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Do you do one-paragraph fics? Basically, you just write a paragraph about each word, and each is a different glimpse of a story. The words are: Sound, Taste, Party, Hot, Flee, Apology, Pride, Denial, Mess, Fate, Stay, Leave, Moon, Brand, Charity, Second Best, Passion, Fever, Hug, Smoke, Gloat, Defence, Sick, Altered State, Slow, Tempted, New, Hold On, Safe, Shock, Serious, Desk, Apron,Breakfast,Harm,Muscle,Sharp,Fix,Flicker,Sweet,Art,Shade,Intelligent,Blood,Laughter,Hair,Nature,Speak Up,Animal.

Hey anon! Thanks for the request. I have never attempted this before or actually read anything like it, but it was kinda fun =) Its kinda long though, but hopefully you (and everyone else) will still enjoy it!

(Also for justanotherfiveminutes​; you’re like my number 1 fan, and thetourguidebarbie​; vignettes is defo the word for this!)



Caroline sighed heavily as sleep continued to evade her. It was far too early to get out of bed and start the day, even in the elusive French Quarter, where parties continued until the break of dawn. So, she twisted to her side and tried a new position, hoping the warm skin of Klaus’ bare back would be more comfortable than her fluffy pillows. His heartbeat sounded against her ear, a private lullaby in the form of his life source. The repetitive white noise was enough to finally lull her to sleep (even in the awkward position).


“Mmm..!” Caroline moaned around a spoon of genuine Italian lemon gelato, savouring each drop and allowing the taste to linger on her tongue until it melted down her throat. They were in Venice, halfway through their tour of the beautiful country, and yet her pure amazement at the dessert made Klaus smile adoringly. Not to mention the pangs of lust that built deep in his stomach and travelled through his bloodstream at the sight of her lips wrapped around the spoon as he imagined other occasions when she used her perfect mouth to do the same on a certain (currently excited) part of his anatomy.


Klaus grinned at the way Caroline swept down the grand staircase, her red dress draping along the steps behind her as she approached him confidently. He awaited for her at the bottom, dressed to the nines in a black tuxedo with a crisp white shirt and a black bowtie. She held all the confidence of a royal; of a Mikaelson. He smiled in pride and pure love when she reached him, both ignoring the eyes of the hundred guests in their house as he pressed his lips to the back of her gloved hand. The party was their way to present her formally into society as one of them, but by the way she owned the room and the way people conceded before her, Klaus realised that perhaps they had all considered her as a Mikaelson long before their recent marriage.


“Why am I so hot?!” Caroline complained, tugging off her light denim jacket to leave her in a sheer tank top and a pair of shorts. Klaus merely smirked, biting back the remark that it was something she was simply born with in an effort to not come across as cheesy as she told him he usually was. Also, they were in public and there was no nearby place for a quickie that would undoubtedly follow.


Wrapping an arm around her waist, Klaus fled the collapsing building and ran all the way to their villa with Caroline tightly tucked into his side. The Hunter was in town and, as he barked instructions down the phone to have their plane ready to be in the air in less than an hour and she packed everything she couldn’t bare to leave behind, he whispered a silent goodbye to Santorini; their home for the past 18 months.


“I may have overreacted,” Klaus said sheepishly, rubbing his palm with his other thumb he did so. Peering up at him momentarily from their bed (the one he was banished from after their fight), Caroline blinked tiredly before rolling down the covers on his side in a gesture for him to get it. It wasn’t truly an apology, but the best apology she would be getting from him.


Klaus Mikaelson was a proud man; there was no denying that. His name struck fear even in those who hadn’t met him. He stuck to his beliefs and once he made his mind up, not much could be done to change it. He was confident, arrogant and egotistical. But then he fell in love and suddenly his pride only existed if Caroline was happy.


It took five years, ten months, three weeks and four days since their little tryst in the woods for Caroline to get over her denial and finally admit to herself she was in love with Klaus. It took six hours and 46 minutes longer to turn up on his doorstep.


