratala gaycastiel lick-my-nipple teamwefuckedup monkeymish hellsqveen biofthetiger dork-in-a-deerstalker

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what is your to do list? are you actually even working on requests?

*mom voice* i don’t like your tone?? 

no but i’m working grace helbig gif icons (for my own use [but i’ll upload them] –sue me), then i will do the gif icons i have, a tutorial on rp icons, the rp icon request i have, and hopefully get started on the blake lively gif hunt soon (i’m not rushing that one bc it’s me who wanted to do it) and then i’m going to make more sophia bush gif icons bc i’m v behind on them. and update my demi lovato gif icons. 

sorry if i’m taking awhile for something you’ve requested?

Cerulean Gym Surprise Cover Art by joyhorse13

written by Isthemedia

 “I live for the applause, applause, applause

I live for the applause, ‘pplause,

Live for the applause, ‘pplause,

Way that you scream and cheer for me

The applause, applause, applause…”

— Lady Gaga, “Applause”

Archie has a big surprise for everyone at the Cerulean Gym…

So me and some other people requested this fanfic ;  Isthemedia was kind enough to actually write it! I felt like drawing something to show my appreciation :D

There was no title originally with this fic, so I was allowed to come up with one myself.


Done with Adobe Illustrator

Characters belong to Nintendo/Satoshi Tajiri
Story belongs to isthemedia ( )
Artwork belongs to myself

This is Will Cozens. He’s a DJ at Capital FM radio in the UK. 

Will, we noticed you just liked this pic on Instagram:

Which is from this account:

So, we just wanted to say “What’s up, Will. We see you out there.”

We also noticed this on your Wiki bio:

Conclusion: Will Cozens may be the radio personality/club DJ/entertainment lawyer/Dark Larry we have been waiting for.