EXO: Pros & Cons

Anon: Pros and Cons of dating EXO??

This request was actually sent after requests were closed for a while but I was interested in it. For future reference though, please actually see if things are open first.



  • He’s so sweet and caring you would never feel unloved.
  • Respects your privacy and independence.
  • Doesn’t try to change you and loves you as you are, flaws and all.
  • He gives really good hugs.
  • He’s good at comforting you when you’re sad or stressed.


  • Bottles up his negative emotions in the effort to avoid making you worried. Which in turn worries you more.
  • He can be really quiet sometimes and isn’t always the best conversationalist.
  • Puts you over his health so he’ll skip meals or sleep to see you which makes you feel guilty.



  • He’s really good at taking care of people.
  • Will do pretty much anything for the sake of your happiness.
  • Makes a lot of lame jokes to see you smile.
  • Listens well and remembers everything you tell him about yourself.
  • Takes the relationship seriously so he’s super loyal and willing to work through problems instead of abandoning the relationship.


  • Tries to take care of you too much and doesn’t let you be super independent. 
  • Buys you too many gifts, usually things you never actually asked for.
  • He falls in love pretty hard and fast so sometimes he can come on a little strong.



  • He’s a very caring partner who loves deeply and genuinely.
  • Lots of hand holding and he has really nice hands.
  • Cuddling at every possibly opportunity.
  • He would sing to you anytime you wanted.
  • He’s not the type to hide his feelings from you so he’ll always tell you how he feels.


  • He’s a total workaholic.
  • Is kind of thick sometimes and doesn’t always know how you feel unless if you tell him.
  • He’d definitely want to take things slow. Maybe too slow at times.



  • He’s not shy at all about his feelings and is never afraid to make the first move.
  • Lots of laughter because he’d always be cracking jokes.
  • He’d be a really good kisser.
  • Gives you a lot of compliments, especially on things he knows you’re insecure about.
  • Actually really sweet when he isn’t being a brat.


  • Sometimes he takes his teasing too far because he doesn’t always notice where the line is drawn.
  • Can seem somewhat insensitive sometimes.
  • Arguments would be pretty common, especially because he’s really stubborn and doesn’t just let you win.



  • He’s a really fun partner and there’s really never a dull moment.
  • Isn’t jealous or possessive and trusts you enough to take care of yourself.
  • Is your best friend on top of your boyfriend so he always has your back.
  • Will tell you like it is and doesn’t lie just to spare your feelings.
  • He’ll serenade you on a regular basis with that gorgeous voice of his.


  • He can be a bit too laid back and it can seem like he doesn’t take the relationship seriously.
  • He’s not a particularly affectionate person.
  • I really can’t think of any actual cons to dating him tbh.



  • He’s really tall so he can reach high things for you and he won’t even tease you about it most of the time.
  • Backhugs, cuddles, and kisses for days.
  • You get sneak peeks to all of his songs.
  • Gives you lots and lots of compliments and sweet words.
  • He’s really loyal so you never have to worry about him cheating.


  • He gets jealous really easily.
  • He’s super clumsy so he always breaks your stuff. (He does usually replace it though, it’s just annoying.)
  • He’s forgetful and would miss dates a lot, usually to work in the studio or to catch up on sleep.



  • He’s really good at cooking so he’ll feed you a lot of good food.
  • He’s responsible.
  • Actually really loving and gentle.
  • Protective but not possessive or jealous. Your health and safety are just priorities to him.
  • He’s a great listener and is actually really good at giving comfort.


  • He’s really busy with music and acting. His career comes first.
  • He can be too serious.
  • He isn’t very affectionate, mostly because of shyness but it could be mistaken as indifference.



  • A total sweetie.
  • He can be both super suave but also a cute dork.
  • He’d give really warm hugs and cuddles.
  • Thinks you’re the most beautiful creature on Earth.
  • He’s actually pretty affectionate when he gets comfortable.


  • Can be cold at times and tends to push you away when he has problems.
  • He’s not much of an initiator most of the time.
  • It takes a while to get him to open up and be comfortable.
  • Is not single.



  • Is also your best friend.
  • He’s always dressed really well because the guy has style.
  • He’d actually be really sweet beneath the teasing.
  • Doesn’t lie to you, even about the smallest things. He’s always honest.
  • Always willing to initiate if you’re too shy, but is also willing to let you take the lead if that’s what you want.


  • He can be really needy and he complains a lot.
  • Teases you almost constantly. (Every kind of teasing).
  • He can be arrogant at times.

Here’s the Voodoo Doughnut box I got signed at Torcon. 