The studio was a mess of paints, brushes, broken easels and a splintered desk. The couch sat crooked along the far wall of the room with the two people behind such destruction laying on it, completely exhausted. Caroline fought to catch her breath as she tugged the shawl up from the floor and threw it haphazardly over their naked bodies, ignoring the charcoal stained corner that vividly contrasted against Klaus’ bicep.


Klaus was never a big believer in fate. He made his own fate, not some unidentified or unproven higher being in the sky somewhere, or the universe as a whole. Fate would have deemed him unable to love or be loved, to be forever alone to pay for his centuries of sins. Fate would never have given him a beautiful, feisty vampire to fall in love with. And most definitely, he was sure, fate would never have allowed Caroline to love him back.


Their (so-called) relationship consisted of stolen kisses, dates far out of the town’s borders and moments shared only in the sanctuary of his empty house. Caroline knew it wasn’t what he had wanted when he told her he wanted her to choose him, but there was still so much she couldn’t bring herself to deal with when the truth about their new status got out to her friends and family. The fallout would be huge, threats would be thrown and lines would be drawn. And in all honesty, she didn’t know which side she would be pulled to (though she knew in her hearts of hearts that she would stick with Klaus if he didn’t push her away). So, five months into their relationship, as she was climbing out of his bed late at night so not to be caught before morning came, she froze when he spoke up instead of allowing her to go with a gentle kiss like he usually did. “Stay,” was all he said, tender and quiet in the darkness of the room. Swallowing, she nodded and tucked in the foot she had had on the carpet back under his sheets, allowing him to pull her into to his embrace as she settled into bed once again.


He left her in Mystic Falls, and she repaid the favour in New Orleans. She wasn’t ready - it was the time tested reason (excuse, really) she used for putting off the inevitable. Even as she travelled the world and had fleeting yet hot love affairs to satisfy her very active vampire needs, even as she visited Rome, Paris and Tokyo and sent him photos and emails at each stop, and even as she wondered what it would be like to be wherever she was with the hybrid by her side instead of her own shadow, she told herself it was simply because she wasn’t yet ready to be with him.


Caroline wrapped her arms around her waist as she stood on the bedroom balcony, looking out towards the woodland area behind their home. The full moon shone bright, reflecting in the pool below her, with the howls of the werewolves offering a non-ending backing soundtrack. With a sigh, she closed her eyes and twirled Klaus’ wedding ring around her thumb repeatedly in an act of comfort like she did every month as she waited for him to come back from his Alpha duties.


There was a necklace around her neck, spelled to ward off evil and the ability to locate her no matter what, and a charm bracelet around her wrist decorated with charms all to do with Klaus. A wolf, the moon, a (ironic) sun, the Mikaelson crest, a lapis lazuli, a champagne flute and even a horse. There was a ‘N’ charm on the opposite side to her ‘C’, as well as a paintbrush and a musical note. Some were brought by him, some by her. Some were even gifts from friends. But they all summed up the main reason for her obvious and eye catching jewellery; to brand her as his. And perhaps she would have minded if she hadn’t branded him back with a necklace of his own claiming him as hers.


The Mikaelsons weren’t one for charity; to receive or to give. Sure, they’d attend a function or two a year, donated a few things or some money to keep up appearances, but it wasn’t until they went on a short trip to Las Vegas did Caroline ever see true charity. Of course, Klaus was a master of bluffing and planning two steps ahead even in casino games, winning two grand in blackjack and quadrupling it in poker before she could even win back her spendings on the slots. The $8000 (cash, he had requested) sat in his jacket pocket in thousand dollar batches as they strolled down the world famous Strip on the way to dinner away from his siblings, with Klaus dropping the money to the first eight beggars, homeless people and buskers they saw. She had been silenced in shock at his actions until he turned to arch a brow at her, informing her lowly, “We’re in the ultimate city of sin, love. But you know I don’t play by the rules.”

