Light Side Au: An Unlikely Partnership

“How can I protect you with my hands full of papers all the time?”

“Oh please, I’ve been on my own for years now, the only thing i needed was more hands; which i now have. If anybody tries to attack us I’ll Blaster drop them faster than you can turn on your little glow stick of death.”

Continuation of this and this


Felicity asking about about Oliver’s condition (1x09) (requested by @felicity-smoak-is-my-goddess)

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Um... Kinda odd request but... pregnant Aqua? I... might be up to something >3<

I didn’t know what clothes to give her but i wanted to expose her belly. So it turned out like this

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I'm so pleased that everyone else on my dash is dying because of the new footage, I feel like I'm blogging from the afterlife. Though if we get "Your Bucky" in the movie, I'm going to be going back to the UK in a box. Plus, we haven't really seen Crossbones in the trailers that we've had so far, so they might be waiting for it ;)

I feel like the russos might not show it in any more trailers so that they can more effectively kill us in the actual movie. 

I’m gonna request that a funeral pyre is built for me so that I can be the max level of Dramatic at my expected death on May 6 .

BTS reacting to finding out that you are older than you actually look

request : Hello! that exo reaction is cute <3 (I love that its ot12 too!) Can I request for bts’/exo’s reaction when they realize you’re older than you look?

(since I did EXO for this one, i’ll do BTS for yahh ^.^)

JIN : jin just being the sweet guy he is. “Wow really? Jagi you look so young! I would have never guessed you were older!”

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SUGA : this boy probably won’t even be listening to you, too busy sleeping. “Huh? Jagi.. what did you say? Did you just call me old?”

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HOSEOK : “WHAAaaaAaT? Wow! Jagi YOU’RE OLD!” (hehe no worries he's just kidding.. maybe)

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NAMJOON : “No matter how old you are, jagi, I will still love you.” (namjoon, bless your nice soul)

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JIMIN : once hearing the news that you are older than he initially thought, (which makes you his noona) he will be very confused and become very awkward with calling you ‘noona’. “N-no-noona..? AISh, can I just call you jagi?”

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TAEHYUNG : Unlike Jimin, Taehyung would be calling you ‘noona’ in every opportunity he can. Noona will probably become his favorite word. “Noona, noona! Lets go eat some food! Noooooooona! Noona are you listening to me? NOOooOnA!!”

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JUNGKOOK : Jungkook probably won’t mind at all. He may even find it cuter that you are older. He’ll also probably whine a lot more to you because of this and use a lot of aegyo towards you to get what he wants. “Noooooona, I’m hungry! Please cook for me! Pleaaseee nooooona?”

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feel free to request more ((:

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Pizza Party!

Lizzie was a little buzzed from watching the Superbowl and drinking a little with her pizza when she had tweeted out her request. She was actually happy to see that Paul wanted to come over and hang out for a bit. Tossing the rest of the pizza into the oven to reheat, she waited for Paul to arrive. 


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Even numbers for Distance, please!

2:What scene did you first put down?
I always start at the very beginning, so Gina outside the shuttle before they leave for Mars - angry, terrified and stressed to have Kaidan along. She’s so in love, so hurt, and so determined not to let Kaidan under her skin again because she thinks he still hates her. My poor girl.

4:What’s your favorite line of dialogue?
I answered this one here :)

6:What makes this fic special or different from all your other fics?
Kaidan and Gina have a D/s (Dominance/submission) sexual relationship. It’s also a canon-divergent fic which  has a twist which no one will see coming. I stand by this too. If anyone guesses what happens I’ll eat my laptop with hot sauce.

8:Did any real people or events inspire any part of it?
Distance was actually a request fic by QueenFreckles on :) she asked me to listen to the song Distance by Christina Perri and write a oneshot. I initially had trouble but @tlcinbflo helped me come up with a premise and before long I had an amazing fic planned out. I love Distance - best thing I’ve ever written. Other than that, I’ve drawn on one or two of my own experiences for some of the more lighthearted scenes.

10:Why did you choose this pairing for this particular story?
I didn’t - it was a request :) A very welcome one!

12:What do you like least about this fic?
Initially I was only writing the Mars mission, so the early chapters are very short. Other than that, I like almost everything about Distance.

14:Is there anything you wanted readers to learn from reading this fic?
D/s is not bad, dirty or abusive. It’s beautiful, complex and it’s all about consent. Other than that, I want people to enjoy it! :)

Thank you for the ask!

Please don’t send me a friend request on Facebook unless we’ve actually had conversations before. I prefer to only add people on there I actually know and/or am legitimately friends with, thank you.

If you’re here to pick a fight, I’m not interested in fighting with you. My spoons are for tending my kids and my dogs and my actual work.

If you’re going to disrespect my request that you leave me alone, you get blocked. 

It’s pretty simple.

Oh, and for new folks, if you don’t want to see the spoon post stuff over and over, I have a Tumblr Savior tag for that. It’s ‘thespoonpost.’ I have another post which has flurries of MRAs and anti-feminists and shit coming into it to be nasty that you might want to Tumblr Savior as well - I always tag that ‘thedogpost.’

The latter can be really ugly and nasty, as a warning, because it deals with rape, and every few months I get rape apologists and NotallMens and shit, so, Tumblr Savior it up front and if you have the spoons you can read it.

Q&A w/HaveItJoeWay!

So I’ve thought about it for a while and I’ve gotten a few requests for me to actually record a video of me answering questions you guys wanna ask me so I’m officially saying it. I’m gonna record a video! All I need are a decent amount of good questions for me to answer on camera!

That’s where you guys come in!

You can send them in anonymously or not, your choice. Also feel free to send as many as possible. I’ll most likely be picking the ones that get asked the most or the ones I like the most based on creativity and how thought provoking it is. Just make sure you start the ask with “Q&A” and then your question, just so I know you want me to answer it in the video rather than just posting here on my blog.

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Are you ever going to do any nsfw sans audio,I know some people won't I just wanted to know if you ever would, you do the best sans voice in my opinion :)

Oh, thank you! I’m glad you like my voice and I’m honored to know I’m your favorite ^^ Yeah, I actually never thought I would be requested something like this, although I DID make a joke to a couple of my friends about voice acting before I even started. I basically told them, “My voice is pretty sexy, I guess, so who knows? I could go all incognito and do NSFW audio on the down-low and then get recognition that way.” And now here we are!! XD I’m not really sure. My first thought on this is, “What on Earth would my family members think if they knew?” And if by some magical power I didn’t have to worry about that, my second thought is, “Would it even take off?” So I’m worried, since I’m 17 and not 18, and also worried that doing something like that wouldn’t gain any momentum on the internet ^^’ So I think my safest bet is to keep everything SFW, except for the cursing. Thank you for asking!!