Earlier this year I went on a trip to Portland, Oregon and visited the place that makes God’s favorite doughnuts. Obviously, I had to ask for an extra box to take home. 


My original plan was to go up to everyone and ask them to sign my pink box. But when it came to the actual autographs, it just didn’t seem appropriate to utter such a request in person.

I won’t go into detail for everyone’s response as I pretty much got the same reaction when the pink box was handed to them. Most of them were of mild surprise along the lines of “VooDoo Doughnuts?! Cool!”

Without a doubt, my favorite auto on the box is Rob’s, who was the first one to sign the box. He personalized it, wrote My Fave and gave me the brightest smile afterward.

But my favorite reaction belongs to Kim Rhodes. Somehow I found the courage to be Wayward AF and told her her “woman to woman, I am honored that you’re signing my pink box.” She put her head on the table cracking up and I knew I did something special. 

Honestly, of all the members of the cast, Kim is the one person I knew would truly appreciate this pink box joke and I love her for indulging me.

anonymous asked:

i'm a new soon-to-be member. wished to know most wanted female fcs and if any of the members would like to plot out a siblings relationship?

hello dear! :>

for the female faceclaims there is a recent answered ask here that has some suggestions!! that said, i personally would love to see muses from Apink, 2ne1, EXID, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, f(x)’s Luna or Amber, AoA and honestly any girl fc you choose we’d be happy to have!!

if any members would be interested in possibly plotting a sibling relationship with this lovely anon, also, just reply to this post saying so! :> then you can get in contact with the members in question if you see someone you think works~ also feel free to add any more fcs you’d like to see!


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I know that the Caddys are teacup heads, but I think having their faces on the mugs would be rad as hell. Not a request or anything. Just a thought!

Actually anon, if you check the post I just made, they are a thing you can buy. Or at least Caddy is, for now. 89 is going to draw up some AU designs in the morning, so they should be available by the end of the week.

But now I’ve finished cleaning up, I’m going to bed. <3

- Tea!Mun

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Do you ship Wincestiel? If so, I'd love to see if you could write some in the future. It doesn't have to be right now, as your requests are closed. This is mostly just curiosity.

Actually, I never really thought about it. I’d totally be up for writing it, and I think there’s a request for it on my kink list! XOXO

A bunch of completely random Yoshino headcanons none has actually requested for:
  • Yoshino took care of baby Hana Inuzuka when her mom left for the battlefield. Tsume was pregnant when she rescued Yoshino out of Iwagakure prison, so eventually she had to come back to Konoha to give birth to her child; since Yoshino had just started working at HQ by that time, Tsume asked her to look after Hana, since both her mother and her grandmother were fighting Konoha wars
  • Yoshino is actually very much more cynical than Shikaku, like a whole lot. Shikaku can invent successful strategies with literally any paws except the one he loves or he is asked to take care of. A beautiful Skye’s headcanon regarding my muse can be the perfect example for what I am trying to say: Yoshino can actually disengage her sensitive soul to think only in mathematical schemes and through analytic reasoning decide, basing on surviving percentages, who is the best choice to fullfil a certain role. Another fitting example? Yoshino was the one who chose Shikamaru’s placement in 4th Shinobi World War, since Shikaku could not bring himself to actually consider his son being part of that potentially mortal conflict.
  • As I’ve stated many times, Yoshino has scars. LOTS of scars. She engages her enemy face to face, she fights in first line, this is an inescapable condition. The most relevant ones are: the one running down her back (please, remember this could be potentially triggering: HERE) which was caused by her dad’s blade, several on her legs (HERE, HERE, HERE are the kinds of scars you can find on her legs, but of course they are not only three, since that was the place her torturer “enjoyed himself” most) plus some less visible others all over her body. Yes, she is not comfortable with any of those. She hates them tbh. That’s also why she does not show naked to anyone aside her s/o.

okay that’s enough. you can go now


gif request meme

So this is love…

Disney + Favorite Romantic Relationship requested by storybrooke


Aries: It’s almost like they’re not even sick they’re their usual angry and energetic self except now they’re even more angry


Gemini: Constantly in a state of delirium from cough syrup

Cancer: Wraps themselves in tons of blankets and always eating chicken noodle soup

Leo: Falls asleep everywhere and cries a lot

Virgo: They don’t get sick their immune system is A+

Libra: Won’t shut up about how they’re sick and gets too close to people

Scorpio: They don’t get sick because viruses are afraid of them

Sagittarius: You won’t even know they’re sick until they puke or they get you sick

Capricorn: Grumpy but refuses to admit they’re sick

Aquarius: Stumbles around like a zombie

Pisces: Probably faking sick but they’re pretty damn convincing