Second Best

All her life she had been second best. Her mom had put her job first (even if it was to give her a better life) and her dad had had Stephen (not to mention his hate when he discovered she was a vampire). Damon had only used her to get intel on Elena, and Matt had still been in love with her best friend when they dated. Even Tyler, the one who she thought understood her trials and tribulations, eventually put his pack, hybrid friends and his hatred for a certain Original before her. But then there was Klaus. Klaus, who wanted to know all about her hopes and dreams, who enjoyed her and called her beautiful and full of light. Klaus, who fell in love with her even when she was with someone else, who tried to woo her away with presents and drawings, with mini fridges and voicemails. Klaus, who promised to show her the world, who vowed to be her last love whenever she was ready. Klaus, who showed mercy and good for her, who put his love for her above his revenge for Tyler. Klaus, who finally welcomed her with open arms (and bed) when she turned up in New Orleans only 7 months after he had left.


He had expected the fights and the anger when they got together. Caroline had her opinions and she wasn’t afraid to let them be known, especially to him (and about him), and he was stubborn, set in his ways, and not afraid to stand his corner if needed. What he hadn’t expected, however, was the way they would fall into bed at the end of each day regardless of their argument, an entanglement of limbs and sounds of passion as they made love to alight pleasure in one another in a way only they knew how.


Klaus hugged their year old daughter closer to his chest, allowing her to cry into his shoulder as he tried to comfort her with gentle swaying and hushed sweet nothings. Pressing a kiss to her forehead, he couldn’t help but sigh as the fever burnt at his lips, calling out to Caroline once again anxiously. Somehow, she was still as calm as she had been when Amelia had woken up in the middle of the night, whimpering and squirming in her uncomfortable state. Whereas all Klaus could do was hold her and will the fever away, Caroline took the more logical (and human) route and sent a vampire of theirs to the local drugstore for some medicine. A motherly smile graced her features when she appeared once again, medicine in hand and the scent of syrupy strawberry following it. He stopped in his actions as he wondered once again how being a mother had come so naturally for her when being a father still had him up all night simply watching his little girl sleep to make sure she was alright.


“Can I have a hug?” Caroline asked somewhat timidly, waiting for his response by the doorway of his office. Klaus stood up from whatever he had been writing and met her in front of his desk, where he gathered her in his arms to give her the warm, affectionate hug she needed after the day from hell at college.


Smoke rose to fill the underground bar just off of Bourbon Street. It was a personal favourite of Kol’s, and as the live jazz hit her ears and the scent of whiskey hit her nose, she was fairly sure the 20’s style speakeasy would become a fast favourite of hers too. Now all she had to do was to convince Kol to allow her to bring Klaus there too (which was much more easier said than done).


“Now, I’m not one to gloat-” Klaus began, ignoring Elijah incredulous scoff as they walked side by side along the courtyard of their French Quarter home, eying the vampires they ruled as they formed an organised chaos as they began to get ready for Mardi Gras under the careful eye of a certain blonde vampire. “But Caroline has truly come into what she had always meant to be since she came here and took me up on my offer to be my Queen.”


Caroline groaned as she landed on the damp ground on her back once again with Klaus looming over her with a plastic baton aimed straight for her heart and a frown on his face. It was the ninth defeat in a row in less than an hour. Her jeans were muddy and her top was torn, and she didn’t even want to think about her hair. When she had asked him to teach her how to defend herself, she hadn’t expected such hybrid training. Though with the way he protected the ones he loved, she guessed she shouldn’t have been so surprised by his over-enthusiastic training.


Though Klaus might be invincible, it didn’t mean he was completely unable to be hurt. Or, in this case, sick. Like, an actual cold, cough, fever and achy muscles. It turned out the witches of New Orleans weren’t all as crafty as Genevive or Davina; some only had access to basic spells which only made his (and subsequently Caroline’s) life hell.

Altered State

The werewolf bite was far worse the third time around, Caroline discovered. Laid up in her childhood bed, she listened to her mom and Stefan talking just outside the door, with the latter reassuring her that Klaus would be here within the hour. The hallucinations of her altered state started fairly quickly, with vivid images of her long-distance boyfriend turning up in her room like he had three years earlier, only this time, taunting her with his blood but refusing to feed it to her as she took her last dying breath.


Caroline could have giggled at the slow pace their relationship took when they finally began their relationship. For some reason, she had assumed they would get straight into the hot hybrid sex and not surface for air for at least three days. But Klaus had wanted to take her out on a proper date; dinner, dessert, a romantic walk and even a chaste kiss on her doorstep when he dropped her off back home. It had confused her but Caroline let it go, realising that maybe slow was the best way to go as he picked her up for a movie date (though she had promised there would be no seats between them this time).


“Tell me, Caroline; how much to I tempt you to dip your toe into the darkness?” Klaus whispered thickly into her ear, dragging a hand down her back as he pulled her into him until there was barely any space left between them. Her eyes fell shut and her hands found his shoulders as she licked her lips and hung on to every word he enticed her with. “To take what you want and be happy, be wanted, be loved like you’ve always wanted to be.”


Their new home was modern and sleek; nothing like the rest of their houses around the home. Caroline had helped with the designing and the planning, with Klaus overseeing it to make sure it included everything he (and the rest of his siblings) needed. Los Angeles was a city of contemporary style, though never a favourite of his. That was until she came along, blonde hair and sunny smiles, insisting they obtained a permanent residence in the Californian city because of its contrast to New Orleans, and her pleading of, “Sometimes, I just wanna be in LA, you know?”. He didn’t, but he was never one to tell her ‘no’.

Hold On

The wind whipped her ponytail back, and she was glad Klaus insisted on tying up her hair before they jumped onto the motorbike. Caroline had to admit, she had never dreamt she would ever sit on the back of a bike, arms wrapped around Klaus’ waist and chin pressed into his shoulder as they zoomed through the streets of Gozo. Holding on tightly at every turn he made, she squealed whenever she felt them tilt, her eyes squeezing shut until they were back upright and passing another beautiful church on the Mediterranean island.


The first time Caroline told him that she loved him, his heart had soared and he had kissed her senseless in a mix of relief, love and unperturbed happiness. He was pretty sure he had been in a good mood for the rest of the week. However, the first time she had told him she felt safest when she was him, his stomach had flipped and his priorities had changed. Gathering her up in his arms, he made a silent vow to himself to make sure she always felt that way.


Caroline yelped at the static shock she got from the satin dress she had reached out to touch, hearing Klaus call out to ask if she was ok. Rolling her eyes at his over-protectiveness, she replied she was just fine as she carried on perusing the rest of his ‘creepy trophy case of family collectibles’ for a dress to wear to the upcoming Homecoming ball.


Folding her arms, Caroline stared down at her lap as she fought the amused smile that threatened to break out at the suggestion one of the vampires had made. They were holding court (as Klaus liked to call it) with a handful of the vampires, werewolves, witches and humans of the city, and as Queen of New Orleans, she was obligated to come. Though that didn’t mean she could stay serious for the entire three hours, especially when one of their people asked if they could have open feeding parties in their courtyard. Klaus, on the other hand, grinned widely and clapped his hands before turning to her to have her explain exactly why she wouldn’t allow it.


Caroline had to admit; she absolutely loved the antique furniture that decorated the Mikaelson home. Not only did it look good, but they were also well built. Something she found first hand as Klaus pushed her to sit onto the mahogany desk in their library, grasping the edge with both hands and thanking all higher beings in between her moans for the sturdiness as he thrusted into her over and over again.


Muttering under his breath, Klaus made sure for the tenth time that every door leading into the kitchen was locked and every window was covered so no-one could see exactly how far he would go for the love of his life as he tied the apron around his waist and got started on making her the cake he had promised her for her birthday after a deliriously fantastic sex session one afternoon.


Balancing the tray of pancakes, toast, fruit and juice on her arm, Caroline picked up the coffee with her other hand and headed towards the bedroom. She had ordered breakfast from room service from the comfort of their bed, making Klaus pretend he had slept through it all so to be surprised when she toed the door open with the food in her hands and she sang him a verse of ‘Happy Birthday’ as he pushed himself up in bed and watched her with an adoring smile until she was done.


Caroline laughed dryly, her voice vibrating deep in her chest and echoing through the damp underground cell her captors held her in. Her own blood coated her lips from the blows they had landed on her, harming her slowly so she could heal before they could carry on. But never so deeply that it took longer than a few minutes to be completely free of the scrapes, bruises and cuts. “You think I fear you?” she spat out bitterly and ignoring their angry scowls. “I share my bed with the Original Hybrid in a nightly basis. I don’t fear anything.”


The one thing that was guaranteed to turn her on was the way Klaus would push up his sleeves to his elbows as he painted, allowing her to see the toned muscles of his forearms tighten and jump with every movement he made. Unfortunately for Caroline, he knew this too and used it to his advantage whenever he needed it.


The tang of lemon zest contradicted sharply with the softness of the vanilla cheesecake it covered. Caroline had to stop herself from moaning out loud at the deliciousness of the dessert, keeping in mind that they were at a public dinner with the rest of the city’s leaders and she had to keep some sort of show of elegance. Which, she thought with a scowl as she forked another piece into her mouth, was rather hard to do with Klaus’ less-than-acceptable hand trailing up and down her thigh tantalisingly.


Laying out the brand new tools she had just bought from the hardware store, Caroline took a seat at the kitchen table and eyed the decades-old cuckoo clock of Elijah’s that had recently decided to stop working. It was from Switzerland, and with no plans to leave the US in the near future, she had taken it upon herself to fix it. After all, how hard could it be? She had a YouTube video, the correct tools and even a pair of denim overalls. As Klaus had said, she looked the part in the most sexiest way, and if that hadn’t given her the confidence, what else was there? (Of course, actually being able to gauge her own strength would have helped, as she found out no a minute later when she cracked through the wooden door with a Phillips head screwdriver and a muttered curse of “Well, fuck.”).


The flicker of the candle flame casted shadows over some of his features whilst simultaneously lighting up his blue eyes, sharpening his high cheekbones and making the curve of his mouth just that bit more irresistible that Caroline wasn’t sure how she was going to be able to make it through dinner without reaching over to kiss him.


Sighing deeply, Klaus allowed himself to sink deeper into the warm water and mess of lavender scented bubbles as he waiting for Caroline to join him. The bath had been her idea (obviously), but a last minute phone call had pulled her away just as he had climbed in, and though he would deny it to anyone who asked, hot baths were a weakness for him. The warmth kept him pliable and the sweet smells of whichever bubbles she had decided to use that time was enough to relax him. He had to smirk at the thought of people’s faces if they ever found that the Big Bad Original Hybrid enjoyed such a frivolous activity. Perhaps he could make it less of a taboo for a man to have such baths? Besides, hadn’t Caroline always told him to use his position of power for good? What higher lever of ‘good’ could there be than being able to revel in the feel of his wife’s naked and wet body against his own as he cradled her between his legs.


It was no secret that Klaus was an artist. Without even stepping foot into his studio, his work was hung for all to see around the house itself (courtesy of Caroline and her proudness of him). There were even times where the hybrid could be found outside in the courtyard, or in the town square, or even on a balcony or roof overlooking Bourbon Street, easel in front of him or sketchbook in hand, working away on his next piece of art. Each artwork was different, even if the majority had the same subject; Caroline. He would draw her in the morning light in their bed, or paint her standing in the gentle breeze of summer in the bayous. There were sketches of her mesmerised features at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower, staring up, and paintings of her smiling coyly with a pink cherry blossom tucked behind her ear in Tokyo. But his personal favourite was the one of her sitting opposite him in a cafe in the middle of Rome, an adoring smile on her face as she gazed and fiddled non-stop with the brand new diamond ring he had just put on her finger.


Caroline liked to think that through the 82 years together, she knew everything there was to know about Klaus; physically, behaviorally and literally. However, she discovered a whole new shade of blue in his eyes when a look of belonging finally passed over his face for the first time since she had known him when as he traced the tattoo she had gotten of his initial on her hip.


“No! This is wrong! I have two degrees and a masters, Niklaus! I’m a very intelligent woman,” Caroline vented, pacing the length of the dining room and jabbing a finger at him as she complained. Her eyes narrowed as she came to a stop in front of him, ignoring his bored stance and bemused look as she carried on sharply, “There is just no way Kol of all people beat me at ‘Go Fish’.”


Klaus groaned in pleasure as her blood flooded his mouth; simultaneously as he felt the familiar prick of her fangs into his neck. He had never thought sex could have felt better until he met Caroline and they began making love. And he never thought their connection in the throes of passion could have been deeper until they discovered blood sharing and he felt the euphoria that came with her blood on his tongue, her lips on his neck and his orgasm riding through him all at the same time.


They were sat in a greasy roadside diner, sharing a plate of fries with a burger and an extra thick milkshake in front of Caroline and a simple Irish coffee in front of him. It wasn’t the most ideal location for their first (second, in his opinion) date, but Klaus would take what he could. It was the reason why he had agreed to join her for the roadtrip to Boston in hopes of finding a witch who was hiding a grimoire Bonnie needed. Well, that and the sweet sound of her laughter that rang out freely now it was just the two of them and they could both let their guards down and their true selves show.


Resting her elbow on his shoulder, Caroline wound her forefinger around one of the curls at the Klaus’ nape, letting the soft hair slip from her finger to her thumb and back again repeatedly. It was a subconscious action, soothing and familiar where she didn’t even realise she was doing it as she watched ‘The Bachelor’ on TV with him reading some old poetry book. The perfect picture of domestic life, interrupted only by Klaus’ sudden deep growling whenever he realised he was getting too comfortable with her tender caresses yet never actually moving away.


Caroline had long came to terms with the fact that it definitely wasn’t in Klaus’ nature to share his feelings or any other deep thoughts with her. He wouldn’t purposely hide them away (anymore), but there were certain things he simply couldn’t verbalise, most likely because he had never done so in his thousand years. So when they laid in bed one night, she gave up on trying to sleep to focus on the random squiggles he was drawing on her bare back with the pad of his forefinger. It took a few times before she could keep up with his cursive script, but she stiffened infinitesimally and his finger halted for just as long before he carried on writing ‘I love you’ over and over again. She smiled into her pillow and sighed contently before whispering the same three words back.

Speak Up

“If anyone knows why these two should not be joined in matrimony, speak now or forever hold your silence. Caroline couldn’t help but freeze at the officiate’s words, squeezing Klaus’ hand tighter as he drew soothing circles to the back of her hand with his thumb. She wondered if there truly was a wronged lover of his or an enemy of the family who would choose this ideal moment to speak up and be known, just as her nightmare two days earlier had shown her.


Whereas human-form Klaus showered her with gifts, affection and love, there was still his werewolf side which took it a step further whenever he turned. Caroline still didn’t know if it was creepy or adorable when she awoke to the soft whining of him outside her bedroom window, only to see the golden wolf waiting for her, tail wagging with a dead animal in his mouth. Rabbits, squirrels, the stray chipmunk once too; fresh kills he had made recently and especially for her. They were trophies of his night, and as he had explained it to her one morning after turning back, it was simply the Alpha in him trying to prove how he could take care of his mate. It was probably the only reason why she would let him in and take the still-warm dead animal to drink its blood under Klaus’ watchful eye before sending him back out there to bury the remains.

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blurb where you tell Michael you'll blow him for tacos.

Oh god this made me laugh so much cause I feel like someone really might tell Michael that..

So you and Michael would have been trying to decide what to have for dinner for the past hour, and getting no where. As he suggested pizza for the tenth time, you looked at him with a serious face and offered a blow job if he would buy you tacos, him quickly agreeing. 

This was so funny and i wrote it horribly I’m sorry :(

Requests for blurbs, preferences imagines

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I really like the way you fold your squares... Unfortunately the michael alden video with the method has been taken down. Anyway you could do a demo? Or point me to somewhere else with instructions?

See kids, sometimes laziness pays off. Instead of taking the time to actually make a video myself as was requested by this fine gentleman, I just waited around until the video got reposted.

Here you go:


It’s More Fun In The Dark (Andy Biersack)

request for anon :)

so I’m actually from Vancouver and had I known they were tracking the album here I would have gone looking for them lol I would have wanted to see them in those ridiculous Hawaiian shirts. The worst part is that I know the exact spot that they’re standing in in that photo DX

Words: 1,512

Warnings: Light smut ;)


“I think this chord doesn’t really fit in the melody,” you said, gnawing at the end of your pencil. You had been working on this song for a while now, tweaking things and getting ready to track it. Jake played the notes you had written down and you bobbed your head. “Not bad, but something still sounds kind of off.” Jake snapped his fingers and grinned before playing the melody again and changing up a couple notes. I smiled. “That sounds great!”

The door flew open and Andy and Ashley stepped in, sopping wet and holding three trays of Starbucks. “We bring caffeine!” Ashley cheered, pumping his fist in the air and in the process flinging rain droplets onto you.

“Ash!” You squealed, flinching as water hit your cheek. “You’re getting me wet.”

“Excuse me, darling, but that’s my job,” Andy said suggestively with a smirk. You snorted and tossed a crumpled piece of paper at him, hitting him on the forehead. “Hey!” He exclaimed, setting down the trays of coffee. “I get you a latte and you throw paper at me?”

“That’s what you get for being a perv,” you retorted, trying your hardest not to blush. Ever since you had met two years ago, you and Andy had this constant flirty banter going on between the two of you, much to the amusement of the rest of Black Veil Brides. Ashley and Jinxx were particularly adamant about getting you together and always teased you whenever you blushed, courtesy of Andy’s impossible charm.

Ashley draped his leather jacket over a chair with distaste. “I suppose I should have worn something a little bit more suited to the weather.” You all should have, but Vancouver weather was so ridiculously unpredictable: it was sunny and boiling hot in the morning then all of a sudden clouds would roll in and there was thunder and lightning. It was currently raining cats and dogs outside, but the people walking out on the streets seemed more or less unaffected. After today it was clear that we were completely unprepared for Northwest coast weather.

You sipped on your latte as you continued to work for the next few hours. You hadn’t realized how dark it hard gotten until you looked outside. “What time is it?” You asked, pinching the bridge of your nose.

“11:00.” CC answered, tipping his head back and he finished his fifth cup of coffee. 

The lights started flickering, making your eyes dart up to the ceiling. “I hope there’s not a-” You didn’t even have time to finish your sentence when the lights went out and you were enveloped in darkness. “Blackout,” you sighed. “Spoke too soon.” Someone grabbed your face and you made a muffled protest.

“Sorry (Y/N)!” Ashley exclaimed. “I was trying to find the door!”

“Why would you be trying to find the door? We should just wait here until the power comes back on,” you argued.

“If we can get out into the hallway were can find the circuit breaker and maybe the power back on. CC, Jinxx and Jake, you guys come with me. Andy and (Y/N), you guys stay here.”

In the darkness I could only see Ashley’s outline, but I could tell in the tone of his voice that he was smiling smugly. Before you could protest any further there were shuffling noises before a door opened and closed. It was quiet and the only sounds were yours and Andy’s breathing. “Well, if we’re going to be stuck in the dark we might as well get some work done,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

Andy chuckled, making you shiver. His deep voice sounded even sexier in the dark. “Fine, what did you want to do?” He asked.

“Let’s just go over what we’ve got so far in terms of songs,” you decided. You groped around on the table in front of you for the laptop. When your fingers curled around the edge you carefully picked it up and set it in front of you. The screen lit up, illuminating the room in a ghostly light. You jumped when you realized Andy was sitting right next to you.

He grinned and laughed shortly. “Sorry, I kind of snuck up on you.”

“No kidding,” you said, trying to calm your racing heart. Andy sitting so close to you wasn’t really helping. Your finger moved across the mouse pad as you went over some of the tracks that you had finished and picked already. “So Goodbye Agony and Heart of Fire are our singles,” you said, biting your lip. You could feel Andy’s eyes on you, but you fought the urge to meet his gaze. You could feel your cheeks heating up and you were thankful for the dim light of the laptop that did little to reveal your embarrassment. “We’ve also got Stolen Omen and Faithless as regular tracks. What else?”

Suddenly Andy reached over and hit the power button on the laptop, shutting it down. “What did you do that for?” You asked indignantly, but you were quickly silenced when you felt Andy’s hand on your thigh.

“Do we really have to go over songs right now?” Andy asked, slightly whining.

You snorted. “When else are we going to go over songs? Might as well use the time we have now.”

“Exactly. Might as well use the time to do things that are more fun in the dark,” he said, his voice dropping to a low murmur. You gasped when you felt his hot breath on your neck. “Are you in?” He asked, nibbling on your earlobe.

You answered by tilting your head to the side, giving him access to your neck. You gripped his hand in yours as he softly kissed your neck. He began sucking on the spot where your neck met your collarbone. You hummed in appreciation as he pulled you closer to him and sucked harder on your skin. You shivered in pleasure when he licked the newly formed mark on your neck and softly blew cold air onto it, soothing the soreness.

You weren’t about to let him have all the fun, so as soon as he pulled away you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him right back into you. You pressed kisses to his jawline, ending at the spot right below his ear. He groaned when you started leaving a mark of your own. His hands wandered up and down your thighs, getting dangerously close to your heat. When you were certain you had left a decent enough mark you pulled away.

You squealed when Andy picked you up and sat you down on his lap so you were straddling him. His large hands gripped your bum as you heatedly made out. Your tongues danced together with each kiss, moving perfectly in sync. His hands traveled up from your hips and underneath your shirt where they rested on your chest. You moaned into the kiss when he started massaging your breasts over your bra.

You ground your hips onto him, making him groan. You gathered your hair in a high ponytail and held it at the top of your head as you ground down harder. Andy was panting at this point, his hands back on your hips and pressing you down even more than you already were. “Fuck,” he moaned. You could feel his heavy breaths on your neck, encouraging you to continue. You let out a shaky breath as waves of pleasure surged through your body. Andy wrapped a hand behind your head and pulled you down to kiss you feverishly.

You two were so in the heat of the moment that you didn’t even notice the lights come back on. “Wow, I totally did not need to see you two like this.” A voice at the door made your eyes widen. You quickly pull away from Andy to see CC and Jake in the doorway with stunned expressions and Ashley and Jinxx killing themselves laughing in the hallway.

“Jesus Christ, we leave you alone for ten minutes and you start fucking?” Ashley wheezed, leaning on Jake for support as he burst into peals of laughter.

“We left you alone to admit that you like each other but apparently you decided to go much farther,” Jinxx mused, taking a seat on the opposite side of the table. “I hope you guys didn’t do the nasty in here, I don’t think I’ll be able to do any work with the smell of sex lingering in the air.”

“Fuck off,” you mumbled, climbing off of Andy and sitting in your own seat. You were about ready to die of embarrassment, but Andy looked absolutely pleased with himself. He looked at you and winked, making you blush ever harder.

The guys were relentless for the rest of the night, teasing you and throwing around remarks about you and Andy. Your phone buzzed in your pocket and you quickly peeked at it from under the table.

From: Andy

We’ll finish what we started later. And yes, it’ll be in the dark ;)


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